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English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 77 episodes, 4 days 13 hours 30 minutes
Tea With Tay is a sweet gist type of show hosted by Taymesan. Every week he discusses societal issues and personal experience in a fun light-hearted and entertaining way. Sometimes with your favourite celebrities, and sometimes with guest with intriguing and exceptional stories, either way Taymesan gets the tea. Tea with Tay is your perfect podcast for sweet and entertaining but serious gist.
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Liz Osho Speaks About Childhood Trauma, Infertility & Building A Profitable PR & Comms Business

A roller coaster ride of highs and lows, the last episode of the third season of Tea With Tay ends on a sublime note with PR & Comms whiz, Elizabeth Osho, founder and CEO of PR company, So.Me Solutions. On Tay's couch, Elizabeth takes us down corridors of opulence as she shares her childhood experience, growing up as one of the grandkids of the first female medical doctor in West Africa, Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi. It's however not entirely a rosy experience as Elizabeth had to grow up shuffling between two worlds; her father's and her mother's amidst psychological warfare with her stepmother. We're also taken on a wild ride from Ikoyi, to Ikeja, England and back to Lagos as little Liz grows into Liz Omoja, the TV presenter and recruitment officer with the red convertible and endless inches of hair and dwindling wealth. She then becomes Liz, the stargirl and online editor of Genevieve Mag before setting up shop as founder of PR Company, So.Me Solutions. Now a wife
17/02/20241 hour 24 minutes 25 seconds
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The Choir Boy That Became A Star By Accident Ft Timi Dakolo

As the third season of Tea With Tay begins to wind down, Taymesan is joined by electrifying soul singer, Timi Dakolo who shares with Taymesan how his journey into music began— surprisingly, by accident. Raised by his late grandmother much like Tay, Timi shares extensively on his colourful childhood growing up in Port Harcourt. In Tea With Tay fashion, we’re intimated on Timi Dakolo’s music origin story and how he grew up as the choir boy whose voice was too different to be appreciated by members of the choir to become the winner of the first ever West African Idols music contest. That win was however his first step on a long journey to stardom as Timi had to conquer his lack of knowledge in the art of making music, by learning how to write music, an act through which he graced the airwaves with several evergreen songs. On this episode, Timi’s humorous Port-Harcourt persona takes center stage and we meet the Timi Dakolo we never knew while being regaled with stories
09/02/20241 hour 32 minutes 33 seconds
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You Are Enough- Group Therapy With Madame Joyce & Taymesan

If you're a fan of Madame Joyce and her banter-filled podcast, Cocktails & Takeaways, this episode of Tea With Tay should be savoured with the understanding that this is more than a podcasters' linkup but also the tea and takeaways episode, not only serving the tea but enough nuggets to serve as take home food for thoughts. Marking the 20th episode of the third season of Tea With Tay, this episode features UK-born and bred podcaster and media personality Madame Joyce who shares a side of her that's never been seen before on Tay's couch as she discusses her childhood and childhood traumas as the kid who never quite fit in. She also relates that child to the adult she's grown to be, drawing parallels with how her adopted personality informed the Madame Joyce we know now. A strong reminder never to despise the days of little beginnings, Madame Joyce also shares how she became to be the media powerhouse she is now after listening to the still small voice in her debt-ridden ro
02/02/20242 hours 19 seconds
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Simi Doesn’t Need Your Validation... She is Simply Simi!

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan is joined by the firebrand singer with the most distinguished and cherubic voice; Simi. Born Simisola Ogunleye, over the years since she broke out with "Tiff", her name has become a household one, with her songs earning her a spot as a highly-loved act. Interestingly, despite Simi's sweetheart disposition, she's one singer who never shies away from saying things as it is, no matter who it is. This episode dives into that simply Simi trait and her unshakeable sense of self-validation by going back to the very beginning; her childhood while touching on her foray into music, her relationship with her mother and how her love story with Adekunle Gold started.This episode contains exclusives on the album and helpful insights on building confidence in situations where you're uncertain so it's not only for fans but for everyone trying to be a better version of themselves. o
26/01/20241 hour 19 minutes 42 seconds
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Spyro! The Jesus Guy & Afrobeats Star

