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Welcome to Talking Tourism, your go-to resource to learn the ins and outs of running a tourism business in today’s changing world.
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Talking Tourism Episode 100 - Customer Service Has Gone Online with Liz Ward

Liz Ward is the Founder and CEO of Tourism Tribe, an online learning community that delivers advice and support for tourism operators to grow their confidence and digital business skills. In today's episode, she chats with TICT's Luke Martin about the everchanging world of technology, and how important it is that tourism operators adapt with those changes.Liz goes into detail about how the COVID environment has further fast-tracked digital changes, and the impact that this has had on take-up across all demographics, including those that form some of our biggest visitor markets. Along with increased online savvy, consumers' expectations of the online customer service experience have also changed. These days, your business' online presence isn't just about marketing and being found - it's about engaging and servicing potential customers when they've landed on your piece of the digital world. Liz provides a number of insights into the best ways to connect with customers online to convert their interest into your business. Today's episode references checking your ATDW listing, and we encourage you to make this your first stop by logging in at For more information about Tawk's live chat software, head to, and if you're interested in  video editing, check out Tourism Tribe is online at’s episode is brought to you by our partner, Hype TV. Hype TV is TICT’s official AV partner, offering a range of services in the media production arena, from conceptual creative to full production and asset delivery. Thanks to Hype TV for their generous support of TICT and for helping to make this episode of Talking Tourism possible.
4/3/202231 minutes, 53 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #41 - Covid 19 Special: Tasmanian Tourism Stalwarts Ian Rankine & Simon Currant

As much as anyone, Ian Rankine and Simon Currant have shaped and guided the growth and development of Tasmanian tourism over the past 40-years.The two Tasmanian Tourism Champions join TICT CEO Luke Martin, to share their thoughts on the Covid-19 crisis, their perspective from past industry disruptions, and the measures they have undertaken over the past month in securing their own businesses. Ian Rankine is Managing Director of Innkeepers Tasmania and TasVacations, two of the largest retailers of Tasmanian visitor experiences. Ian is a long-time Director of Tourism Industry Council Tasmania. He also serves as a Director on the Tourism Tasmania Board, as nominee of the Tasmanian tourism industry through TICT. Simon Currant AM is the visionary and developer behind Cradle Mountain Lodge, Franklin Manor, Strahan Village, Gordon River Cruises, and Peppermint Bay. He currently operates Pumphouse Point within the Tasmanian Wilderness World  Heritage Area. Simon was Chairman of TICT for 15-years, is a former Tasmanian of the Year, and one of only 17 Australians to be officially recognised as a Legend of Australian Tourism. 
4/20/202046 minutes, 11 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #26 - How Business Tasmania can help you - with Kelly Brown

12/31/201920 minutes, 11 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #25 - Benefits of collaboration - with Rick Marton

12/17/201943 minutes, 18 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #24 - The importance of good design in tourism developments - Todd Henderson

12/10/201936 minutes
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Talking Tourism Episode # 23 - Why good coffee is the lynchpin of a great visitor experience - with Archana Brammall

11/26/201932 minutes, 41 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #22 - Getting the right insurance cover for your tourism business - Stuart Alexander

11/12/201928 minutes, 10 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #21 - The MTB phenomenon sweeping Tasmania - with Buck Gibson

Buck Gibson is one of the stalwarts of mountain bike tourism in Tasmania, particularly in the NE of Tasmania in Derby. He came to Tasmania from Queensland with a background in tourism, but it certainly wasn't mountain biking.  His son introduced him to the sport of MTB and the rest is history. Buck discovered there was potential for trails to be built in Derby based on the mountain biking plan developed in 2007 and saw the opportunity to set up his business in this sleepy mining town that was to become a MTB destination in its own right, attracting thousands of visitors to ride and race each year. And there's more to this story yet. With millions more being invested in other areas of Tasmania, Buck shares his thoughts about whether we've reached peak capacity yet or if this is just the beginning. 
10/29/201934 minutes, 25 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #20 - Agritourism and the rise of the paddock to plate phenomenon - with Curly Haslam-Coates

