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Do you remember watching "There's a hole in the bucket?" Didn't you want to just strangle Henry? Well, imagine encountering him in real-life. Sad to say, that use to be me. After much trial and error, consider me your life's Liza to give you some tips and tricks to fix the hole in the bucket. The Sassy Scribe is an inspirational Blog-about living single. It's filled with sass, sprinkled with class. It's comical and frank. It's simply truth minus the fake.
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A Time to Gather Stones

Being gathered in today's terminology hardly refers to anything constructive. Its meaning, I'm sure,  is contrary to what Sir Solomon may have intended. In fact, according to the urban dictionary, you are gathered when a person tries to come for you or question you and your authority, and you retaliate with pure indiscriminate justice. This often makes the victim embarrassed, ashamed or belittled.Now imagine that. Someone collects all the most inconceivable bits and pieces about you and then hurls them at you like little mistles, all to break you down. Picture David slinging that stone at Goliath's head but him surviving to hear his fellow soldiers jeering at how a mere boy defeats a big ole hefty giant.I highly doubt Solomon urged us to gather stones to hurt folks. But however you are led to interpret what Solomon means, one might agree that this act is intended to cultivate, grow, build, or protect.
04/10/20228 minutes 30 seconds
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A Time to Scatter Stones

An old proverb says, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." I ain't gonna lie; I should never throw stones, seeing as my house even has glass fixtures and furniture. As soon as my petty nature rises, I remember that at one point, I was the immediate past president of the "stay-doing dumbness" club! I was thrown for a loop when I checked this week's topic. Before now, I had never considered what this contrasting season could mean. After all, Ecclesiastes 3 is merely that scripture we resort to at funerals. Otherwise, we quote any couplet of the fourteen whenever the need arises, according to our circumstances. Staring at that line, 'a time to scatter stones,' had me a bit perplexed. First, the word 'scatter' means to throw in various random directions. Yet my childhood warning had me at odds with that thought. As children, we were often cautioned no
27/09/202210 minutes 1 second
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A Time to Dance

Dancing these days has been relegated to having Meg the Stallion knees and the uncanny ability to gyrate a single side of one's gluteus maximus on command. Perchance, if your Tik Tok trend can hit a million views from your mastery of choreography, you, my friend, have reached the pinnacle of stardom. Well, let me tell you now, if that is the prerequisite, many of us are disqualified. Much like laughter, dance is awakened by the presence of something pleasant. And no, this isn't scientifically proven by experts, but I can say with all confidence, we've all witnessed how food that hits the spot can cause one to dance happily. Or we've seen how exciting news could result in a shimmy. Most of us can’t help but bounce to an imaginary beat when we've received something unexpected but hoped for. Similar to music, I think dance is universal. But I've noticed that one's dance capability is relative depending on who you ask. I
20/09/202215 minutes 38 seconds
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A Time to Grieve

Ooooh, my Gawd, Solomon! Oh. My. God! (throws hands in the air and walks out) Sirrrr, didn't we just finish weeping? Now we gatta grieve too!!?? #seriously Listen, this wasn't sitting well with me, either. My spirit was quite perturbed. Spoiler alert: it's plenty more list to go—so hang tight! Anyway, for the record, grief is slightly different from weeping (not everyone who grieves cries)—though they often team up. Remember last week I had said weeping, among other things, is associated with grief, and when a person weeps, either they are experiencing great anguish or extraordinary loss. Well, grief or mourning is dealing with the loss part. Let's be clear, though, that 'loss' does not only apply to death. You can grieve something or someone who is very much
13/09/202215 minutes 39 seconds
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A Time to Laugh

