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English, Technology, 1 season, 162 episodes, 3 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes
Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers and test automation thought leaders.
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Mastering ETL Testing with Chris Thompson and Mike Calabrese

Today, we're diving deep into the complexities of ETL testing with our esteemed guests, Chris Thompson and Mike Calabrese from RTTS. Register now for webinar on how AI helps ETL testing: With over two decades of combined experience in data QA and automated testing, Chris and Mike will guide us through the intricacies of an actual data warehouse project plan. They uncover the challenges in data mappings, explore different transformation types, and discuss the critical role of a comprehensive mapping document. Chris and Mike also highlight the importance of rigorous data testing to prevent costly errors and ensure accurate decision-making. Join us as we explore the critical aspects of ETL testing and data project planning and gain invaluable insights from two industry veterans who have seen it all. This is a must-listen episode for anyone involved in data testing and looking to optimize their data transformation processes. I also recommend you check out our upcoming Webinar with RTTS on AI in ETL Testing. Register now!
7/14/202432 minutes, 38 seconds
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AI-Assisted Testing with Mark Winteringham

Today, we're delving into the exciting potential of generative AI in software testing with Mark Winteringham. Mark, an esteemed author and expert in the field, has penned his latest work, 'Software Testing with Generative AI,' which holds the promise of transforming our approach to testing and automation. In this episode, Mark takes us behind the scenes of writing his new book and discusses the challenges of researching a rapidly evolving field. He shares the importance of context, mindset, and technique when leveraging generative AI and provides practical, actionable insights on how to integrate AI into your testing processes effectively. We'll explore how AI agents and prompt engineering can enhance exploratory testing, discuss AI's role in UI automation, and delve into customizing large language models to fit specific business needs. Mark also emphasizes avoiding common pitfalls, like overreliance on AI and misunderstanding its capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned tester or new to the world of automation, this episode is packed with valuable knowledge to help you navigate the evolving landscape of AI in software testing.  
7/7/202433 minutes, 31 seconds
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Stars, Stripes, and Software: Alex Zap's Journey to ZAPTEST with Alex Chernyak

Celebrate freedom in automation with a 6-month free trial of ZAPTEST—your pathway to unleashing limitless potential in software testing. Try it now at Today, we have a very special guest who embodies perseverance, innovation, and the American Dream. Alex "ZAP" Chernyak, the visionary founder of ZAPTEST, is joining us. In this episode, Alex dives deep into his incredible journey from growing up in Siberia to serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and ultimately making his dream come true in the United States. He shares invaluable insights on leadership, the importance of professional ethics, and the relentless pursuit of excellence — all essential for anyone in the automation field. We'll explore his work in test automation, including the creation of advanced algorithms and the unique offerings of ZAPTEST, such as their six-month free enterprise version and groundbreaking ability to automate any UI, even from hand-drawn pictures. P Plus, hear about his commitment to fostering a global team and the strategies that have led ZAPTEST to become an industry leader. And, of course, given the patriotic spirit of Alex's story, we celebrate his journey with a special nod to Independence Day. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by a story of determination, innovation, and steadfast commitment to raising the bar in the tech world. Let's jump right in!
6/30/202438 minutes, 15 seconds
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Mastering Playwright Automation with AI with Joe Colantonio

In this episode, we dive into a major shift in the automation testing world: Playwright has surpassed Cypress in weekly downloads, marking a significant milestone in its journey. We delve into what this means for testers, offering insights into why Playwright is gaining such rapid popularity and how it compares to Cypress. We also shine a spotlight on the crucial role of the community, including a notable LinkedIn post by Filip Hric and comments from Diego Molina, which put this achievement into context with Selenium's continued dominance. You'll discover why now is the perfect time to supercharge your web automation skills with Playwright and get a glimpse of our new course, "Automation with Playwright: Mastering Web Automation with AI." This episode also delves into the broader implications of Playwright's rise, including potential challenges and opportunities for the testing community. Listen to the end for a sneak peek at the course content and find out how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of web automation. Register for the free Playwright AI course now:  
6/23/202410 minutes, 59 seconds
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Degrees of Automation

In this episode, Paul Grizzaffi, a senior principal automation architect at Nerdery, discusses his role and how he guides teams to effectively promote test automation and quality. We'll explore the importance of aligning testing and automation with each client's unique business goals and how Paul identifies and addresses their pain points. Paul also shares valuable insights into avoiding common pitfalls, such as excessive tests and data dependency, and the significance of treating automation projects like software projects through continual and periodic evaluations. We touch on the current state of AI in testing, its potential applications, and the critical need for human oversight. Discover how to help your teams make informed decisions about automation tools, evaluate opportunity costs, and stress the importance of quality over quantity in testing, all of which are directly relevant to your work in software development and automation.
6/9/202430 minutes, 35 seconds
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Contract Testing in Action (Book Review) with Marie Cruz and Lewis Prescott

Welcome to episode 500 of the TestGuild Automation Podcast! Today, we're diving deep into contract testing with our expert speakers, Marie Cruz and Lewis Prescott. Listen in to discover the challenges and innovative solutions for introducing contract testing for public and third-party APIs, where control is often limited. Marie and Lewis share their insights on the provider-driven and bidirectional contract testing approaches, emphasizing the importance of human communication between teams alongside automated tests. We also take a sneak peek into their book, "Contract Testing in Action," packed with practical guidance and now available with a special 40% discount until August 24th. Whether you're dealing with web, mobile, GraphQL, or event-driven services, this episode covers implementing contract testing across different types, integrating it into your CI pipeline, and the strategic shift from traditional integration tests to contract tests for early and reliable feedback. Join us as we uncover the intricacies of contract testing, tools like Pact and PactFlow, and the best practices for making it part of your development workflow. Take advantage of valuable insights and real-world examples from two of the industry's leading experts, and learn how to elevate your testing strategy to ensure seamless, bug-free software releases.
6/2/202432 minutes, 44 seconds
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Challenge Accepted: Rethinking Automation with Benjamin Bischoff

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In this episode, our host, Joe Colantonio, engages in a fascinating conversation with Benjamin Bischoff, an experienced software developer and test automation engineer.   Benjamin illuminates his preference for Karate UI testing and the evolution of his Selenium-based framework, emphasizing the need to use the right tool for the job. From JUnit 5 to Selenium BiDi, Benjamin provides valuable lessons on upgrading frameworks to enhance performance and efficiency. The discussion also touches on critical evaluation of tools, the fallacy of the one-size-fits-all approach, and the significance of continuous learning in automation endeavors. Importantly, Benjamin shares practical and actionable tips on maintaining a sustainable test framework and leveraging existing knowledge for successful rewrites.
5/26/202430 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Guide for Test Automation with Robin Gupta

In this episode, your host, Joe Colantonio, speaks with Robin Gupta to explore the crucial balance between automation and quality in test practices. Join us as we discuss the importance of meaningful conversations and detailed assessments before deciding on automation tools like Selenium, Playwright, or Cypress. We'll also delve into the basics of Selenium, the challenges for beginners, and the benefits of open-source versus vendor solutions. Robin also shares his knowledge of advanced techniques, including shadow DOM and the nuanced debate over page objects. We'll explore why essential open-source solutions can save you from reinventing the wheel and how to scale and distribute tests effectively. You'll also hear about Robin's new book on Selenium WebDriver for test automation, designed to be an approachable guide for beginners.   Don't miss out on key tips such as the "crawl, walk, run, fly" approach and continuous improvement strategies.
5/19/202429 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Hire Good Testers and Stand Out as a Top Candidate with Paul Merrill

Today, we delve into the nuanced art of hiring software testers in an era where remote work challenges traditional recruitment norms. We'll explore Paul's insights on the crucial skills for testers, the evolving landscape of automation in testing, and the critical importance of honesty and skill demonstration in hiring practices.   Paul will also share some thought-provoking experiences and challenges in verifying candidates' identities and capabilities in virtual environments. Whether you are looking to hire or aiming to position yourself as an invaluable testing professional, this episode is packed with valuable advice and anecdotes from the front lines of software testing recruitment.  Don't miss out on these expert tips to elevate your hiring strategy or advance your testing career.
5/12/202435 minutes, 42 seconds
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Debunk Autonomous Software Testing Myths with Tobias Müller

In today's episode, we're thrilled to have Tobias Müller, a software development veteran and an expert in autonomous software testing. With over a decade of experience in the field, Tobias brings a wealth of knowledge, especially from his work with TestResults IO, where he delves into the AI-driven aspects of testing. Join us as Tobias debunks common myths surrounding autonomous software testing. He clarifies the often misunderstood differences between automated and autonomous testing and expresses a healthy skepticism about the current capabilities of fully autonomous tools. Despite the challenges, Tobias sees a promising future where autonomous testing could significantly ease the testing process by harnessing vast data pools and sophisticated learning models. We delve into the dynamic nature of the testing landscape. We advocate for a synergy between human proficiency and AI to enhance testing efficiency without completely replacing the human element. We delve into the potential and limitations of AI in testing, underlining the crucial role of human oversight in decision-making processes. Be one of the first to discover how to automate non-automatable applications:
5/5/202433 minutes, 37 seconds
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Mobile Mastery: Blending AI with App Testing with Dan Belcher

Today, Dan Belcher, co-founder of Mabl and a former product manager for monitoring and logging at Google, joins us as we explore the cutting-edge intersection of AI and mobile test automation. We'll delve into the growing trend of AI testing in business and discuss the critical switch from deterministic to non-deterministic testing protocols when dealing with AI language models. Get ready for an exciting announcement as Dan unveils the launch of Mabl for mobile. This groundbreaking tool will empower practitioners to validate their iOS and Android apps with unprecedented efficacy, revolutionizing how we approach mobile testing. Plus, we'll tackle the pressing questions about the shift from custom frameworks to vendor-based solutions, the increasing need for testing from the user's perspective, and the potential roles AI could play in optimizing the end-user experience. So, charge up your headphones and prepare for a deep dive into how AI's ability to understand context reshapes test automation. To see AI with Mobile in action, make sure to check out now:
4/28/202441 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Four Phases of Automation Testing Mastery with Jon Robinson

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! I'm your host, Joe Colantonio, and Jon Robinson, chief storyteller at Nekst IT, ready to delve deep into the automation testing world. In today's episode, "The Four Phases of Automation Testing Mastery," we'll debunk the myth that automation is a cure-all solution and explore the intricacies and careful planning needed to succeed in test automation. Join us as we discuss practical strategic approaches including the 4-phase model—Discovery, Design, Develop, Deliver—and the importance of a maturity model to ensure your automation aligns with CI/CD integration. We'll highlight how automation serves as the backbone for regression testing, providing substantial long-term benefits and how pushing it later in the development process can minimize rework and costs. We'll tackle the challenges of test management in an agile world, and Jon will share his insights on the importance of storytelling in QA and how it can revolutionize how we test and communicate the value of our work. Expect actionable tips on avoiding common pitfalls and why focusing on real-world impacts and user perspectives can significantly improve your automation efforts. Prepare to elevate your testing strategy and learn why quality should be the focus rather than just hitting metrics. Tune in as we explore practical insights and real-life experiences that will empower you to enhance the success of your automation testing projects!
4/21/202431 minutes, 35 seconds
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Expert Take on Playwright, and API Testing with Bas Dijkstra

In today's episode, we are excited to feature the incredible insights of Bas Dijkstra, an independent test automation consultant and trainer with a wealth of experience spanning 17 years in the field. Bas joins us to share his journey in developing, a much-needed library for HTTP API testing in C#, inspired by his fondness for RestAssured and its absence in the C# arena. We'll explore not just Bas's innovations but his comprehensive take on the evolution of API testing, spotlighting the persistent issue of superficial testing due to various industry pressures and the triumphs of more accessible tooling. We'll explore why Bas favors code-based solutions like RestAssured.Net for scaling and integration over tools like Postman regarding API testing. Furthermore, Bas will shed light on the rising interest in Playwright – a modern automation tool he believes overcomes many of the limitations of Selenium through features like auto-waiting and synchronization. We'll delve into the importance of context when selecting testing tools and why Bas advocates for workshop-based learning as a practical and empowering approach to introduce teams to Playwright. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, join us to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of testing automation. Discover practical skills and mindsets to elevate your testing strategies. This is the TestGuild Automation Podcast, and today's episode is a must-listen for all testing professionals!
4/14/202440 minutes, 21 seconds
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Leveraging AI for Robust Requirements Analysis and Test Generation

Today, we're diving into the future of user story optimization and the art of turning those stories into actionable tests. Today, we have the privilege of being joined by Scott Aziz, the visionary founder of AgileAI Labs and a renowned BDD expert. We are also accompanied by John Smart, the creator of the Serenity framework, whose expertise in BDD is unparalleled. Together, we will delve into the powerful capabilities of the new AI tool Spec2test. Imagine a tool so refined that it not only assesses your user stories for ambiguities using an intricate 7-point framework but also offers AI-generated suggestions to enhance them. That's not all; Scott Aziz and BDD expert John Smart join us to discuss how Spec2test fosters essential iterative collaboration, paving the way for crisp, clear requirements and generating corresponding test cases right from the get-go. This is not just about meeting the standards of behavior-driven development; it's about exceeding them. With the tool's dual-edged sword of user story analysis and sophisticated testing capabilities—spanning functional test cases to security testing advice—you're getting a comprehensive suite that breathes life into automation. Surprised by AI's prowess in reshaping agile teams' productivity, our guests reveal how Spec2test is a co-pilot in requirements discovery. For enthusiasts who want a taste of its power, a visual demonstration or free trial could be your gateway to appreciating its full potential. So, gear up for an illuminating session on bringing precision and collaboration to the forefront of your testing strategies -- listen up!
4/8/202435 minutes, 51 seconds
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Awesome Software Testing Strategies with Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen

