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English, World-Traditional, 1 season, 26 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 16 minutes
Israel is a hotbed of artistic talent that has yet to be truly showcased on the world stage. Tel Aviv Hot Sauce is a weekly, inside look at some of Israel’s most interesting and talented musicians on the rise. The show features a variety of tracks, including the occasional ‘sneak peak’ at some unreleased, never-before-heard tunes.
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New DJ collab

Featuring brand new collaboration of DJs in disco/house, duo Rabo & Snob Music: Garden City Movement - RecollectionsFree The Robots X Rejoicer - BUBBLE 4 UBemet - The Frog Was Eating The Lizard feat. Free The RobotsDelicious - RebounceOri Shochat - IMIXU.R.I. - Guilty PleasuresIsaiah - Go SisterRona - Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry Cover)Sol Monk + Rejoicer - SATLA VILLEEmufucka & VesperTown - SquareMo Rayon - Watches RoundBenny Esterkin - HertzelHaPatron ft. Shachak and Jeremiah - At Least, We Can Still Taste ItRabo & Snob - ShakeRabo & Snob - Nice & SleazyRabo & Snob - You get by
5/17/201559 minutes, 32 seconds
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Today we bring you a plethora of hits, but most notably featuring the remixes of Kutiman's latest Thru-You Too project. Music: Vaadat Chagarin - The Boredom Sinks InKarolina  - Song Of SlavesCohenbeats & KerenDun - Feeling NiceAyala Ingedasht - FleshKalimist - Gotta Let It GoGra - Rain DanceVictoria Hanna - Aleph Bet (Obas Nenor remix)Meat Eating Orchids - Weapon Of ChoiceStella Got - Arms StringsKids Fly - Ensemble DissonanceNiv Ast - I Don’t CareKutiman - Give It Up (Garden City Movement Remix)Kutiman - No One In This World (Rejoicer Remix)Kutiman - This Is How I Feel (Kalbata & Mixmonster Remix)Kutiman - My Vendetta (Tomgi Remix)
5/10/201559 minutes, 10 seconds
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Hypnotic Jazzy Jams

On this week's edition of Tel Aviv Hot Sauce, host Andrea Rosen brings us a diverse mix of jams, but emphasizes on the jazz hypnotic songstress known as J Lamotta. Music: Noa Babayof- FriendRejoicer - Love #5Garden City Movement - recollectionsBill And Murray - Rabbit HoleTATRAN - Strawberry Fields ForeverMidnight Dicers - and down we goGra - when we touchTzlil - City FriendsMawi Beats - Hot BoxHashmonay - Uncle Tom’s CabinOuzo Bazooka - Children Of The RevolutionBint El Funk- My MusicSagol 59 & Rebel Sun - Silver and GoldJ Lamotta - Steady NoiseJ Lamotta Bad SunJ Lamotta beside the line
4/19/20151 hour, 5 seconds
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Feelin' good with Ester Rada

Soulful songstress Ester Rada is killing it with her new Nina Simone covers, and aren't we feeling good. Music: Cohenbeats X Kerendun - What's On Your MindTzlil - City FriendsJ Lamotta - Steady NoiseLayerZ - YesternightsHelfer - Endless ShoutOri Shochat - ImixLaroz - Yamatat (Yarin Primak Official Remix)Hana Victoria - Aleph Bet (Obas Nenor Remix)Rohan Marley Axum - Poison IvyDAM - who you areHassid ft. Caffee Shachor Hazak - Boy ManAteller - Crooks & LoversEster Rada - sinnermanEster Rada - 4 womenEster Rada - feelin goodEster Rada - life happens
4/12/20151 hour, 43 seconds
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TLV1’s Live Election Coverage: Tue 9PM & Wed 7AM (Israel time)

