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English, Social, 1 season, 50 episodes
The Talk to me Nice podcast is all about exposing different ideas on relationships on dating from men and women to gain a better understanding of each other. Hosted by Ryan Fagan a real estate broker looking for his future life and learning about different ideology on dating and sharing his own.
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EP050 - Are Modern Men Under-Performing

Are Modern Men Under-performing | Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP50 Are young men and boys in crisis? Are they failing at education, dating, finances? Why is their self delete rate so high? These are all topics we cover on a special 50th episode of the talk to me nice podcast Guests @kennyclutch_ @lone.wolf.143 @nikkibooti @ @RyanFagan_RealEstate @hustlesaucekev Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #dating #modernman Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP50 (Timestamps) 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP50 1:18 Announcement: Our Talk to Me Nice Network 2:18 Topic Introduction: Are men underperforming? 3:44 Ryan's Intro and Relationship Status 4:14 Na Kia's Intro and Thoughts on Men Underperforming 6:25 Tammy's Intro and Thoughts on Men Underperforming 8:04 Reading Comments: Hellos and Modern Men 9:07 Positive Messaging for Women vs Negative for Men 11:05 Kennith's Intro and Thoughts on Men Underperforming 14:14 How Music Effects Our Mindset 17:44 Upbringing Influences Childhood 19:11 Underperformance for Men vs Women 20:27 Media Messaging and the Importance of Parent's Guidance 28:41 Reading Comments: Underperformance and Mindset 29:34 The Issue with Strong Women Messaging 37:37 Is the Bible misogynistic? 43:26 Individuals Need Structure and Rules 50:39 Reading Comments: Gender Roles and Religion 51:27 Men Were Conditioned the Wrong Way 54:09 Why We Should Consider the Needs of Men vs Women 57:45 Why Modern Men are Underperforming vs Women's Standards 1:07:13 Two Types of Men: Can men be both? 1:15:55 Reading Comments: Can men be both? 1:18:27 Men vs Women's Roles Should Be Interchangeable 1:20:18 Why are men doing worse in education? 1:28:16 Why are men killing themselves more? 1:38:56 Men Need Solution-Based Support 1:47:42 Young Men Need More Types of Support 1:52:49 Na Kia's Final Takeaway: Men's Stereotypes 1:55:45 Tammy's Final Takeaway: The Pressure on Men 1:58:03 Kennith's Final Takeaway: Purpose and Mentality 2:01:08 Final Advice for Men 2:02:58 Wrap Up
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EP049 - What Does Rihanna Leading ASAP Rocky In Vogue Mean For Society

Rihanna & ASAP Rocky In The Background of The Vogue Cover | Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP49. The Rihanna & ASAP Rocky shows everything wrong with family structure in society. They put the woman in front leading the man looking like a nanny! Guests @libbyalkhori @jennykap @tabbrandon @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate @hustlesaucekev Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #rihannaasaprocky #vogue 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP49 0:33 Topic Introduction: Rihanna Leading ASAP Rocky in Vogue 4:41 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 5:17 The Podcast is Open for Call Ins 5:36 Jenny's Intro and Thoughts on Men Being the New Women 7:24 Brandon's Intro and Thoughts on Men Being the New Women 8:40 Libby's Intro and Thoughts on Men Being the New Women 10:12 Reading Comments: Initial Reactions 10:54 Are men underperforming today? 16:09 Is there equal representation for men as women? 19:20 The Burden of Gender Roles 23:30 Like the Video and Call In 23:59 Not Matching Gender Roles and Expectations 25:19 What Women vs Men Can Bring to the Table 29:07 Reading Comments: Women Independence, Poll, 50/50, etc. 32:38 Are career-focused women intimidating? 38:35 Women Making More Than Men 47:09 Like the Video and Subscribe 47:54 Splitting Bills 50/50 in a Relationship 49:15 Reading Comments: 50/50, Ambition, Independence, etc. 52:40 Do you all believe in gender roles? 53:48 Women Have Unrealistic Expectations of Men 59:51 Why didn't our parents teach us about relationships? 1:00:54 Why is social media seen in a negative light? 1:03:14 Expectations and Rules in Relationships 1:11:02 Reading Comments: SAH Wives, 50/50, etc. 1:12:46 Is it worth building skills if you will be a SAH mom? 1:22:25 How are you equipping yourself for your future? 1:25:21 What does your dream man want? 1:28:53 What qualities would your dream woman have? 1:30:06 Reading Comments: Dream Man 1:31:32 What does your dream man want? (cont.) 1:35:31 Women Don't Consider What Men Want 1:39:55 Society Has Switched to Women Empowerment 1:40:54 Reading Comments: Dream Woman, Celebrities, etc. 1:44:10 Is love beneficial to a man? 1:51:11 Reading Comments: Women Rights, Love, etc. 1:52:18 Men Can't Be Vunlerable 1:53:47 Does body count matter? 1:58:54 Reading Comments: Moving On, Body Count, etc. 2:00:31 Wrap Up: Our Final Takeaways
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EP048 - The Role Of The Modern Man

What is The role of the modern man in the west? Our all men's panel discuss men's issues and topics on this episode of the talk to me nice podcast Guests @emperorguz @muntasirsmith @RyanFagan_RealEstate @hustlesaucekev Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #modernman Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP48 (Timestamps) 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP48 0:26 Topic Introduction: The Role of the Modern Man 1:15 Ryan's Intro and Relationship Status 1:28 Guz's Intro and Thoughts on Modern Men 3:44 Muntasir's Intro and Thoughts on Modern Men 5:55 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 6:30 The Role of the Traditional Man 10:19 Women Taking on Men's Roles 16:34 How Modern Feminism is Affecting Women 18:10 Can women balance both roles? 23:34 Do you split bills 50/50? 24:43 An Example of How Men and Women are Different 27:41 Reading Comments: 50/50 Work 28:20 Are parents passing down relationship advice? 30:07 The Risks of Marriage for Men 38:29 Does marriage really work? 41:00 How are men benefiting from marriage? 44:20 Reading Comments: Marriage 44:51 Passport Bros Get Women 46:13 School is Built for Women 53:11 How Young Men are Treated in School 56:59 There's No Direction for Young Men 1:01:59 Men Need a Sense of Community and Value 1:05:25 How do we give young men direction? 1:09:33 Women Look for Men with Social Status 1:11:15 Is it easier for dusty men to get women? 1:17:32 Reading Comments: Dusty Men, Instagram, etc. 1:18:39 Women Don't Need to Put in Effort 1:22:41 Men's Values and Standards 1:25:37 Reading Comments: Instagram, Standards, etc. 1:26:24 Men's Values and Standards (cont.) 1:28:49 Ryan's Vision for His Legacy 1:42:24 Beating Indulgency and Building Discipline 1:43:56 How Women Can Build Themselves 1:45:48 Where is the line drawn between traditional roles? 1:55:23 Reading Comments: Polygamy and Monogamy 1:58:16 Polygamy vs Monogamy 2:07:15 How can married men keep their edge? 2:09:14 We Need More of These Conversations 2:10:02 Wrap Up and Final Takeaways
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EP047 - The Soft Girl Life Scam!

The Soft Girl Life/Era is a Scam! Soft Girl Life is trending online with women claiming now they want to live a soft life and stop being strong and independent, but are they capable of changing their ways? We talk about it tonight on the talk to me nice podcast! Guests @kiyvonne_ @thurlbeauty @imvpset @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate @hustlesaucekev Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #softgirl 0:00 Pre-show 0:33 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP47 3:10 Topic Introduction: The Soft Girl Life Scam 5:34 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 6:07 Tanisha's Intro and Thoughts on Soft Girls 8:39 Von's Intro and Thoughts on Soft Girls 9:53 Kiyvonne's Intro and Thoughts on Soft Girls 10:34 What is a soft girl era? 13:59 Can women switch from masculine to feminine? 16:07 Why are some women masculine? 18:44 Do you feel the need to be appealing to men? 24:10 Do you give men the patience to learn what you like? 25:01 Reading Comments: Soft Girl, Independent Women, etc. 28:50 People Need Self Love and Wholeness 33:17 What is masculine behavior? 37:10 Thoughts on How the Conversation is Going 46:23 How Men vs Women Take Criticism 49:52 Why is it difficult for men to disagree with women? 51:28 Risks of Being Sensitive in a Relationship 53:35 Women That Can Take Criticism are Rare 57:07 Reading Comments: Relationships and Women Working 58:37 Men Should Create Stressless Space for Women 1:01:38 Are men triggered by dominant women? 1:03:15 Reading Comments: Soft Girl, Respect vs Sex, etc. 1:05:44 Do women prefer being independent vs a soft girl? 1:10:04 Men Providing vs the Potential of Financial Abuse 1:17:07 What is something we can agree on? 1:18:02 Common Dating Issues in Therapy 1:21:01 Von's Main Challenge in Dating 1:23:03 Tanisha Leaves the Show 1:25:27 Was Kevin wrong? 1:35:23 Reading Comments: Was Kevin wrong? 1:36:08 Are men and women's interactions 50/50? 1:39:04 Thoughts on the Episode so Far 1:41:51 Kiyvonne's Advice for a Healthy Relationship 1:45:50 Do men and women equally not communicate? 1:50:14 Jade's Dating Experience 1:51:11 Taking Accountability in Relationships 1:52:35 Reading Comments: Accountability, Communication, etc. 1:55:55 Learnings From this Discussion 1:57:33 Wrap Up
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EP046 - Is Marriage Over? Send Her A Cash App!