I'm thrilled to have two titans in software testing, Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen, with us today. These veterans, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, are here to discuss their latest contribution to the testing community, their new book, "Software Testing Strategies." In today's episode, we will unpack the inspiration behind "Software Testing Strategies," exploring the trio of testing essentials: skills, strategy, and the nuances of day-to-day operations, including the politics that intertwine with the testing process. The authors will discuss their approach to addressing the complexities of software testing, finding the most effective tests among endless possibilities, and how their book aims to guide you through these challenges. Matt and Michael will also share critical insights into organizational dynamics, the value of adaptability in the testing realm, and the ethical considerations professionals face in their careers. Plus, we'll touch on the difficult journey of updating outdated systems, navigating the minefield of communication, and why terms like "QA" may need a rethink. Listeners, you're in for a treat, with real-world stories, practical advice, and invaluable expertise that's just a discount code away – so stay tuned as we dive into the world of "Software Testing Strategies" on the TestGuild Automation Podcast.
3/31/202437 minutes, 28 seconds
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RoboCon Recap: Testing, Networking, and Building with Robot Framework with Tatu Aalto, Mark Moberts and Frank Van der Kuur

Today's special episode, "Robocon Recapp," is about the insights and highlights from Robocon 2024. We are privileged to have Tatu Aalto, a renowned maintainer of the browser library; Frank Van der Kuur, a distinguished Robot Framework trainer from BQA; and Mark Moberts, a well-known figure in the Robot Framework community, with us. In this episode, our guests will explore the enriching experiences of the conference—from the unveiling of the Market Square to the engaging sessions that sparked valuable discussions. We will explore the myriad contributions beyond programming, including documentation, testing, and being an active voice in the community through forums like the RobotFramework Slack channel. Throughout the Robocon, the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange was not just evident. Still, it was the driving force - whether it was addressing pitfalls in the framework, swapping tips on finding the right testing library, or even discussing Frank's and Tatu's interactive sessions that went beyond expectations with engaging questions and the impact they left on the audience. Get ready to be immersed in a conversation that not only recaps the energy and learning from Robocon but also showcases how the Robot Framework community is driving the future of test automation. So plug in as we dive into everything Robot Framework with insights from the experts at the forefront of the automation world. Listen up!
3/24/202430 minutes, 6 seconds
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Netflix SafeTest with Moshe Kolodny

Today, we're diving deep into the world of automation testing, with a special focus on Netflix's innovative tool, SafeTest. Joining us is Moshe Kolodny, the senior full-stack engineer at Netflix who is behind this exciting new tool, which is bridging the gap between end-to-end and unit testing. SafeTest, a tool that's been making significant strides in the industry, has garnered widespread community support and impressive traction in a remarkably short time. As we delve into its capabilities, we'll discover how SafeTest seamlessly integrates with popular libraries like Playwright and Jest, offering robust testing capabilities without imposing intrusive dependencies. Moshe will delve into the philosophy behind SafeTest, underlining the importance of practical, iterative test writing and the pitfalls of over-engineering. We'll explore SafeTest's adaptability, which ensures test consistency across environments with Docker mode, and the bidirectional communication it enables between browser and Node.js, enhancing the overall testing experience. Our conversation will shed light on the exciting future of SafeTest, from potential additions to the test runner to the introduction of custom reporting features. Moshe will also underscore the tool's commitment to developer experience, exemplified by SafeTest's debugging aids like videos and trace viewers. It's no secret that SafeTest reflects Netflix's robust approach to quality assurance. It aligns closely with the day-to-day experiences of UI engineers and addresses the intricate challenges of complex user interactions and service integrations. Stay tuned as we unpack the story of SafeTest's inception, core features, practical applications, and why Moshe believes it's a versatile choice for most testing scenarios.
3/17/202434 minutes, 33 seconds
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Agile, Automated, Advanced: The New Age of Performance Testing with Dylan van Iersel

In this episode, we're diving deep into the world of performance engineering with our esteemed guest, Dylan van Iersel, an experienced IT consultant and co-founder of Perfana. We'll explore the intricate relationship between software performance and business outcomes and how tools like Perfana can democratize and simplify the process of performance testing. Performance is more than just a technical concern; it has direct implications for customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Dylan illuminates the importance of integrating performance testing within the CI/CD pipeline, using Perfana to serve as a quality gate and provide actionable insights through automated analysis and dashboard visualizations. We'll also discuss the evolution of performance engineering in a cloud-native, containerized landscape, the challenges of scaling performance testing across agile teams, and why the "shift left" approach in identifying issues early is crucial for today's development processes. For teams looking to embrace performance testing, Dylan introduces Perfana's starter package and emphasizes the ease of getting up and running, even on a local laptop, as a foundation for more extensive integration into test environments and CI/CD pipelines. For our listeners interested in cutting-edge developments, we dive into how Perfana innovates with data science and machine learning to enhance anomaly detection and root cause analysis. Plus, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of why observability, while important, shouldn't be your sole resource for performance testing. Listen to discover actionable advice and insights on improving your team's performance engineering efforts if you want to learn more about Perfana to try their free trial now!
3/11/202430 minutes, 27 seconds
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Redefining Test Automation with Dave Piacente

In this episode, Dave Piacente, a senior community manager in developer relations and community expert at Applitools, joins us to talk about redefining test automation. There are a common set of techniques seasoned test automation practitioners know to be the pillars of any successful automated testing practice that can fit into most (if not all) team contexts. But some things have either been left out or are described in ways that are disadvantageous for the industry simply because we need to talk about it from the perspective of the fundamentals used to craft them. By reasoning from first principles, we can unearth a more impactful definition of test automation that can act as a compass and help supercharge everyone's test automation practice - while also understanding how to navigate the uncharted waters of new technologies that challenge existing paradigms.
3/3/202426 minutes, 19 seconds
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How to Create Testing Magic with Zero-code with Shubham Jain

In this episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio speaks with Shubham Jain, the maintainer of Keploy, an API testing platform. Shubham shares insights into creating testing magic with zero code using Keploy, a tool that captures live traffic and generates test cases and data mocks for efficient API testing. Shubham shares features of Keploy's integration with the software development life cycle and its potential use cases. Shubham also delves into the open-source community for Keploy, providing tips for contributors and sharing information about upcoming events for those interested in learning more. Listen in to discover valuable advice for improving your mocking and automation testing efforts, emphasizing the importance of realistic mocks that capture real behavior.
2/26/202423 minutes, 5 seconds
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AI Meets Cucumber: A New Testing Approach Using Prompt Engineering with Guy Arieli and Tal Barmeir

Today's topic dives deep into the innovative world of AI in software testing with our distinguished guests, Guy Arieli and Tal Barmeir. With years of experience in the testing domain, they've pioneered a groundbreaking automation solution using AI to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of testers around the globe. We'll unpack the power of Blinqio, a cutting-edge SaaS offering that revolutionizes the way testers work. Also, learn how Blinqio's virtual testers translate scenarios into test automation code, supporting a high-speed software release process across multiple languages and platforms. Guy and Tal will shed light on the remarkable capabilities of their AI system, which not only adapts to changes but also pinpoints and fixes minor issues, saving testers from tedious tasks and last-minute hassles. Listen in to discover how generative AI can generate tests for API and UI, enhance documentation, and even test as humans would – pushing the boundaries of automated testing. We'll delve into the intricate process, from test data generation to the AI's unique ability to operate with or without prior product knowledge, catering to diverse testing expertise levels. Check it out for yourself now:
2/18/202435 minutes, 57 seconds
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RoboCon Online 2024 Sneak Peek Conference Podcast with Mateusz Nojek, Katarina Partti, Yuri Verweij and Pekka Klärck

Today's bonus episode is absolutely jam-packed with insights around automation and RoboCon. We're diving deep into the world of Robot Framework with our distinguished panel of guests: Mateusz Nojek, the creative force behind tools like RoboCop and RoboTidy; Katarina Partti, a guru in test automation and cybersecurity; Yuri Verweij, a veteran in test automation engineering; and Pekka Klärck, the mastermind of Robot Framework itself. In this episode, we'll explore the upcoming Robocon - an entirely online event that promises to be as engaging and interactive as a virtual event can be, with innovative features like Gather Town facilitating a one-of-a-kind community atmosphere. We'll get a sneak peek at Robot Framework version 7 with Pekka Klärck and learn about integrating AI with automation testing. Our guests share their thoughts on the impact of AI on test reliability and stress the importance of cybersecurity in QA roles, underlining the proactive stance every tester should take. Gear up for an informative session about RoboCon that's more than just another webinar - it's a chance to connect, learn, and grow with fellow enthusiasts in the automation space.
2/14/202430 minutes, 26 seconds
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No B.S Guide to AI In Test Automation with Tariq King

In today's episode, the king of AI, Tariq King, will peel back the layers of the validation vs. verification debate and explore insights into the meteoric rise of generative AI and ChatGPT, challenging our preconceived notions and expectations of AI's role in testing. He'll share his enthusiasm for the unexpected surge in adoption among testers, a trend that even took him by surprise. Tariq also dissects the intricacies of human-AI collaboration, how AI is redefining but not replacing human work, and the criticality of human insight in developing truly transformative AI systems. From multi-modal AI to language and image interpretation integration, we're looking at the future of UI-level automation. So gear up, TestGuild community, for an enlightening ride as Tariq King gives us a no-nonsense guide to AI in testing automation.
2/11/202431 minutes, 2 seconds
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Traffic-Driven Testing for Faster Execution with Nate Lee

In this episode, Nate Lee, co-founder of Speedscale, delves into the exciting topic of using traffic flow to revolutionize testing environments. Nate Lee discusses how capturing and utilizing traffic can accelerate test execution, create realistic test scenarios, and provide invaluable insights. We also explore the shift from deterministic to nondeterministic testing, the importance of replicating production conditions, and how Speedscale is transforming the paradigm of load testing. Join us as we uncover the innovative approach of leveraging traffic to enhance testing and ensure performance and resiliency in the ever-evolving world of automation. See the magic for yourself now:
1/29/202436 minutes, 32 seconds
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AutomationGuild 2024 Lineup and BIG News with Joe Colantonio

In this episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast, we're unveiling a sneak peek of the exciting lineup for the Automation Guild 2024 event. Host Joe Colantonio shares a preview of the brilliant speakers and the captivating topics they'll cover at the conference. From Lee Barnes's insights on becoming a test automation rock star to Anna Patterson's session on accelerating API testing with Cypress, the event promises to be packed with actionable advice for testers. Get ready to hear from industry experts such as Artem Bonder, Karime Salomon, Greg Paskal, and many more as they delve into diverse automation topics. Tune in to this episode to catch a glimpse of the automation awesomeness coming your way at the Automation Guild
1/21/202427 minutes, 48 seconds
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Innovating Mobile Testing: 42Gears Game-Changer AstroFarm with Prakash Gupta

In this exciting episode, join Joe Colantonio and the founder of 42Gears, Prakash Gupta, as we share how to overcome many mobile testing challenges. Prakash shares his expertise on the innovative use of nightly builds in the CI/CD workflow at AstraFarm and discusses the critical need for running tests on specific devices before code promotion. Our discussion also explores the huge cost-effectiveness and device variations of utilizing private device farms, particularly in industries with unique hardware needs like retail, hospitality, and healthcare. You'll also discover the security benefits for regulated industries and gain valuable insights into the game-changing AstroFarm platform developed by 42Gears. Prakash provides an in-depth look at how the platform streamlines device access and collaboration, especially in remote work environments. Additionally, we learn about the platform's features, security certifications, and the latest industry trends, including AI's impact on testing mobile devices. See it for your self! Book a demo now:
1/14/202432 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Importance of Community for Software Testers in 2024 with Chris Trimper

In this episode, Chris Trimper, a testing expert and TestGuild community leader, shares the indispensable role of community, introduces the new innovative TestGuild Automation Guild community platform, and offers a sneak peek into the diverse sessions of Automation Guild 2024. It's a treasure trove of insights for seasoned professionals and newcomers, emphasizing the power of human connection in an AI-driven era. Join us for an episode that's not just informative but a catalyst for growth and collaboration in the software testing community. To up-skill and future-proof your career, join us at the 8th annual online must-attend testing event –Automation Guild! Use discount code tube30 at checkout to save 30% off:
1/7/202430 minutes, 17 seconds
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Automation Testing Trends for 2024 with Joe Colantonio

