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English, Cultural, 4 seasons, 97 episodes, 3 days, 55 minutes
An open conversation addressing contemporary city building and spatial transformation issues in South Africa.
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NZCB Deep-Dive Series Finale Live Webinar Recording

We close our "deep-dive" series on the Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings Programme with this edited recording of our live webinar hosted in association with Sustainable Energy Africa and C40 Cities. It was a special way to conclude with a global audience with guests from around the South African cities and guests from afar afield as Nairobi and London. You'll hear from experts in the advocacy field; public sector professionals who are making the difference in the metros who have signed up to the C40 Cities NZC Buildings programme; academics and the private sector. There's plenty to consider and reflect on, whether you are coming to this topic new or have followed our process over the last four months as we've built the series.  We'll be sure to check in with our partners in the months to come and this is sure to be a recurring theme in our discussions on transformation: of cities; of habits and of climate outcomes. Enjoy the episode and do check out the preceding episodes if this episode inspires:  Episode 1: Foundations and Aspirations - Episode 2: Governance & Leadership - Episode 3: Market scale transformation - Episode 4: Leaving no one behind – NZCB & informality - Twitter: @TalkingTransfo1 @SEA_UrbanEnergy​ ​ Email: [email protected]​ Recorded 27th May 2021 --- Send in a voice message:
5/30/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 1 second
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NZCB - Deep-Dive Series Episode 4 (of 4): #Leave_no_one_behind - The Net Zero Carbon Building Programme & Informality

Listeners to the Talking Transformation Podcast would recognise the severe urban housing backlog in South Africa and that informal settlements are frequently dictating growth patterns of our cities.  Within informal settlements, “shacks,” are generally built poorly out of tin and other materials. There is often limited sanitation, plumbing and electricity. So, what is the relevance of the NZCB programme to these communities and others within the lower-end of the property market? Most importantly, how can the custodians and champions of the programme ensure that net zero carbon building includes and embraces informality and low income households? In this concluding session of our deep-dive session, we consider: the context of a severe housing backlog, will NZC retard low-income housing development through the burden of having to meet additional requirements? is NZC a luxury we can’t really afford? what are the opportunities that may arise from savings for the household? what are the opportunities to use alternative and more economic building materials? can Government’s state sponsored housing programme provide the impetus to lead the NZC market – particularly important during a recession. To assist us with answering these questions, we are joined by, Liana Strydom – City of Johannesburg; David Gardner - Inhlabathi Investments; and Marc Sherratt - MSSA Recorded, May 4th 2021 Social Media Marketing Twitter: @SEA_UrbanEnergy Twitter: @c40cities LinkedIn: Sustainable Energy Africa LinkedIn: C40 Cities Other platforms Newsletter: SEA Urban News – distributed quarterly Website:,, --- Send in a voice message:
5/9/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 7 seconds
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NZCB - Deep-Dive Series Episode 3 (of 4): Supporting market scale transformation in the building sector

In this 3rd episode of our Deep Dive Series on Net Zero Carbon Buildings, hear from four leading experts on the transition efforts of the built environment sector. The Talking Transformation Podcast is delighted to host colleagues from both the private and public sector: Lesley Sibanda and Mary Haw (City of Cape Town), Chilu Lombe (Solid Green) and Megan Sager (Sustainable Solutions). They reflect on a series of themes including:  Can the private sector handle the transition and to date, what has the response been? The sectors, companies and land uses - who is leading / who is following? As regulation and communication techniques improve, how will owners and tenants of budlings adapt their choices and behaviour? The role and importance of data informing choice, policy and targets; and What are the collaborations between the public and private sector that are supporting shifts in behaviour and tactics? It's a welcome third conversation building on the demands and the challenges being placed on the industry but also reflecting strongly on the opportunities that exist and the critical mass of effort which is help shape that change. Recorded: 6th April 2021 --- Send in a voice message:
4/10/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 34: Densifying the City - Global Cases and Johannesburg

