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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 3 seasons, 124 episodes, 2 days 18 hours 45 minutes
A physician-hosted podcast interviewing a wide variety of guests from within and outside healthcare about issues relating to the early career physician. What is wrong and how do we fix it? In this show, you will learn different pitfalls, tips, and tricks, as well as varied perspectives on finances, burnout/moral injury, advocacy, private practice, and other vital issues pertaining to physicians early in their careers. Hit subscribe and get ready to start the conversation!
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5 Non-Clinical Careers That Can Be Pursued Without or Right After Residency with Dr. John Jurica

Get ready to learn about the world of non-clinical careers for physicians on this episode of the Talk2MeDoc podcast with host Andrew Tisser and special guest Dr. John Jurica! In this informative episode, Dr. Jurica shares his wealth of knowledge on the various opportunities available for physicians who want to pursue non-clinical careers without doing a residency or after completing one. From medical director to chief medical information officer, there are plenty of exciting career paths to explore. Dr. Jurica also discusses his Non-Clinical Career Academy and the new online community, NewScript, which offers mentorship programs, online courses, and live stream events for healthcare professionals transitioning to non-clinical careers. In addition, tune in to discover the possibilities in consulting and pharma and learn about the benefits of joining the New Script community to combat burnout and make a successful career transition. In this episode you will learn:
29/03/202336 minutes 27 seconds
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Direct Specialty Care- How is Direct Care Changing Medicine?

Join us as we explore the ongoing debate between direct care and traditional primary care with family physician and Atlas MD's co-founder, Dr. Josh Umbehr. Learn about the key differences between the two options, and gain insights into what to consider when choosing the right path for your medical career.Introduction of Dr. Josh Umbehr, a board-certified family physician and co-founder of Atlas MD.Discussion of the ongoing debate between direct care and traditional primary care.Explanation of the key differences between direct care and traditional primary care, including their benefits for both doctors and patients.Insights into what to consider when choosing between direct care and traditional primary care for your medical career.Description of Dr. Umbehr's journey to opening Atlas MD, his ideal medical practice that focuses solely on patient needs without the burdens of government and insurance regulation.Conclusio
15/03/202333 minutes 5 seconds
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Top Legal Tips for a New Physician with Amanda Hill

Join host Andrew Tisser as he sits down with Amanda Hill, a healthcare expert based in Austin, Texas. With extensive experience in government and healthcare groups, Amanda provides valuable guidance and counsel to physicians and healthcare management. From her law firm to her latest venture, Guard My Practice, Amanda is dedicated to helping doctors feel safe in medicine. In this episode, Amanda will share her knowledge of the legal issues of running a medical practice, including employment law, agreements, and investments. Listen in as Amanda delves into the importance of seeking legal advice, corporate compliance, sexual harassment policies, and the role of a company attorney. She also sheds light on doctors' challenges, such as dealing with complex patients and navigating medical board complaints. In this episode you will learn:·        Legal issues that arise in running a medical practice and how they can affect doctors·        Inves
15/02/202336 minutes 49 seconds
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What is Health Informatics? How to Leverage Technology with Dr. Sam Gharbi!

01/02/202326 minutes 25 seconds
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Physician Contracts Part 2- How and When to Re-Negotiate a Contract with Kyle Claussen

Several physicians sometimes feel like they do not have any leverage or do not have power. According to Kyle Claussen, our guest for this episode, this feeling is often the cause of burnout and frustration that leads to physicians leaving employment. However, he shares that before these things happen, they should ask for the essential things, find out, and have a dialogue with their employer about making things work. If you want to learn more about renegotiating your contract, tune in to this episode with your host, Andrew Tisser.In this episode, you will learn:·       Who is Kyle Claussen·       When to renegotiate your contract·       Cost of living adjustments and inflation·       What are the pitfalls of renegotiation?·       When to bring an attorney into the process.About Kyle Claussen:Kyle Claussen is the CEO at Resolve. He’s a visionary and constantly encourages his team to think outside the box and be bet
18/01/202325 minutes 18 seconds
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What is a Physician Advisor? Learn All About This Fantastic Career with Dr. Ronald Hirsch!