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In today's episode, we're diving into the top 12 test automation trends that will shape the future of software testing in 2024. Based on extensive research and expert insights, host Joe Colantonio shares valuable insights on AI-assisted testing, low code and no code app testing, API test automation, shift left testing, containerization for test environments, automated compliance testing, self-healing mechanisms, AIOps, automated mobile app testing, testing in production, developing for observability, and the predicted rise of Playwright as the dominant automation testing tool. Stay tuned to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in test automation! To up-skill and future-proof your career, join us at the 8th annual online must-attend testing event --Automation Guild! Use discount code tube30 at checkout to save 30% off:
1/1/202421 minutes, 39 seconds
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AI For Playwright Tests with Todd McNeal

In this episode, host Joe Colantonio sits down with Todd McNeal, co-founder of Reflect, to delve into the world of supercharging Playwright tests with AI and other automation innovations. Todd shares an AI library for Playwright called Zero Step, which aims to make test automation easy to create and maintain. Todd discusses Reflect's AI-enabled features, the impact of AI on testing, and the importance of AI as a productivity tool for testers. Tune in for valuable industry insights and advice on integrating AI into automation testing. Try it for yourself now:
12/10/202333 minutes, 9 seconds
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Level Up Your Robot Framework Skills at RoboCon 2024 with Miikka Solmela, René Rohner, Guido Demmenie and Liviu Avram

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In this episode, we're diving into the exciting world of the Robot Framework, focusing on the upcoming RoboCon 2024 event. We'll be joined by experts Miikka Solmela, Guido Demmenie, René Rohner, and Liviu Avram as they share their insights and experiences with the Robot Framework community. You'll discover the unique aspects of the RoboCon event, both in-person in Helsinki with a special emphasis on the diverse range of speakers and interactive workshops available to attendees. From developing the Robot Framework style guide to creating successful projects and advanced browser library workshops, we'll delve into the valuable content and knowledge exchange opportunities the conference offers. Join us as we discuss the importance of networking, community engagement, and the welcoming atmosphere at RoboCon, with firsthand accounts from attendees who have found great value in connecting with others and gaining valuable insights. We'll also touch upon the highlights of the Finnish RoboCon experience, from the renowned after-party to the community-driven Community Day, and even give you a taste of the unique Finnish culture, including traditional sauna experiences, licorice, and reindeer meat :) So tune in as we explore the world of the Robot Framework and the exciting opportunities that RoboCon 2024 has to offer. It's an episode you won't want to miss. Don't forget to register for RoboCon 2024 after you listen.
12/3/202340 minutes, 51 seconds
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From Unemployment to Upskilling with Greg Paskal

In today's episode, we have a special treat for you. The brilliant Greg Paskal, a software testing and automation expert, joins us again. Greg has been on the show nine times before, and his wealth of knowledge and experience always brings valuable insights to our conversations. This time, we delve into a wide range of topics, starting with the importance of skill in development, automation, and testing work. Greg explores the role of AI as a tool and its limitations, cautioning against relying solely on AI to solve all problems. Greg also raises concerns about the quality of content AI consumes for training. We also discuss the shifts in the current job market and the challenges highly skilled individuals face. Greg offers advice on staying positive and proactive during unemployment, including improving skills and learning new things. Listen up!
11/27/202336 minutes, 52 seconds
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Unveiling the Potential of XCUITest and Espresso with Igor Dorovskikh

In this episode, I sit down with the CEO and founder of, Igor Dorovskikh. With years of experience in mobile development and expertise in test automation, Igor takes us on a deep dive into the potential of XCUITest and Espresso. Throughout the conversation, Igor discusses his journey in mobile testing, starting with Robotium and eventually transitioning to Espresso. He highlights the benefits of using native solutions like Espresso for native apps and the pros and cons of using Appium for cross-platform applications. We also explore the learning curve of XCUITest and Espresso and the resources available for beginners. Plus, Igor discusses the role of AI and machine learning in mobile testing, offering fascinating insights into code generation and UI visual testing. So, tune in to this episode as Igor Dorovskikh reveals the potential of XCUITest and Espresso and how they can significantly impact your mobile automation journey. Listen up!
11/19/202337 minutes, 40 seconds
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Freeze Bugs in Time using with Filip Hric

In this episode, we are joined by Filip Hric, a Cypress ambassador and DevRel at Listen in as Filip walks us through's incredible capabilities, highlighting its use with automation tools like Cypress and Playwright. He explains how helps bridge the communication gap between testers and developers by offering an exact replication of bugs and their execution steps. Get ready to gain valuable insights as Filip dives into the future of Cypress and Playwright and how testers can enhance their skills by building their applications. Discover Filip's secret to helping testers identify flakiness causes in their tests and how to bring clarity to the often complex world of debugging.
11/12/202334 minutes, 27 seconds
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Halloween Special 2023 with Paul Grossman and Larry Goddard

In today's episode, we'll dive into the spooky world of Scary Halloween things and automation with Paul Grossman, the renowned Doc Arts wizard of test automation, and Larry Goddard, a seasoned automation expert. Discover how to eradicate ghosts and bugs from your system to unravel testing mysteries. We'll explore the scary things that can go wrong in the automated world. So, get ready to be immersed in the thrilling stories of test automation as, together with our guests, we unlock the mysteries, conquer the ghosts, and ultimately find success in the automated realm. Listen up to this spine-tingling episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast episodes.
11/5/202334 minutes, 39 seconds
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Unifying Manual and Automated Testing Efforts with Javier Alejandro

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! Today, we explore the synergy between manual and automation testing with expert Javier CEO of Crowdar, and Founder of We discuss understanding manual processes before automating and ensuring both testing methods align for consistent functionality. Javier also introduces an open-source framework for Gherkin tests on APIs, emphasizing Gherkin's role in behavior-driven development (BDD). We touch on the importance of syncing manual and automated changes and dive into Lippia, a platform-enhancing test management system. Javier shares the benefits of integrating both manual and automation testing on one platform, using a Cucumber implementation for unified efforts. Javier highlights the broader role of Gherkin, involving not just testers but also product owners and developers. Tune in for insights on harmonizing your testing for better efficiency and quality with Javier. Listen up!
10/29/202332 minutes, 32 seconds
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From Shy Introvert to Influential Tester with Raj Subrameyer

In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Raj Subrameyer, a senior QA manager, TEDx speaker, and author. Raj will share invaluable insights on personal branding, building successful QA teams from scratch, and the power of automation in testing. With decades of experience in leadership roles and a passion for helping individuals excel in their careers, Raj's expertise will surely inspire and motivate you. So grab your favorite pair of headphones and get ready to dive into this episode full of practical strategies and actionable advice to take your automation game to the next level. Listen up!
10/22/202337 minutes, 32 seconds
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Building a Culture of Automation: Insights from Alex Chernyak

In today's episode, a special guest is joining us - Alex Chernyak, the CEO and founder of ZapTrust, a leading company revolutionizing software testing and RPA. Alex shares his expertise on the importance of automation in today's competitive landscape. He discusses the need for executives to implement automation across their organizations and highlights the role of developers in choosing the technologies and processes that best suit their needs. Throughout the episode, Alex emphasizes the power of automation and how it can be used to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall business outcomes. Also, discover the unique features and capabilities of ZapTest, a cutting-edge tool that allows for automation across different domains and platforms. But it's not just about the technology - Alex also stresses the importance of collaboration and communication between subject matter experts and automation mechanics in the automation process. He shares valuable insights on creating a culture of automation within organizations and encourages listeners to embrace automation as a catalyst for growth and success. If you're curious about the future of automation and want to uncover the strategies and tools that can propel your organization forward, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now and discover how automation can transform your business and empower your teams for greater success. See ZapTest in action for yourself for free. Try it now:
10/15/202338 minutes, 54 seconds
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Speaker Pitches (Vote Now) Automation Guild 2024 with Joe Colantonio

In this Test Guild Automation Podcast episode, we’re pulling back the curtains to unveil a community-driven spectacle, setting the stage for the 8th Annual Online Automation Guild event, slated for February 5-9, 2024. We embark on a yearly journey with our Guild members to carve out a space where automation in testing technology, innovation, and community spirit converge. We listen intently, gathering insights and struggles, to tailor an experience that’s not just an event but a gathering of learning, growth, and connection. This episode is a call to all Guild members!  We’ve sifted through the guild survey results for topics that you want at the next event, and now it's time to vote!  With over 100 Speaker Pitch videos submitted, each echoing the pulse of our community’s needs, we’re entrusting you, our valued members, with the power to shape our speaker lineup. So, are you ready to step into a realm where your voice isn’t just heard but celebrated? Dive into this episode, explore the possibilities, and cast your vote to etch your imprint on the Automation Guild 2024. 🗳️ Vote Now:
10/8/202319 minutes, 45 seconds
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Journey Unleashing the Power of Robot Framework with Elisabeth Hendrickson

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of sharing a presentation from Elisabeth Hendrickson, a renowned speaker, expert in test automation and development, and the author of the top-rated book Explore It!: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing. I've been trying to get Elisabeth on the show since 2014 without any luck, BUT I hosted an online event, RoboCon, a few years ago where Elisabeth was the keynote speaker and thought now is my chance to at least create an episode featuring her by reusing her session here. Elisabeth's keynote speech titled "Robot Framework Through the Lens of History" will take you on a fascinating journey through the evolution of test automation, highlighting some lesser-known stories and influential figures along the way. As she delved into her archives, she discovered long-lost gems that shed light on the frustrations and challenges she encountered on her test automation journey. From the frustrations caused by heavyweight software development processes to the issues with test automation tools breaking and providing irrelevant information, Elisabeth takes us through the hurdles she faced, triumphs, and shares the history of test frameworks, including Robot Framework, along the way. You don't want to miss it. Listen up! Also, if you have anything to do with the Robot Framework, this is an excellent time to check out and register for RoboCon 24. They will have both an in-person and online version that I will be hosting. So go to, register, and hope to see you there.
10/1/202347 minutes, 37 seconds
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Confidently Deliver Quality Software with Joel Montvelisky

In today's episode, titled "Confidently Delivering Quality Software," our host, Joe Colantonio, is joined by Joel Montvelisky, the co-founder and chief solution architect of PractiTest. Joel brings a wealth of experience in the field of Quality Assurance, having worked in various roles and countries since 1997. In this riveting discussion, Joel emphasizes the importance of the need to trace back to user stories and requirements when making automation and test case decisions. He proposes a more intelligent approach to testing coverage and the development of a centralized and organized execution and reporting engine to address the challenge of consolidating information from multiple testing tools. Joel also dives into the evolving role of testers, emphasizing the need for technical skills such as understanding CI systems and monitoring tools. He discusses the power of testing in production and the potential for testers to transition into data science. The podcast delves into the exciting realm of AI in testing, exploring how it can improve automation, assist decision-making, and even determine the value of test cases. Joel also shares insights into the changes and challenges faced by the testing industry, from shifts in methodologies to the increasing demand for testing in the digital transformation era. Join us as we uncover the secrets to confidently delivering quality software with Joel Montvelisky on the TestGuild Automation Podcast. Listen up! After listening be sure to check out a free trial of Practitist now:
9/24/202336 minutes, 38 seconds
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Deep Dive with AutomationSTAR's Leading Voices with Chris Loder, Janna Loeffler, Gáspár Nagy and Seb Rose

Welcome to another exciting episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In today's episode, "Automation Pioneers Deep Dive with Automation Stars," we have a fantastic lineup of guests, including Chris Loder, Janna Loeffler, Gáspár Nagy, and Seb Rose. These automation experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in automation. But before we dive in, we have some exciting news to share. The Automationstar Conference is happening in Berlin, Germany, from November 20 to 21, and our guests will be speaking there. This event is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about automation testing. As a special bonus for Test Guild listeners, you can get an extra 10% off tickets using the code "TestGuild10". In this episode, we'll explore the topics our guests will discuss at the conference, including test automation strategies, streamlining CI/CD pipelines, and leadership in automation. Janna Loeffler will give us insights into enhancing the developer and tester experience, while Chris Loder will share his expertise in designing automation frameworks. Gáspár Nagy will delve into behavior-driven development and SpecFlow, and Seb Rose will bring his vast experience with successful and failed projects. So grab your headphones and get ready to level up your automation game with the TestGuild Automation Podcast!
9/17/202328 minutes, 25 seconds
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Mission-Critical Test Automation using Cycle Labs with Josh Owen and Andy Knight

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In this episode, we dive into the world of mission-critical test automation with industry experts Josh Owen and Andrew Knight from Cycle Labs. With their extensive experience in enterprise solution deployment and test automation for supply chains, Josh and Andy share their insights and strategies for tackling the complex challenges faced by businesses today. From the importance of validating software behavior and functionality to the need for efficient end-to-end testing processes, our guests shed light on the evolving landscape of enterprise testing. They introduce us to Cyclescript, a language that combines the simplicity of cucumber with pre-defined steps, making it easier for non-developers to write tests using plain language. Discover how this semi-coded solution bridges the gap between codeless and traditional test automation approaches. But that's not all - in this episode, we explore the value of user acceptance testing and involving super users and business people in the validation process. Our guests discuss the significance of performance testing and its role in ensuring high-quality software. Plus, we delve into the unique challenges of the supply chain industry and how Cycle Labs is driving change by empowering businesses to upgrade their technologies and adapt to evolving demands. Join us as we uncover the secrets to successful mission-critical test automation in enterprise environments.
9/10/202336 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Key to Mobile Testing (Hint: Analyze, Analyze, Analyze) with Simona Domazetoska