Another episode – another book review and another chance to revisit Johannesburg! I’m delighted to welcome the editorial team for the book - Densifying the City - Global Cases and Johannesburg - on this episode: Alexandra Appelbaum, Alison Todes, Margot Rubin and Philip Harrison.  For regular listeners, you’d know that Phil was our very first guest way back in July 2019 and that Margot has been a guest on another episode that dealt with backyard rentals, the last episode before the national lockdown if my memory serves me well.  A new publication has tackled the complexities of the processes and policies of density. The book draws on experience and inputs from a host of leading academics and practitioners and considers 25 inputs from some of the South Africa’s leading academic minds. Densifying the City – Global Cases and Johannesburg does what it says on the cover…It takes the reader on a series of case studies as diverse as Istanbul (Turkey), Sydney (Australia) and the poster child for TOD- Curitiba (Brazil). There’s plenty to digest- globally and locally: density in both its formal and informal forms, the drivers of density and the evolution of policy and urban management approaches. Closer to home and through Johannesburg as the primary case study, the book considers the forms in which density takes via different spaces, processes and participants. The ambition and realisation of density through Transit Oriented Development adds a third dimension to the conversation. We considered the issue of Johannesburg’s Corridors of Freedom in our second episode and this conversation gives us an opportunity to update the perspectives and thoughts on this issue. It promises to be a rich conversation with colleagues at the pinnacle of their game. Recorded March 6th 2021 --- Send in a voice message:
3/8/202149 minutes, 21 seconds
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NZCB - Deep-Dive Series Episode 2 (of 4): Governance & Leadership – Just how ready are cities to make the shift?

Listen in to this second deep-dive TTPod Episode and hear from five of South Africa’ leading authorities on SA’s transition to energy efficient cities and decide for yourself: Are Cities ready to implement NZC-Buildings and the C40 South African New Buildings Programme?  Do cities have the mandate (powers and function) to drive such an ambitious programme?  How are the plans and regulations aligning – between corporate and environmental planning and between the spheres of government?  Who is responsible for what – Constitution vs By-laws v National Building Regulations (NBR) Who leads and who follows?  What adaption is needed for building officials’ skills and competencies to support and facilitate the private sector and to drive professional adaption in the built environment? Why is it important that cities adapt and take the lead? How do we shift from strategy to action and implementation? Who else needs to make that shift?  How can we build in speed and efficiency in the administration to incentivise the shifts?  With thanks to co-guests Hlengiwe Radebe and Megan Euston-Brown from Sustainable Energy Africa and C40 Cities  Talking Transformation Podcast available on: Anchor: Spotify: Apple: Social Media Marketing Twitter: @SEA_UrbanEnergy Twitter: @c40cities LinkedIn: Sustainable Energy Africa LinkedIn: C40 Cities Other platforms Newsletter: SEA Urban News – distributed quarterly Website:,, --- Send in a voice message:
3/4/202144 minutes, 24 seconds
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NZCB Deep-Dive Series Episode 1 (of 4): Foundations and Aspirations - Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings by 2030

In 2018, as part of the C40 Cities Climate Change Leadership Group (C40), four South African Metros—Johannesburg, Cape Town, eThekwini, and Tshwane—signed the Global Net Zero Carbon Buildings Declaration. As signatories to this commitment, these cities are working towards look to achieve sustainable buildings, powered by renewable energy for new buildings by 2030 and existing ones by 2050. Not only does this declaration align with the imperative of the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C, but also follows South Africa’s national strategy, and the post-COVID recovery approach of ‘building back better.’ Partnering with C40 South Africa Building Programme, the cities are supported in developing and implementing transformational building energy-efficient policies and by-laws. The approach is rooted in South Africa’s existing national and national climate change commitments and as such, complements existing policies. Although the programme’s focus is primarily on the point of construction, it is mindful of the broader spatial, resource, social, and economic context. In Episode 1 of the Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings (NZCB) by 2030 series, four passionate city officials join us to discuss how they are rising to the Net Zero-Carbon challenge: Discover the C40 South African New Buildings Programme within the context of City climate responses. Understand what is meant by net zero-carbon for cities, and how does this fit with the national regulatory environment? Learn about an ambitious, pioneering new direction and challenge for South African cities, Share the knowledge and challenge - what do the cities have to do to move from their current status quo to net zero carbon buildings? Guests: Liana Strydom – City of Johannesburg, Kedibone Modiselle– City of Tshwane, Lesley Sibanda – City of Cape Town and Nondumiso Mthembu – eThekwini Municipality Co-guests: Hlengiwe Radebe and Megan Euston-Brown from Sustainable Energy Africa Talking Transformation Podcast Team: Amaal Salie and Pete Ahmad With thanks to C40 Cities. Twitter: @TalkingTransfo1 and @SEA_UrbanEnergy Email: [email protected] Recorded February 16th 2021 --- Send in a voice message:
2/19/202147 minutes, 18 seconds
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TTPod Bulletin - Countdown to Zero! Introducing TTPod Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings Series