Tues. 9-11PM (Israel); 3-5PM (EST); 12-2PM (PT) Join TLV1 anchors Ilene Prusher and Gilad Halpern for LIVE coverage of Israel's election madness as the exit polls come out and the votes begin to be counted. We'll have TLV1 & Haaretz correspondents at the major campaign headquarters and special reports on the issues facing Israeli voters. Weds. 7AM (Israel); 1AM (EST); 10PM (PT) Listen to our special LIVE election panel of Noah Efron, Debra Kamin, and Gil Troy putting together the pieces of the jigsaw as the Israeli election results come in - that's when the political game really begins in the race to form a coalition.   Tune in LIVE at
3/16/20151 minute, 1 second
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Folk music, jam music and Stella Got — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Featuring super sonic singer and producer, Stella Got Music:Ami Yares - BerthaRONA - Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover)Buttering Trio - ImageRotem Or - Backwards (Rejoicer Remix)Vasa- Talks (Deeborim)The Angelcy - DreamerAnother MP - EAST WESTHaPatron ft. Shachak and Jeremiah - At Least, We Can Still Taste ItBen Blackwell - DanceKor Ruah , Z.K , Kerah - Shalom Prime MinisterA-WA - Habib GalbiLihot - GirlfriendStella Got - Arms StringsStella Got - Empty HouseStella Got - Like A RopeStella Got - Sun you at me
3/15/20151 hour, 28 seconds
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With DJ and producer DJ braindead

Featuring Tel Avivian hip hop/twerk style dj and producer, Braindead   Music:   Gra - useless machine Vaadat Charigim - Ein li makomPhototaxis - Fire  Shiroto - Download the pulse  Mawi Beats - Hot Box LBT - Where the infinite lies  Eloq x VesperTown - Why Don't U 2.0 Victoria hanna - Aleph Bet ZK - shut up KGC - Yom Yavo  David Maayan - Chaos ori shochat - owls braindead- spread out DJ braindead - madd man DJ braindead - boom shakalaka DJ braindead exotic on the speaker soulico remix
3/8/20151 hour, 4 seconds
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Stylish, worldly.. Petite — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

French-Israeli singer Petite Meller combines musical elements from around the world to create a sound — and style — that's all her own.  Music: Rejoicer - Love #4 feat. Eyal Talmudi Omri Dagan (Wild Willows) - I'm not cool Hashmonay - Uncle tom’s cabin Tuna - This to shall pass Ouzo Bazooka - Southern Winds Yemen Blues - Seas of Stars Full Trunk - Time For Us To Move Talisman ft. DJ Only & Dani Din - They won’t block my sun Nechi Nech - Yalla Bow E-Z - From All Criticism Axum featuring Rohan Marley - Poison Ivy DJ Gal Malka - Faya Boom ft Static Ori Shochat - Jamaican Ateller - Fundung Petite Meller - Baby Love Petite Meller - Backpack Petite Meller - La Petite Mort Petite Meller - NYC Time
3/1/20151 hour, 11 seconds
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J'aime Riff Cohen - Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Middle East meets West in Riff Cohen's refined yet syncretic sounds.    Music: Buttering Trio - Jam - 09 Image Pad Kids Fly - peeling the ceiling Mayor - Nothing To Say J Lamotta - Beside the Line Majiman - Stay Fly Yael Borgore - Diet Dorj & Subculture Sounds - Princess Denial Rabo & Snob  - Lenny on the Run Peled x Ester Rada - Melody Kalimist - Snap Shot Riff Cohen - A Paris Riff Cohen - Une Femme Assise Riff Cohen - Rotza prahim  Riff Cohen - J'aime  
2/1/201559 minutes, 47 seconds
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Lucille's smokin' soul — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun brings a smoldering beat to the Tel Aviv-based Lucille Crew. The 8-piece international group melds funk, soul, hip hop and blues to create a sound that's chill, plush, and gritty all at once. Music: Tamar Stein - Eem Gra - Useless MachineYuka + Eyal Talmudi + Rejoicer - Desert SodaTotemo - Time To ShineBen Blackwell  - ImaginationRome Fortune - Pure (Produced by Lava dome)W.I.D Productions - The Unity CrewSol Monk ft. Keren Dun - It feels like WednesdayGoldie (Gal de Paz) - Speed of LifeCohen@Mushon ft. Peled & Axum - SababaKalimist - Soggy DreamsSystem Ali - Ali BaliSagol 59 & Ruff - Turning the PageLucille Crew - Too MuchLucille Crew - Deep in da' mudLucille - Oh No
1/25/20151 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds
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Relax and sink in

Futuristic and richly produced, the music of Dorj & Subculture Sounds is so plush you can sink right into it. Music: Anakka - Zen and Swearin JoovE - Present (Grá Remix) Kami Maltz - Girl At The Park Guadaloop - Åfarica - 04 Ethio Feat. Beno Ateller - TLTF OT Genasis - Coco - Cohen remix Obas nenor - got till it’s gone Monti Fori - Nothing ends Tzazazo & Tzemer - Mama Asresay- fighting for myself Midnight Dicers - All The Way Down Ft. Nitzan Horesh Dorj & Subculture Sounds - Princess Denial Dorj & Subculture Sounds  - The Day We All Failed Dorj & Subculture Sounds - leaves in the pool Dorj & Subculture Sounds - slumber in the skies
1/4/20151 hour, 31 seconds
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Rapping for peace