Is Marriage over? Less and less people each year desire to get married each year, will marriage eventually be taboo or niche? Tonight on the talk to me nice podcast we discuss marriage! Guests @TheOnlyPatd @thechatwithpat463 @angeldellah @breeyoutifulll @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #marriage 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP46 0:28 Topic Introduction: Is Marriage Over? 2:46 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 3:28 Angel's Intro and Thoughts on if Marriage is Dead 5:52 Brianna's Intro and Thoughts on if Marriage is Dead 7:21 The Age Bracket for Marriage 9:48 We Should Be More Understanding of Each Side 12:37 Reading Comments: Hyper Independence 14:28 Upbringing and How it Could Affect Marriage 17:23 Brianna and Angel's Zodiac Signs 18:29 Social Media's Effect on Loyalty 21:39 Divorce Rates Have Dropped 22:12 Thoughts on Men Cheating in Marriage 27:03 How Women in Relationships Should Handle Men 28:57 Men's Non-Sexual Acts for Other Women is Cheating 32:19 Reading Comments: Cheating, Communication, etc. 33:52 Are modern women too career-focused? 42:35 How Men Should Approach Women 47:53 Today's Generation Need to Accept Rejections 49:10 The Cash App Game with Women 55:00 Reading Comments: Dusty Men, Relationships, Cash App, etc. 59:53 Why Men Should Cash App Women 1:05:11 Reading Comments: Cash App 1:06:44 Pat's Love Language 1:07:56 Is it normal for women to expect Cash App? 1:09:48 What do you value in a man? 1:14:38 Reading Comments: Cash App 1:15:57 What do women offer beyond looks? 1:22:37 Advice for Women: Have Interests 1:23:22 Modern Society Needs More Humility 1:25:27 Pat's Thoughts: Relationships Should Be Less Transactional 1:30:27 Do you desire to get married and when? 1:32:35 How do you know you're ready for marriage? 1:33:30 Reading Comments: Cash App and Marriage 1:34:00 Would you sign a prenup? 1:36:40 No-Marriage Relationships are Risky for Women 1:38:31 Pat's Ideal Relationship 1:44:01 Gender Roles in a Relationship 1:46:01 Do you desire to get married and when? (cont.) 1:47:18 Gender Roles in a Relationship (cont.) 2:03:43 Men Should be Proud About Providing 2:04:13 Should exes stay in communication? 2:06:21 Brianna's Final Thoughts: Gender Roles 2:07:57 Angel's Final Thoughts: Dusty Men 2:08:56 Pat's Final Thoughts: Men Want to Be Appreciated 2:10:40 Bri's Advice: Be Patient and Empathetic 2:12:18 Social Media and Cash Apps 2:12:39 Bri's Advice: Manifest a Loyal Person 2:13:32 Red Flags and Getting to Know People 2:19:59 Wrap Up
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EP045 - Is Femininity & Soft Girl Era a Luxury?

Is Femininity & Soft Girl Era a Luxury? There is a lot of talk about the soft girl era but is this realistic in 2023? Guests @allthingslisalit @fitnesskurves @neydaslay @___gabby__ @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #softgirl
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EP044 - Is Men Cheating The Same As Women Cheating?

Is Men Cheating The Same As Women Cheating? On Talk To Me Nice Podcast we talk about what makes men and women different, and how we can learn to accept one another for what we are, and the conversation derails to all things about men and women cheating and if there's a difference Guests @bad_mmama @jacqwilliams21 @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #cheating 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP44 1:21 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 1:58 Topic Introduction: Do men and women understand each other? 3:40 BB's Intro and Thoughts on Women Understanding Men 4:53 Jay's Intro and Thoughts on Women Understanding Men 6:05 Jamie's Intro and Thoughts on Women Understanding Men 6:56 Is the previous generation worse? 8:44 Importance of Clear Communication and Intention 16:00 Men vs Women's Attraction to Sex 25:13 Reading Comments: Previous Generation 25:46 Can you prevent your partner from cheating? 27:44 Women are Used to Attention and Saying No 32:47 Reading Comments: Polygamy 33:24 Jamie and BB's Type 37:35 Have you found your type and did it work? 41:11 Jamie's Experience with Men Due to Her Work 46:37 Guessing Everyone's Age and Reading Comments 49:21 Why should people not be in relationships? 53:00 Women Should Comply if They Have High Standards 55:16 What are your longest relationships? 57:36 What are the top problems with men? 59:51 Why Men Cheat 1:03:11 Reading Comments: Cheating and Communication 1:03:44 Is cheating immature? 1:04:38 Why Women Should Be Open to Cheating 1:07:08 What really makes men cheat? 1:07:53 Why Jamie Ended Her Relationship 1:13:56 Sex is More Emotional for Women than Men 1:16:34 Reading Comments: Never Cheated, Roleplaying, etc. 1:17:17 Cheater With no Flaws vs Non-Cheater with Flaws 1:20:15 Why Ryan Didn't Cheat in 10-Year Relationship 1:21:11 Do men and women think about sex differently? 1:23:44 What makes a sex addiction? 1:26:23 Ryan's Thoughts on Having Multiple Partners 1:28:31 Sneaky Links and Being Truthful About Them 1:30:44 Double Standards Scenarios 1:35:08 Reading Comments: Cheating 1:35:19 Is cheating planned or accidental? 1:36:25 Reading Comments: Cheating and Men's Integrity 1:37:01 Would you forgive a man that's accountable? 1:45:01 This Generation Has No Accountability 1:47:03 Meeting and Approaching Women in Person 1:56:48 Is it weird for men to ask for Instagram? 1:58:29 Final Thoughts 1:59:30 One side chick or multiple? 2:01:08 Upcoming: Pat and Lisa Hosting 2:01:47 Wrap Up
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EP043 - Why Men Can't Have Standards And MLK vs Monogamy

Men should have higher standards for themselves and prioritize themselves more but why have they been unable to? Guests @kelvinmichaeljr @kiyvonne_ @ @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #datingstandards 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP43 0:39 Topic Introduction: Why Men Can't Have Standards 3:47 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 4:23 Ryan's Intro and Relationship Status 4:55 Kelvin's Intro and Relationship Status 6:30 Kiyvonne's Intro and Relationship Status 7:20 Can men with less options have standards? 13:28 Do women only want men that are at or above their level? 17:30 Reading Comments 18:13 Regular Men Can't Have Standards 23:32 Do men need more ambition? 34:39 Do men date down? 35:59 What makes men and women attractive? 40:33 Societal Standards for Men 45:08 Regular Men Don't Have Options 50:03 Reading Comments: Height and Status 51:12 Women vs Men's Game 54:05 What is a regular man? 58:42 Why Men Can't Have Standards 1:00:27 Advice for Regular Men 1:08:33 What are standards? 1:12:09 Women's Standards for Tall vs Short Men 1:18:20 Men's Journey: Confidence, Worth and Value 1:23:42 Women's Journey Compared to Men's 1:26:49 What should women bring to the table? 1:30:38 Reading Comments: Standards 1:31:37 People are Mindlessly Getting into Relationships 1:34:25 Can you compromise your non-negotiables? 1:49:46 Reading Comments: Compromising Non-Negotiables 1:52:42 Men vs Women Cheating 1:55:01 Women and Men's Standards 1:56:45 People Should Be More Community-Oriented 2:03:17 Wrap Up: Hot Seat and Today's Content for Men 2:05:46 Kiyvonne's Final Thoughts: Women's Standards 2:08:13 Kelvin's Final Thoughts: New Perspective 2:14:20 Wrap Up
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EP042 - The Relationship Race To The Bottom

What Did We Learn About Relationships in 2022? Did anything change? Will the gender war get better? Has the Talk to Me Nice Podcast helped anyone? Let us know! Guests @wanz3l @Wanz3l @superduperdom @auroravsroni @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #genderwar 0:00 Pre-show 0:51 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP42 2:10 Topic Introduction: The Relationship Race to the Bottom 4:43 Talk to Me Nice Podcast Intro 5:19 Reacting to the Intro and Reading Comments 5:55 Wanzel's Intro and Thoughts on the Race to the Bottom 8:47 Aurora's Intro and Thoughts on the Race to the Bottom 12:58 Dom's Intro and Thoughts on the Race to the Bottom 14:30 How Wealthy Men Influence Women 20:18 Aurora's Relationship Status and Past Relationship 21:31 Is it easier to build with younger vs older women? 26:04 Can you have more than one soulmate? 27:29 Building Men vs Women 29:13 How Men and Women Choose and Stay with Partners 32:37 Can broke men get women? 36:23 Reading Comments: Building Women, Broke Men, etc. 37:56 Can broke men get women? (cont.) 41:41 The Effort Required in a Relationship 43:08 Why Aurora and Her Ex Broke Up 51:15 Are women overvaluing themselves due to men simping? 59:00 Attention is Negatively Effecting Women 1:02:10 Reading Comments: Speed Dating, Growing Together, Inflation, etc. 1:04:03 Women are Used to Attention 1:08:16 Men Shouldn't Do Things for Women with Expectations 1:10:10 Men Should Create a Safe Environment for Women 1:18:18 Should men lead and train women? 1:22:50 Reading Comments: Social Media, Simps, 50/50 1:24:06 Feminism Has Killed Femininity 1:25:02 Men Should Create a Safe Environment for Women (cont.) 1:27:34 Boundaries and Standards for Men and Women 1:43:08 Reading Comments: 50/50, Boundaries, etc. 1:46:06 How can men communicate their boundaries to women? 1:56:36 Reading Comments: Our GroupMe Group Chat 1:57:43 Men and Women Preferences in a Relationship 1:59:54 Should women compromise if given a safe environment? 2:06:18 Reading Comments: Respect and Crossing Boundaries 2:07:36 Making Women Feel Heard 2:10:03 Were women happier in the past? 2:11:35 Reading Comments: GroupMe Chat, Boundaries, etc. 2:14:29 Dom's Final Thoughts: Are simps ruining things? 2:16:04 Aurora's Final Thoughts: Having Simps 2:18:01 Wanzel's Final Thoughts: Misunderstandings Between Genders 2:20:17 Wrap Up 2:20:55 Post-show
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EP041 - When Will The Gender War End?