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of mobile testing. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Simona Domazetoska from Tricentis, joining our host, Joe Colantonio, to discuss the future of mobile testing, AI, and accessibility. Simona brings over five years of experience in the software quality assurance industry, specializing in leveraging mobile and AI test automation technologies for IT modernization. Simona and Joe explore strategies for scaling mobile application testing in enterprise environments. Throughout the episode, they uncover various variables that can impact the performance of a mobile application, ranging from performance and UX-related issues to network and connectivity challenges. They delve into the complexity of testing mobile applications, considering different industries and specific KPIs or metrics for measuring performance. Simona also shares insights on the importance of visual and accessibility testing, as well as the role of machine learning in predicting and diagnosing performance issues. Additionally, they touch upon the challenges faced in mobile testing, such as the need for comprehensive analytics and metrics. So, join us as we explore the key insights and trends shaping the future of mobile testing with Simona Domazetoska on the TestGuild Automation Podcast.
9/3/202329 minutes, 24 seconds
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Learning Journeys for Testers with Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw

Welcome back to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In today's episode, “Learning Journeys for Testers,” two incredible guests are joining us: Richard Bradshaw, the friendly tester, and Mark Winteringham, the OpsBoss of Testing. Together with our host, Joe Colantonio, they will be discussing an exciting development in the testing space: learning journeys for testers. Discover how learning journeys are curated, narrated, on-demand experiences that combine new and existing content, helping you learn automation at your own pace and practically apply your knowledge. During the episode, our guests will delve into building these unique learning journeys. They'll discuss how they're currently working on a test app to accompany the journey, building it in every programming language imaginable. They'll also touch on the importance of maintaining automated checks, updating libraries, and the valuable role played by the community in contributing tools and approaches. But that's not all! Richard and Mark share their insights on anticipating potential failures, the challenges of unit testing across different programming languages, and the importance of practicing what they preach regarding automation. So join us today as we dive into the world of learning journeys for testers and discover how they can revolutionize your approach to automation.
8/27/202334 minutes, 21 seconds
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Secure Automation Testing at Scale Leveraging SBOX with Michael Palotas and Lee Walsh

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In this episode, host Joe Colantonio is joined by automation experts Lee Walsh and Michael Palotas to discuss the fascinating world of secure automation testing at scale, leveraging the power of Sbox. Michael, the Head of Product at Element 34, brings his wealth of experience from companies like eBay and Intel, while Lee, the Director of Customer Success at Element 34, adds his expertise from his time at BrowserStack.Throughout the conversation, the guests explore the importance of security and compliance in automation testing, the benefits and challenges of using different test tools like Selenium and Playwright, and the considerations enterprises must consider when choosing an automation solution. They also dive into the features and advantages of Sbox, Element 34's flagship product, including its ability to run tests within the customer's firewall, ensuring data privacy. Join us as we uncover the secrets to successful automation testing at scale and gain insights from industry leaders who have experienced firsthand challenges and triumphs. Let's dive in and discover the fantastic world of secure automation testing with Sbox! See a demo for yourself now:
8/21/202332 minutes, 58 seconds
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Creating Process to Enable Quality Automation with Ben Oconis

Welcome to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In this episode titled "Ben Creating Processes to Enable Quality Automation," our host Joe Colantonio sits down with Ben Oconis, the head of QA at Storyblocks. Join us as Ben reflects on his journey in developing tools for observability and shares valuable insights into promoting quality throughout the organization. Ben sheds light on his challenges, from experiencing both an excess and a lack of tools at different times to prioritizing data and observability to understand and address issues. Throughout the episode, Ben emphasizes the importance of proactive monitoring, retroactive analysis, and having conversations with customers to understand their behavior and make necessary adjustments. He shares how his direct relationship with the research team ensures that implemented features are based on customer wants and needs. Additionally, Ben delves into the significance of collaboration, effective testing strategies, and using the right tools for the job. This episode is a must-listen if you want to optimize your automation processes and enhance overall product quality. So tune in as Joe and Ben dive deep into the world of QA and share invaluable insights to help you succeed in automation. Let's get started!
8/13/202328 minutes, 1 second
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Tackling the First Mile in Test Automation with Jonathon Wright

Welcome back to the TestGuild Automation Podcast! In today's episode, we have a fascinating conversation with our special guest, Jonathon Wright. Jonathon is a renowned test automation expert and the Chief Technology Evangelist at Keysight Technologies. In this episode, Jonathon dives deep into the world of test automation, tackling the challenges of getting started with test automation and scaling. Jonathan emphasizes the importance of moving beyond just having test scripts and instead focusing on business-oriented metrics and software quality assurance. He discusses the shift towards a build-versus-buy approach and the need for software vendors to demonstrate maturity and quality engineering. Jonathon also introduces the concept of "Assurity" as a model for software assurance, with quality being the top priority. Throughout the episode, Jonathon touches on various topics, such as leveraging automation to overcome manual testing challenges, the advancements in tools and their impact on the testing industry, the role of large language models in automation testing, and the future of automation and testing. Join us as we explore these critical insights and gain actionable advice from Jonathan on how to navigate the evolving landscape of test automation. Plus, take advantage of his upcoming webinar on The Roadmap to Zero Manual Testing: Leveraging Automation. You can register for the webinar at So, grab your headphones and prepare for an enlightening episode filled with valuable insights and practical advice. Let's dive in!
8/6/202342 minutes, 30 seconds
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Automation Score Card Quiz (What's Your Score?) with Joe Colantonio

In this episode, discover how to unlock test automation success focusing on six areas every automation engineer needs to master. Listen in as we explore six critical areas of test automation to learn a unique scorecard method to evaluate and improve your tests. What's your score? You can find out now at You can also apply these concepts to your automation test regardless of what tools you are using. Whether you're a novice just dipping your toes into the world of automation testing or an experienced tester looking to level up, this episode is invaluable. Listen in to take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your testing process and elevate your software quality. Also, if you haven't already 📚 get my News Automation Awesomeness Book Now:  
7/30/202315 minutes, 41 seconds
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E2E Innovation at Scale: Unleashing The TestGrid AI Testing Platform with Harry Rao

On this episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio sits down with Harry Rao, the innovative Founder, and CEO of TestGrid, a company redefining the future of software testing. TestGrid, a unique, end-to-end platform, offers an array of testing services, including mobile app, cross-browser, performance, and API testing, all streamlined under one roof. Their groundbreaking approach centers on codeless automation capabilities, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency. Throughout the podcast, Harry highlights the transformative role of AI in the testing landscape. Notably, TestGrid's AI system expedites the process of writing test cases, potentially trimming the timeline from hours to mere minutes or seconds. By training AI to integrate user-written test cases and generate script lists, TestGrid showcases its advanced capabilities, underlining the system's self-healing feature, which uses machine learning to identify and correct missed elements. One of the highlights of the podcast is a case study featuring an insurance solution provider who experienced significant cost reductions and return on investment by utilizing TestGrid's comprehensive services. This episode offers a glimpse into how TestGrid, with its innovative approach and advanced technology, serves a diverse range of customers, from SMBs to large enterprises, leading the way to a more efficient future for software testing. Check it our for yourself! TestGuilders get a special discount when the sign up and use the code TESTGUILD20  
7/23/202330 minutes, 38 seconds
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AI-Assisted Testing Platforms with Todd McNeal

In this episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio and guest Todd McNeal co-founder of Reflect, an AI-assisted test automation platform. Delve into the revolutionary features of Reflect, an all-encompassing automation tool. They discuss how Reflect, utilizing AI, enhances onboarding processes and resolves selector issues in automation. The conversation covers the tool's capabilities, including adding assertions, enabling independent actions, and validating input steps. They also discuss the importance of visual validation and the integration of chatbot, GPT, and AI technologies for creating resilient tests. The episode underscores Reflect's unique offering of pairing API calls with UI calls, simplifying automation processes, and facilitating quick, maintainable test creation. To see a real-world example of generative ai in action, register for our webinar on July 25 on Building Automated Tests Using Generative AI. Register now =>  
7/16/202330 minutes, 29 seconds
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Mastering Machine Learning in Automation Testing with Toni Ramchandani

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of machine learning and its intersection with automation testing. In this episode, Toni Ramchandani, a self-described technocrat with over 13 years of experience, shares insights from recent articles covering current technological trends like AI, ML, Blockchain, Databricks, Azure, and IoT. Discover the importance of understanding the terms and concepts of machine learning, the need to stay updated with new AI tools and technologies, and the importance of testing AI and ensuring its reliability before implementation. Listen to this thought-provoking episode as we explore the fascinating world of machine learning and its impact on automation testing. Don't miss out on valuable insights and practical advice from an experienced engineer in the industry.  
7/9/202337 minutes, 1 second
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Training and Career Paths for Testers (Become and SDET) with Kuzzat Altay

With the Fourth of July week upon us in the United States, it would be fitting to showcase what represents the best of America. In this episode, we start with Kuzzat Altay's story of his arrival in the United States as a refugee in 2008, equipped with no knowledge of English and few contacts. He shares how he taught himself programming and automation testing, eventually founding a successful training company, Cydeo. We also explore the possibility of becoming an SDET without coding experience or a college degree. Discover how to set career goals to stay ahead and get inspired by a genuinely American story. Listen now. Kuzzat will join us at the TestGuild for a complimentary special training webinar on July 13th, which will cover 'How to Become a Java SDET, with ZERO Coding Experience or a College Degree.' Don't miss out – register now:"  
7/2/202342 minutes, 42 seconds
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AI-Powered Tools in Software Testing: A Deep-Dive using Katalon with Mush Honda

On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio talks with Mush Honda, the Chief Quality Architect at Katalon, about AI-powered tools in software testing. They discuss Katalon, an AI-augmented test automation platform, and how AI can optimize and enhance the humanistic process of software delivery without replacing human testers. The episode covers Katalon's Studios features like Self-Healing, Test Failure Analysis, Autonomous Script Generation, and more, all of which use ML models to generate automation code based on typed scenarios, making test scripts more streamlined and readable. Mush also highlights the benefits of autonomous test generation, enabling developers to focus on new feature development while AI takes care of regression testing. The episode ends with a call to embrace change and use AI to streamline work, not replace testers. For more info on Katalon, check out their free trial now:  
6/25/202338 minutes, 1 second
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Taking Automation to The Next Level Using Nightwatch with David Burns

On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, we have a special guest, David Burns, the W3C Browser Testing and Tools Working Group chairman and co-editor of the Web Driver Specification. In this episode, you will learn about the latest Nightwatchjs features. Also, you will gain insights into the significance of standardized technologies like JavaScript and why interoperability is vital for testing on different platforms. Additionally, the podcast provides exclusive information about Nightwatch and its features like component testing, plugins for visual regression testing, and API and unit testing capabilities. The episode also covers topics like BrowserStack, continuous integration, Selenium, Nightwatch Inspector, and Visual Studio Code. Tune in to learn more about the world of automation and how Nightwatch can help you achieve your automation goals.  
6/18/202327 minutes, 27 seconds
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Selenium Love Letter and Book with Joe Colantonio

In this episode, folks like Simon Stewart, Corina Pip, Paul Grossman, Igor Dorovskikh, Noemi Ferrera, Srinivasan Sekar, Sai Krishna, Emily Kjos, Andy Knight, Titus Fortner, Robin Gupta, Benjamin Bischoff, Manoj Kumar Kumar and more share what Selenium means to them. Also, get some insights into my new book Automation Awesomeness: 260 actionable affirmations to Improve your QA and automation testing skills and why you need to get yourself and your team some copies now:  
6/11/202325 minutes, 4 seconds
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Self-healing Execution Cloud: Preventing Failures and Saving Time with Adam Carmi

If you'd like to accelerate your test execution & maintenance speed — and massively reduce flakiness, I've got some excellent news for you. On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, Adam Carmi Co-founder and CTO at Applitools, joins us to discuss new automation testing self-healing technology that is a giant leap forward in test infrastructure innovation. Adam goes over how this new cloud-based testing platform replaces legacy testing grids — easily augmenting open-source test frameworks with AI capabilities (like self-healing locators). Discover how you and your teams can intelligently heal broken tests as they run — drastically reducing flakiness and execution time. Lastly, the episode touches on the rise of AI in the testing industry and how testers and people in the testing community have a bright future. Tune in for a plethora of insights and tips on test automation.
6/4/202338 minutes, 22 seconds
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BDD in Action with John Smart

Want to know how to deliver software that does what it’s supposed to do? In this episode, John Ferguson Smart, author of the book BDD in Action, shares how to use Behavior-Driven Development to guide your software projects to success with collaboration, communication techniques, and concrete requirements you can turn into automated tests. Discover how BDD positively affects teamwork, dynamics, and stakeholder collaboration to help teams discover and analyze needs, uncover assumptions, reduce risks, make acceptance, integration, and unit testing more effective, automate reporting and living documentation to improve transparency, and much more. Listen up!
5/29/202328 minutes, 32 seconds
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Less waiting, More Testing with Geetha Achutuni