Curly is a Wine Educator and Chief Shenanigator for Vintage Tasmania. Curly’s business allows her to wear many hats in varied roles within wine, spirits, food, tourism and education. She'll be speaking with Rachel Williams about all things agriculture and using local produce.
10/16/201937 minutes, 22 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #19 - The Importance of Mentally Healthy Workplaces for Morale, Retention and Performance - with Bianca Welsh

Bianca Welsh is a co-owner of Stillwater Restaurant and Black Cow Bistro and is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness in the workplace among many things. Bianca has a unique approach to how she runs her businesses and supports her team. She is acutely aware of mental health issues and has supported those that suffer with depression, anxiety and bi-polar, to eating disorders, substance abuse, life-changing circumstances such as death, suicides, illness, abortion and divorce and aims to provide a safe and comfortable work-environment whilst enabling her team to still to be productive with a sense of empowerment and achievement. Studying part time Bianca completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science in December 2018 to complement her HR role within her businesses. In her spare time she surrounds herself with good food, wine, people and animals. She has recently become a mum and enjoys the challenge of balancing her roles. 
10/1/201930 minutes, 10 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #18 - Google Adwords- with Rob Knight

Is it possible to manage your own digital marketing and get it right? In this episode, self-made Google adwords expert, Rob Knight gives us the lowdown on how you can train yourself to successfully manage your own Google Adwords and make an impact. Learn whether the best solution is to outsource or keep it in-house; how to track the results; and the all-consuming question - how much to spend on Google Ads?
9/24/201940 minutes, 57 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #17 - Tourism research and insights - with Allison Anderson

9/17/201936 minutes, 20 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #16 - Strategic Marketing and brand - with Trina Mangels

9/10/201927 minutes, 58 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #15 - Workplace Culture- with Kath McCann

9/3/201928 minutes, 37 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #14 - Backpackers and Youth Travel Market - with Kristy Carstairs

8/27/201922 minutes, 25 seconds
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Talking Tourism - Champion Tales #3 - Andrew Wright - Calypso Star Charter

8/20/201927 minutes, 49 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #13 - Get your back end right and the front end will flourish - with Ali Uren

8/13/201926 minutes, 30 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #12 - Facebook pixels, retargeting and other social media tips - with Karyn Parkinson

8/6/201932 minutes, 59 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #11 - Accessible travel - with Clair and Scott Crowley

Passion and ambition has steered Clair and Scott Crowley to pioneer a niche market in inclusive travel, helping those living with disability to access travel and adventure experiences.Inspired after a snowboarding accident left Scott a paraplegic, they founded Push Adventures in 2014 and The Good Scout Travel Co. in 2017. The travel company closes the gap for accessible travel and brings more accessible travel options to the wheelchair traveller community.Determined to use their family’s experiences to inform and facilitate change within the travel industry, their experience in tourism, events and recreation, provide an invaluable insight into influencing change.Clair and Scott (on Scott's birthday no less!) speak to host Rachel Williams about their business, and desire to improve the country's accessible tourism offerings.Contact: [email protected]
7/30/201935 minutes, 59 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #10 - Sustainable practices to implement in your business - with Todd Houstein

7/23/201928 minutes, 25 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #9 - Building a brand - with Jason Little

Jason discusses how his company, For the People, goes about developing a destination brand. His most recent brand project is Tasmania’s West Coast, that has set a new standard for comprehensive community consultation and regional branding in the local government and tourism sector. Jason discusses the importance of engaging locals to build a strong tourism brand, and why leaning into what makes a place different from everywhere else is critical for building a brand that takes on a life of its own.Contact: [email protected]
7/16/201927 minutes, 42 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #8 - Boost your accommodation property - with David Reed

In this episode we focus on the small accommodation property and hone in on the question of "who are you?" We discuss finding your niche, ensuring you maintain a laser focus on your ideal customer and question every decision you’ve made about your property with your ideal customer in mind.We also discuss distribution channels and pricing your rooms and what else you can do to ensure you're getting bookings.Contact: [email protected]
7/9/201947 minutes, 38 seconds
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Talking Tourism - Champion Tales #2 - Howard Cearns - Little Creatures Brewery

