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English, Sports, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 3 hours
Where the “Real” in sports get talked about, analyzed and broken down to it’s purest form. What started as a small group on Facebook has grown into an army of over 1000 members in the United States and all over the world. With over 100 posts a day and thousands of opinions, someone HAD to put this on radio! Guests, interviews, and sports talk with an edge. Len Williams is your host, and he promises to give it to you straight.
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Steven Barnhart Interview

If you ever want to know about hoops, call THIS man - Steven Barnhart of Hardwood Hoops Central!
06/12/201415 minutes 42 seconds
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Greg Smith Interview

An interview with ESPN 1460's Greg Smith and his thoughts on the college football playoff!
06/12/201413 minutes 41 seconds
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Warren McCarty Interview

My segment talking NFL with Warren McCarty of MPIF Radio.
06/12/201418 minutes 29 seconds
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Ray Rice's Best Fit (2)

Part 2 of my segment on Ray Rice's best fit.
01/12/201415 minutes 4 seconds
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Ray Rice's Best Fit (1)

My segment on which teams are the best fit for Ray Rice this year
01/12/201417 minutes 4 seconds
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The most intriguing undefeated college football team

The team that no one's talking about this year - the M.I.T. Engineers! (Yes, they play football there!)
22/11/20146 minutes 39 seconds
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2015 Hall of Fame (Who's in / who's out)

My segment on 3 shoe-ins and 3 "shove-outs" for the 2015 pro football Hall of Fame.
22/11/201411 minutes 48 seconds
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Athletes that walk away

My segment on prominent pro athletes that walked away from the sport. Check it out!
22/11/201414 minutes 15 seconds
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Duran Hill Interview

Duran Hill from Sting Like a Bee Entertainment joins the program to give his thoughts on Bernard Hopkins and all things boxing!
08/11/201420 minutes 2 seconds
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NFL Mid-Season Grades (NFC)

Warren McCarty drops his grades and KNOWLEDGE on the NFC!
08/11/201416 minutes 19 seconds
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NFL Mid-season grades (AFC)

Warren McCarty from My Passion is Football joins me to talk AFC mid-season grades!
08/11/201420 minutes 21 seconds
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Which Coach Needs to GO!!

My thoughts on which coaches need to get OUT.....QUICKLY!!
01/11/201410 minutes 44 seconds