On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, guest speaker Geetha Achutuni joins host Joe Colantonio to share her ten tips on reducing test execution times. Among the tips she discusses are smart weights for consistency across applications, the advantages of using APIs instead of UI interactions, and the importance of proper data structures for code optimization. Githa also emphasizes the need for teams to check their code for validity periodically and to avoid creating new browser sessions or launching new browsers for every scenario. Discover how to achieve more testing with less waiting - listen up.  
5/21/202326 minutes, 5 seconds
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Evolution Of Testing to AI and TestOps with Nikita Fedorov

On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio sits down with Nikita Fedorov, founder of, to discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of software testing and the increasing use of AI. They cover topics such as the evolution of testing, using generative AI for automation test case creation, the emergence of TestOps, and the importance of human feedback for successful AI usage. They also explore the benefits of cloud solutions over self-hosted ones and touch on Case's platform, which offers manual and automated testing with integrations and analytics. Tune in to hear more actionable end-to-end automation advice on orchestrating QA activities with speed, efficiency, and customization!  
5/13/202330 minutes, 55 seconds
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Revolutionizing Test Automation: AI-Powered Innovations with Guljeet Nagpaul

Welcome back, Guljeet Nagpaul, to the Guild! In this exciting podcast episode, we dive into test automation, exploring the differences between tools and platforms and discussing the groundbreaking advances in AI like ChatGPT. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of AI-powered codeless test automation on the cloud and delve into how AI transforms ERP software testing for giants like SAP and Oracle. According to the latest Forrester report, find out what's new at ACCELQ, a company that's not just playing catch-up but leading the charge as one of the top testing platforms available. Don't miss this engaging and insightful conversation with Guljeet Nagpaul!
5/7/202328 minutes, 27 seconds
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How to Create Automation Magic with Benjamin Bischoff

Welcome to today's episode, where we dive deep into the world of automation magic with our special guest, Benjamin Bischoff. Benjamin is an expert in creating automated software testing and the author of the soon-to-be-released book “Writing API Tests with Karate." In this interview, we'll explore the capabilities of the Karate framework, code smells, and how to simplify your test runs. Stay tuned for insights into the nine magic principles in software and much more!
5/1/202324 minutes, 22 seconds
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Welcome To The Test Automation Illusion with Paul Grizzaffi

Are your automation goals an illusion? In this episode with Paul Grizzaffi, a prominent software testing and automation figure, we delved into the intriguing concept of the "Test Automation Illusion," using Styx's classic album "The Grand Illusion" as a thematic backdrop. Grizzaffi shared his insights on the misconceptions surrounding automation in testing, the potential pitfalls of blindly following big-name companies' strategies and the importance of striking a balance between automation and human expertise. We also explored the critical aspects of weighing the costs and benefits when adopting new automation tools and understanding the actual value of automation when placed in the hands of experienced professionals. This engaging conversation sheds light on the realities of test automation and offers valuable guidance for those looking to navigate the ever-evolving world of software testing. I also pit ChatGPT's knowledge of Styx songs and testing against Paul's - who wins? Listen in to find out!
4/16/202330 minutes, 54 seconds
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Top 5 Free Apps For Testers with Sanjay Kumar

Do you want to know five free tools to make you more productive as a test automation engineer? In this episode, we have an insightful conversation with Sanjay Kumar, the inventor, and creator of SelectorsHub, Testing Daily, TestCase Studio, TestCaseHub, and AutoTestData. Sanjay is on a mission to make life easier for testers and developers. What's truly remarkable is that he's not working for any company but dedicating his full-time efforts to the testing community. In this episode, we dive deep into the latest updates from SelectorsHub, explore the new free tool AutoTestData, discuss the concept behind Testing Daily, and get a sneak peek into Sanjay's backlog of upcoming projects. So, buckle up and join us on this exciting journey to learn more about Sanjay's contributions to the test automation community and how you can benefit from his innovative tools and ideas.
4/9/202333 minutes, 29 seconds
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Node.js Desktop Automation Testing Framework with Simon Hofmann

Welcome to this week's episode of the Test Guild Automation podcast. Our featured expert is Simon Hofmann, the creator of nut.js, a Node.js Desktop Automation Testing framework that allows you to program your mouse and keyboard with JavaScript or TypeScript. Have you ever been bogged down with repetitive tasks you wish to automate? Nut.js may be the solution for you! Its open-source Node.js cross-platform desktop automation can automate mouse movement and give you full control over your cursor. You can move, click, or drag it wherever you need, saving time and effort. But that's not all! One of the critical components of visual testing or automation is the ability to search for images and text on-screen. Nut.js provides plugins to do just that, allowing you to perform on-screen searches efficiently. Are you interested in improving your tests or workflows? With nut.js, you can retrieve information about open windows, giving you the power to make your tests more effective. And if that's not enough, nut.js also allows you to automate keyboard input to press single keys or type pages of text quickly. Whether you're using JavaScript or TypeScript, nut.js can handle it all. So if you're looking for a desktop automation framework that can save you time and effort, look no further than nut.js. Tune in to this episode to learn more about its features and how it can benefit you! This week's sponsor is TestGuild. Let's talk if you're in the DevOps automation/software testing space and want to offer real-world value/solutions that can improve the skills or solve a problem for the Guild community. Discover how to reach your ideal customer now:
4/2/202324 minutes, 37 seconds
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Web3 Test Automation with Joshua Gorospe

Welcome to the Software Testing Guild podcast, where we bring together the brightest minds in the testing world to share their insights and experiences. In today's episode, we're thrilled to have Joshua Gorospe joining us for an in-depth discussion on Web3 Testing. Joshua is a seasoned tester with over 18 years of experience. Driven by his passion for Testing and an insatiable curiosity for research, Joshua has delved into many testing-related topics. Currently, he is a QA Tech Lead at a security company. In this episode, we'll explore Joshua's current interests, including blockchain, Web3 technologies, security testing strategies, machine learning, solidity, Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit, smart contract testing and more. Listen up! This episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast is sponsored by the Test Guild. Test Guild offers amazing partnership plans that cater to your brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership goals. Get your products and services in front of your ideal target audience. Our satisfied clients rave about the results they've seen from partnering with us, from boosting attendance to impressive ROI. Visit our website, and let's talk about how Test Guild could take your brand to the next level. Head on over, and let's talk.
3/26/202327 minutes, 12 seconds
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AI Augmented Testing with Avinash Tiwari

Today I wanted to share a popular webinar we recently had with Avinash Tiwari on AI Augmented Testing for Digital Apps. If you don't know, Avanash is a renowned thought leader, sought-after keynote speaker, and co-founder of He has 20+ years of experience in Product development and Testing. He brings a passion for emerging technology and quick adoption, which have solidified his reputation as a leader in the mobile app testing field. With an ever-increasing need for high-quality releases and feature-rich digital apps, the demand for a faster development life cycle has become a non-negotiable. Today the world is racing against time to get the best out of their apps, which has become the critical differentiator in the competitive app market. Of late, Artificial Intelligence-based Augmented Testing has taken center stage to show us ways to enhance and accelerate our efforts. While implementing various testing methodologies like DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Delivery has helped accelerate the process, there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Listen up, and if you want to see this episode's video version, check it out at:
3/13/202329 minutes, 4 seconds
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Testing in Production with Eran Kinsbruner

If you’ve been in the testing/automation space for a bit, you might wonder what happened to Eran Kinsbrunner. In this episode, we catch up with Eran to talk about his new gig and some new cool software that can help you test live applications in production. I originally had him on my Performance and SRE podcast, but I felt you should also hear it here. So, if you want to become a better tester by understanding the behavior of your live applications, you don’t want to miss this episode. Discover why the traditional approach of adding more logs and re-deploying the app is costly, time-consuming, and can impact business and SLAs and your software development and testing efforts. Listen up!
3/5/202335 minutes, 14 seconds
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Selenium Insight from All-Star SeleniumConf Speakers!

In this episode, you'll hear from five SeleniumConf Chicago 2023 speakers and/or project core committers about their upcoming talks, the reasons for their participation, and the benefits attendees can expect to gain from the conference. Additionally, our guests shed light on the Webdriver ecosystem - open-source projects that complement and add features and functionality to the browser automation capabilities that Selenium provides. They discuss the inaccuracies and misleading comparisons that pit Selenium against tools such as Cypress and Playwright. They also explain how using Selenium with Webdriver frameworks can help achieve parity with these tools while using real browsers. Join us as we hear from Corina Pip, QA Lead at Deloitte Digital; David Burns, Head of Open Source Program Office at BrowserStack; Noemi Ferrara, Software Dev Engineer II-TEST at Amazon Spain; Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Core Contributor and creator of WebDriver, and Marcus Merrell Vice President of Technology Strategy for Sauce Labs, . Tune in to learn more about browser automation, the Webdriver ecosystem, and how the community can work together to achieve better results.
2/26/202335 minutes, 31 seconds
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Advanced Test Automation with Anthony Venditti

Welcome to the Test Automation podcast! In this episode, we have Tony Venditti, the Test Automation Manager from Advantasure, a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is a replay from Tony's highly rated automation Guild session he gave this year, where he shared a wealth of knowledge and experience in Test Automation. Using Jenkins as a Test Automation Hub, he will discuss his background, test automation tools, approach, applications, and test types. He also shares his company's Test Automation Team Structure and Organization. We will also discuss the future of test automation, including new, emerging technologies such as cloud-based and containerized solutions, and how artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly integrated with test automation tools. Tune in and learn more about test automation and the tools available to help you do the job! Join us as we dive into Test Automation and explore the available tools and approaches. If you want to hear more and hear the live Q&A where Tony answered the Guild's questions about his session, head to and register to get your instant access pass. Use code pod30 to get 30% off all the replays.
2/20/202341 minutes, 21 seconds
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QA Agents of Change with Lisette Zounon

Want to know how to become a QA agent of change? In this episode. Lisette Zounon, a highly experienced quality engineering leader with over 18 years in the industry, shares her knowledge and experience implementing successful QA and testing practices at multiple companies. Discover Lisette's background, her experiences leading a diverse, distributed QA team, how to build a QA organization from the ground up, QA Automation Strategies, and some exciting new developments in the world of QA automation. Listen up!
2/12/202331 minutes, 19 seconds
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API Testing Kubernetes (Transparent Remoting Using OneTest) with Chris Haggan and Martin Lescuyer

Welcome to today's episode of the Testing in a Cloud-Native World podcast, where we tackle the biggest challenges faced by testers in a cloud and containerized environment. Have you ever encountered a situation where some of your container APIs are accessible but others are not? Testing in these complex environments can be a real pain, but don't worry, we have the solution. Today we have Chris Haggan, Head of Product Management for DevOps at HCL Software, and Martin Lescuyer, HCL OneTest Product Manager, joining us to share their expertise and discuss how Transparent Remoting Capabilities with HCL OneTest can overcome the testing challenges in a cloud-first world. Chris, with over 20 years of experience as a practitioner, tools evangelist, and product manager, and Martin, with a background in embedded and performance testing products, are the perfect duo to give you insights and guidance on how to succeed in testing in the cloud. So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the world of Transparent Remoting Capabilities with HCL OneTest.
2/6/202328 minutes, 4 seconds
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How to Develop Customer First Testing Teams with Phillip Talbot

Join us on the latest episode of the TestGuild Automation Podcast as we sit down with QA expert Phillip Talbot. He shares his wealth of experience building and managing customer-first testing teams, covering topics such as team composition, international collaboration, hiring and training, and staying current with new technologies. Take advantage of valuable insights and tips from a seasoned pro in the field. Tune in now!
1/29/202334 minutes, 15 seconds
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4 Reasons Enterprise Testing Fails with Autumn Ciliberto

Are you tired of enterprise testing failures? In this episode, Autumn Ciliberto, an Enterprise Account Director at Keysight Technologies, helps to uncover the top four reasons why testing often falls short in large organizations: unrealistic time expectations, business misalignment, infrastructure complexity, and lack of resources and expertise. Take advantage of this episode if you're ready to take your enterprise testing to the next level! You'll learn how to set realistic testing timelines and strategies to align your testing goals with your stakeholders, get buy-in from your management, and ensure that testing is an integral part of your business strategy. Tune in now and learn how to overcome these common obstacles and achieve testing success.
1/22/202329 minutes, 5 seconds
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Modern Test Management Systems with Izhar Livny

One of my top trends for 2023 is the rise of unified test management platforms. In this episode, Izhar Livny, VP of Global SaaS Sales at, shares why in modern software development, it’s critical to have a unifying platform to help manage the entire automation lifecycle. Discover how to unite manual and automated testing in a single interface, reporting, how to keep up with faster product releases, and much more. 
1/15/202328 minutes, 33 seconds
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Level Up Your Test Automation in 2023

