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English, Technology, 1 season, 12 episodes, 8 hours, 59 minutes
Hosted by Andrew Zarian and John Bubb, features a rotating panel of guests. Tech News Weekly brings you a roundtable discussion that covers technology related news. Each host brings you their own insights into what is being covered.
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 210 – GonnaGeek Show Crossover Special

In this SPECIAL EPISODE, GonnaGeek Network’s Official Show crosses-over with GFQ Network’s Tech News Weekly (aka Sunkast’s tech news show that he’s been doing since 2010) to run down the latest tech news happenings including Google Assistant coming to Chrome OS, Amazon releasing a whole ton of Echos, SpaceX flying people to Mars by 2024, Twitter increasing the character limits and a whole bunch more. Of course, we’ll also add a dash of Show flavor with SP giving his first thoughts after using his Apple iPhone 8 Plus for a couple weeks.
10/4/20171 hour, 9 minutes, 59 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 209 – Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Problems?

Samsung will reportedly debut the Galaxy S8 on March 29. Samsung also announces the causes of the Galaxy Note 7 battery failures. Will these battery failures cause problems for the Galaxy S8? Facebook starts testing ads inside of Messenger. And Sprint buys a 33% stake in Tidal's music service.
1/30/201737 minutes, 59 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 208 – Nintendo Unveils Switch

Nintendo officially unveils the Nintendo Switch portable game console. Andrew, Jon, and John discuss whether Nintendo has a hit, or a flop with the Switch. Apple will reportedly offer original video contend by the end of 2017. Verizon raises their upgrade fee by another $10. Facebook plans mid-roll ads for videos. And Amazon's Alexa appears to be the star of CES 2017. What makes Amazon Alexa better than Google Home, Siri, and Cortana?
1/13/201739 minutes, 26 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 207 – 2016 Tech In Review

Andrew, John, and Chris discuss some of the top stories and trends of tech in 2016 including the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion debacle, Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, the Pokemon GO craze, and Microsoft's pushy Windows 10 upgrade notifications.
12/19/201648 minutes, 45 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 205 – AT&T Launches DirecTV Now

AT&T launches DirecTV Now. How does DirecTV Now compare to SlingTV? Fitbit will reportedly acquire smartwatch maker Pebble. What will happen to Pebble after the acquisition? Netflix finally adds offline playback. Is Netflix offline playback only limited to original shows? CNN buys Casey Neistat's video sharing app Beme. And ransmomware takes down San Francico's Muni system.
12/2/201635 minutes, 48 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 204 – Bezel-less and Larger iPhone 8?

Latest rumors claim Apple's next iPhone will be bezel free and come in larger 5 inch and 5.8 inch models. Will the next iPhone also lose the home button? Samsung files a patent for a foldable phone. Is there a market for foldable phones? Browser add-on Web Of Trust gets caught selling user information to third parties. The NES Classic Mini sells out. And Adobe shows off an experimental tool to change speech in audio.
11/11/201631 minutes, 40 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 203 – Microsoft Surface Studio Is Ready For Creators & Apple Adds A TouchBar To The MacBook Pro

Microsoft announces the Surface Studio, i7 Surface Book and Surface Dial. Who is most likely to purchase these new products? Apple announces new MacBook Pros with OLED TouchBar. Is the TouchBar just a gimmick? AT&T will acquire Time Warner for $85.4 billion. Will the merger get past federal regulators? And Google pauses their Fiber rollout. Is the future of Google Fiber in jeopardy?
10/29/201644 minutes, 24 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 202 – Samsung Ends the Note 7

Samsung officially halts sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7. Where did Samsung go wrong? Amazon officially launches their music streaming service. How does it compare to Spotify? Verizon introduces PopData, unlimited data at 30 or 60 minutes at a time. Who is PopData best suited for? Microsoft sends out invites for an October 26 Windows 10 event. What will Microsoft unveil? And Yahoo gets caught scanning users emails for surveillance.
10/17/201637 minutes, 52 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 201 – Snapchat Spectacles: Success or Failure?

Snapchat will launch a camera equipped pair of glasses called Spectacles. Andrew and John debate how successful Snapchat Spectacles will be. BlackBerry officially exits the hardware business. Who will make the next BlackBerry device? Roku unveils 5 new set top boxes. When will Roku revamp their interface? Logitech debuts the C922 webcam for livestreamers. And Disney, Google, Verizon, and Microsoft could all be considering a bid to purchase Twitter. Which company would be the best option to acquire Twitter?
9/30/201629 minutes, 55 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 200 – The iPhone 7 Launches And Stumbles

The Apple iPhone 7 officially launches. T-Mobile says pre-orders for the iPhone 7 are 4 times higher than the iPhone 6. Apple faces a new class action lawsuit over it's iPhone Upgrade Program. A US safety group has officially recalled the Galaxy Note 7. Does Samsung's down turn leave an opening for HTC? Amazon launches a less expensive Dot. Also Chris Ferrell from GonnaGeek and Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech join us this week for episode 200!
9/16/201654 minutes, 21 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 196 – The iPhone 7: Less Is More

Apple officially announces the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch 2. Andrew and John debate Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack. Will people really be upset by not having a headphone jack? Apple debuts the Apple Watch 2 including an edition specifically for Nike. Nintendo is finally bringing Mario to the iPhone with Super Mario Run. Plus Sony announces the Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation 4 Slim and airlines are banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
9/10/201659 minutes, 34 seconds
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Tech News Weekly Ep. 198 – Is YouTube Censoring Creators?

YouTube Creators are upset over a recent update to YouTube's advertising guidelines. Is YouTube censoring creators? Apple sends out official invites for it's iPhone 7 event on September 7. Could we also see a refresh of Mac hardware? HP debuts it's modular PC, Elite Slice. Has HP's hardware design surpassed Apple? Google may unveil a 4K capable Chromecast and other new hardware on October 4. And Samsung recalls every Galaxy Note 7 for exploding batteries.
9/2/201650 minutes, 1 second