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English, Education, 8 seasons, 37 episodes, 19 hours, 11 minutes
Tune in to Talking Teaching and join the lively discussion about effective and evidence-based classroom practice, as well as the latest in educational thinking. In each episode, leading educators and thinkers from around the world, including our own from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, share their thoughts and unique perspectives.
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The Universities Accord and strengthening the link between schools and higher education

The release of the Universities Accord earlier this year marks a pivotal moment in higher education policy. Its recommendations address crucial aspects of the evolving higher ed landscape, including equity, funding, HECS/HELP, and living costs. These changes could profoundly influence the decisions of first-year students transitioning from school to higher ed, emphasising the pivotal role schools play in shaping their future trajectories. In this episode, Associate Professor Gwilym Croucher, an expert in Higher Education Policy, joins Principal Annette Rome of St. Margaret's Berwick in a dynamic dialogue. Together, they explore the potential impacts of the Accord, strategies for preparing school students for making decisions around their future, and how we ensure good outcomes for everyone.
5/7/202428 minutes, 40 seconds
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Supporting Neurodiversity in Our Schools: A Teacher's Guide

Australian schools are recognising the growing importance of fostering inclusive spaces for neurodiverse students. Teachers play a vital role in creating belonging for these students. But how can we support teachers, to support neurodivergent students in the classroom? We speak to experts Jess Rowlings and Dr Matt Harrison, co-directors of Next Level Collaboration and passionate researchers in neurodiversity, about how teachers can support the learning of their neurodivergent students. We explore what neurodiversity is, how it presents in young people and practical strategies teachers can use in their classrooms.
4/8/202427 minutes, 32 seconds
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Mental Health in Primary Schools

In this episode of Talking Teaching, Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), explores the Mental Health in Primary Schools project (MHiPS) with Professor Frank Oberklaid OAM and Dr Georgia Dawson. The Murdoch Children's Research Institute's Centre for Community Child Health, as well as partners from the MGSE and the Victorian Department of Education are supporting this new project, which aims to address mental health problems in children before they enter adolescence. Providing support, education, and social and emotional learning skills in primary school may reduce the prevalence of mental health problems in high school and beyond.
4/6/202229 minutes, 47 seconds
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New Assessments: Acknowledging Student Success

A new research project, New Metrics for Success, works with schools across Australia to develop new ways of assessing school students. These new ways assess the general capabilities and skills of students including communication, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking. By assessing these capabilities we broaden our understanding of students' abilities and expand the opportunities for students to achieve their work and study ambitions. Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne School of Education, discusses the development of these new assessment tools with Professor Sandra Milligan, Director of the Assessment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne. He also speaks to the Principal of the Hunter Sports High School in NSW, whose school is participating in the New Metrics research project, about what these new assessments look like on the ground in a school.
10/21/202128 minutes, 40 seconds
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Gen X,Y & Z: facing the challenges of the 21st century

In this episode of Talking Teaching, Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and Professor Johanna Wyn discuss the differences and commonalities between the generations revealed by the longitudinal study Life Patterns. This study, which began in the early 1990s, has tracked and documented the transitions of young people across education, work, wellbeing, relationships and family life. Now, with a new Australian Research Council grant, a cohort of Gen Z will join the study.
8/27/202119 minutes, 38 seconds
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COVID-19 - catalyst for change or a retreat to the past?

In this episode of Talking Teaching, Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and Professor Yong Zhao discuss the education system post-COVID-19 and question whether the role of education should be more than simply preparing students for the workforce. Yong Zhao is Professor of Educational Leadership at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Foundation Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas School of Education.
4/28/202122 minutes, 41 seconds
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Decolonising the English curriculum

In this episode of Talking Teaching, the University of Melbourne's Larissa McLean Davies - an Associate Professor in Languages and Literacy Education - hosts a panel discussion on the importance of reading in our lives, and how to make the teaching of English more inclusive, particularly in terms of decolonising the curriculum.
3/8/202124 minutes
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The COVID lessons: John Hattie reflects

Laureate Professor John Hattie reflects on the effect of COVID-19 on the education system examining what we should keep from what he calls the 'great experiment'. Speaking to Talking Teaching on the eve of his retirement from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, John stresses the need to focus on the existing expertise we have in education and the need to upscale success.
12/6/202019 minutes, 59 seconds
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The kids are alright but is the education system? Flipping the conversation on Indigenous education

On this episode of Talking Teaching Kamilaroi woman, Dr Melitta Hogarth, the Assistant Dean, Indigenous at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, discusses the challenges facing the education sector in building an inclusive school culture and environment for Indigenous students in Australia. To achieve this, she says, we need to flip the narrative and address the significant gap in non-Indigenous Australians' understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, cultures , knowledges and people. We also speak to Josh Cubillo, A Larrakia man educated in the Darwin area who is now pursuing his dream of improving the knowledge of non-Indigenous teachers and their understanding of the concept of country.
9/29/202030 minutes, 30 seconds
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Dealing with trauma: schools on the frontline