What Did We Learn About Relationships in 2022? Did anything change? Will the gender war get better? Has the Talk to Me Nice Podcast helped anyone? Let us know! Guests @theonlypatd @superduperdom @thenewcheripye @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #genderwar 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Intro 0:35 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP41 1:13 Topic Introduction: When will the gender war end? 2:56 Chèri Pye's Intro and Thoughts on the Gender War 4:07 Pat's Intro and Thoughts on the Gender War 5:41 Dom's Intro and Thoughts on the Gender War 6:36 Chèri's Previous Relationship and Why She's Single Now 9:29 Which gender has more options? 18:07 Reading Comments: Which gender has more options? 19:19 How Online Interactions are Impacting Men and Women 23:37 Men Aren't Used to High Value Women 26:07 Why Spicy DMs Don't Work and Aren't Unique 30:13 How People Present Themselves Online vs Offline 36:56 Reading Comments: Spicy DMs 37:33 Are spicy DMs attractive? 39:07 Differentiating Real vs Fake People Online 44:01 Reading Comments: Spicy DMs, Giving Socials, Fakes on SM 48:18 Pick Me Men are Influencing Women's Accountability 55:51 Update on Dom and Travis 58:38 Ryan's Advice to Men: Show Dominance 1:03:12 Most Women Find 75% of Men Below Average 1:05:53 Dom: Masculinity over Money 1:08:33 Reading Comments: Status, Accountability, Travis and Dom, etc. 1:11:59 Pat: Social Media is Negatively Impacting Society 1:22:23 What does "fun" mean? 1:23:59 The Negative Impact of Inflation in Dating 1:27:43 Women Think Their Value is Higher Than it Really is 1:35:49 Reading Comments: Women Value, Social Media and Dom's OnlyFans 1:39:15 Women vs Men's Privilege and Struggles 1:44:31 Women's Don't Want to Weed Through Men 1:48:42 Should women expect long term relationships to be draining? 1:51:49 Should women be the mental relief for men? 1:55:17 Empathy: Women Should Consider Men's Struggle and Vice Versa 2:03:43 Dom's Final Thoughts: Listen to Each Other 2:04:07 Chèri's Final Thoughts: Men and Dominance 2:05:43 Pat's Final Thoughts: Have Empathy 2:07:18 Wrap Up
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EP040 - What Did We Learn About Relationships in 2022?

What Did We Learn About Relationships in 2022? Did anything change? Will the gender war get better? Has the Talk to Me Nice Podcast helped anyone? Let us know! Guests @sheismax_ @bri.spina @88blessedbeats @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #newyearsliveshow 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP40 2:11 Topic Introduction: What did we learn in 2022? 3:11 Travis' Intro and Thoughts on Relationship Learnings in 2022 5:35 Bri's Intro and Thoughts on Relationship Learnings in 2022 9:28 Max's Intro and Thoughts on Relationship Learnings in 2022 15:54 Are relationships time sensitive the older you get? 17:11 Is the concept of marriage pointless? 21:35 Reading Comments: Say hello! 24:31 The Issue with Modern Relationships 28:18 How Bri Chooses a Good Partner 36:34 Max's Current Relationship 43:39 Update on Travis and Dom's Date 44:38 How do young people date? 45:53 Ryan Makes Strong Drinks 47:04 Reading Comments: Comments on Max's Relationship 48:08 What makes sex good? 49:52 Bri's Situation with Her Child's Dad 52:24 Max's Lesson for 2022: Learning from the Past 1:05:29 Bri's Lesson for 2022: Not Losing Herself 1:12:10 Travis' Lesson for 2022: Learn Each Other 1:16:47 Ryan's Lesson for 2022: Active Listening 1:21:14 Reading Comments: Marriage, Being Picky, etc. 1:24:40 Communication and Men Expressing Emotions 1:30:53 Green Flag: Good Relationship with Their Dad 1:33:37 Reading Comments: Relationship with Parents, Manipulators, etc. 1:35:28 Men are More Manipulative than Women 1:36:51 How Women vs Men Have Sex 1:38:59 Thoughts on Women's Posts and Responding to DMs 1:44:32 Reading Comments: Red Flags, Women's Online Posts, etc. 1:45:00 How should women in a relationship dress? 1:49:35 OnlyFans: Men Need Self Control 1:53:04 Reading Comments: Age, Old Soul, etc. 1:54:37 Men Should Pay for Dates 2:00:29 Reading Comments: Dates, Red Flags, etc. 2:02:20 What did the chat learn for 2022? 2:02:58 Ryan's Goal for 2022: Finding a Wife 2:05:48 Max's Final Thoughts: Find Yourself 2:08:21 Reading Comments: 2022 Learnings, Manipulation, etc. 2:09:55 Bri's Final Thoughts: Love Yourself 2:12:23 Wrap Up: Happy New Year!
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EP039 - Can Men Really Express Their Emotions To Women?

Can Men Really Express Their Emotions To Women? Should men express their emotions? When? How Much? We cover it all tonight on the Talk To Me Nice Podcast EP39 Guests @aniyaclark @officialdom.b @mano_d_dios @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #menssemotions 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP39 0:54 Topic Introduction: Can men share their emotions? 3:04 Santiago's Intro and Thoughts on Men's Emotions 4:44 Aniya's Intro and Thoughts on Men's Emotions 7:35 Dom's Intro and Thoughts on Men's Emotions 11:12 Can women have platonic friends? 13:59 Men Carry Anger and Need to Control Their Emotions 17:58 Reading Comments: Men Taking Other Men's Women 19:00 Women's Emotions are Different Than Men's 23:12 Women are Naturally More Valuable Than Men 28:41 When was a time a man expressed their emotions to you? 37:33 Reading Comments: Women & Men's Emotions 38:31 Expectations of Women in a Relationship 39:53 What are Santiago's requirements for a wife? 42:00 What do women select men for? 45:27 Men Lose More in Marriage 48:39 Women are Less Valuable as They Age 49:37 Aniya's Funny Date Story 50:48 Reading Comments: Marriage 51:23 Marriage is a Business Transaction 52:31 Thoughts on "50/50" Dates 54:18 Kevin's Thoughts on Coffee Dates 1:00:25 Kevin's Dating Experiences 1:02:15 Why is it difficult for men to get women? (Kevin Example) 1:09:37 What if a man expresses his emotions and you disagree? 1:28:03 Reading Comments: Women Preferences, Posting Pics 1:31:15 Should women in a relationship post revealing pictures? 1:37:59 Are Black mens' standards low? 1:40:33 How do you feel about posting your SO? 1:43:41 Is it easy for men to get women? 1:48:46 Dating on Potential vs Someone Put Together 1:53:33 Love Isn't a Privilege for Men 1:55:36 Reading Comments: Posting Pics, Maintaining Women 1:56:33 Santiago's Final Thoughts: Emotions vs Vulnerability 1:59:02 Dom's Final Thoughts: Marriage, DMs, etc. 2:01:24 Aniya's Final Thoughts: Different Perspectives 2:02:03 Wrap Up: Thank you for watching!
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EP038 - Should You Be Friends Before Trying to Date?

Should you be friends before trying to date or start a relationship? That is the topic for tonight's talk to me nice podcast ep38. Is modern dating so bad you should skip dating and just be friends and evolve in to a relationship? Guests @88blessedbeats @superduperdom @lala_justblaze @hustlesaucekev @RyanFagan_RealEstate @RyanFagan_RealEstate Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #friendzone 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP38 1:12 Topic Introduction: Friends Before Dating 3:32 Travis' Intro and Thoughts on Friends Before Dating 6:15 Dom's Intro and Thoughts on Friends Before Dating 10:00 Lana's Intro and Thoughts on Friends Before Dating 12:00 What makes you take a risk with your guy friends? 13:47 What is the proper amount of emotion for men? 15:56 When can men cry? 19:28 Reading Comments: Dating Guy Friends 21:25 When can men cry? (cont.) 23:48 Financial and Physical Preferences 27:15 Do you have people in the friend zone? 28:25 Do you have platonic female friends you would date? 30:03 Body Shaming vs Preferences with Big Women 32:39 Reading Comments: Stop the Cap 33:06 Can men and women have platonic relationships? 34:41 Are low-level relationships a barrier? 37:14 When do you cut off a low-level relationship? 39:58 Women That Just Use Men for a Date and Sex 43:36 What is your responsibility in dating? 47:30 Why are women surprised that men can cook? 48:26 Lana's Previous Relationship (Baby Daddy) 50:39 What's Ryan's sign? 51:30 Reading Comments: Women are Villains, Honesty, Toxicity, etc. 56:42 Travis' Advice to Men: Stop Being Horny 58:08 Calling Lana's Roommate and Clarifying their Relationship 1:03:01 Thoughts on Lana and Her Ex 1:08:00 Respecting Boundaries: Lala's Example 1:09:58 Why aren't Lana and her ex together? 1:12:26 The Wrong Messaging on Men and Their Emotions 1:15:20 How to Productively Communicate Emotions 1:20:23 Did we bring this conversation back? 1:21:09 Discussing Megan Thee Stallion's Situation 1:23:38 Megan Thee Stallion: Is Tory guilty or not? 1:25:18 Advocating for Men 1:27:16 Kanye Being Protective Over His Children 1:30:15 Why Lana is Living with Her Ex 1:32:10 Separating Children from Parents is Selfish 1:35:08 Ryan's Intentions for the Podcast 1:38:35 Reading Comments: Men's Emotions, Megan, etc. 1:40:36 Ryan's Concerns for the Podcast 1:41:53 Are Travis and Dom going to be friends first? 1:47:16 Travis and Dom Set Up a Date 1:50:27 Reading Comments: Megan, Lana, Travis & Dom 1:53:16 Dom looks spiritual? 1:54:28 Should we do a part 2? 1:55:02 Reading Comments: Ryan Matchmaking, Travis & Dom, etc. 1:57:21 Final Thoughts on the Episode 1:58:30 Wrap Up
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EP037 - How to Properly Choose a Man

How do women pick their partner in modern dating? This special all women episode of the Talk To Me Nice Podcast tries to address how to select a good long term partner and all the pitfalls and reasons why its so hard to pick a partner today Guests @jalynjewel @thejeweleffect @Candacedennis @CandaceDennis @joriversmusic @JoRiversMusic Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #womenpodcasters 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP37: Bonus Episode 0:43 Topic Introduction: How to Properly Choose a Man 1:28 Jalyn's Intro: Host of Jewel Effect 1:41 Candace's Intro: Realtor and Wife 2:01 Jo River's Intro: Singer and Various Hosts 2:24 What was your approach to meeting your partners? 8:29 Why do women choose higher-status men? 13:05 Are women's standards too high? 19:09 True or False: Women Want a Sexual vs Long-Term Partner 23:14 Thoughts on Men Leaving After Having Sex 27:26 Is chemistry more important than compatibility? 28:55 Do women communicate indirectly? 32:34 Women Should Be More Direct 36:27 If They Care, They'll Put in Effort to Change 39:20 In what situations should you give grace? 44:48 They Will Make Time if They Care About You 47:36 Is communication key to a successful marriage? 48:47 How Candace Improved Communication in Her Marriage 51:25 Wants vs Needs: Appearance Examples 59:04 What non-physical things can you settle for? 1:01:33 What changed on your must-have list? 1:04:07 Clinginess Isn't Necessary in Certain Situations 1:08:38 When did you know your husband was right for you? 1:12:06 Qualities That Stand Out in Our Partners 1:18:29 Our Upbringing Influences Our Standards 1:21:48 How do women pick the right partner? 1:24:39 Loving Despite Appearance 1:27:44 Seeing Past Initial Appearance 1:31:26 How One Carries Themselves Can Reflect Their Mindset 1:34:09 Does dating even work? 1:38:08 What is most important to choosing a partner? 1:40:21 Wrap Up
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EP036 - Are Relationship Influencers Making Modern Dating Worse?

