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Spanish, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 1 seasons, 11 episodes, 4 hours 41 minutes
To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger. Follow Eileen Castillo (Stephanie Beatriz), a rising star within the Texas Rangers, as she tries to solve the grisliest crimes in Austin. When a copycat killer emerges, ghosts from Eileen's past threaten to derail her career. But is it really just a copycat or did an innocent man get convicted decades earlier? Tejana is an original series from Sonoro and Telemundo. 
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Introducing The Estate

Embark on a gripping journey produced by Sonoro in partnership with Tenderfoot TV. On New Year’s Eve 1973, a man was found bleeding on the streets of Stockton, California. Hours before his tragic death, he pointed fingers at his business partners, Calvin Jones and Rosalio Estrada. Join host Alex Estrada as he delves deep into The Estate, seeking to uncover whether his own father, Rosalio, was truly involved in the murder. Witness the complex web of family ties and secrets unravel through The Estate. Ready to uncover the truth? Listen now to The Estate on: Apple Podcast Spotify Amazon Music Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/09/202335 minutes 3 seconds
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PREVIA: A Tech Heist

Join Claudia Rua in "Tech Heist," a pulse-pounding podcast produced by Sonoro and Audible. When her groundbreaking Alzheimer's solution, PREVIA, is stolen, Claudia assembles a daring team to steal it back from billionaire Horge Hooglestar in a race against time and power. Don't miss out – listen now on Audible and be part of the action! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/09/20233 minutes
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Sonoro & Telemundo present Tejana - Official Trailer

To solve the darkest crimes you need a new kind of Ranger. Tejana is a crime procedural podcast series, starring Stephanie Beatriz as Eileen Castillo. Tune in October 25th for the premiere.
18/10/20213 minutes 28 seconds