Are you ready to level up your automation skills, connect with top industry experts, and recession-proof yourself in any economy? Then mark your calendars for the upcoming Automation Guild online conference! We've got a fantastic lineup of sessions and diverse speakers from all over the world for you, voted on by the guild for what they wanted at this year's conference. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in automation, there's something for everyone at this can't-miss event. And in this episode, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at many of the sessions you will get access to when you register for our 7th annual automation extravaganza. Also, when you join, you get access to our private slack channel of over 2600 hundred of some of the most helpful testing experts. So, you have a community to support you now, during, and long after the event is over.  Don't wait to register! Trust us; you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with the best in the business.  Register now:
1/9/202325 minutes, 3 seconds
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Automation Trends to Watch in 2023 with Joe Colantonio

Don't let your testing efforts fall behind — it’s time to prepare for the New Year. In this episode, I’ll share my insights about upcoming test automation trends from my popular Test Guild podcast interviews and my yearly Automation Guild survey. Discover the skills, best practices, and frameworks you need to know to stay employable in this ever-changing dev/test world in 2023. Don’t miss it! What To Do With These Trends So, one of the burning questions I’m getting asked based on subjects like this is, “Will AI replace me?”  Or will the current recession scare that’s looming on the horizon jeopardize my job? Look, no one can truly predict how things will turn out because that’s beyond our control. But in my 25+ years of field experience and humble opinion… What you CAN do is make sure you’re always armed & ready with the latest info on current tech. What you CAN do is stay up-to-date with industry know-how & relevant trends. You CAN always strive to improve your skillset & build a solid network. This way, you’ll always be in demand regardless of how things turn out. Because that’s EXACTLY how I survived (& even thrived) over the decades, no matter the “scare” or its consequences. So, if you seriously want to separate yourself from the pack and gain an elusive edge in your career in 2023 Then you might want to take a closer look at ==> Since I designed it to address many of the trends we covered in this episode. Perhaps celebrate this new year by investing in yourself to supercharge your E2E automation testing skills and get a leg up in your career, Joe. ​😊  
1/1/202334 minutes, 18 seconds
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Boozang from the Trenches with Gianni Pucciani

Want to hear a real-life example of implementing an automation testing tool against an enterprise project? In this session, Gianni Pucciani, author of the new book Boozang from the Trenches, shares his to learn test automation with Boozang in an enterprise environment. Discover why Gianni wrote this book, learn the basic features of Boozang, and learn how to implement end-to-end automated scenarios, mixing GUI and API actions. Also, hear how this book is filled with examples beyond the Boozang tool and how it covers the setup of a test automation project in a real context with practical solutions.
12/25/202226 minutes, 45 seconds
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What Most People Get Wrong About Simulation with Chris Colosimo

Today, we're diving into the world of API simulation, a powerful tool that allows developers and testers to mimic the behavior of an API in a test or development environment. Chris Colosimo, a service virtualization and API testing subject matter expert, joins us to share his vision for API simulation. Discover what most people get wrong about simulation, how it helps your testing efforts, advice, trends in this space for 2023, and much more. Listen up!
12/18/202229 minutes, 39 seconds
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Model-based Testing vs. Recording—Which is best? Matthias Rapp & Shawn Jaques

Are model-based testing and record and configure-based testing mutually exclusive, or can they be used together to provide a comprehensive testing approach? In today's episode, Matthias Rapp, a test automation and Tricentis veteran, and Shawn Jaques, the Director of Product Marketing at Tricentis, discuss model-based testing and record and configure-based testing. We explore the differences between these two testing methods and when to use one over the other. We also discuss how they can work together and how AI and data-driven testing fit into these paradigms. Tune in to learn more about these testing techniques and how they can help ensure the quality and reliability of your systems. Check out Model-based testing in the cloud yourself:
12/11/202229 minutes, 7 seconds
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WebDriverIo v8 Must Know Features with Christian Bromann

Want to know all about the latest release of WebDriverIO? In this episode, Christian Bromann, a full-stack engineer passionate about Open Source and Open Standards, shares everything you need to know about the latest version, 8.0. Discover the new version's primary goal and what enabled them to continue dependency updates and avoid security issues. Hear all about their newly implemented Action API interface and the streamlined way WebdriverIO deals with global objects using the test runner. Listen up!
12/4/202227 minutes, 37 seconds
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Speeding Up Automation Analysis with Ruslan Akhmetzianov and Natalia Polyakova

How do you handle how to debug a bunch of automated testing failures? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out why some tests failed. In this episode, Ruslan Akhmetzianov, DevRel Lead, and Natalia, a quality engineer at Qameta Software, share ways that you can speed up your automation analysis. Discover how to handle flaky tests, what tools and approaches help speed up automation, and much more.  Check out more ways to help your automation testing management efforts with Allure TestOps:
11/27/202233 minutes, 36 seconds
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Next Generation Functional Visual Test Automation with Tobias Müller

With DevOps, more releases than ever are being generated, leading to many unexpected customer-side problems. What do you do? In this episode, Tobias Müller CTOs at Progile and lifelong tester, shares his experience with automation, especially in regulated environments. Discover what problems regulated customers face because of DevOps, how to handle typical challenges in regulated markets and how next-generation functional visual test automation can help.  
11/20/202226 minutes, 6 seconds
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Confession of an AI Testing Skeptic with Chris Trimper

Are you an AI-in-testing skeptic? Or maybe you are a believer. In this episode, Chris Trimper, an Enterprise QA Automation Architect at Independent Health, shares his team's journey to adopting AI practices and technologies in testing. Discover what he learned investigating AI technology to help with test case authoring, automating, and how AI could aid his team of testers. Listen up to see if finding a peaceful coexistence of AI and software testing is possible.
11/7/202232 minutes, 25 seconds
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Playwright Performance Testing with Katarzyna Kmiotek

Did you know you could re-use your Playwright functional testing for performance testing? In this episode, Katarzyna ("Kat") Kmiotek, a Quality Engineer at Zoopla, shares her experience integrating Playwright tests with Artillery. Discover what Artillery is, how to integrate it with Playwright, and things to watch out for when creating performance tests. Also, don't forget to sign up to receive the Automation Guild 2023 early-bird discount:
10/30/202224 minutes, 24 seconds
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Low-Code vs. No-Code: Which is better for Automation with Larry Goddard

Low-code/no-code test automation solutions are on the rise. But should you use them? In this episode, Larry Goddard, an Automation Architect and creator of klassi-js, and I, along with Jehan Coetzee from Inspired Testing, chat about the pros and cons of this approach. What is no code? Is it different than low code, and in what way? Does it change the role of automation engineers? Where do you start? Learn some strategies and tips for success. Also, don't forget to vote for the Automation Guild sessions you’d like to see at the 2023 event. Vote now (!
10/23/202243 minutes, 41 seconds
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Halloween Special 2022 with Paul Grossman

Automation, losing a job, and Halloween can all be scary. In this episode, the Dark Arts Wizard Paul Grossman joins us for our annual Halloween special to share all kinds of ghoulish testing knowledge. Discover tips on how to handle being laid off, quick automation testing wins, why no-code is not the boogie man, deciding between open source and vendor tools, and much more automation tricks and treats!
10/16/202224 minutes, 24 seconds
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Future of QA Chat with Industry Experts with Joe Colantonio

Last week I had the honor of hosting a roundtable at StarWest for Karate Labs. This technology-agnostic session covered everything from how to make automation more reliable, testing culture, API testing, troubleshooting failures, and much more. It was well attended and had great audience participation. So in this episode, I will share what we talked about for the Future of QA with testing experts Sneha Viswalingam, Prashant Patil, Eric Driggs, and Anthony Staffier. Listen up! 
10/9/202257 minutes, 53 seconds
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Security Test Methodology for Testers with Mike Spanbauer

I think testers should be involved in security testing. So in this episode I will share a session that Mike Spanbauer, Customer Architecture & Field CTO, Security at Juniper Networks, gave at the last Secure Guild online conference on Developing a Security Test Methodology. Discover the four pieces that make up his approach and some essential tips for implementing your own. Do you want to hear more about security testing? OR would you rather have a separate podcast dedicated to security? Let me know at [email protected].
10/3/202236 minutes, 45 seconds
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Testing for Good with Nikolay Advolodkin

Want to learn more about automation testing and contribute to a good cause simultaneously? In this episode, Nikolay Advolodkin, founder of UltimateQA and a Sr Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, shares all about his event Testing For Good. Discover what’s new in open-source automation, trends based on data from Sauce labs, what is the Testing For Good event, and much more.
9/25/202227 minutes, 48 seconds
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Accelerating Large Scale Digital Transformation with Dilhan Manawadu

You can learn a lot from other companies that have successfully undergone a digital transformation. In this episode, Dilhan Manawadu, Ph.D., Director of Software Quality Engineering & Development Platform, shares real-world tips from his experience at Sysco. Discover how to accelerate your large-scale digital transformation with automated test data, environment management, and more!
9/18/202236 minutes, 9 seconds
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Call for Speakers and Guild Courses

Want to share your test automation expertise with the world, or are you looking for some free testing mini-courses? In this episode, Joe Colantonio, founder of the Test Guild, shares how to apply to be a speaker at the 2023 automation guild ( Also, get a sneak peek into some free mini-course available on the TestGuild platform, like Selenium 4 with Simon Stewart, AI + Automation with Shannon Lee, Accessibility Testing: Using Cypress w/Pragati Sharma, Performance Exploration For Testers w/MarkTomlinson, qTest demo and more. 
9/11/202226 minutes, 38 seconds
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What Automation Technology to Use with Sneha Viswalingam and Carlos Kidman

Are you having difficulty deciding what test automation technology to use for you and your team? In this episode, Sneha Viswalingam and Carlos Kidman share their approach to selecting tools. Discover how important it is to have a strategy before choosing a framework for your team, build vs. buy,  how to evaluate an automation framework, python, and more! 
9/4/202239 minutes, 55 seconds
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Timeless Technique for Test Automation with Marcus Thomas

Is there still value in keyword-driven approaches to automation? In this episode, Marcus Thomas, founder of Quart Consulting, shares his experience helping hundreds of folks with their automation testing frameworks. Discover why we loved WinRunner, how to leverage time-tested techniques for automation, why a developer-heavy approach to automation is not always the best way, and how to use eFAST to create and execute automated tests quickly.
8/28/202232 minutes, 1 second
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Managing Test Environments like a Navy Seal with Josh Thurman

Are shared environments holding your testing team back? In this episode, Josh Thurman, co-founder of Uffizzi and former Navy Seal, will share an open-source solution to solve your test and dev environment issues. Discover how on-demand environments are a game changer for testing efficiency, how to get started, tips and techniques, and more. Also, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Josh to see all this in action:    
8/21/202227 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Value of Using Native Test Frameworks with Jaswanth Manigundan

Mobile app testing has many similarities to the web, but some aspects are different. In this episode, Jaswanth Manigundan, a Lead QA Automation Engineer shares his personal experience with mobile app testing and why he prefers native frameworks. Discover the most popular mobile native automation frameworks and the pros and cons of specific frameworks, as well as how you can get started with your mobile app testing journey.
8/15/202228 minutes, 43 seconds
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SmartDriver Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting with Chris Navrides

Want to quickly see a free way to add AI to your Selenium, Cypress, or automation tests? In this episode, Chris Navride, founder of Dev-Tools.AI, shares how to write tests with visual AI using their open-source library that extends existing test frameworks. Discover how to integrate with your framework, find elements without digging through the page source, teach the bot, and much more.
8/7/202231 minutes, 15 seconds
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Email and SMS Workflow Testing with Jack Lawrence and Brooks Nelson

Do you have an automation test that requires you to test the sending emails and create user accounts workflows? How about testing SMS? In this episode, Jack Lawrence, a cofounder of Mailinator, and Brooks Nelson, the head of Mailinator's Business Development, will share how to test your email delivery systems without risking sending them to a real-life audience. Discover how to use the Mailinator API to send emails and to send and receive SMS to test code at the development and QA Testing stages, using frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, and more.
7/31/202228 minutes, 40 seconds
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Test Before Merge. Not After with Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham

Want to know how to solve the problem of “but it works on my machine”? In this episode, Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham share how to create full-stack production-like replicas on any cloud. Discover how to reduce the complexity of managing environments and enable your developers and testers to get back to building great products rather than worrying about flaky environments.
7/24/202235 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Allure of TestOps with Ruslan Akhmetzianov and Andrey Ryoo

Want to know how to level up your product quality control and boost your QA and development? In this episode, Ruslan Akhmetzianov, a DevRel lead at Qameta, and Andrey Ryoo, a DevOps expert at Qameta, share ways to succeed with TestOps. Discover what TestOps is, prerequisites for building TestOps, tools, and processes, buying vs. building a solution, and much more. Listen up!
7/17/202238 minutes, 58 seconds
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Behavior Driven API Testing with Ido Cohn

How awesome would it be to release your software fast and with confidence? In this episode, Ido Cohn, Co-Founder & CEO of Loadmill, shares how to easily create the tests required for continuous delivery by analyzing user behavior. Discover how to leverage production-based API tests to generate more real user flow tests, increase test coverage and reduce hours of testing cycles. Listen up!
7/10/202225 minutes, 55 seconds
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Fake Data in Testing with Chiara Colombi