We all know modern dating and relationships are broken, but why? Could it be we are too selfish and don't believe in anything anymore? Tonight on the Talk To Me Nice Podcast EP35 our panel will discuss if we are too selfish to partner up in modern dating. Guests @Kayleesjamarie @jalynjewel @antoinetheinfluencer @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #datingproblems 0:00 Pre-show 1:36 Topic Introduction: Is extreme content for the worse? 4:42 Antoine's Intro and Thoughts on Extreme Content 7:17 Jalyn Jewel's Intro and Thoughts on Extreme Content 9:10 Men Need a New Approach to Women 11:09 There's an Ego Battle Between Men and Women 15:20 Ryan's Dating Life and Advice for Him 18:39 Reading Comments: Shout Outs, Social Media, etc. 21:21 Women and Men Interactions on Social Media 25:01 What makes you respond to men on social media? 29:24 Jayln and Her Friends' Relationships 30:12 Ryan's Relationship Experience & Future Goals 33:08 Why do women flake? 34:00 Helping the Special Guest In 34:39 Influencers are Delivering Their Messaging Wrong 36:04 The special guest arrives! 37:07 Vicky's Brief Intro and Background 37:38 Topic Re-introduction: Is extreme content for the worse? 38:06 Megan Thee Stallion: Did she get shot? 42:48 People are Falling for Extreme Content 45:46 Arguments For and Against Abortion 51:35 Do extremists exist in real life? 53:54 Does Ryan know Jalyn’s first name? 54:45 Vicky on Responding to Men on Social Media 1:02:04 How much do you care about their income? 1:03:02 Does he have to pay for your bills? 1:05:58 Do you get solicitations in your DMs? 1:07:23 DM Diving Idea 1:07:46 How do you approach men you're interested in? 1:09:10 Has a man ever broke up with you? 1:10:46 Initiating Commitment: Men vs Women 1:11:07 The Appeal of Fun Girls 1:11:46 Who initiated your relationship status? 1:15:57 Do you text after sleeping with someone? 1:21:59 Reading Comments: Paying the Bill 1:22:33 Should women pay and plan for a date? 1:31:59 What Satisfies Ryan in a Relationship 1:33:06 Importance of Men & Women Positions in the Household 1:33:31 Respect Your Partner's Love Language 1:35:34 Do you text after sleeping with someone? (cont.) 1:36:05 For Men, Dating is Strategy 1:37:50 How Men Can Lead the Relationship 1:43:22 Men Should Create Mystery 1:44:19 Why Men Should Learn Women First 1:46:05 Reading Comments: Standards, Expectations, etc. 1:48:47 What do you think about Andrew Tate? 1:49:44 Why "Working Out" Isn't Always the Solution 1:51:56 Solutions for Money 1:53:44 Kevin's Opinion on Taking the Lead 1:58:30 The Communication Boundaries with Women are Blurred 2:01:18 Showing Emotions: Women vs Men 2:08:33 When can a man be emotional? 2:14:15 How do you want your man to react in this situation? 2:16:26 Do women need to have strategy? 2:17:43 Ryan Wants a Match Maker 2:19:15 Antoine's Final Thoughts: Take What Matters 2:20:30 Jalyn's Final Thoughts: Be Intentional 2:23:28 Vicky's Final Thoughts: Men's Emotions 2:34:15 Wrap Up
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EP035 - Is Selfishness The Real Problem With Modern Dating?

We all know modern dating and relationships are broken, but why? Could it be we are too selfish and don't believe in anything anymore? Tonight on the Talk To Me Nice Podcast EP35 our panel will discuss if we are too selfish to partner up in modern dating. Guests @blackbeard_vadar @iammrssherbinfox @q.smqkez @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #moderndating #selfish 0:00 Pre-show 2:21 Ryan's Introduction and Background 3:01 Topic Introduction: Selfishness & Modern Dating 4:19 Petra's Introduction and Thoughts on Selfishness 8:26 Adonis' Introduction and Thoughts on Selfishness 11:02 Kayla's Introduction and Thoughts on Selfishness 11:41 What does "Haram" mean? 12:03 Why do young people seem so mature these days? 14:17 Selfishness and Selflessness 22:47 Reading Comments: Selflessness and Children 23:21 Are you actually happy while being selfless for your children? 27:53 What is your ideal relationship? 31:58 Can your girl make more than you? 34:04 Effects of Chasing Materialistic Things in Life 36:18 Why does a woman's status matter to you? 43:12 Reading Comments: Parents, Woman's Status, etc. 44:35 Business Partnership in Marriage 45:33 Adonis' Ideal Relationship and Goals 48:31 Adonis' Zodiac Sign and Personality 52:03 Adonis' Ideal Relationship and Goals (cont.) 55:31 Reading Comments: Opinions on Adonis 57:39 What Takes Priority: Relationships vs Money 1:10:03 Kayla's Ideal Relationship 1:13:48 Adonis' Wine Brand: Oba Wine 1:15:23 Freedom vs Constantly Chasing Goals 1:24:24 Were you in love with someone before? 1:25:31 Adonis' Current Relationships 1:28:43 Having Sex and Setting Proper Expectations 1:39:43 Performing Well and Expecting Something in Return 1:50:41 Should men be the decision maker? 1:59:37 Ryan's Concerns for Future Relationships 2:05:00 Why Ryan Prefers Young Women 2:09:27 Personal Success: Pursuing Career Goals 2:13:53 Why Ryan Prefers Young Women (cont.) 2:14:27 Reading Comments: Expectations, Preferences, etc. 2:17:16 Body Count and the Double Standard Against Women 2:24:06 Should young women explore sex or no? 2:29:41 Why Ryan Prefers Young Women (cont.) 2:37:20 Ryan on Men Making Decisions in a Relationship 2:43:30 Kayla's Final Thoughts: Different Opinions 2:44:23 Adonis' Final Thoughts: Thoughts on Ryan 2:49:14 Petra's Final Thoughts: Ryan's Preferences 2:52:22 Reading & Reacting to Comments about Ryan 2:53:53 Wrap Up
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EP034 - Should you be 100% honest in relationships and dating?

Should you be 100% honest in relationships and dating? | Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP34 When should you tell the truth when should you lie? Is lying always bad or can you have a benevolent lie? Guests @eycee_tothe_ac @breeyoutifulll @wanz3l @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #truth #moderndating 0:00 Talk to Me Nice Podcast EP34 1:20 Topic Introduction: Honesty in Relationships 2:59 Lorreine's Intro and Thoughts on Honesty 5:50 Wanz3l's Intro and Thoughts on Honesty 7:50 Brianna's Intro and Thoughts on Honesty 9:46 Reading Comments: Honesty in Relationships 10:31 First Date: What questions are too much? 12:23 Should you mention seeing multiple people at once? 18:20 Reading Comments: Honesty & First Dates 20:22 When should you not be truthful? 27:30 Reading Comments: Being Truthful 29:17 Have you ever regretted telling the truth? 30:06 Do men have to be more careful than women? 31:40 How do men respond to "Do I look fat in this?" 33:44 Can men be insecure or reasonable? 37:42 Reading Comments: Accountability, Lying, etc. 40:42 Men vs Women Reaction to "How do I look? 48:23 Reading Comments: Reactions to Honesty 50:12 Does appearance matter? 53:20 Should you tell the truth if you cheat? 1:04:00 Reading Comments: Honesty & Cheating 1:06:31 Balance with Open Relationships and Honesty 1:10:28 Are you honest about your body count? 1:13:28 Sense of Duty in Relationships 1:17:43 Does familial duty go before happiness? 1:27:42 Reading Comments: Family & Community 1:28:41 Social Media's Effect on the Dating World 1:29:02 Thoughts on Baggage Game Show 1:30:08 Commitments & Ideals: Being Grounded in Life 1:44:02 Accountability: should you stay or leave family? 1:49:01 Reading Comments: Commitment, Ideals, Family 1:50:31 Are poly relationships more common? 1:53:13 Final Thoughts: The Truth or Lies? 1:58:04 Wrap Up
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EP033 - Men and Women Communicate Differently