Cafe Shachor Hazak, or "Strong Black Coffee," is a teenaged hip hop duo whose music explores themes of race and racism, violence, and poverty. Music: O Mer - Blind Buttering Trio - Circles Vespertown - Colour Wheel (Pawn & Calculon Remix) Totemo - Whois Liron Amram - Paam Paam (NDV Remix) Ben Blackwell - Ben Israel Uri Kinorot - New track Dan Farber - Love Me 3421 - Sparks Soulico - El Nur ft. Ghostface Killah Saz Tomer Yosef Cafe Shachor Hazak -  Everything Will Be Ok Cafe Shachor Hazak -  You’re Just The Right Taste Cafe Shachor Hazak -  Only Up Cafe Shachor Hazak - The Way You Move
1/4/20151 hour, 2 seconds
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Butter and Jam

Tel Aviv-based indie/electronica sensation Buttering Trio have a new album out -- "Jam." It's a departure from their usual work, and it's exactly what it sounds like: the fruit of an intense jam session. Music: O Mer - The Manual Bobbi Jene & the Bullet - Hotel Kami Maltz - World's End YOSEF - Future Legs Kerach - Without Filters Mayor - Till Everything Is Gone Lucille Crew ft. Ester Rada - OhNo Sadyle ft. Pila P - Lo Patoch Cohen@Mushon - The Final Battle Shekel - Lonely Night Ori Shochat ft. Ronit Rasta - Dvash Borgore - Last Year (Ookay remix) Dan Farber - Seizure Dance Buttering Trio - I Cried For You Buttering Trio - Voyage Buttering Trio - No Joke Buttering Trio - Falafel
12/21/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sweet rhymes from SAZ

Featuring music from Arab Israeli rapper, SAZ, and much more! Music: Garden City Movement - Pont des Arts Mo Rayon - 1 FOR AZIZ X YUNG RESPECT ADI ULMANSKY Ft. BORGORE - Was It You? (Beach Season X Sadd Ghost Version) Vespertown - SugarRush YAMATAT - עושה שלום במרומיו Funk n Stein - Funky Dip Akon Ft. Miri Ben Ari - Miss Melody Mad Aya - Forever Alone Kabinet Mekonen - לא שורף דקה (Prod by Ruff) Official Video Echo & Tito - Do you like to play? DAN FARBER - BELLYDANCER SAZ - The Girl Next Door SAZ - Hip Hop SAZ - Yalla Saz   Soulico El Nur Feat Ghostface Killah Saz Tomer Yosef and Riham
11/30/201459 minutes, 44 seconds
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First ever Footwork leaving footprints

Featuring music from the newly debuted Wavvy EP, the first ever Footwork/Juke label in Israel. Music: Dorj - Leaves In The Pool Eyal Talmudi + Roy Chen - MoonLight Feat. Miss Red KIDS FLY - Sidewise Shmulik Sternfeld - Mist AboJar - Kk Tree TATRAN - Anar We Are Delicious - Lovin It Shiroto ft. Sagol 59 - Avi Bitter Cohen - Nedudim (Wandering) Strike - Veins (I Want Your) Sodabeat - Badawin Dan Farber - Middle East Jungle Wavvy - OG Crush - Left Behind Wavvy - Weedo - Candy Mane Wavvy - Gra - Useless Machine Wavvy - Sabbo - Time To Get Dumb
11/23/20141 hour, 22 seconds
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Electronic sensations from Vespertown