Our first bulletin of 2021 kick-starts a forthcoming five-part series where we explore the South African New Buildings Programme. Our experts, Hlengiwe Radebe and Megan Euston-Brown from Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) introduce us to the topic and walk us through what listeners can expect in the upcoming discussions over the next few months. We learn about the need for the series, the ambition of the programme and what themes we will be covering. Listeners can also consider registering for a concluding online, live-event that will conclude the programme. More on that to follow. Join us over the coming weeks to explore: - what IS net zero carbon and what have buildings, green or otherwise got to do with it? - the cities and partners in involved in the programme; - the extent of the challenge and what a net zero carbon pathway might look like; - Can Cities ‘go beyond’ national government building regulations? - The market response to more stringent efficiency requirements; - Why it is so critical that we find a way to meet the commitments? The series will tackle the challenging questions of the moment: - Can Cities lead on ambitious climate action without compromising national interests and the recovery efforts from a technical recession and the COVID-19 pandemic? - Do Cities have the capacity to deliver the programme? - Can this find traction given economic recession and a backlog in low-income housing delivery; - How does this relate to the hard reality of growing informality? We hope you will join us on this road in the coming months!  Recorded 3rd February 2021 --- Send in a voice message:
2/5/202118 minutes, 19 seconds
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TTPod Bulletin - Sept 2020 Showcasing Urban Festival 2020

A quiet month of September from the Talking Transformation Podcast ends with a bulletin communicating the Urban Festival 2020 event and program with festival coordinator, Rashiq Fataar.  Rashiq talks about the diverse and extensive program during the course of October. He communicates how you can get involved both real time and via the recorded material.  Find out more via the excellent website: Quoting from their website: "Urban Festival is a series of virtual engagements hosted by South African Cities Network (SACN), Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN), The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Open Cities Lab (OCL), WITS Journalism and Media Lab (JAMLAB), Our Future Cities (OFC), ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, and others. The festival will run from 1-31 October 2020, culminating on World Cities Day. The first edition has an overarching focus on inclusivity, accessibility and digital innovation. The programming will comprise a Main Programme of speakers from government, civil society and industry. This will be complemented by an Emergent Programme of wide-ranging additional presenters and organisations who have responded to our Open Call."  --- Send in a voice message:
9/30/202014 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 24: #PlantheWorldWeNeed - Learning from the Royal Town Planning Institute’s response and value add during the pandemic

The Royal Town Planning Institute – RTPI - formed in 1914 – has over 100 years of history serving its members and the interests of planning and built environment community. Based in the UK and Ireland it is an organization that has international reach and a membership of greater than 25,000. The RTPI recently launched a Plan The World We Need campaign calling on the UK and Irish governments to capitalise on the expertise of the planners to achieve a sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign resonates with our own South African built environment issues reflecting on: •Affordable housing •Regeneration and repurposing of land, buildings and public spaces •An accelerated shift in land use towards homeworking •Economic recovery and stimulus •Carbon emission targets In today's Talking Transformation Podcast, we hear from RTPI president 2020, Sue Manns. We hear her passion for the industry and learn of her ambitions leading this globally recognised and respected organisation. She gives us her view of the value proposition of the RTPI; and the lived experience of her presidency in this period unprecedented economic crisis and job insecurity. Sue is a private practitioner working from Birmingham, England. Over an impressive 40-year career she has served within the both the public and private sector and lectured on planning law and practice. At a time when we are looking for answers and solutions to complex professional and built environment issues here in South Africa we ask how are they engaging? What are they learning from their members? What can we look to introduce here in South Africa and are there experiences that we can share with them that they could learn from us? Recorded 15thJuly 2020 --- Send in a voice message:
7/17/202046 minutes, 35 seconds
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Talking Transformation Podcast: Bulletin October 2019

In this bulletin we celebrate 1100+ listens over our starting 11 episodes - all in less than three "live months"! We reflect on September's three informative and engaging episodes and look to January 2020 and the "FutureCast" planned with our friends @ APES+. We're really excited about this new collaboration. Learn how you can get involved and who has committed to being part of the panel looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020. It's quite a line-up! Be sure to engage with us through our Twitter-feed @talkingtransfo1 and / or leave us a voice message on the Anchor Podcast platform.  If you've engaged with us and would want to assist us with our survey to help us understand who is listening out there and to help us with CPD plans please head over to SurveyMonkey and follow this link: Recorded Sept 30th 2019 --- Send in a voice message:
10/3/20194 minutes, 51 seconds
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Talking Transformation (Trailer)

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7/7/201958 seconds