Men and Women communicate way differently and this causes a lot of misunderstanding. How can we better communicate with one another? Guests @nikkibooti @ab_allday @bls_xxc @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #communication #moderndating 0:00 Pre-show 0:24 Ryan's Intro & Thoughts on Communication 2:36 Na Kia's Intro & Thoughts on Communication 5:15 Eddie's Intro & Thoughts on Communication 8:50 Alisha's Intro & Thoughts on Communication 11:11 Reading Comments: Greetings 13:14 How Eddie Communicates with His Wife 16:00 Approaching Conflict Based on Types of Relationships 25:07 Reading Comments: Approaching Conflict 26:37 Nikki on How Men & Women Communicate Differently 29:18 Do gender roles really matter? 40:52 Reading Comments: Men vs Women 42:42 Communication Depends Person-by-Person 45:35 Gender Roles and Generalization 48:19 Disagreeing Isn't Always a Negative Thing 49:41 Gender Roles and Generalization (cont.) 51:48 What's the best lesson you learned about communication? 59:14 Value of Relationships Affects Communication 1:08:11 Reading Comments: Gender Roles, Social Media, etc. 1:11:10 Don't Be Defensive, Be Understanding 1:17:44 How Overthinking Affects Proper Communication 1:21:53 Don't Be Defensive, Be Understanding (cont.) 1:26:46 Thoughts on Traditional Gender Roles 1:31:30 Women Want Men on Their Level or Higher 1:36:55 Respecting Others' Opinions 1:37:47 Thoughts on Traditional Gender Roles (cont.) 1:39:50 Reading Comments: Respecting Opinions, 50/50, etc. 1:46:14 Balance and Gender Roles in a Relationship 1:52:00 How Social Media Can Ruin Relationships 1:53:03 Nuggets of Truth vs Upfront Honesty 2:08:06 How honest should you be? 2:12:20 Reading Comments: Ryan's Preferences, Nikki, etc. 2:17:13 Ryan's Growth Over the Podcasts 2:20:19 Ryan on Being a Cuddler 2:23:06 Advice to Ryan: Don't Send Mixed Signals 2:26:26 Wrap Up
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EP032 - Is Dating Dead?

Is dating dead in modern dating? Both men and women seem dissatisfied with modern dating, why is that the case and how can we fix dating? Guests @theangelallure @jalynjewel @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #datingisdead #moderndating 0:00 Pre-show 0:33 Episode 31 Intro: Is Dating Dead? 3:24 Jalyn Jewel's Intro and Thoughts on Dating 5:40 Kevin's Intro and Thoughts on Dating 7:44 Angel's Intro and Thoughts on Dating 9:16 Do dates nowadays feel like a standoff? 11:50 Discernment Before Going on a Date 20:31 Ryan's Preferences for Women 22:15 Risks of Being With a 30+ Woman 26:35 Is it insecure men or just giving criticism? 31:12 Rich's Thoughts on Dating 32:33 Having "Sneaky Links" in Dating 34:07 Managing Your Attractions or Preferences 36:07 Do people over 30 have baggage? 41:35 What can we call the chat/fans? 41:58 Reading Comments: Is Dating Dead? 45:47 Kevin's Dating Experience Getting Bad Results 49:00 Duty Holds People Together 52:00 Overchoice and Possible Solutions 55:20 Blocking and Ghosting on Social Media 58:13 Double Standards: Women Can Trash Men 59:54 The Right Timing for Transparency on a Date 1:02:38 Jalyn: Possible Ways to Find & Date Ideal Women 1:05:52 Alternatives to Coffee / Light Dates 1:12:16 Reading Comments: Impressing Women 1:13:04 High value or light dates? 1:16:56 Have a Fun Approach to Dating 1:17:55 There are Less Options for Older Women 1:21:57 Men Can Use Women to Attract Women 1:24:18 Dating Guide (Suggestions) for Men 1:33:34 Opening Doors for Women: Is it Preferred? 1:38:15 Gentleman-Like Behavior Is Attractive 1:40:41 What stood out to you on a date? 1:46:08 Misunderstanding Intentions on a Date Wastes Time 1:48:04 Ryan on Discernments, Opening Doors and Being Generous 1:50:47 Angel's Final Thoughts 1:51:10 Kevin's Final Thoughts 1:53:15 Jalyn's Final Thoughts 1:54:40 Ryan's Final Thoughts and Summary 1:56:03 Wrap Up
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EP031 - Green Flags Good Relationship Experiences and Best Practices

Green Flags Good Relationship Experiences and best practices Guests @dom.fowler @taay.michele @Wanz3l @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #greenflags #moderndating 0:00 Pre-Show 0:16 Episode 31 Intro: Green Flags & Good Relationships 1:25 Ryan's Intro and Green Flag 2:03 Dom Fowler's Intro and Green Flag 4:43 Wanz3l's Intro and Green Flag 6:14 Tay Michele's Intro and Green Flag 13:29 Building Together in a Relationship 20:10 What are women's roles in a relationship? 27:02 Women vs Men Paying for Dates 30:43 Traditional Roles of Men and Women 35:22 Reading Comments: Relationships 36:47 Green Flag: Having a Good Relationship with Their Dad 39:04 Value of Having a Mother vs Father 42:12 Reading Comments: Mother vs Father 43:12 Thoughts on Viral Mom McDonalds Freakout 46:44 Double Standards in Family Court 51:19 Reading Comments: Family Court 53:01 Tay's Relationships: Best Experience 55:43 Can dads detect boyfriends with bad intentions? 1:08:40 Relationship with Dad vs Boyfriend 1:11:12 Reading Comments: Dad vs Boyfriend 1:14:41 Thoughts on Being with a Daddy's Girl 1:18:43 Tay's Great Relationship with Her Dad 1:24:17 How would Tay's dad react to a bad boyfriend? 1:27:36 Reading Comments: Green Flags 1:31:00 Tay's Relationship with Her Mom 1:33:21 Wanz3l's Best Experience in a Relationship 1:34:44 Why Wanz3l Broke Up with His Girlfriend 1:46:57 Reading Comments: Green Flags & Vulnerability 1:50:16 Eddie's Thoughts on Wanz3l's Relationship 1:52:04 Eddie's Biggest Green Flag 1:54:39 Why can't men cry? 2:01:55 Men, Vulnerability & Expressing Emotions 2:11:59 Wanz3l & His Strong Personality 2:14:12 Kevin's Green Flag 2:20:28 Who is the best person you were with? 2:22:38 Compromising in a Relationship 2:25:01 Having Options: Polygamy 2:26:58 Women vs Men Attraction 2:32:49 Ryan on Finding an Ideal Partner 2:37:06 Reading Comments: Bad Date, Green Flags, etc. 2:40:36 Should men be honest about cheating? 2:44:26 Tay's Takeaway: Women’s Relationship with Their Dad 2:49:23 Giving Honest Advice to Friends 2:50:41 Wanz3l's Takeaway: Women & Their Dad 2:51:48 Can Wanz3l compromise for a relationship? 2:53:41 Deciding on a Partner & Outside Validation 2:56:54 Dom's Takeaway: Live for Yourself 3:00:30 Ryan's Takeaway: Consider Your Best Experience
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EP30 - Women Rate 80% Of Men Below Average

Women Rate 80% Of Men Below Average according to an OKCupid study. What is going on that most women find most men to be undateable? We're going to talk about it on the Talk To Me Nice Podcast EP30 Guests @don_michaeljr @queentae @nurse_nizzy @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #talktomenice #masculinitycrisis #moderndating 0:00 Pre-Show 0:51 Episode 30 Introduction 2:59 Women Rate 80% Of Men Below Average 11:44 Shante's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 15:42 Don's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 19:40 Nyah's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 21:04 Men with Commitment and Polyamory 26:24 Women vs Men Desire & Selectiveness 32:57 Reading Comments: Poly Relationships 34:37 Would you rather men be honest? 37:09 Having Options in a Relationship 41:01 Are short men attractive? 43:10 Reading Comments: Social Contracts & Honesty 45:30 Older Men are Less Likely to Cheat 47:50 Men are Less Selective than Women 48:39 Being Better than the Woman in a Relationship 52:58 Women vs Men Value & Traditional Roles 59:37 Do men know if they want to marry a woman in 3 months? 1:02:28 Consistent Women & Don's Personal Experience 1:06:56 Reading Comments: Woman & Emotionless Sex 1:10:13 Reading Comments: Men Being Better 1:15:51 Looks Aren't Always Everything 1:17:31 Relationship Advice for Ryan 1:23:55 Giving "Boyfriend" Energy and Misleading Women 1:29:14 Taking it Slow: Ryan's Example 1:35:26 Being Impressed by the Other Person 1:38:00 Choosing a Partner While Dealing with Other Women 1:47:04 Ryan - what do you want in a woman? 1:53:03 Final Thoughts: Below Average Men 2:01:18 Wrap Up
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EP029 - What Do Men And Women Want From Each Other?

What Do Men And Women Want From Each Other? Tonight on the Talk To Me Nice Podcast We are getting to the bottom of what we really want from each other. Guests @iiamsunnie @SUNNIE @JoRiversMusic @JoRiversMusic @Wanz3l @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #whatdomenwant #whatdowomenwant #moderndating 0:00 Episode 29: What Do Men & Women Want From Each Other? 3:19 Deuce's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 5:22 Wanzel's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 7:50 Sunnie's Intro & Brief Thoughts on the Topic 9:18 Short & Long-Term Gratification: What's Good for You? 13:25 Being the Best "You" 16:41 Unsatisfied After Achieving a Goal & Relationships 18:12 Sunnie: Men Wanting to Do Things that Women are Capable of 23:25 Why do we feel like women need to be saved? 26:04 "Needing" People & Ryan's Analogy on Specialization 30:40 Wanting Companionship vs "Needing" Someone 33:07 Acting as a Unit: Each Side Doing What They're Good At 35:10 Traditional Gender Roles & Natural Proclivity 41:15 Reading Comments: Women Changing Their Tires 42:49 At what level are men expected to do something? 44:24 Women Taking Up "Manly" Roles vs Being "Capable" 47:45 Jo Rivers Arrives 50:12 Sunnie, why don't you want a relationship? 51:11 Women focus on their career then later regret it 53:53 After you get to a certain age, men don't want you 57:44 Becoming a High-Value Woman First Before Relationships 1:02:08 Being high value doesn't make women more attractive 1:06:01 Where Women Draw The Line & Expectations for Men 1:12:33 Where Sunnie Draws the Line for Men 1:16:17 Where Jo Rivers Draws the Line for Men 1:18:00 Women Should Know Their Standards 1:19:54 Could you be with a man you're not attracted with? 1:21:12 What Attracts Men vs Women: Physical, Money, etc. 1:25:37 Most Women Handle Rejection Worst Than Men 1:27:53 Jumping from Cuddling to Sex 1:32:29 Reading Comments: Sex Preferences 1:33:21 Giving the Wrong Women Your Best & Ryan's Experience 1:36:40 Do we have an undesirable that fit us best but we didn't go with? 1:38:19 Dating Men That Can Teach You 1:41:12 Final Thoughts: What Women & Men Want 1:46:13 Wrap Up: Live Life on Purpose
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EP028 - Should we keep our relationships secret?