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan takes a seat with fast-rising Afrobeats star, Spyro who's made an undeniable impact on the music scene in the past couple of years with hit songs, "Billing", "Who's Your Guy" and the remix with Tiwa Savage as well as "Only Fine Girl" and its Simi-assisted remix. Now a certified name in the competitive music sphere, it took Spyro a lot of grit, hard work, patience and faith in God through the tough and unrewarding moments to become the Spyro we now know.Listen to the star chronicle his rise from his days in Mushin as a pastor's kid who developed a dislike for religion and a love for painting which he had to abandon before finding himself in music. Success for Spyro has been a long way coming and in this episode, he details how his faith in God kept him through the tough times and biting ridicule he faced. This episode is nothing short of inspiring and is for everyone waiting on their big break. Enjoy!Join the Tea With Tay br
19/01/20241 hour 21 minutes 1 second
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How Yemi Alade Conquered the World & Championed Africa Against All Odds

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan takes a sit with renowned singer and electrifying performing artiste, Yemi Alade, who has built a career that spans a decade and some years as an international star that's loved in numerous countries and by countless music lovers. It wasn't always rosy for Yemi Alade and on this episode she takes us to the very beginning of her life story, from her background in an affluent multi-cultural home to the moment when all of that became a thing of the past. Rising above all odds and challenges, Yemi Alade tells us about how she constantly gave herself pep talks to give herself the confidence to move past her comfort zone and achieve great things like emerging winner of the Peak Talent show. The superstar also clues us in on how "Johnny" which was initially leaked, became a smash hit and how despite losing her voice completely she was able to push herself to record two songs that were featured on Beyonce's Lion King The Gift album. </
12/01/20241 hour 46 minutes 22 seconds
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#TheChristmasSpecial: Taymesan & Toke Answer 10 Questions From Listeners

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, it doesn't matter cause Santa Taymesan and Toke have decided to gift everyone with a special crossover episode where they answer questions and breakdown dilemmas from 10 different people. A roller coaster episode in the best way possible, Taymesan and Toke gift us a fun, banter-filled yet deeply insightful episode as they touch on 2023 in general, the different and mysterious ways God manifests Himself and also go in-depth on the shared dilemmas.With questions ranging from career problems to the sexual and sexual assault, parental problems as well as the challenges of being an autistic mother, this episode is doubly special because there's something for everyone, ergo making it the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy!Join the Tea With Tay broadcast channel on Instagram here;; on Youtube: <
25/12/20231 hour 18 minutes 31 seconds
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The Kimpossible Episode; How Kim Oprah Sees No Limitations!

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan speaks to two-time Big Brother Naija housemate, Chinonso Ibinabo Opara, popularly known as Kim Oprah, (a Sagittarius Queen whose birthday happens to be today) and are instantly drawn into the world of the beauty Queen, following her childhood story, her time as a student of University of Port Harcourt, down to her days of little beginnings as an aspiring showbiz person as well as her BBN story. This episode brings us face-to-face with the real Kim, Chinonso Opara who in Tay's words is not only shady and unexpectedly so too, but is fun and more importantly, sees no limitations and always keeps it moving no matter the circumstance. In another light, while it's Kim's birthday, she's been magnanimous enough to honour her fans and listeners with a fun and insightful episode, so enjoy! on this link to check out @lipton_nigeria&nbsp;
15/12/20231 hour 6 minutes 56 seconds
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Chioma Goodhair Spills The Tea On RHOL, Building Goodhair & Love Life

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan has an in-depth conversation with fashion icon, entrepreneur, lawyer and reality TV star, Chioma Ikowku popularly known as Chioma Goodhair. Co-founder of Goodhair, a prestigious hair company and a restauranteur, Chioma talks about starting her hair business at age 18 with her best friend, Kika. She also let's us into the Ikokwu home with stories of her childhood, growing up as a tomboy as well as her time schooling in England. This episode comes with a lot of tea as Chioma talks about her Real Housewives Of Lagos experience, her family's reactions, her decisions to discontinue the show, and how Iyabo convinced her to do season 2. You don't want to miss out on the tea spilled on this episode. Enjoy! on this link to check out @lipton_nigeria&nbsp; <p style='color:grey; font-size
08/12/20231 hour 57 minutes 31 seconds
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Here's How Aproko Doctor Is Changing The World With Stories & A Medical Degree