Regardless of their outward appearance, being a funny dude is the' milkshake (jokes) that will forever bring all the girls to the yard. It's just something about slapping a guy on the shoulder and throwing your head back to let out a boisterous, almost snorting laugh. #ahfuntimesI don't know everything, but I do know more people would rather laugh than cry, and others laugh, so they don't cry. Either way, many people stand by the belief that laughter is like medicine to the soul. As a kid, I've always been told to stop grinning like an ole chessy-cat. My brother could say moo, and I'd be keeling over like he was the headliner of the original Kings of Comedy. But as I got older, laughter became my defence mechanism, bursting out at the most inopportune times, causing me to come acro
06/09/202214 minutes 1 second
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A Time to Weep

Unlike most folks, I get excited when I see the caption &apos;long post&apos; alert. You get to learn so much about the person doing the posting. Chances are they are about to be transparent, and somehow, reading it acknowledges that you are not alone. As bad as it sounds, it kinda gives you solace.As I reflected on this month of August, my mind wandered to two posts I had seen that broke my heart. Each in a slightly different way. In one piece, I read of a college student&apos;s journey. One so rough that I doubt I&apos;d have the fortitude to see it through. And the other, I watched an old clip of a scholarship recipient’s acceptance speech. His story was so moving that it prompted me to reflect on how much of my high school life was taken for granted and borderline wasted. Aimlessly scrolling my timeline, I saw a radiant photo of a beautiful young lady regaled in her cap and gown. I didn&apos;t know her, but her smile caused me to pause. And there it was, <
30/08/202210 minutes 19 seconds
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A Time to Build Up

Building—whether a house, an empire, a sand castle, a brand or even a bear, takes a concerted, almost deliberate effort to see it through.I suppose those are just a few aspects of conceptualizing what it means to build up. We can also look at the concept of build-up from a different perspective. For instance, when it comes to germs and gunk. We might also consider the uplifting of one&apos;s esteem—whether by flattery, compliments or affirmations. By the same token, it can mean reinforcing the strength and sturdiness of a thing or restoration to increase its value. The ways to spin it are endless.To &apos;build up&apos; can also relate to the time before an event. A crescendo, if you will—the loudest point reached in a gradually increasing sound. I&apos;ll tell you the God&apos;s honest truth; what I never want to be is anticlimactic. Better yet, not live up to the hype.As I mulled over the notion of building and how it applies to life, I remembered one of my fa
23/08/20228 minutes 57 seconds
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A Time to Break Down

Evangelist Myley Cyrus, can describe many moments in our lives. I suppose when we read Solomon&apos;s synopsis of times and seasons, one tends to identify more with the negative aspects of each comparison. Psychologists refer to this as negativity bias because adverse events significantly impact our brains more than positive ones. #heavenhelpusAs I zeroed in on those last two words, break down. I realize that it can be a compound word as well. Immediately I knew this would give the phrase a different meaning. The single-word breakdown is a noun referring to the result of the action—while the two-word version, break down, is a verb that calls attention to the &apos;action&apos; leading to the result. As I read various versions in the Bible of this scripture, whether it interchanged, tear down or break down, it used two words rather than its compou
16/08/202212 minutes 18 seconds
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A Time to Heal

Yes, it a true that it takes time to heal but know that &apos;time is NOT the healer! &quot;Healing&quot; should not be a bandaid that we use to mask our wounds in the hopes that no one can see the imperfections. Having gone through both physical and emotional hurts, I believe that healing promotes overall health.For clarity, healing isn&apos;t achieved by the wave of a magic wand, and it&apos;s not some weekend retreat that requires you to sit around a bond fire and sing kumbaya. But it is messy, painful, and requires effort from the injured party. For instance, PT won&apos;t work if you don&apos;t participate. The Therapist can&apos;t do the exercises for you, and the process won&apos;t accomplish what it should if you don&apos;t follow the instructions. Know that when you don&apos;t engage, you run the risk of whatever was broken or damaged, mending with irregularities.My initial thought was to discuss healing as it relates to a therapist or managing your triggers a
09/08/202211 minutes 31 seconds
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A Time to Kill