Today with social media its popular to keep your relationship secret, but would it be better to get your friend's and family's opinion on your partner? Most of us have been with someone that everyone told us was bad for us, we didn't listen and it ends horribly and they were right. Guests @allthingslisalit @montegajade @Mano_d_dios @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #secretrelationships #datingandwork #moderndating
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EP027 - Truth, Feelings, Validation & Feeling Heard

he reality of modern dating is most couples both have to work. Does this get in the way and ruin successful relationships? Women's happiness has gone down since the 1960's and one theory is due to the burden of work and maintaining traditional feminine gender expectations. Is it fair to ask women to work, take care of children, and the household? How can we improve modern relationships considering the economy today? Guests @therealsueling @_patrician_ @bls_xxc @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #onlyonetruth #datingandwork #moderndating
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EP026 - Are Too Many Options Ruining Dating?

Do men and women have too many options to date in modern times? Could it be possible for more options to be a bad thing? Our Panel tackles this issue on episode 26 of the Talk To Me Nice Podcast Hosted By Ryan Fagan Guests @camxcue @drelloydonline @joriversmusic  @JoRiversMusic  @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #modernrelationships #moderndating Guests @therealsueling @_patrician_ @bls_xxc @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #onlyonetruth #datingandwork #moderndating
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EP025 - Is Work Ruining Our Relationships? w/@SUNNIE

The reality of modern dating is most couples both have to work. Does this get in the way and ruin successful relationships? Women's happiness has gone down since the 1960's and one theory is due to the burden of work and maintaining traditional feminine gender expectations. Is it fair to ask women to work, take care of children, and the household? How can we improve modern relationships considering the economy today? Guests @dom.fowler @iiamsunnie @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #workandrelationships #datingandwork #moderndating
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EP024 - Women Should Not Be Loyal

If women are going to follow a man's lead they are at risk of that man's ability and therefore should not be loyal if that man proves to be incompetent. That is the theme for this episode of the talk to me nice podcast! The conversation also goes to women dating women and other topics. Guests @Aubreyonna._ @leah_the_mermaid @rodneyrayoffical @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #hypergaming #loyalty #moderndating
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EP023 - Andrew Tate Banned from Facebook & Indian matchmaking conversation

Ryan and Kevin discuss Andrew Tate being banned by Facebook and Instagram. Are men allowed to voice their opinions in public? We also expand on the discussion about Netflix's Indian Matchmaking that we didn't get to on the last episode. Is modern dating working better than arranged marriages? We have some data. Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #andrewtate #indianmatchmaking #andrewtatebanned
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EP022 - Indian Matchmaking & Is Love Just a Choice?

Our panel discusses the Netflix show Indian matchmaking, the clash between modern and traditional dating and if love and relationships are just a choice. Is "compatibility" really that important or do we just need two people willing to choose one another? We also get into a debate about possessing people, can you possess someone or do you only "experience them"? Guests @Montegajade @Callme_sole @iamawan7 @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #indianmatchmaking #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP021 - Can Men Speak The Truth Publicly?

Guests @Briana_azzinaro_real_estate @kto.realtyco @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #lovelanguage #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP020 - Sneaky links are a waste of your time

Guests @dom.fowler @iiamsunnie @bls_xxc @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #lovelanguage #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP019 - Is treating women nice leading them on?

Guests @dom.fowler @iiamsunnie @bls_xxc @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #lovelanguage #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP018 - Is what we want in relationships actually good for us?

Guests @allthingslisalit @alyrosa_ @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #whatwewantisbad #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP017 - Dealing with damage, baggage, and resisting being jaded

Guests @drelloydonline @dom.fowler @iammissmeme @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dealingwithdamage #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP016 - Angry young men and the masculinity crisis

Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @dom.fowler @alyrosa_ Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #socialcontract #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP015 - How to avoid dusty men and women & Dusty Stories!

Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @dom.fowler @alyrosa_ Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #socialcontract #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP014 - The Social Contract Between Men and Women

0:00 Pre-show 1:46 Ryan Fagan (Host) & Guest Handles 2:05 Kevin Samuels & The Condition of Gender Relations 6:30 Historical Oppression and Devaluing of Women 9:54 Introducing the Topic: The Social Contract Between Men & Women 12:37 Example of the Social Contract: Women in Trouble Not Being Helped by Men 19:10 Reading Comments: Religious & Moral Standards Influence on Women's Value 20:05 Expectation for Men to Defend Women and Another Example Scenario 25:07 Softer vs Assertive Men vs A Mix of Both 30:02 Societal Expectations of Women and Men 32:13 How is the bar so low for men? 35:32 When did men value women? 37:28 Reading Comments: Rich Men and The Low Bar for Men 39:45 Softer Men and Vulnerability in Relation to Masculinity 43:58 High Standards for Women in Society 46:12 Reading Comments: Low Bar Because of Women 47:55 Discussing Ryan's View of Women 50:54 Body Counts for Men and Women 52:26 Does body count for women matter? 55:17 How is the bar so low for men? (cont.) 57:33 Value of Women and Their Body Count 1:01:17 Reading Comments: Bar for Men, Body Count, etc. 1:03:28 Having Clear Communication with Body Count & Expectations 1:04:58 Preferences: Body Count, Bigger Women, etc. 1:06:28 Lack of Accountability for Women 1:07:48 Not Wanting Body Count with Random Men 1:09:01 Finding People & Experiences with First Dates 1:13:04 Reading Comments: Women Paying Dinner, First Dates, etc. 1:14:01 Social Expectations for Interactions Between Men & Women 1:19:55 How to Approach Women Without Being Weird 1:23:32 Interpreting Gestures from Women and Men Defending Women 1:25:38 Aggression from Women and Men's Restraint 1:30:43 Historical Social Contract Between Men and Women 1:32:58 Genders Fighting the Same Gender in UFC 1:35:32 Ryan's Mom's Opinion: Signals from Women, Gym, Dates 1:47:35 Reading Comments: Signals, Gym, Feminism, Dates 1:48:30 What would happen if men didn't approach women for a year? 1:51:07 Wrap Up: Final Thoughts 1:56:28 Reading Comments 1:57:10 Kevin's Closing Thoughts: Defending Women 2:00:38 Devolving Societal Expectations & Responsibilities 2:02:04 Reading Comments: Sex Toys for Men 2:05:05 Outro Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @dom.fowler @alyrosa_ Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #socialcontract #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP013 - Men are trash

Guests @che_talkss @darealapporter @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #menaretrash #modernrelationships #moderndating
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EP012 - Are Double Standards Bad? (Copy)

0:00 Pre-show 2:50 How viewers can call in 3:57 Ryan Fagan (Host) Introduction 4:37 Introducing the Topic: Double Standards 5:19 Guest Introductions & Opinions on Double Standards 9:45 Inherent value of women vs men 20:33 Traditional gender roles and societal expectations 27:19 Focus on family and making a legacy 28:52 Innate sex drive of men compared to women 33:23 Difficulty in finding a respectable partner 37:21 Like, comment and subscribe! 37:40 Double standards in the Military 42:47 Inequality; women wanting advantageous positions 48:27 Kevin's technical difficulties 49:12 There should be equal opportunity for men and women 50:43 The problem with modern feminism 53:39 Equal standards for men and women 57:06 Kevin's technical difficulties (cont.) 57:25 Reading comments 58:08 Are there double standards for roles in a home? 1:08:09 Men taking the lead; safe spaces for women 1:13:39 Women and men's roles in the past vs present 1:18:25 Is it attractive to see your man work/be active? 1:20:47 Reading comments 1:20:58 Opinion on stay-at-home dads 1:23:35 Reading comments 1:24:16 Women having a good family-life balance 1:25:49 Reading comments 1:26:02 Prior to meeting a man, what should a woman do? 1:34:10 Are you scared to verbalize what you need? 1:39:00 Women just want to feel supported 1:40:04 Ryan's sister calls: wife and child question 1:44:48 Meeting a woman you love but doesn't want children 1:48:28 Saying goodbye to Ryan's sister 1:49:58 Reflecting on Ryan's opinions for this podcast 1:50:07 Reading comments 1:52:03 Discussing Jason Wilson: masculinity 1:54:44 Double standard: domestic violence 1:59:50 Idle chat: Ryan, Zodiac signs, etc. 2:01:32 Double standard: domestic violence (cont.) 2:03:27 Ryan's experience with calling the police on his partner at the time 2:05:52 Ryan's birthday 2:06:26 Double standards on not wanting a child (abortion) 2:15:36 Effects of not having protective sex 2:19:47 Taking accountability and baby trapping 2:20:56 Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Will Smith, etc. 2:34:53 Final thoughts on double standards 2:41:30 Outro Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @dom.fowler @lexalay_ @thevocalmortgagemogul Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #moderndating #doublestandards
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EP011 - Power Couples, fact or fiction?