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan is joined by Chinonso Egemba, a medical doctor who uses storytelling to educate Nigerians on health issues and goes by the alias "Aproko Doctor".On the longest episode of Tea With Tay so far, we witness Aproko Doctor's riveting storytelling skills as he walks us through his childhood in Surulere (which for the larger part saw him help at his mom's roadside pap and akara business after a sad turn of events) as well as his uni days and how he had to do his first year twice. We are also painted a picture of the moment he had the epiphany on the lack of medical education in the country and how that had inspired who he is today; Aproko Doctor. Now an accomplished public figure, Aproko Doctor also lets us know it's still not always rosy as he tells stories of his great times and downsides of fame, how he met his wife and their life together and his experience dealing with a life-threatening tumour in his head.Tea With Tay alw
01/12/20232 hours 18 minutes 39 seconds
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The Story Of Africa's No 1 Rapper & His Insane Work Ethic Ft MI Abaga

If you're familiar with the Flavour-sung chorus that goes "Africa rapper number one oo, MI microphone audition oh", then you're familiar with the artistry of Jude Abaga, popularly known as MI Abaga and self-adulatingly as Mr Incredible. Arguably lauded as the best hip-hop export out of Africa, Taymesan takes a seat with the iconic rapper for a refreshing reverie on his childhood days in Jos, growing up as the first son to an evangelist and his very first time coming across what would become part and parcel of him; Hip-hop.&nbsp;For MI, hard work and diligence are the surest paths to success no matter how humble the job is. He highlighted how this had been a narrative for him from his childhood to his days at an American college where he moonlighted as a music producer, dancer, coordinator of an acapella gospel group while doing odd maintenance jobs from grass cutting to mopping floors to get by. Ironically but also as expected, MI's grades did not see the better end of hi
24/11/20231 hour 40 minutes 19 seconds
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Mayorkun Opens Up About Having Zero Scandals, Leaving DMW & Heartbreak

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan is joined by Afrobeats star, Mayorkun who despite having several hits to his name has zero scandals. But before they go down limelight avenue, we take a look at Mayorkun's childhood with two artistic parents to meet Mayowa Adewale, the boy before the superstar. Mayorkun also shares about his banking history and how despite the tedium of his bank job, he still held on to his love for music, writing verses as a comforter till fortune smiled on him following a cover he made to Davido's "Daddy Mi". From that moment on, he'd put out hits upon hits and become a music industry fave as a DMW flag bearer and even after departure from the label. Coming on the heels of his latest body of work, an EP titled "Love For Free", Mayorkun also speaks on the inspiration for his project which includes heartbreak and recent realisations on the concept of love. This episode is fun and gives insight into Mayorkun's life before fame and lifesty
17/11/20231 hour 21 minutes 21 seconds
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When God's Plan Meets A Genius Designer Ft Veekee James EP11S3

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan sits with fashion designer extraordinaire and founder of Veekee James, Victoria James for a mindblowing tell-all on her childhood, her fashion origin, her success so far as well as her Christian faith. Born and bred in Ajegunle, Veekee James tells us about life as the first daughter to a widowed tailor mom. She gives us the tea on how she'd always been a hustler right from primary school, working as a hairdresser, makeup artiste and any other skills she could pick up. This became a blessing and a curse later on in university as her business flourished but detracted from her studies, eventually contributing to her decision to withdraw in her final year after facing sexual harassment from lecturers. This episode of Tea With Tay shows the perfect plan that's God's plan and how in due time, the dots will align in favour for those who love Him as Veekee James shares how she eventually decided to start a career in fashion design a
10/11/20231 hour 47 minutes 20 seconds
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How Salem King Became The Master of Content Creation- EP10 S3

Sometime in 2018, the Nigerian content creation scene on Instagram was taken by storm by a content creator with a vivid black-and-white theme and a passion for coaching other content creators. That content creator was Salem King. 5 years down the line, numerous widely spread videos and several brand deals in the bag, he's amassed an almost cult-like following with an active community of content creators behind his Instagram account of over 130,000 followers.On this episode of Tea With Tay, Taymesan sits down with this content creator who doubles as an entrepreneur and life coach, Salem King, exploring his past and present to get a full picture of his origin story and mainstay. It will come as no surprise when Salem reveals that his father loves books to the extent that his childhood bedroom has been converted to a storage for books or that he was that nerdy sharp-witted kid in secondary school who may not have been able to throw a punch but could deflect one with his witt
03/11/20231 hour 51 minutes 46 seconds
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From Dreaming Big To Breaking Guiness World Records, The Hilda Baci Story

