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Talking With My Dad

English, Technology, 1 season, 8 episodes, 3 hours, 19 minutes
An ongoing Interview podcast with my Father! Cover art photo provided by Ravi Singh on Unsplash: Support this podcast:
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Frozen Head

Dad talks about the State Park located in TNN. --- Support this podcast:
4/7/201933 minutes, 18 seconds
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Rock & Roll Story

Dad talks about a concert he and his brother went to. Plus that time we went hunting with Randy Travis! --- Support this podcast:
3/18/201919 minutes, 22 seconds
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Dad Talks to me about raisin me.

Dad drops truth bombs! --- Support this podcast:
2/25/201928 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep6 first ep on new channel!

Dad gets any and all money from this channel😁 --- Support this podcast:
1/8/201925 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep 5 A TN Christmas

Dad talks a Country Christmas! --- Support this podcast:
1/6/201920 minutes, 33 seconds
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Dad Talks growing up in a former chicken coup! --- Support this podcast:
1/6/201920 minutes, 16 seconds
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My third interview with Dad. --- Support this podcast:
1/6/201926 minutes, 41 seconds
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Ep 2 Another Talk with Dad

My second Dad interview. --- Support this podcast:
1/6/201925 minutes, 17 seconds