00:00:00 Pre-show 00:04:09 Intro 00:04:43 Power Couple 00:06:00 Let guests takeover 00:07:03 Dom Fowler 00:08:20 We all contradict ourselves 00:09:19 Brittany Porter 00:10:33 Quincy Williams 00:12:41 Two powerful entities come together and create more 00:15:03 The big conception is that... 00:16:17 Caringness in couples 00:17:11 Outlier situations 00:19:56 It's at women's core, they just want to be a man 00:21:53 Do you believe in men splitting bills and stuff like that? 00:23:54 Kudos to Quincy 00:24:36 Quincy's story 00:26:33 Woman wants a man to lead her 00:27:58 There are two forces acting 00:29:57 Reacting to a comment 00:30:44 It all comes down to belief and trust 00:33:00 Women need to be more conscious of things like... 00:36:05 That's the power couple thing 00:37:34 Are women anti-women? 00:38:10 A flip side 00:39:10 What are your expectations about your guy? 00:44:56 If the wife's business running successfully and yet not paying any bills. How do I benefit from it? 00:47:37 Women shit on women's traditional roles 00:49:00 Wife should understand the man's business... 00:52:50 What do I tell my daughter about these things? 00:55:33 ...What's your perspective on that? 00:57:55 I don't wanna work with clients that I gotta convince, I want clients that want to work with me 01:00:03 When do you have that conversation while dating someone? 01:02:07 Reading comments 01:02:37 Quincy: How do you guys work on a disagreement? 01:04:25 How do deal with when you're like "I understand how you feel but we going this way"? 01:05:21 Why do you think she knows that it comes from a good place? 01:07:47 Look at the problems like me and you against the problem 01:08:47 How did you guys build that up? 01:11:14 Working on faith is a risk 01:12:54 Reading comments 01:13:45 My issue with dating 01:15:04 The older you get the harder it is 01:16:06 How did you guys start talking? 01:17:55 Comment: What's your take on arranged marriages? 01:19:08 Being single and in a relationship 01:20:47 If you're too intentional, it's a problem too 01:22:22 Younger girls, why are you not looking to pair up? 01:23:49 You want to take your time but then you also don't have time 01:25:11 Reading comments 01:25:42 Ryan, what are your thoughts about women with tattoos? 01:29:43 Power couple is not what they have advertised 01:31:00 What were you taught as far as relationships...? 01:35:42 That's my whole episode on "are women anti-women" 01:37:00 What do you teach your daughter? 01:38:19 That needs to be taught in the household for women 01:40:00 Money breaks up a lot of relationships 01:41:12 If your wife makes money but doesn't pay bills, how do feel about it? 01:44:14 Comments 01:45:10 Calling Ryan's mother | Being alpha female, making more money than her husband 01:50:51 Trusting the man you're with; that's the difficulty 01:52:42 Do you think that if you made less money it would be easier? 01:53:34 I feel like that's what should be advertised 01:55:12 It requires so much energy and time to blow something 01:57:23 It's all about women being in the right energy 02:00:05 People who make a lot of money go through a lot more stress which means they need a lot more maintenance 02:04:35 Comments 02:05:30 You should retain your identity as a person 02:07:32 Quincy, how long it take you to propose? 02:08:55 Would you like regular proposing? 02:13:39 Do you want him to propose to you as soon as possible or do wait until he can propose to you the way you want him to propose? 02:17:14 Maybe this is the problem 02:18:58 Communication is my problem 02:21:46 Brittany's story 02:23:33 What's your rationale for the age category? 02:25:03 When you say you're an alpha female, what does that actually entail? 02:26:44 Idea of "I'm gonna be feminine for the right guy" is so wrong 02:29:11 Guys learn the ways to a chameleon that way 02:30:33 Finances have a lot to do with their maturity 02:31:08 Comments 02:33:52 4 yrs is not a long time to decide who you're going to make 02:35:30 All this pro-black stuff and you'll want to bring black kids into the world and in chaos 02:37:57 Brittany, how do you reconcile about gut taking care of everything with being an alpha female? 02:39:21 What's your date like? 02:41:21 Do you think it's gonna be hard to embrace your feminine energy? 02:41:56 He has to be better than you 02:46:17 I'm a powerlifter 02:48:36 I'm the prize 02:52:54 Quincy, what do you think who has to love who more? 02:53:29 When you say you are the prize, what exactly does that mean? 02:58:00 Why I emphasize the prize situation is because of...? 03:01:36 Guys are not equal valuated 03:03:04 If you find a woman that's submissive and will let you lead. Do you think she is the prize? 03:05:49 Ryan, can the girl have kids? 03:08:32 Wrapping Up Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @Quincydwilliams @movewithb @dom.fowler Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #moderndating #powercouple
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EP010 - Does body count matter?

0:00 Pre-show 2:12 Introducing the Topic: Body Count 3:23 Ryan Fagan (Host) & Guest Introductions 9:28 Knowing people your partner's been with 12:57 Judging a partner based on their reputation 16:02 Difference between men and woman's sexual access 19:18 Do you count bodies when you use a condom? 20:21 Reading comments 20:40 Deleting "hoeness" 25:17 Standards and level of experience 29:07 Communication around sex 34:07 Opinion on having high body counts and sex 41:58 Asking your partner's body counts 46:21 Not being satisfied enough during sex 48:12 What body count is your limit? 54:00 Reading comments on body count (cont.) 55:09 Honesty with your real body count 59:40 Encountering ex-partners 1:03:12 Reading comments on body count (cont.) 1:04:12 Encountering ex-partners (cont.) 1:10:54 Reading comments more on exes 1:15:00 Social experiment shows 1:20:18 Ryan's preferences and experience 1:27:08 Kevin's opinion on body count 1:40:15 Reading comments 1:41:04 Social perception of women and sex 1:42:13 Thoughts on body preference 1:57:22 Reading comments about preference 1:57:40 Having unhealthy partners 2:02:02 Body type and preferences (cont.) 2:10:32 Closing Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @callme_sole @getlike.ji @zakfareal Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #moderndating #bodycount
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EP009 - Can we have it all in relationships or must we settle?

0:00 - Preshow 6:17 - Intro & monologue 9:27 - Guest Introductions & first thoughts. 20:29 - Defining settling, is it the right question? 24:19 - Is Ryan creating an impossible expectation? 25:35 - What is Ryan's standard/expectation? 26:25 - What is attractiveness to a man? 28:52 - Darraine sharing about her marriage. 31:41 - Dealing with a beautiful woman and attention seekers. 34:20 - Back to attractiveness, the women don't understand it. 37:11 - Ryan wants an agreeable woman, what is agreeableness? 45:57 - Comments 46:50 - Back again to attractiveness, the women still can't understand the man point of view! 57:53 - Comments 59:30 - Back to agreeableness again!!! 1:03:11 - Women want to date up, but they don't want to admit it. 1:19:28 - Comments 1:25:40 - Is beauty objective? (western beauty standards) 1:28:11 - Everybody trying to find Ryan a good woman/wife! Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @darraine_ @mano_d_dios @callme_sole Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #datingonsocialmedia #moderndating #willsmith #jada #willandjada #theslap #protectwomen
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EP008 - Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars, Protecting Women?

0:00 - preshow 2:02 - Monologue - The slap heard around the world 10:30 - Guest Intro's First Thoughts 13:54 - Comments 20:05 - Ali's thoughts on Will and Jada Oscar's Slap 22:42 - When should a man use violence to defend his woman? 33:56 - Did a Jada put the battery in Will's back? (TRIGGERED!!!!!) 41:15 - Men entering into violence is extremely dangerous! 42:55 - What does it mean to protect women? How should it be done? Where is the line? 47:12 - Is this Jada's fault? 53:00 - Comments 56:48 - Women causing men to fight? Low Quality women??? 1:00:09 - Picking the wrong women is dangerous for men 1:03:05 - Comments 1:06:11 - If Jada doesn't deserve Will's actions does another woman? 1:09:32 - AMLG Calls in 1:16:24 - If you pick her you gotta rock with her no matter what 1:18:16 - You can use violence strategically 1:20:00 - Is it bad to make a scene? 1:23:20 - Should A man let the woman defend herself first? 1:24:19 - If you pick her you, picked her. How long do you stick it out? 1:29:54 - When do the women think a man should put hands on somebody? 1:38:40 - Don't try to fight people you cant beat! 1:43:00 - We only have the tools we have to deal with things 1:45:10 - Was Will smith being emotional or calculating? 1:48:00 - Should Will have apologized? 1:53:21 - We need frameworks as a starting point for relationships 1:56:10 - Kevin final thoughts 1:57:15 - Ali coming at Ryan 1:58:03 - Kevin more thoughts 1:59:30 - Ali scared to give men her time 2:03:45 - Ryan doesn't want a car with high mileage 2:07:20 - The average man can't compete in modern dating 2:16:00 - Final thoughts Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @Aliannajg @iammrssherbinfox @Cadillacoffullbacks Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #datingonsocialmedia #moderndating #willsmith #jada #willandjada #theslap #protectwomen
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EP007 - When to be vulnerable and trust in relationships

0:00 - Preshow 3:00 - Intro & monologue 6:26 - Guest introductions 12:31 - Comments! 14:05 - Safi talking about getting married and building trust 26:31 - Renee being a minority athlete and being cautious 27:24 - Zipp's thoughts on vulnerability and trust 31:15 - Zipp's plan to move to Dominican Republic 33:00 - What is Zipp looking for in a man? (he cant eat cheese!) 43:47 - Do you choose to be vulnerable or does it just happen? 46:00 - Women need to provide choosing signals for men to approach 55:39 - Foreign men are more vulnerable? 1:03:38 - Comments 1:10:55 - Men approaching women facing rejection 1:18:08 - Some people are better than others in society 1:27:00 - Who are you to ask me to prove myself to you? 1:29:15 - Men's intentions with women at the start 1:39:15 - Comments 1:52:00 - Talk to me nice mission statement (trying to get back on the rails) 1:53:38 - Protecting women 1:55:15 - Women are a helpmate 1:59:45 - We're better together! 2:03:29 - Are men being misleading? 2:06:00 - How long he gotta wait? 2:08:00 - She didn't get married to the perfect guy because the sex was subpar! 2:11:10 - Comments (they coming for Ryan!) 2:14:00 - Should men get their stuff together before trying to get a woman? 2:20:39 - Comments 2:27:00 - Safe sex... 2:30:00 - Men built the world, give a little respect! Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @Formy4s @zipporahfit @Hybrid_22 Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #datingonsocialmedia #moderndating
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EP006 - Is Social Media Bad for Modern Relationships?