What are your dreams and future aspirations; do they scare you or do they inspire you to keep pushing? On this episode of Tea With Tay Temisan takes a seat with renowned chef and Guinness World Records holder for the longest cooking marathon, Hilda Bassey, 4 years after she'd dreamed of notching that achievement. Now a restaurant owner and a culinary teacher to a total of more than 6,000 students, Hilda had surprisingly not been passionate about her cooking talent and had gone down a different path, trying out her hand at the showbiz world by working as a TV presenter for two years before listening to God's will for her life and acting accordingly. No episode of Tea With Tay is ever complete without surprises and revelations that track back to the guest's childhood. On this seat, Hilda talks about her upbringing as the second child of seven children raised primarily by her mother in Abuja and how unfortunately and for reasons unknown to her, the relationship wi
27/10/20231 hour 36 minutes 48 seconds
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The ABCs Of Mental Health & Wellbeing Ft Funmto Ogunbawo EP8 S3

How informed are you on the concept of mental health, disorders and their therapies? On this episode of Tea With Tay and to mark World Mental Health Day, Temisan seats with an unexpected guest, Funmto Ogunbanwo a clinical mental health therapist and founder of Ibi Ayo, a therapy consultancy to have an in-depth conversation on the mental health terms that we're not only familiar with but are wont to throw around.Together, Temisan and Funmto table the Nigerian landscape when it comes to mental health as well as a its infrastructure, while Funmto takes us down a corridor of knowledge on what the meanings and symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and its many other forms, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD and more.Mental health concerns everyone as well all deserve to be in the very best of health physically and mentally, so this episode is for everyone. Don't just listen, share this with someone you love who needs to hear it and make sure to let them know t
13/10/20232 hours 2 minutes 50 seconds
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From Mushin To Global Charts; The Story Of Ikuforiji Olaitan Ft Oxlade S3 EP7

Everyone has a backstory. Everyone has a driving force that continues to push them past their limits. In this episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan sits down with Abdulrahman Olaitan Ikuforiji aka Oxlade who is inarguably one of the most powerful voices of the new age of Afrobeats for a deep dive into his backstory and his driving force. Oxlade takes us back to the very beginning before his days as a record-breaking hitmaker with "Ku Lo Sa" as he reminisces on his childhood in Mushin when street fights were the order of the day and singing was an escape. He also touches on his uni days with an exposé on factors that led to him being a LASU dropout and eventually finding confidence in his voice and his footing in the music scene. Oxlade also speaks on more recent events in his life, from his sextape scandal to recording what became a smash hit two days after, the aftermath of that song-- "Ku Lo Sa", and his goals and ambition as an Afrobeats star.This episode details
06/10/20231 hour 14 minutes 18 seconds
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Glowing, Growing & Ready For The Oscars Ft Beverly Osu- EP6 S3

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan seats with actress, beauty OG; model and video vixen back who was also housemate in Big Brother Africa, Beverly Osu. Aptly described by Temisan as a phenomenal talent in all ramifications, Beverly tells us about her childhood days, life as a student in a convent school and being expelled for being extra with all creative endeavours. Already a known name in the entertainment scene from her teenage days, Beverly spoke about her famous appearance in Ice Prince's "Oleku" video, Kizz Daniel's "Madu" and the energy that was present within those days. She also goes 10 years down memory lane ot recap her Big Brother Africa story from auditioning to being in the house and the aftermath. This episode embodies growth and personal development as Beverly takes us through her Nollywood journey, detailing her resolve to always do her best and eventually, land at the Oscars. If you need a sign to reinvent yourself or make that pivot, this episo
29/09/20231 hour 28 minutes 55 seconds
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Overcoming Vaginismus & Choosing Faith Over Religion With Tito The Writer- EP5 S3