Creating test data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data is a challenge. In this episode, Chiara Colombi, a Manager at, shares why your test is only as good as your data. Discover how to create the most realistic data possible that mimics what your users use in production. Listen now to find out the current state of issues with using production data or building test data in-house for testers.
7/3/202227 minutes, 50 seconds
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Data Science For Testers with Laveena Ramchandani

As testers, we’re always looking for ways to improve our process and increase effectiveness. One area you may not have explored yet is data science. In this episode Laveena Ramchandani, an experienced Testing Consultant, will be explain how to test data models. Discover how to create, test and analyze a model. Listen in to hear how data science can help you in many ways, from designing better test cases to identifying potential areas for improvement in your product.
6/26/202225 minutes, 51 seconds
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Smart Data Testing for Big Data with Bill Hayduk

Need to Automate and analyze your Data Validation & ETL Testing? In this episode, Bill Hayduk, the founder of RTTS, will share how to dramatically increase your data validation coverage. Discover the importance of having an intelligent data testing solution, leveraging analytics to optimize your critical data, and improving your data quality at speed.
6/19/202228 minutes, 58 seconds
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Api Testing and Mock Servers with Pricilla Bilavendran

Do you need to Test APIs with third-party dependencies and not know how to start testing? Discover what Mock Servers are! Why you would use them, and real-world examples of how to take advantage of them. In this episode, Pricilla Bilavendran, an experienced Test Engineer, shares her experience with Mock Servers and other automation awesomeness.
6/12/202230 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mobile App Testing Powered by Robots with Eden Full Goh

Have you ever seen or used robot-powered mobile testing? Discover how Mobot’s mechanical robots automate app tests that are impossible via emulators, eliminate manual testing, get products out faster, and improve app quality. In this episode, Eden Full Goh, the Founder, and CEO of MoboT, shares how this automation technology is the missing link to your automation testing plan. Listen in to hear more about the future of mobile testing.
6/5/202234 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 400 Celebration with Special Guests

Welcome to the 400th TestGuild (formerly TestTalks) Automation podcast. You’re in for a special treat as we catch up with some of our most popular past speakers. Listen in to discover our guests’ latest actionable tips, tools, techniques, and best practices for automation in 2022. Thank you to all our listeners for helping make the podcast a perennial success with over 1.2 million downloads.
5/29/202251 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Contract Testing with Lewis Prescott

Wondering how to get started with API Contract Testing? In this episode, Lewis Prescott, an experienced QA Lead specializing in API testing, will explain. Discover what contract testing is, why it’s needed, test tools, and other API testing awesomeness. Listen up!
5/22/202225 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

What is Quality Engineering with Dan Belcher

What's the difference between quality assurance and quality engineering? In this episode, Dan Belcher, a co-founder of mabl, shares how many organizations are adopting quality engineering in tandem with DevOps as their QA teams turn to automation and collaboration to streamline their quality strategy. Discover quality engineering, why it's needed, testing skills in demand, and much more.
5/15/202229 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Maintaining your test automation with Trisha Chetani

Why is the maintenance of test automation so complex? In this episode, Trisha Chetani, a software tester, and automation enthusiast, shares insights to help you based on an upcoming article she is writing on this very topic. Listen up! Discover how to maintain the test automation code, common mistakes to avoid, etc.
5/8/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Every Experience Matters Report with Marcus Merrell

With modern software development there are more nuanced ways of interacting with our users. But they’re also a challenge for the developers and testers tasked with maintaining and testing the complex underlying code. In this episode Marcus Merrell Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs shared why user experience matters. Discover effective ways to utilize automated to help test your users experience. Also, listen in to learn some key insights taken from Sauce Labs' latest Every Experience Matters Report.
5/1/202237 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Transforming the Way You Test Your ERP w/Pankaj Goel

After spending his career helping thousands of clients migrate, implement, and test ERPs, Pankaj realized that existing automation tools weren’t good enough. In this episode Pankaj Goel, co-founder of Opkey, will share his story of creating a tool that’s robust enough to automate all ERP testing needs, yet simple enough for any business user to use. Discover how to approach ERP automation, along with some cutting edge techniques that will transform the way you approach automation testing.
4/24/202232 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Virtualization in Test with Grigori Trofimov

As a tester, it can be frustrating when you have limited access to real data and live services in your test environment. In this episode, Grigori Trofimov, a Solution Architect at Parasoft, discusses service virtualization and how it can help you. Discover the primary benefit of using service virtualization during software testing, common uses for service virtualization, potential drawbacks and much more.
4/11/202228 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Three Test Automation Game Changers with Annalisa Camarillo and Amin Vidur

There are many ways a team's test automation project can fail. In this episode, Annalisa Camarillo, CMO for AVO, and Vidur Amin, the CEO of AVO, share the three test automation game-changers that can turn around any failing automation effort. Discover the three challenges, team readiness, choosing the right tools, selecting the best test approach, and how to overcome them. Listen up.
4/3/202236 minutes, 37 seconds
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Modern Integration Testing with Kevin Wittek

Want to know why modern integration testing is so important? Unit testing is OK, but without proper integration testing, especially if you work with external resources like databases and other services, you might not know how your application will behave once deployed to the actual production environment. In this episode, Kevin Wittek, a Software Engineer at AtomicJar and co-maintainer of test containers, shares why these often-overlooked testing areas are critical. Listen up to discover what test containers are, infrastructure as code, chaos engineering, and much more.
3/27/202229 minutes, 41 seconds
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Testsigma No code Open Source Test Automation with Rukmangada Kandyala

Are you looking for an open-source automation platform that all your team members can use? In this episode, Rukmangada Kandyala, Founder and CEO of Testsigma, will share why they open-sourced their solution, and how it addresses the needs of modern Dev/QA teams. Discover why current test automation practices are broken, minimize script creation and maintenance, and free up your teams to focus on value delivery instead of building and maintaining scripts and frameworks.
3/21/202229 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Complete Software Tester with Kristin Jackvony

Wouldn't it be cool to have a go-to guide covering all software testing areas? In this episode, Kristin Jackvony, the Principal Engineer for Quality at Paylocity, the creator of the blog "Think Like a Tester," shares all about her new book  "The Complete Software Tester: Concepts, Skills, and Strategies for High-Quality Testing." The book covers diverse topics for those new to testing and experienced testers who want to fill in knowledge gaps. Listen in to discover tips around manual exploratory testing, API testing, security testing, getting started with test automation, performance testing, and more.
3/13/202228 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Testing Cloud with Parasar Saha

Want to know why a Testing Cloud is a key to faster software delivery with higher quality? In this episode, Parasar Saha, CEO of Digy4, shares his vision for the most effective testing solution. Discover what is a testing cloud, the four pillars of a Testing Cloud, challenges implementing, and how this approach is a game-changer.
3/6/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
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Self-healing Selenium Test Using Healenium with Anna Chernysheva

Are you looking for an open-source solution to make your automated Selenium tests more stable? In this episode, Anna Chernysheva, a Customer Success Engineer at Testcontainers and the creator of multiple open-source test automation libraries, shares how the Helenium project improves the stability of Selenium-based test cases by automatically handling changes of updated web elements. Discover how Healenum works, the key benefits of using it, and how it brings efficiency into your test automation. Listen up to learn how to develop stable and intelligent Selenium testing with less effort.
2/27/202222 minutes, 4 seconds
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Grokking Continuous Delivery Book Review with Christie Wilson

Want a practical guide to implementing and using continuous delivery in your software projects? In this episode, Christie Wilson, a software engineer at Google and author of Grokking Continuous Delivery, shares insight from her soon-to-be-released book. Discover a complete overview of all the pieces of a CD pipeline automation testing best practices and learn how to fit them together for new and legacy codebases. Listen up
2/20/202233 minutes, 12 seconds
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An Holistic Approach to Automation Testing

Codeless test automation has rapidly become an integral enabler of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), providing testing at speed without jeopardizing the quality of the release. In this episode Payam Fard of Subject7 will discuss the benefits of a holistic and unified approach to testing. Discover how ti empower project stakeholders (testers, business users, SME’s, developers, SDETs, manual testers, and end-users) to upskill their knowledge and contribute more meaningfully to their organizations’ business growth and agility.
2/13/202229 minutes, 17 seconds
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Using AI in Mobile Automation Testing with Shannon Lee

AI and machine learning have been hot topics in the automation testing space for a few years now. But how, specifically, can AI help with Mobile Automation Testing? In this episode, Shannon Lee, a Developer Evangelist for Kobiton, will share her vision of how innovative technology applies to mobile test automation. Discover common issues encountered with crafting automation for mobile devices and ways to work around them using artificial intelligence. Listen up!
2/6/202229 minutes, 40 seconds
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The one thing to help your Automation Testing in 2022

Are you ready for the new year in test automation? Automating functional testing is critical for today's software development teams, but it's just a tiny piece of what you'll need for modern CI/CD DevOps practices. Join over 40 automation experts at the 6th Annual Automation Guild to get up to speed on the latest and greatest in end-to-end full-stack pipeline automation testing. Discover a tip, tool, best practice, technique, or mindset that will help accelerate your automation and career in 2022. Don't miss out! Only two weeks left to register for Automation Guild.
1/23/202220 minutes, 14 seconds
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On-demand environments for Automation Testing with Tommy McClung

Automation testing is complex. Adding to it the complexity of getting the suitable environments in place can hold you back from scaling your tests. In this episode, Tommy McClung, founder of Release and a building-scalable-infrastructure expert, will share how using on-demand environments for automation in development, staging, and production can accelerate your testing efforts. Discover why environments play a critical factor in Agile development, how it assists testers, automation, and much more. Listen up!
1/16/202235 minutes, 32 seconds
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SeleniumBase Recorder Mode with Michael Mintz

“Want to know an excellent way to generate selenium python tests automatically? In this episode, Michael Mintz, the creator of SeleniumBase, shares a new feature that does just that — Recorder Mode. Discover how it lets you record & export browser actions into test automation scripts. Also, find out when and, more importantly, when not to use it. Listen up!”
1/9/202231 minutes, 32 seconds
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Automation Testing Trends for 2022

Don't let your testing efforts fall behind — it’s time to prepare for the New Year. In this episode, I’ll share my insights about upcoming test automation trends gleaned from my popular Test Guild podcasts interviews, as well as my yearly Automation Guild survey. Discover the skills, best practices, and frameworks you need to know to stay employable in the ever-changing dev/test world in 2022. Don’t miss it! Register for Automation Guild 2022 to jump-start your career in the new year! 
1/2/202239 minutes, 53 seconds
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Rise of Continuous Non-Functional Testing with Rick Broker

It's no secret that suboptimal web and mobile user experiences can negatively impact the bottom line. The problem is that many organizations' UX, accessibility, security, and performance testing occur separately from functional testing. Often, this type of testing is done until after the code is complete. Rick Broker, a Solutions Architect at, shares why this needs to change in this episode. Discover the value of engaging with all customers, even those with accessibility needs. The challenges of performing non-functional and functional testing separately. And how to add non-functional tests to your CI/CD pipelines, and much more.
12/26/202128 minutes, 7 seconds
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Quality Influencer with Parveen Khan

As a tester, one crucial skill that will make you and your team successful is influence. But how do you influence your whole team to be excited about quality? In this episode, Parveen Khan, a senior quality analyst consultant at Thoughtworks, will share some ways to become a quality influencer. Discover how to impact a new team, Agile and DevOps tips, the What, not How, of testing, and much more. Listen up!    
12/19/202124 minutes, 23 seconds
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Planning, Design, and Development of Test Automation with Ramiro Millan

How does automation work on your team with developers and testers? In this episode, Ramiro Millan, a Director of Product Development for Test Studio, shares how collaboration works from his experience leveraging tools to help the process. Discover some of the gray areas of development that could leverage automation, tooling to help C#/.Net developers, and the planning, design, and development of automation tests.
12/12/202130 minutes, 37 seconds
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An Automation Journey with James Johnson and Nalin Parbhu

Everyone’s test automation journey is different. In this episode, Nalin Parbu, founder of Infuse and useMango, and James Johnson, Head of Development, will share their journey to making codeless test automation a reality. Discover how a test tool vendor tests their tool(s), the automation jobs skills that are currently in demand, RPA, AI/ML, predictions for the future of automation, and how useMango can help you.
12/5/202132 minutes, 45 seconds
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Accessibility Testing Using Cypress with Pragati Sharma

As you know, accessibility is important and often requires manual checks. But did you also know that you can leverage Cypress to help automate some of your accessibility tests? In this episode, Pragati Sharma, a Senior Business Consultant at ThoughtWorks, will share how she automates accessibility tests using Cypress and Axe. Learn the basics of accessibility, how to set up Cypress and add accessibility tests to your test suite, and more. Listen up! *** Get free Getting Started with Accessibility Testing using Cypress Course
11/28/202127 minutes, 35 seconds
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Scaling Automation Using 7Facette with Patrick Döring

Want to know how to scale your automation tests using AWS Lambda? In this episode, Patrick Döring, a chief architect for test automation, shares an open-source automaton framework he created called 7Facette. Discover how to scale automation testing using Playwright, AWS lambda, an unlimited number of machines for parallel testing, and much more. Listen up!
11/21/202126 minutes, 31 seconds
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Building a Software Quality Process from the Ground Up with Evan Niedojadlo

