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Talking Over Each Other

English, Social, 1 seasons, 3 episodes, 1 hour 51 minutes
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Episode 3 - Mental Illness

For Mental Health Awareness month, we discuss a range of topics from our own experiences with mental illness to how to remain positive.
11/05/201844 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 2: Hot Girls Wanted

In episode 2 we talk to 5 different women who are currently, or have been, sex workers to get their take on documentaries about sex workers. Less rambling over each other more broken telephone. *This podcast includes mentions of sexually expicit content, drug abuse and sexual assault* Side note: When I was introducing the girls we spoke to I said Jordan, Madeline and Ruby in error, it should have been Sierra, Madeline and Ruby. Blame my editing brain fog.
03/05/201738 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 1

Talking over each other is two sisters, Jam and Jas, clumsily rambling over each other in different topics every week. Episode 1 focuses on private vs. public space, Shine Theory and internet personalities. Cover art by Jenelle Lewis
25/04/201728 minutes 52 seconds