Check out some of the latest fun electronic tunes featuring DJ sensation Vespertown. Music: Totemo - Time To ShineTesha - Bootylicious (Cover)Garden City Movement - Move On (Mountain Range Remix)Bill & Murray - SimplicityCharlotte OC - Colour My Heart (Yarin Lidor Remix)Red Axes - Dreams Like A TaleLava Dome - Her SoulMo Rayon - The FeelsMayor - Don’t You KnowEyal Talmudi + Roy Chen - Whale Love Feat. KerenDunMule Driver - Zadik Zecharia RemixDJ Smiley ft. Lukach - DJ SmileyAsi-C - Toxic (Original Mix)Vespertown - King GeorgeVespertown - Colour WheelVespertown - Tuff Love (Club Flip)
11/17/20141 hour, 1 minute, 43 seconds
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Haunting and bright: the sounds of Sun Tailor — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Indie artist Sun Tailor's songs are at once haunting and bright. Playlist: Kutiman - ChangeThe Angelcy - Rebel AngelTotemo - Opposite Of CharmAlek Lee - Home TownTamar Antler - The Right TrackEyal Talmudi + Roy Chen - Weed Break Feat. DJ WerdoUzo BazooKa - Southern WindsMarsh Dondurma & Liora Itzhak - Two RosesObas Nenor - Color SoulOri Shochat - In My ZoneLukach - Greg DanceTazazo & Tzemer - Spread LoveSun Tailor - Didn’t I JustSun Tailor - Late in the DaySun Tailor - EmbersSun Tailor - All These Places
11/9/20141 hour, 23 seconds
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Congo beat the drum — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

This pure analog dub from bass music pioneer Kalbata will get you into the groove. Music: URI - Back to the ShipRotem Or - CoversLBT - ZOLONETA - Timeless SpellKalimist - CNDMad Aya - Drunk Enough Ft. Citizen KanePrince Ofer ft. Mesh Money - The Way I FeelSun Tailor - Spit FirePits - 5.1Yoni Livneh - Surrender (Nadav Ravid RMX)Nechi Nech - The Iron AgeSpankrock - Sweet Talk (Kalbata Remix)Kalbata - Ninja We NinjaKalbata - Oh GoshKalbata - Congo beat the drum
11/2/20141 hour, 1 minute, 26 seconds
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How to beat the blues — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Beat the post-holiday blues with some tunes that are sure to get you back into the groove. Music: Garden City Movement - Love + Loss Zohara - soldier Totemo - Heavy as my dreams Keren Dun - Fixed Eyes Bill & Murray - new kind of high VesperTown - Tuff Luv (Club Flip) Sagol 59 (ft. Roy Uadri) - Move Forward Kids Fly - Ensemble dissonance Assaf Amdursky - 15 minutes (Sabbo Remix) Ori Shochat - UP2UP Peled - Naara Madlika DJ Braindead - Boom Shakalaka Mo Rayon - IMDATYPAGIRL Niv Ast - I don’t Care Ateller - Crooks & Lovers Echo & Tito - I’m Down (Beck Cover)
10/26/201459 minutes, 33 seconds
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Two scrumptious guys from J-Town

Jerusalem town DJ duo We R Delicious bring us some sumptuous beats from the holy city. U.R.I - Gulity pleasuresTerry Poison Feat. Violet Vision - Hazy DaysJoovE - Present (Grá Remix)Ayatollah - The Bad KidVesperTown - TrifectaDAN FARBER - LIGHTHOUSE (feat. Yael)Ateller - Freedom (Ft. Tan Brown)Kutiman - THIS IS HOW I FEELExperimental Products - Glowing In The Dark (Midnight Dicers Edit)Mully alon - EbekAsi-C - The Real Sh*t (Original Mix)E-Z - ?Workin' Gal (Interlude) [Prod By Lava Dome]WE R DELICIOUS- Cohen - Rak ani (delicious Quikremix)WE R DELICIOUS - 420 SmokesWE R DELICIOUS - El SonidoWE R DELICIOUS - REBOUNCE
10/19/20141 hour, 1 minute, 4 seconds
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The Godfather of Israeli hip hop — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Nicknamed the Godfather of Israeli hip hop, Sagol 59 is a veteran Hebrew rapper. Music: OBD & Tune - Sheket Stella Got - Sun you ate me Sun Tailor - All These Places Efrat Ben Tzur & Noga Erez - Worth None Kalimist K Boog - Soggy Dreams Lava Dome - Those Degrees Nomok - S&N Kutiman - No one in this world Vaadat Charigim - Ze Beseder Lefahed Shekel ft. Nechi Nech - We A De Rasta Orlogin - Burning darkness Red Axes - Botnim OBD & Tune ft. Sagol 59 - I Gotta Be Me Sagol 59 & Saz - From The Beginning (Remix) Sagol 59 - The Movie (ft. Onili) Sagol 59 & Ruff - Turning The Page
10/5/20141 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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Where jazz and punk collide — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Underground producer Luqman mixes up a stew influenced by his background in jazz guitar and punk rock. Geva Alon - Quiet Day Mo Rayon - Treebark Yuvi Gerstein and Rebel Sun - John Locke Joove - Street Garden City Movement - Bengali Cinema Echo & Tito - Johnny Cash-Ring Of Fire (cover) Sabbo - Something Special Omri Smadar - Muzika Salim Shimi Sonic - Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My Tears (re-work) Nechi Nech & Soul J - Me Deya Lihot - Broken Record Ori Shochat - phone Helfer - Designs Cohen - Nedudim (Wandering)Prod. by Jeremiah Jae Luqman - Electric Powder Luqman - Rusty Roof Bells Luqman - One For Delia
9/28/20141 hour, 1 minute, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dark & lush sounds from ATELLER — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