How do you build a software quality process from the ground up? In this episode, Evan Niedojadlo, an engineer at Peddle, shares his real-world experience of how he did it. Discover how to get leadership and team buy-in, where to begin with testing, know what to automate, what metrics he used, what he would do differently today, and much more. Listen up! Never miss another episode! Join the Guild and get alerted every time we release a new episode 
11/14/202128 minutes, 12 seconds
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Fitnesse & Visual Regression Tracker with Surat Das

Are you considering adding visual validation testing to your automation, but not sure where to start? In this episode, Surat will share an open-source solution called Visual Regression Tracker to achieve awesome results. He’ll also share his use of it with his Fitness framework, which is an often-overlooked automation option. Discover what Fitness is, how Surat uses it, and learn about visual regression tracker, test reporting, and much more. Listen up!
11/7/202130 minutes, 43 seconds
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Playwright and CucumberJS with Sonja Quartz Leaf

Are you considering using Playwright for your next automation project? In this episode, Sonja Leaf, Director of Engineering at Cloudburst, will share why her team chose Playwright and how it has worked for them so far. Discover why they moved on from Cucumberjs, some newer features of Playwright, visual test automation, and much more. Listen up! Never miss another episode! Join the Guild and get alerted every time we release a new episode 
10/31/202123 minutes, 1 second
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Automation Halloween Special 2021 with Paul Grossman

Paul is back to share some automation testing tricks and treats in our annual Halloween special. In this episode, Paul Grossman (AKA the DarkArtsWizards) conjures up some automation testing practices that will help ward off flaky automation like garlic to a vampire. Discover automation horror stories, whether codeless automation is the boogeyman, how to avoid zombie bad testing practices, and much more. Don’t be left in the dark -- listen now!
10/24/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Hackable with Ted Harrington

If you don't fix your security vulnerabilities, attackers will exploit them. As testers, we have a responsibility to help to secure our applications. In this episode, Ted Harrington, author of Hackable: How to Do Application Security Right, shares how to defend against attackers by learning to think like them. Discover how to eradicate security vulnerabilities, establish a threat model, and build security into your development process. Listen up!
10/17/202133 minutes, 46 seconds
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Automation Engineering Productivity with Dushyant Acharya

Software development is moving faster than ever in a continuous delivery model, and traditional test automation is sometimes not enough to keep up. In this episode, technology leader Dushyant Acharya, will share how the engineering productivity paradigm helps expand test automation and make it more effective. Discover how to increase software development productivity with development workflow, including test automation, infrastructure, and efficient product delivery.
10/10/202129 minutes, 23 seconds
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Evolving Test Automation with Ethan Chung

The success of DevOps is intrinsically linked to test automation. But how do you quickly scale your automation effort to keep up with the speed of delivery?  In this episode, Ethan Chung, a Solutions Architect at  Keysight Technologies, will share a comprehensive DevOps strategy that he has seen work for other companies.  Discover the power of automation intelligence, team collaboration hacks, handling the ever-expanding test surface, and much more.
10/3/202134 minutes, 37 seconds
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Let's Talk About Failure Game with Paul Grizzaffi

Want to know how to choose an automation tool? In this episode, Paul Grizzaffi will share how ignoring your company's automation ecosystem get you into trouble. Discover all aspects of the automation ecosystem (goals/strategy, audience, environment) in depth. Listen up to find out how to win at the game of automation.
9/26/202134 minutes, 14 seconds
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Salesforce Test Automation Strategy with Mala Punyani

Need to automate Salesforce applications? In this episode, Mala Punyani, an Engineering Manager Quality/Automation Architect at Splunk, will share some insights from her 14 years of automation experience. Discover differences in automating Salesforce applications, when to build vs. buy, test strategy, and much more. Listen up!   
9/19/202129 minutes, 41 seconds
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AltUnity Tester with Ru Cindrea

It's game on in this episode, as Ru Cindrea, a senior test consultant and managing partner at Altom, shares success with game automation testing. Discover all about an open-source automation tool AltUnity Tester designed for Unity mobile automation for games. Listen up!  ** Selenium 4 *** Did you know that Selenium 4 has been officially released? Get a free video tutorial on all the new features from the creator himself Simon Stewart:
9/12/202128 minutes, 26 seconds
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Software Testing and Observability with Abby Bangser

Observability has been a topic I’ve heard more and more about the past few years. But what is it really, and how does it apply to testing? In this episode, Abby Bangser, a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Duffel, breaks it down for you. Discover what observability & telemetry is, how to use observability in debugging, how observability is different from monitoring, and much more. Listen up! ** Never miss another episode join the Guild and receive weekly FREE automation awesomeness:  
9/5/202131 minutes, 13 seconds
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Testcontainers: Making Sense of the Software Testing Landscape with Sergei Egorov

Did you know that, on average, an application touches more than 50 external dependencies? How do you test in this scenario? In this episode, Sergei Egorov will explain how to handle tricky integration testing scenarios. Learn about TestContainers, a cool way to create throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container. This will help you test everything from databases to APIs to other microservices in ways you might not have thought possible—at least not quickly. Listen up! ** Never miss another episode ** Get alerted every time a new episode is released and also get access to free exclusive content when you join the Guild! ===>JOIN NOW
8/29/202135 minutes, 27 seconds
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API Pen Testing with Mateusz Olejarka

Are your APIs secure? How do you know? Is security even part of your testing plan? In this episode, Mateusz Olejarka, a Senior IT Security Consultant at SecuRing, will share how to approach testing REST API from a Pentester's Perspective. Discover common API interface exploits and how to prevent them in your applications. Listen up!
8/22/202129 minutes, 15 seconds
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Tested by Covid with Greg Paskal

So, you’re getting ready to speak at a conference, and your flight is in the morning. Fever kicks in. It turns out you have Covid. What do you do? In this episode, Greg Paskal will share his story and lessons learned from his experience with Covid, and how it related to software testing. Discover why having a test plan is so important, the effect of isolation on team culture, the importance of quality in services, customer experience, and much more. Listen up!
8/15/202127 minutes
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Top Free Desktop Test Automation Tools

Do you need to run some automated tests against desktop applications? As a testing community, we have been spoiled with many open-source automation testing tools for browser and API automation testing, but what about tools for desktop application automation? In this episode, I share some of the top options to help you with different desktop test automation technologies. Discover what open-source tools are available as well as the pros and cons for each one.
8/8/202121 minutes, 5 seconds
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Avoiding Common Testing Pitfalls with Ramona Schwering

There are so many traps one can fall into when creating automated tests. In this episode, Ramona Schwering, a software developer with a passion for testing, shares her tips to help you avoid some of the most common testing traps. Discover strategies to prevent slow tests, painful-to-maintain-and-debug tests, and tests that have no value. Stop wasting valuable time debugging and maintaining flaky tests. Listen up!
8/1/202126 minutes, 21 seconds
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Analyzing Automation Results with Nikita Sidorevich

Want to know the best way to increase the visibility of your test automation? In this episode, Nikita Sidorevich shares why automated test reporting is critical to the success of your project. Discover how to analyze and debug your failing tests quicker, and detect flaky tests earlier. Also, hear how to get your whole team involved using flexible, team-specific automation test results dashboarding.
7/25/202135 minutes, 17 seconds
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Future of Work with Raj Subrameyer

Want to know how testers’ jobs changed during the Pre-Covid, Covid, and Post-Covid eras? In this episode, Raj Subrameyer, author of the book Skyrocket Your Career, shares what you need to know to succeed in this new reality we now face. Discover why your Social Media Footprint is critical to your personal and career growth, what skills are currently in demand, and tons of actionable advice on how to bulletproof your career under any circumstance. Listen up! 
7/18/202136 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Basics of Performance Testing with Dave Westerveld

As teams continue to shift left, testers will need to be familiar with all kinds of testing techniques. One skill that is essential to have is performance engineering. In this episode, join software tester Dave Westerveld as he shares the basics of performance testing. Discover the fundamentals of performance testing, including tests and tools to use, monitoring, types of performance tests, and more. You don't want to miss it. Listen up!
7/11/202129 minutes, 6 seconds
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Testing Web APIs with Mark Winteringham

Want to develop a diverse testing program that gets your whole team involved in ensuring quality? If so, this episode is for you as testing expert Mark Winteringham discusses his upcoming book Testing Web APIs. Discover how to design and implement a web API testing strategy, a risk-driven approach to API testing, and more. Listen up!
6/27/202124 minutes, 30 seconds
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API Testing using Postman with Kristin Jackvony

In many ways, API testing is faster and far superior to automated UI Testing. Find out why In this episode. Kristin Jackvony, a software tester, blogger, and soon-to-be-published author, will share some key takeaways from her LinkedIn course on Postman Essential Training. For all you testers and developers that need to do API testing, you’re in for a treat. You’ll learn all about Postman, a popular (and free) solution, and how it can help you with all your API testing needs. Listen up!
6/20/202128 minutes, 11 seconds
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How Microsoft Uses TestOps with Oren Rubin and Maor Frankel

Running automation testing across the enterprise is hard. There must be a better way. In this episode, Oren Rubin, founder of, and Maor Frankel, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, share how to scale testing using TestOps principles. Discover how to leverage control, management, and insights to unjumble your automation’s growing complexity. This is not theory. Moar shares how he successfully implemented TestOps at Microsoft with his team. Listen up!
6/13/202132 minutes, 2 seconds
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Open-source Stack for RPA with Antti Karjalainen

Did you know that RPA is the fastest-growing area of Robot Framework adoption? In this episode, Antti Karjalainen, Founder and CEO of Robocorp, explains why and how to create an open-source stack for RPA. Discover how to simplify and streamline the RPA development process, and how it can enable anyone to share and distribute robots seamlessly. Listen up and find out how to focus on automating instead of configuring.
6/6/202127 minutes, 34 seconds
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YOU'RE TESTING WHAT? with Gojko Adzic

As testers, we need to change with the times. What may have made sense to automate ten years ago may not still apply today. In this episode, Gojko Adžić will share five universal rules for test automation. Discover why the test pyramid may no longer apply to modern test automation, and learn about some newer approaches to testing. Listen up and find out how to automate non-deterministic tests.
5/30/202132 minutes, 31 seconds
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When to choose a low-code automation tool with Diana Oks

When should you consider using a low-code test automation solution? In this episode, Diana Oks, an Automation Engineer at Vulcan Cyber, explains the benefits of using a low-code solution and how it can simplify your workflow. Discover what low-code automation tools are, how to choose one and how they can make your life easier. Listen up!
5/23/202129 minutes, 50 seconds
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Formulation Document Examples with Gáspár Nagy & Seb Rose

When it comes to software development, it's not always easy to articulate what we want from the software. That’s where Behavior Driven Development (BDD) comes in. In this episode, Seb Rose and Gaspar Nagy, authors of the new book Formulation: Document examples with Given/When/Then, explain how all stakeholders need to be involved in creating a product's specification. Discover BDD tips for your entire development process, including the specific technical practices required to drive development using collaboratively authored specifications and living documentation successfully. Listen Up!
5/16/202138 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Benefits of Automating Your API Security Testing with Oliver Moradov

Just like a hacker would find vulnerabilities, you can too. And you don't need to be a developer to do it. In this episode, Oliver Moradov, a VP at NeuraLegion, will share the benefits of adding API security testing automation directly into your DevOps or CI/CD pipelines. Discover how to integrate API security tests with your CI/CD pipeline, how to monitor your testing, and how to successfully run your API security tests at night to keep from impacting production.
5/9/202147 minutes, 6 seconds
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Turning 50 (Too Old for Automation?)

In this episode, I turn 50 :( Am I told old for automation? I was hoping you could leave me a "feedback gift" so I know how to try to make things even better for YOU in the next 50 years. Leave your feedback now at
4/25/20212 minutes, 11 seconds
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QA to QE with Lagan Khare

How does quality engineering fit into DevOps? In this episode, Lagan Khare, a Manager of Quality Engineering with more than 13 years of experience, shares her insights into QE and integrated automated testing into DevOps and Agile. Discover how QE is different from QA and how to implement QE with DevOps, metrics, CI/CD and more. Listen up!
4/18/202124 minutes, 43 seconds
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Using Your Environment Data for a Better Testing Outcome with Wayne Ariola

Do you know how to use your environment data to create better testing outcomes? In this episode, Wayne Ariola, a recognized thought leader on software testing, shares his suggestions for leveraging an open-testing platform. Discover some ways to re-think your software testing lifecycle with an eye towards more comprehensive automation. Listen up!
4/11/202126 minutes, 53 seconds
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Pipeline as Code Mohamed Labouardy

Automation of your functional tests is important, but many testers stop there. In today's continuous testing world you need to automate many aspects of your CI/CD pipeline as well. In this episode, Mohamed Labouardy, author of the book Pipeline as Code, will share tips on how to succeed with the automation of your continuous delivery efforts. Discover tips for using Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform, and much, much more. Listen up!
3/28/202130 minutes, 9 seconds