In a traumatic year of bushfires and a global pandemic young people in Australia have faced increasing uncertainty and anxiety. How do schools support their students through these times and how can they help them deal with the trauma to ensure that they thrive? On this episode of Talking Teaching Professor Helen Cahill, a leading innovator in school-based wellbeing interventions, discusses the ways that social and emotional learning programs in schools can assist young people to deal with traumatic situations and mitigate the effects of trauma, before they happen, if already implemented in schools.
8/7/202020 minutes, 25 seconds
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Teaching through the pandemic: lessons learned in and out of school

Teachers, students, parents and entire school communities have been through a tumultuous time having been forced to switch schooling from the classroom to remote learning and back again in the space of a few months. So, what's worked, what didn't and what are schools going to take with them into the future? On this episode of Talking Teaching: two leaders of two very different schools share their insights. Plus we speak with Professor Janet Clinton, who was commissioned by the Australian Government to report on 'Supporting vulnerable children in the face of a pandemic', about the potential effect COVID-19 may have on vulnerable students.
6/12/202038 minutes, 37 seconds
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Resilience and recovery: bushfires and COVID-19

A global pandemic and devastating bushfires - these major events are going to affect people's lives and wellbeing for a long time. Their ramifications are forcing people to deal with uncertainty, stress and loss. On this episode of Talking Teaching: Professor Lindsay Oades, Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, tells us how we can find resilience in a pandemic - and we meet the Principal of Clifton Creek Primary School, Sue Paul, who's rebuilding her school and community after it was destroyed by bushfire.
4/21/202031 minutes, 45 seconds
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Teaching Indigenous history in schools and the rundown on NAPLAN

In this final edition of Talking Teaching for this year Maxine McKew talks to David de Carvalho about the national NAPLAN picture and what it is really telling us. The ACARA chief regrets that NAPLAN is too often seen as the sole measure of student achievement and that national testing needs to be augmented by more granular assessment. And we hear from Professor Marcia Langton about the University of Melbourne's new schools' resource material for the teaching of indigenous history. Professor Langton explains how a new generation of students is curious for truth telling about a culture that we know is 65,000 years old.
11/26/201932 minutes, 19 seconds
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The need for policy changes in the VET sector

The Prime Minister says that TAFE is as good as university and wants to encourage young Australians to consider taking up a trade. But how fit for purpose is the sector? After a troubled recent history of dodgy providers and high upfront fees, enrolments are plummeting. Can this be reversed? In this edition of Talking Teaching Professor John Polesel and Professor Peter Noonan consider the policy changes needed to alter the perception that VET is a second class option. Guests: Professor John Polesel - Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy, MGSE Professor Peter Noonan - Professor of Tertiary Education Policy, Mitchell Institute, Victoria University
10/1/201922 minutes, 15 seconds
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Australian schooling and teaching 21st century skills

Emeritus Professor Barry McGaw has spent a lifetime advocating for greater equity in Australia schooling. In this interview with Kerry Elliott he considers recent funding policy failures and regrets the way Australian schooling has become so segmented and stratified. The founding chair of ACARA, Barry McGaw also makes some important distinctions about the teaching of 21st century skills, emphasising the continuing importance of disciplinary knowledge. A compelling interview with one of Australia's top educators.
8/27/201924 minutes, 36 seconds
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Positive Psychology: Learning the skills and capabilities for wellbeing

The sixth International Congress for Positive Psychology was held recently in Melbourne with the University of Melbourne as the main partner. Hundreds of experts from across the globe described their approach to maximising wellbeing, particularly among young people. Talking Teaching was there and interviewed David Kolpak from St Peter's College in Adelaide where wellbeing programmes are a standard part of the curriculum. In this episode you'll also hear where the science of Positive Psychology is taking us with Professor Lindsay Oades, Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology at MGSE.
7/29/201925 minutes, 18 seconds
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Talking Teaching considers the growing national momentum for pre-school for three year old children

In this episode Maxine McKew talks with experts Trish Eadie and Deb Brennan about the multiple benefits of quality early learning programmes for young children. In particular they consider the growing national momentum for pre-school for three year old children, a policy already embraced by Victoria. The discussion also analyses the success and continuing challenges highlighted in the recent national review of ECE, Lifting our Game. We also visit Gowrie Clare Court in Yarraville Melbourne to hear what early learning teachers say. Presenter - Maxine McKew Guests - Associate Professor Tricia Eadie - Melbourne Graduate School of Education Emeritus Professor Deb Brennan - Social Policy Research Centre UNSW
7/2/201929 minutes, 40 seconds
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What the rest of the world is noticing about our most effective teachers

What is it the rest of the world is noticing about Australia's teachers? Ranked as one of the world's top ten teachers, Rooty Hill humanities teacher Yasodai Selvakumaran talks to TT about overseas interest in the way we engage students in complex problem solving. Guest speakers: Yasodai Selvakumaran - ranked in the top ten for the Varkey Foundation's Global Teaching Prize Bruce Armstrong - newly retired, former Deputy Secretary, Victorian Department of Education
5/22/201929 minutes, 51 seconds
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Teaching children reading

In this episode of Talking Teaching Kerry Elliott talks to David Hornsby about the contentious issue of how we teach reading to young students. Why can't we agree on the fundamentals and insist on comprehensive English language training for teachers? Listen to David Hornsby's common sense approach.
4/16/201924 minutes, 52 seconds
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A challenging look at teaching teachers.