You could curl right up into the dark, lush soundscape of Israeli-born and Brooklyn-based producer ATELLER's new Finding EP. Music: Omar Pene and Black Guru - Sun & Moon Rona Bar - Sunrise AVIAYONATAN - GINGER Marina Maximilian- Tango Kutiman - GIVE IT UP Sagol 59 ft. Rebel Sun - Silver & Gold David Maayan - Sin City Peled x Ester Rada - Melody Tova Gertner - Etmol (It's A Fine Line Balnearic Version) ADI ULMANSKY Ft. BORGORE - Was It You? (Beach Season X Sadd Ghost Version) 1,2Many - Probable Cause Cut Out Club - 2 Seat Ride Zoo Harmonics - Awake At Night Ben Blackwell ft. Tzemer - Alone in My Car ATELLER - Freedom (feat. Tan Brown) ATELLER - Fundung ATELLER - Crooks & Lovers
9/21/20141 hour, 56 seconds
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Israel's 'electro Joni Mitchell' — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Flora composes her unique sound by looping vintage keyboards and live minimal beats, while using her own voice as an instrument. It all adds up to a delicate and delightful indie-pop sound. Music: Rejoicer + Free the robots - ethio run Totemo - Host The Secret Sea - Afterlife Erez - Proper lady ADI - Save Me From Myself ATELLER - The Avstrkt (feat. Rabbi Darkside) Terry Poison - Man after Man Rabo & Snob -Bashan The Angelcy - My Baby Boy (Junge & Mädchen Remix) Inga-Dingo - Baby Nechi Nech - Idishee Soul J ft. Majah bless - Kingston town Flora - This is Happening Flora - Broken Flora - Everything is here 3421 - Dropping
9/14/20141 hour, 55 seconds
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East meets west in the purely urban sounds of Trap

Trap producer extroadinaire Dan Farber makes the most of the genre's hard bass and urban synthetic feel, throwing in some Middle Eastern inflections for flavor. Music: Kalimist - Smoke Smth Jane Bordeaux - Einav DorineLevy - M.A.B. Zohara - Soldier Sun Tailor - Who's At Your Window תמר אייזנמן - כלום לא Yael - Killing Us Ori Shochat - To The Floor (Cohenbeats Remix) Black Guru - Ya Hamama Little Lenny - Gun Fi Buss (Weedo Simple Edit) Grá - CLBB12 One Two Brown Eyes - Van Morrison -Shimi Sonic Remix Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (DAN FARBER REMIX) Dan Farber (METRO) - Tel Avivi DAN FARBER - SULTAN'S PICNIC Leftside - Monkey Biznizz (Dan Farber Remix)
8/31/20141 hour, 1 minute, 9 seconds
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Bringing a Euro flavor to Israel's electronic scene — Tel Aviv Hot Sauce

Electronic duo Red Axes started off making new wave and post-punk music. But after living in Amsterdam and traveling around Europe, they came back to Tel Aviv to inject a new Euro-tinged energy into the electronic scene. Music: BLOCH - Burning Tree feat. Noga Erez ISAIAH - Field Of Thorns Ella vs Mountain - Missing you Maya Isacowitz -Rehab - Rihanna cover Shelly - Flying Royal Family & The Poor - Restrained In A Moment (SaBBo Luv's Ya Remix) Rebel Sun aka A7 + Guadaloop - Stay Low - DIY ADI - CHINATOWN The Kooks - Forgive & Forget (Yarin Lidor Remix) Funkenstein - Unite DAN FARBER - KISS THE SKY DJ Smiley - Blow your mind Red Axes - Neon Red Axes - Neon Red Axes - Kicks Out Of You Red Axes ft Abrão- Papa Sooma
8/24/20141 hour, 16 seconds