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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 5 hours 44 minutes
Welcome to TERRA TALKS! Tune in as we tackle current real estate trends and topics of interest both locally in Barbados and across the Caribbean region.
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The History of Sandy Lane (The Sanzaru Series)

Prepare to be transported through time as Terra Luxury agents Betty and Jeanie navigate the twists and turns of Sandy Lane's history, exploring the milestones that have cemented its status as a beacon of elegance. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an armchair adventurer, this episode promises to transport you to a realm where luxury meets legacy.
27/11/20237 minutes 53 seconds
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The Impact of Technology on the Real Estate Industry

In this episode, Andra, Jamal and Kirk of The Terra Group's IT team discuss the transformative impact of cutting-edge technologies on the housing market, from virtual property tours to artificial intelligence-driven analytics. Join them as they unravel the digital threads reshaping the landscape of the real estate industry, and how these innovations are shaping the way we buy, sell, and experience homes in the 21st century.
10/11/202313 minutes 47 seconds
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The Rise of Luxury Short-Term Rentals

In this episode, The Terra Group's Tania Wallace (Managing Director, Blue Sky Luxury) and Rachel McCartney (Leader of Brokerage, Terra Luxury) delve into the fascinating journey of luxury short-term rentals, uncovering the factors fueling their ascent and the unique experiences they offer to discerning travelers.
22/09/202327 minutes 30 seconds
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Renting vs. Buying

In the third segment of the millennial series, Rosey and Jessica dive into the age-old housing debate: renting vs. buying. Tune in as they weigh the pros and cons, exploring financial implications, lifestyle factors, and market considerations. Whether you're pondering your next property move or seeking guidance for decision-making, this podcast offers valuable insights to help you navigate the complex housing landscape.
25/08/202310 minutes 56 seconds
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Construction Considerations – A QS’ Perspective

Building a home can be a daunting task. What are the steps during the construction phase? How can a Quantity Surveyor guide you through this process? In this episode Brian and Mark explore the questions "What is a Quantity Surveyor?" and what roles do they play in construction and many more.Mark Owen is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with over 20 years experience in the construction and project management industry. He is the Managing Director of Amron Services Inc, a chartered surveying firm.Brian Puckerin - Chartered Valuation Surveyor & Registered Valuer - Advisory Department, Terra Caribbean.
21/04/202316 minutes 8 seconds
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Let’s Talk Finance in Real Estate

How do you get approved for a mortgage? What are some of the fees you need to be aware of when purchasing a property? Join Rachel McCartney (Leader - Brokerage Department) and Sherryann Bourne as they walk us through all you need to know about financing in real estate.Sherryann Bourne Msc. FCCA, is a Private Banker with RBC Royal Bank (Barbados) Limited.
21/04/202321 minutes 38 seconds
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The Morrison Report – Buying Real Estate in Barbados featuring Betty Cathrow

Our very own Betty Cathrow joined Davelle Morrison to talk about the buying process of real estate in Barbados, the sales and rental market, and interesting trends currently in the Barbadian market.The Morrison Report represents insights into everything surrounding the Toronto Real Estate Market from interior design, to financing, to neighbourhoods, to construction, to architecture and anything else that involves real estate.
10/02/202341 minutes 10 seconds
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Real Estate Tips to Secure Your Dream Property & Pitfalls to Avoid

It's the second episode in the millennial series. In the last episode Jessica and Rosie talked you through the process on how to purchase a property in Barbados. Tune in and learn as they walk you through the tips to secure that dream property now that you've found it and the pitfalls to avoid during that process.
10/02/202319 minutes 12 seconds
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Terra Caribbean Market Report 2022 – Barbados Sales & Rentals Second Quarter

An overview of the sales & rental market performance in Barbados for the second quarter of 2022. Discussion on key statistics such as transactions, key locations, lead indicators and percentage share of the market.
04/11/202222 minutes 34 seconds
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Buying Property as a Millennial in Barbados

If you're a millennial & you want to purchase a property in Barbados, this is the podcast for you! We focus on the process of buying a property - financial process, talking to a trusted real estate agent, breakdown of the fees among other great advice from your trusted real estate experts!
19/07/202222 minutes 1 second