In this episode of Talking Teaching writer and university lecturer Tegan Bennett Daylight discusses what she sees as declining standards and poor quality reading skills in some students attending universities. She identifies the dilemma of how to instil a love of reading in children from teachers who are struggling themselves. A provocative must- listen interview hosted by Maxine McKew.
3/13/201929 minutes, 39 seconds
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How educators can boost student interest in reading

Talking Teaching's first episode for 2019 features interviews with Larissa McLean Davies and with Penny Jones. From different perspectives they both talk about how educators can boost student interest in reading. Larissa McLean Davies is Associate Dean Teaching and Learning at The Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She is on a mission to boost the teaching of a diverse range of quality Australian texts in our schools. She talks to Maxine McKew about a range of programmes she is developing which will help English teachers develop appropriate resourcing for the teaching of Australian literature. As well Talking Teaching looks at the above average reading success of a small Victorian regional school, Cobram Secondary. Lead teacher Penny Jones describes the life changing strategies that have seen secondary students rediscover the joy of reading. Cobram Secondary is a member of MGSE's Network of Schools
2/14/201930 minutes, 21 seconds
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Glyn Davis and the joys of teaching

In this episode of Talking Teaching Maxine McKew talks with Professor Glyn Davis who has just completed fourteen years as Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne. It was one of Glyn's high school teachers who first sat him down and showed him how to go about pursuing a university education. Glyn's own reflections on the joy of teaching, the challenges of leadership, and students' use of technology make for absorbing listening. So sit back and enjoy this interview with one of Australia's most significant educational leaders.
11/7/201833 minutes, 19 seconds
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What does it take to be a good principal?

In this episode of Talking Teaching Stephen Dinham and John Goh talk to Kerry Elliott about the qualities and skills needed to be an effective instructional leader. Both agree that central to the job is an ability to facilitate teaching and learning.
10/3/201827 minutes, 21 seconds
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Jo Boaler, Michaela Epstein and Michelle Fry on Maths Education, and Saudi Arabia's bold new education reforms

In this month's Talking Teaching, Sophie Murphy interviews Stanford University's Jo Boaler who argues that the latest neuroscience explains what she has always argued - that anyone can do maths. Kerry Elliott talks to Michaela Epstein and Michelle Fry about how on-line maths learning is engaging students and producing impressive results. And finally, Maxine discusses the radical educational reforms being undertaken through the extraordinary partnership between the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Saudi Arabia.
9/6/201833 minutes, 20 seconds
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Gonski 2.0

Talking Teaching this week dives into a lively discussion about the value and messages contained in Gonski 2.0 From Growth to Achievement.
8/1/201826 minutes, 48 seconds
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In conversation with Katherine Henderson, Dr Geoff Masters and David Baker.

This month we chat to leaders from across the school sector who meet and exchange ideas at the University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS). Program founder, Katherine Henderson, explains the link between this kind of collaboration and a lift in overall student achievement. Next up, Dr Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Education Research, argues its time to move away from a structure whereby students are organised according to age or year level, to one based on the achievement of proficiencies. Finally, David Baker explains to Sophie Murphy how Gippsland Grammar is already moving towards this approach and exploring ways to move students from surface to deep learning.
7/4/201829 minutes, 24 seconds
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In conversation with Eddie Woo

In this episode of Talking Teaching, we chat with the maths teacher behind Woo Tube, the dynamic communicator Eddie Woo. With an audience in the hundreds of thousands that stretches way beyond his home school of Cherrybrook High in Sydney, Eddie has a down-to earth approach to technology, seeing it merely as an amplifier. Central to his high impact teaching is a well developed methodology and a talent for hooking his students with a great story. Talking Teaching is recorded and mixed by Gavin Nebauer at The Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne. Theme music by Gavin Nebauer
6/6/201837 minutes, 48 seconds
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John Hattie, Peggy Brookins, HALTS teachers, Noel Creece and Wesley Imms

In this episode of Talking Teaching we focus on the national teaching standards that are validated by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). In particular, AITSL's chair Prof John Hattie looks at the way Highly Accomplished teachers are using their networks to spread the word about high-impact teaching practice. We also hear from his counterpart in the U.S. Peggy Brookins who describes the way national standards apply across the American states. In a separate story, we take a look at South Melbourne Primary School, Victoria's first public vertical school. The University of Melbourne's Professor Wes Imms says that re-thinking the design of learning spaces is a proven way to boost student interest. Read the full transcript. Laureate Professor John Hattie, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne Peggy Brookins, President/CEO National Board fro Professional teaching Standards, U.S. HALTS teachers - Tania Crawford, Deana Cuconits, Adele Maughn, Natalie Polak, Andrew Cornwall, Meghan Smith Principal Noel Creece, South Melbourne Primary Associate Professor Wesley Imms, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne Theme music by Gavin Nebauer Talking Teaching recorded and mixed by Gavin Nebauer at The Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne
4/26/201834 minutes, 36 seconds