0:00 - Preshow 5:30 - Is Social media bad for relationships? Monologue 10:00 - Guest introductions 17:39 - Candace being married at a young age 26:18 - Comments (we love y'all) 27:10 - Ryan's general idea about social media and dating 28:55 - Candance won't speak to men that approach her at all! 33:03 - Women should not respond to Dm's if they have a boyfriend/husband 33:59 - Women should be direct with their rejection, be stuck up! 35:28 - Will women spin the block on DM dwellers? 37:00 - Social media is all about trust in a relationship 39:17 - Comments (lots of good ones) 41:50 - How should men respond to DM's when in a relationship? 43:00 - The dangers to men when women come in the DM indirectly 45:00 - Men can't be direct with women 48:44 - How Candace husband slide in the DM 50:54 - Men cant be direct pt2 53:28 - Comments 54:19 - Ryan loves a cuddle 56:09 - Comments 57:00 - Kevin doesn't like to cuddle 57:50 - A really healthy & productive #MeToo Conversation 1:10:08 - Comments 1:12:29 - Dom admits to entertaining DM dwellers years later! (WHAT?!@?!?!?!?) 1:16:00 - Ryan needs dating coaching! 1:19:00 - Kevin says she's just not into you bro! 1:20:00 - Candace supports the friend zone! (nooo!) 1:24:35 - Everyone trying to coach Ryan 1:30:25 - Comments 1:32:00 - Women have no game! 1:33:20 - Cash app! 1:34:10 - Comments coming at Dom! 1:34:30 - Show goals 1:35:24 - How do men react to getting DM's 1:36:50 - We all have to settle in life (Sheikh from Love is Blind and Fresh and Fit) 1:46:10 - Dealing with changes in relationships and potential 1:52:56 - When do you post your significant other 2:03:43 - Why hasn't Dom's boyfriend proposed after 4 years???? 2:05:25 - Is there a double standard on social media with men and women? 2:07:55 - What types of pictures are acceptable to post in a relationship? 2:14:30 - Dom capping about the MLB player again 2:16:17 - Call Ryan daddy 2:17:26 - Kevin likes 5's 2:19:00 - The better women look, the worse their personality is 2:21:28 - Men's attractiveness doesn't matter that much 2:25:24 - Dom's 3 date rule 2:27:55 - Mail order bride & matchmaking 2:28:50 - The podcast is horrible for Ryan's dating mission 2:30:30 - Should Ryan not look for 25-27yr olds? 2:31:10 - Ryan's Mom calls in 2:34:29 - Respectfulness or Submissiveness 2:38:40 - Feedback! Like and Subscribe! Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @candacedennis @dom.fowler Pretty Girl Privilege podcast Cash App to support the show! $RyanFaganRealEstate #dating #datingonsocialmedia #moderndating
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EP005 - Steve Harvey gender roles and the 85/15 relationship not 50/50

0:00 - Pre-show 5:15 - Guest Introductions 10:35 - Steve Harvey's 85%/15% rule for men and women 14:20 - Comments 16:00 - Ryan doesn't know what he is talking about 17:17 - Like and subscribe! 17:50 - Steve Harvey's 85%/15% rule for men and women pt2 20:50 - Can you be a boss at work and feminine with your man? 23:56 - Comments 25:24 - Can you be a boss at work and feminine with your man? pt2 28:30 - Monica doesn't want to be someone's responsibility 30:35 - Debunking the idea women and men are the same 33:14 - Military fitness double standards 35:20 - Our natural differences effect male female relationships 36:28 - Comments 38:56 - Why understanding male and female differences helps us understand relationships 40:35 - Respect or bowing down? 44:15 - You can be a woman boss and submissive at home 45:27 - Lisa paying for dates! 46:21 - If he makes less how can he plan a date/vacation? 49:58 - This podcast is about building relationships not smashing randoms 50:30 - Sounds like Monica is dealing with dusties!!! 53:00 - Historical and traditional Women vs modern women 54:41 - Women want to sell their stock when it gets lower 55:46 - Comments 57:02 - Traditional relationships worked better than modern relationships 58:06 - Kevin catches Monica in a huge contradiction! (young people dissatisfied with relationships) 59:52 - Men and women have not evolved? 1:01:39 - Should a woman take out the trash? 1:03:00 - Lisa's wild ex story (protection) 1:06:00 - Relationships should enhance the individuals 1:07:24 - What does Monica require from a man? (She's stumped!) 1:15:01 - Lisa's requirements for men. 1:17:37 - Is it bad to look up to your man? (Monica being real spicy) 1:20:45 - Should you stick by a man "on the come up"? 1:23:28 - Women should sell their relationship stock at the highest point 1:25:34 - What advice would Ryan give to his daughter 1:27:00 - Comments 1:28:30 - We should do what we enjoy and are good at doing in a relationship 1:31:27 - Ryan deep dive 1:39:35 - Comments 1:40:21 - What is build together stuff about? 1:47:38 - Don't increase the price because I'm better! 1:50:23 - Women are rappers and athletes 1:53:39 - Not sure where Jay is going with this? 1:55:56 - How do you turn down guys who approach/DM? 2:04:10 - Kevin's Cheesecake factory story 2:06:15 - Ryan doesn't want to be treated differently 2:19:23 - Does Ryan like if the woman makes the first move? 2:22:43 - Comments 2:23:43 - Ryan has to defend himself 2:25:23 - Comments 2:26:25 - Ryan still wants his knee touched 2:28:19 - Ryan is a whole girl out here 2:30:05 - Lisa's two dates and two different energies 2:32:47 - Does your date owe you anything? 2:33:12 - Men need to tell women no! 2:43:47 - What are men entitled to on a date? Social contract between men and women. 2:47:09 - Men have to stay and fight in Ukraine 2:52:16 - Protecting women 3:02:23 - Women men that are bigger than them (Monica Contradiction!) Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @k.bow98 @monica.mulatto @allthingslisalit @jacqwilliams21 Reacting to Gender Roles in Society: Steve Harvey Shares His Thoughts | BET’s Mancave
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EP004 - Are There Rules To Dating Anymore?

0:00 - Pre-show 9:40 - Monologue we need a dating framework 13:39 - Guest Introductions 22:00 - Ryan trying to meet his wife 24:45 - Red Flags 27:45 - What questions are off limits on a date? 30:30 - Comments & shout out to Ruffsecs! 32:38 - is asking about exes too much? 34:00 - What is a good activity for a date? 37:00 - Comments 38:00 - Activity dates 39:28 - Kiss on the first date? 41:10 - Ryan doesn't move right when he likes someone 42:50 - comments and technical difficulty 45:00 - Dating and vacations 48:50 - Making her wait for the D 50:11 - Comments 51:00 - Men, don't rush into giving up the D 57:21 - Get STD checks 58:49 - How long to wait to have sex? (they won't really answer) 1:00:00 - Dming women 1:01:55 - Comments 1:03:30 - Ladies shooting their shot (contradiction) 1:04:30 - Can a guy do too much if she likes him? 1:08:11 - How to DM women, no cheat codes though 1:10:47 - Being attractive is important, but too attractive is a red flag 1:11:40 - Women all want the same men 1:13:47 - Similar values but different characteristics 1:17:20 - Older women are set in their way 1:19:40 - Comments 1:21:50 - Ryan's mom calls in 1:31:20 - Non negotiable red flags 1:34:21 - Comments 1:35:58 - Women should judge men harshly 1:42:30 - Should the man be a provider? 1:44:00 - Men should be emotionally intelligent but not too soft 1:47:25 - Comments 1:50:21 - Is Ryan's standard for men realistic for regular guys? 1:55:42 - Men categorize women 1:57:50 - Ryan being vulnerable, ready to get out the streets 2:02:04 - Comments 2:03:00 - Is it doing too much to be intentional about dating? 2:04:44 - pre-nump talk 2:05:45 - Why doesn't Ali want to get married? 2:11:35 - Should you pick a man on potential? 2:14:55 - Is building together a real thing? 2:27:45 - People should not lose themselves in their relationships 2:31:16 - Should you complain to your woman? 2:33:55 - Comments 2:38:45 - Is it a partnership if the man is doing more? 2:44:28 - Kevin doesn't care to have intellectual conversations with women 2:45:50 - Can a woman upgrade a man? 2:47:39 - Zakeer final thoughts 2:51:00 - Dating a man that is a 9/10 2:54:05 - We didn't solve anything after 3 hours & Final Thoughts Guests @RyanFagan_RealEstate @Aliannajg @zakfareal @turbokitty2 @k.bow98
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EP003 - Does love conquer all?

0:00 - Pre-show 3:12 - Does love conquer all monologue 5:40 - Guest Intros 10:10 - Dating is complicated 12:00 - Should you work on yourself before dating? 14:40 - Does love conquer all? 17:57 - What does it mean to be fulfilled? 25:25 - Income is a shorthand for competency 28:50 - What do I need a man for? 33:23 - Black men not stepping into their place as men 46:40 - We have to rebuild the framework for relationships 49:40 - What are parents teaching about relationships? 57:00 - Ryan's mom calls in to talk about what she taught him about relationships 1:06:00 - What our parents told us about relationships 1:18:00 - How long to date before getting married? 1:30:00 - Men need to stop being afraid to say what they think. 1:34:00 - What do/should men bring to the table? 1:38:50 - Importance of sharing values on parenting styles 1:42:48 - Ryan Story, The woman checked all the boxes on values, but not attraction. 1:44:30 - Do people actually know what they believe in reality? 1:46:50 - The man is the ultimate decision maker 1:48:17 - Does money make you the boss? 2:10:00 - Dating black people, culture and damaged people 2:13:50 - Final Thoughts and Plugs Guests @Drelloydonline @allthingslisalit @dom.fowler
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EP002 - Why Men should be leaders and women should follow

We talk about if men and women should involve their parents' in their dating life or not. We also have a deep and nuanced conversation about why men should lead in relationships. Guests @lexalay_ @mano_d_dios @callme_sole PrettyGirlPrivilege Podcast
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EP001 - Shooting your shot and choosing signals