Join Dr. Andrew Tisser and guest Dr. Ronald Hirsch as they discuss what a Physician advisor is, its duties and responsibilities, and why it is an essential role in the hospital. Dr. Hirsch shares that a physician advisor determines the correct admission status for the patient so that the hospital gets paid for the care, the physicians get paid for the care, and the patients are in the correct status. From that, it grew into involving a whole bunch of other things. One of the most significant duties now with physician advisors is to work with the Clinical Documentation Integrity Team, working with medical terms and teaching doctors how to use them properly. In addition, they stand as case managers, especially in complex cases like disagreements between family members and physicians, where they act as a neutral body to read the chart and help the family understand what's happening. So, if you want to learn more about this fantastic career, tune in and enjoy!In this epis
04/01/202329 minutes 27 seconds
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MBAs Part 1- Who Should Get a MBA with Sam Kessel MD, MBA

Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Sam Kessel as they talk about why physicians should obtain an MBA and what doors does an MBA open for them. Influences can be anything, and for Sam, what sparked his interest in entrepreneurship was due to the marketing class he took. Combining his MD and MBA gave him a wide array of expertise in both medicine and business.In this episode you will learn:·        Marketing class to MBA·        Perks that an MBA gives·        Who should get an MBA?·        Factors of business school notoriety·        A look into what Sam doesAbout Sam Kessel:Sam Kessel is passionate about the intersection of medicine, technology, and business. He is a life science consultant at LEK, advising companies on a variety of strategic decisions from research and development, mergers and acquisitions, and international strategy. Sam completed his intern year in internal medicine. In addition, he ha
01/06/202230 minutes
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Living the Dash- Entrepreneurship and More with Omar Medrano

Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Omar Medrano as they talk about why doctors should consider entrepreneurship as an additional skill and how they can get started. Fear has always been the thing that keeps most people from their potential, and that is what Omar tries to break as a highly-successful entrepreneur and business coach. He harnesses personal experiences and channels them into how he coaches his clients, so they unhinge their hidden potential and become successful entrepreneurs like him.In this episode you will learn:·        Degrees don’t matter; entrepreneurship is for everyone·        Why doctors should consider entrepreneurship·        First steps on how to get started – doctors aren’t trained for this!·        Skills can be learned over time·        Focus on asking better questions in a positive lightAbout Omar Medrano:Omar Medrano is a highly-successful entrepreneur and business coach for
04/05/202228 minutes 10 seconds
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Career Strategy Sessions 4: STOP Saying You Have No Marketable Skills!

Join your host Andrew Tisser in the fourth episode of Career Strategy Sessions as he talks about what marketable skills are, why it matters to have them, and where to find those. It is often heard from clients, friends, colleagues, and others how all they know is what their current profession is, nothing more, nothing less. Saying you do not have other skills besides what you already know is complete utter nonsense. Today, Dr. Andrew explains that physicians and other healthcare professionals have more skills to offer that are not only desirable but also marketable and valuable.In this episode you will learn:·        What is a marketable or transferable skill?·        How to discover personal marketable skills·        Why it helps to be creative in showing innate skills·        Examples of marketable skills·        Create a skills inventory and use elimination to pinpoint commonalitiesConnect with Talk2Medoc on:We
20/04/20229 minutes 42 seconds
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Have Student Loans? Listen to This Episode, STAT- with Travis Hornsby

Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Travis Hornsby as they talk about solving student loans. Being a chartered financial analyst and a former bond trader, Travis launched Student Loan Planner to help his wife, a physician, navigate through the repayment schemes of the student loan system. Now, he does the same for graduate degree professionals, so they do not spend most of their hard-earned money paying off debt brought by student loans.In this episode you will learn:·        What is the limited PSLF waiver about?·        Repayment strategies for those unqualified for the PSLF waiver·        Complexities of student loans·        No need to hire a professional – resources are available!·        Thoughts on global forgivenessAbout Travis Hornsby:Travis Hornsby is a speaker and the founder of Student Loan Planner, which he launched after helping his physician wife navigate ridiculously complex student loan re
07/04/202235 minutes 22 seconds
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Telemedicine: The What, Why, and How with Dr. Laura Purdy

Join your host Andrew Tisser with guest Dr. Laura Purdy as she talks about the behind-the-curtains of telemedicine. Telemedicine has been around for years now. But, with advanced technology kicking in, where is the evolution of telehealth leading to? In this exchange, Dr. Laura Purdy explains what asynchronous telemedicine is all about, the “proper” and “lucrative” approach to telemedicine, and the areas of telehealth that need a lot of improvement.In this episode you will learn:·        Dr. Laura Purdy – on doing telemedicine before it was cool·        What is asynchronous telemedicine?·        Are you a good fit for telehealth?·        There is legal protection for doctors in telemedicine·        Telehealth’s referral system needs to improveAbout Dr. Laura Purdy:Laura Purdy is a board-certified family medicine physician who is wrapping up 14 years as an officer in the US Army. Laura started working in telemedici
23/03/202231 minutes 56 seconds
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All About the Physician Marriage with Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum

Join your host Andrew Tisser with guests Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum as they discuss how physicians can achieve a higher level of connection in marriage and family. In their coaching business, Jeep and Vanessa put together their experiences in coaching and relationships that didn’t work. Today, Dr. Jeep and Vanessa talk about the significant challenges for physicians in relationships, navigating stress during residency as a couple, why communication is fundamental to marriage as physicians, and more.In this episode you will learn:·       Vanessa and Jeep – on alone times and connections·       Marriage is a team effort that needs commitment—no matter what!·       Personal joys in relationships need to be acknowledged ·       Patience is also a form of action·       Sometimes, systems are required to make communication work.About Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum:Dr. Jeep and Vanessa Naum are the owners of
16/03/202235 minutes 53 seconds
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How a Physician Has Redefined Success- with Dr. Ketan Kulkarni

Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Dr. Ketan Kulkarni as they talk about how a not-so-average doctor defines and redefines success. After going full-time in clinical service, Dr. Ketan was promoted within five years. But despite having a solid support system from family and friends, Dr. Ketan was no stranger to burnout. As he talks from experience, Dr. Ketan shares how he proved physicians can also be other things outside of medicine, the questions that help you look inward, and his thoughts on why you shouldn’t focus on fixing the system.In this episode you will learn:·        Burnout is a signal·        Can a physician really do other things outside of medicine?·        What adds to a career’s success?·        How to look inward·        Why you shouldn’t mind the system firstAbout Dr. Ketan Kulkarni:Dr. Ketan Kulkarni is a physician, a clinician-researcher, a scientist, a passionate entrepreneur, an ard
02/03/202236 minutes 14 seconds
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Career Strategy Sessions 3: How to Start Thinking Outside the Box

Join your host Andrew Tisser in the third episode of Career Strategy Sessions as he talks about how you can start thinking outside the box and eliminate limiting beliefs when deciding on your next career. Why a physician would choose to enter a second career can come from many reasons. But, whatever the reason, your second career shouldn’t put you in the same situation as your first one. Today, Dr. Andrew explains why your next move shouldn’t revolve around ‘what’s possible,’ why your degree isn’t your identity, why you shouldn’t just focus on salary, and so much more.In this episode you will learn:·         Asking “what career is possible?” is closed thinking·         Non-clinical careers aren’t always the solution·         Do you always have to use your degree?·         Should your next salary surpass the previous one?·         Physicians aren’t only equipped with medical-skillsConnect with Talk2Medoc on:Webs
23/02/202216 minutes 16 seconds
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Difficult or Misunderstood? How to Handle the Challenging Patient with Dr. Joan Naidorf.

Join your host Andrew Tisser with his guest Dr. Joan Naidorf as they talk about what affects your approach when dealing with “difficult” patients. Dr. Naidorf has been working in this space for some time, and the American Association for Physician Leadership published her book Changing How We Think about Difficult Patients: A Guide for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals. With depth, Dr. Joan helps us understand our biases, empathy, and how to better look at our relationship with patients.In this episode you will learn:·        How the book Changing How We Think about Difficult Patients came to be·        Biases affect the physician-patient relationship·        Why you should anticipate the possibility of a patient getting “difficult”·        The moments where you need to bolster up your confidence as a physician·        About In shock, Book by Rana AwdishAbout Dr. Joan Naidorf:Dr. J
09/02/202229 minutes 6 seconds
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Career Strategy Sessions 2: What is Career Happiness Anyway?

Join Dr. Andrew Tisser (Talk2MeDoc Podcast) in this episode as he explains the premise of career happiness and why it’s important. One of the many aspects of achieving career happiness is having a job that does not go against a person’s core values. Andrew explains that core values don’t stay the same and evolve as you grow, and finding what your core values are is the first step.  The second aspect that Andrew shared is finding work that inspires you, “fires you up” as he said. Andrew shares this information while using examples that are easily relatable for those in the medical field but nonetheless, quite a crucial topic to be discussed with listeners of different backgrounds and fields. This episode will either help you decide on what your next career should be or give you insights on how you could better connect with a job you’re currently on to a personal level that will definitely help with your day-to-day experience.   In this episode, ther
02/02/202211 minutes 6 seconds