Howard Cearns is co-founder of Little Creatures – Australia’s disruptive craft brewing start-up that made ‘boutique’ a thing to be valued, leading the way for the craft beer phenomenon sweeping Australia today.A successful branding and design creative, Howard and some entrepreneurial beer-drinking mates were determined to brew and popularise in their native Western Australia a rich hop-driven Pale Ale like the ones they so enjoyed in America, and completely unlike the traditional draught beers generated by Australia’s brewing monoliths.Wanting their beer connoisseurs to be able to take in the true sights, sounds and tastes of a brewery, they also set about transforming an old shed on the water’s edge in Fremantle into a brewery and beer hall unlike any other in Australia. Opening in 2000, The Great Hall, has become the gold standard for Australian foodie experiences with visitors surrounded by tanks, brewers getting around in high vis and the unmistakable aroma of beers mashing in.
7/2/201927 minutes, 55 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #7 - Want to win a tourism award? - with 4 state and national judges

How can join the ranks of tourism award winner? What sort of things are the judges actually looking for? How do we decide where to focus our attention?  What do national award winners do that makes them stand out? We'll answer all these and MORE on this special hour long episode specifically made for tourism awards nominees.
6/25/20191 hour, 1 minute, 44 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #6 - Dealing with a crisis - with Brad Nowland

For the past ten years, Brad Nowland has been one of the key staff members behind the rise of the Liberal Party from opposition to Government. Developing and executing innovative and high impact media and campaign strategies, he is amongst the longest-serving Press Secretaries in Tasmanian politics. Brad also served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Treasurer. Brad is now a public relations consultant and partner in Font PR and he says "the reality is, unless you’ve experienced it first-hand it is almost impossible to comprehend just how overwhelming and fast moving a real crisis can be."Brad and his team at Font PR have been called on to help clients deal with everything from helicopter crashes, workplace deaths, fraud and even Tasmania’s near catastrophic energy crisis.They know what it’s like to be on the front line during a crisis, what to expect, what to do and especially what not to do.Join Brad Nowland as he shares his insights and answer your questions in an informative and interactive session that is sure to make you think about what you would do if a crisis hit your business.Contact: [email protected]
6/18/201930 minutes, 17 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #5 - Social media update - with Meg Coffey

It’s so hard to keep up with the fast paced, ever changing landscape of social media.Starting up a Facebook page might be easy but with the falling organic reach and engagement from business accounts, actually growing a Facebook page can be challenging. We’ll discuss with a social media expert living in WA, the best ways to get your customers to engage with your efforts on Facebook. Social media and digital marketing strategist Meg Coffey is a trainer, lecturer, media commentator, award-winning entrepreneur and regular on Australia’s business speaking circuit.Texan by birth and Australian by choice, she is managing director of social and digital marketing agency Coffey and Tea, delivering training and developing campaigns that enable Australian businesses to compete on the global stage. She is also the founder of #SMPerth, the free digital-marketing knowledge-sharing network. With 5000-strong community that inspires and nurtures Australia’s next generation of digital marketers.Contact: [email protected]
6/11/201932 minutes, 34 seconds
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Talking Tourism Episode #4 - Getting the most out of your OTA - with Greg Freeman

With almost 21% of bookings coming from OTA (online travel agent) channels, it is important to ensure the relationship between OTA and providers is effective, easy, and mutually beneficial.During his master class Greg will share key learnings from his years as Expedia Groups Market Manager to ensure everyone gets what they need from any online supply channel, with some quick and easy wins that will benefit any operator.Content, engagement and conversion is the name of the game when targeting high value guests.Contact: [email protected]
6/4/201917 minutes, 32 seconds
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Talking Tourism - Champion Tales #1 - Simon Currant

Humorous, honest, provocative, thought provoking, confronting, challenging – much like the man himself!2018 Tasmanian Tourism Champion and industry legend, Simon Currant, shares his remarkable story in our inaugural Talking Tourism Podcast; Champion Tales.
5/28/201939 minutes, 22 seconds