To hear the word &apos;kill&apos; is off-putting. Actually, no, it&apos;s downright scary. Yet we&apos;ve been so inundated with this word that we&apos;ve become somewhat desensitized. I feel I should say, &apos;kill is not to be confused with murder—technically, they&apos;re not the same! But that&apos;s another story for another day.I&apos;ll admit this is a heavy topic. One that made me wonder if tackling this list of seasons was a good idea, as I felt I was in over my head, and I began wondering if I was qualified to speak to any of it at all.Yet, the more I mulled over this phrase in my mind, the more I heard something that had nothing to do with bloodshed—and it was there I let out a hallelujah.
02/08/202210 minutes 45 seconds
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A Time to Harvest

The word harvest immediately takes me back to primary school when we had to bring canned goods and produce from home to give to the less fortunate. You knew it was a big deal because we&apos;d have a special assembly that took weeks of preparation. Students brought their chairs from classrooms to the quadrangle, and special guests were treated like royalty. My favourite was when the choir would sing: &quot;It&apos;s harvest, it&apos;s harvest, it&apos;s harvest time again. So bring ya pumpkin and watermelon, cassava, and peas and corn. Thank, thank, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord, again.&quot; As an adult, that whole ordeal now says one thing to me: &apos;harvest isn&apos;t for the benefit of one person.&apos; I was reminded how the residual income of one moment had a rippling effect—and I like it. I spent a lot of my Christian life reading my Bible and praying in the hopes of getting something from God. Be it for an answer, a blessing, or
26/07/20229 minutes 53 seconds
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A Time to Plant

There are things you do in your free time, and then there are things you free your time to do. I believe that planting is a hobby people &quot;do&quot; with the hope that it works rather than expecting it to succeed. This opinion may be skewed as it&apos;s based on observing a person&apos;s reaction to witnessing their planted seed growing. It&apos;s as if seeing what they&apos;ve planted actually flourishing—is a shock. As for me, when I think of planting, I think of an activity that requires me to get my hands dirty—problem numero uno. Then, I think of the consistency I&apos;d need to ensure that what I plant actually grows—let the church say, &apos;ain&apos;t nobody gat time fa that.&apos;I&apos;m already cringing at the idea of pests and the proper way to ward them off without harming the plant. Then there&apos;s feeding the plant—on top of wondering if I&apos;ve given it enough water, too little water or too much water? What if the s
19/07/202210 minutes 26 seconds
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A Time to Die

You can go ahead and release the tension in your chest, as this is not a piece where I&apos;m focused on last wills and testaments. Well, I suppose it&apos;ll depend on which lens you view the information through. Honestly, before we can even get to whether one hears, &quot;Well done or depart from me, I never knew you,&quot; we&apos;ll have experienced several other instances that might feel worse than death. But like death, these situations may be sudden, or at other times you may battle the proverbial death bed to-do. Either way, rest assured, it&apos;s always only a matter of when. To die (not by Webster&apos;s description) signifies time has expired or that &apos;a thing&apos; has met its expected end. Basically, if you&apos;ve ever had to grieve anything, you&apos;ve probably had a brush with death.
12/07/202217 minutes 23 seconds
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A Time to Be Born

I could be off base here, but I think most people who&apos;ve not had the benefit of being born into wealth, if given a chance, would not choose the family they now have. Like most, what I may have opted for, would be based on affluence, privilege and geography.When I hear the phrase &apos;A time to be born,&apos; I can&apos;t help but reflect on that moment in most funerals when you&apos;re recapping the details of the deceased&apos;s life. You begin to compare it to Solomon&apos;s fourteen contrasting seasons and times—each serving a particular purpose. (see Ephesians 1-8) In fact, whenever my life seems halted in a juxtaposition, I think about these verses, wondering what phase I&apos;m in and if I&apos;m handling it with any grace at all. My physical birth occurred in the summer of 1980, amid the dreaded hurricane season. And most times, my life felt stuck in that dynamic—a period of storms brewing in rapid succession. Still, like t
05/07/202211 minutes 21 seconds