They say the third time is the charm but the fifth episode of Tea With Tay featuring author and Jesus' brand influencer, Titoluwa Sam-Oladapo aka Tito the Writer packs a pleasantly unexpected punch you wouldn't see coming as it shatters many tables that Christians and several churchgoers lay on. An Ibadan-born and bred Christian, Tito had lived all her life as a devout churchgoer and minister in the church but didn't cultivate a relationship with God till 2021 after battling and overcoming Vaginismus. Tito not only opens up on dealing with that condition, but shares the trauma that led to it-- 3 series of sexual assault at age 6, 13 and 15. We also get a robust and demystifying definition that shows the difference between religion and faith, with Tito taking a stance for faith-led Christianity and the need for Christians to allot themselves and others grace instead of condemnation. Equally importantly, Tito attempts to shatter the stigma around vaginismus which while bein
22/09/20232 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds
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The Ultimate Guide To Living On Your Terms Ft Teni the Entertainer- EP3 S3

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan is joined by the very unique and inimitable star, Teni the Entertainer for what develops into a rollercoaster episode, filled with ups, downs and deeply introspective turns. A member of the prestigious Apata family, Teni takes us to different points in her life, her love-filled childhood amidst the trauma of losing her dad at age 2, her time in Atlanta, where she didn't graduate till 7 years after, and then Nigeria which led to a spiel on life and the need to unapologetically be one's self. This episode is for anyone who doubts the power within them and struggles to find themselves. on this link to check out @lipton_nigeria&nbsp; Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopen
15/09/20232 hours 11 minutes 24 seconds
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50 Shades Of Being An Internet Sensation Ft Caramel- EP3 S3

Can you imagine being an internet sensation at age 23 after building and maintaining a much-loved brand as a comedian, content creator, influencer, Youtuber and podcaster for 3 years? This is the story of Ogechi Ukonu popularly known as Caramel. On the third episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan is joined by the bubbling internet star and she takes us back to her childhood days when she knew no boundaries or barriers. Caramel also clues us in on her rise to fame; a televised bonnet-clad rant on Game of Thrones and shortly after, a cosign from Wizkid who shared her reaction video to his song "Joro" on his Instagram feed. Fast forward to the present with over 1 million followers on Instagram and followers in hundreds of thousands on other platforms, Caramel is seated on Temisan's couch after having gone through a publicised breakup and a fair share of scandals that is enough to rock any brand off its centre. Yet, to the star's surprise, she shares that this period has been one where
08/09/20231 hour 41 minutes 57 seconds
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$10M Tech CEO At 25! Here’s How Kennedy Ekezie Keeps Winning

On this episode of Tea With Tay, Temisan is joined by high-flying overachiever and tech CEO, Kennedy Ekezie. According to him, he is an unusual guest on the podcast, but according to Tay, he's most likely the richest so far. CEO of Kippa Africa which raised $10 million in the last quarter of 2022, Ekezie has always been an overachiever and had received an award from the late Queen Elizabeth herself at age 20. In typical Tea With Tay fashion we however do not only get the tea on his aspirational life as the two kick it back to his childhood days, and how he first discovered his abilities and love for debating till he became the best debater in Nigeria. Ekezie also lets us in on what it means to have achieved so much at such a young age, his love life and his faith in God. This episode is deeply inspiring and real and is a highly recommended one for every bright mind, young and old. on thi
01/09/20231 hour 29 minutes 31 seconds
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Iyanya Speaks About Fame, Depression And New Beginnings

For the very first episode of the third season of Tea With Tay, Temisan's couch is graced by his former boss, superstar musician and music executive, IYANYAAAA! The Calabar-born star gives us a thrilling episode where he opens up on his childhood in Calabar, losing his father, his brother, struggling in school and finding his music talent. We also get an inspirational recount of how he got to contest in the first-ever edition of Project Fame and became a winner. The story of Iyanya can not be complete without mentioning Ubi Franklin and the Made Men fallout. Iyanya doesn't hold back on telling taking us through the different phases and the motions from how they met, working together, their disagreement and reunion. This episode will make you feel the feels and go through the motions as Iyanya speaks on being at his rock bottom moment, battling depression, almost taking his life and finally, a second chance to shine. You definitely want to grab a hot cup of tea and list
25/08/20231 hour 32 seconds