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Telling Our Twisted Histories

English, Social, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 5 hours 3 minutes
Words connect us. Words hurt us. Indigenous histories have been twisted by centuries of colonization. Host Kaniehti:io Horn brings us together to decolonize our minds– one word, one concept, one story at a time.
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Telling Our Twisted Histories Introduces: The Urbariginal

Rudy Kelly’s dad was a great chief of the Tsimshian Nation - a champion of the language, culture, and community. Everyone loved him. But did Rudy? As a kid, he looked up to him. Idolized him. But also feared him. And even hated him. He told Rudy that to succeed, he would have to leave everything behind: his family, friends, and culture. In this six-part series, Rudy's journey brings him back in time, to learn how colonization impacted Indigenous people, from those who lived it. To find out who and what his dad really was, and to discover more about himself - the Urbariginal. More episodes are available at:
25 minutes 33 seconds
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Telling Our Twisted Histories Update and Introducing: Kuper Island

Kuper Island is an 8-part series that tells the stories of four students: three who survived and one who didn’t. They attended one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools – where unsolved deaths, abuse, and lies haunt the community and the survivors to this day. Hosted by Duncan McCue. More episodes are available at
33 minutes 31 seconds
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Introducing Telling Our Twisted Histories

Words have the power to shape how we see the world and each other. Listen up with Kaniehti:io Horn as she guides us through conversations with more than 70 people from 15 First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. Coming May 31 2021.
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