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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 32 episodes, 23 hours 42 minutes
Welcome to Talk Healthy 2 Me!!! We talk about living a truly healthy, happy life in all areas: physically, mentally, financially, etc. This is a place for deep convos, fun convos, learning, growing, shifting perspectives & BECOMING! enjoy :)
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Turning your Passion into your Career: Food Blogging, Healthy Routines & Newly-Wed Chats w/ Kiley Heard

Today, Kiley Heard (previously known as Kiley O’Donnel) on the show to talk about how she got started with social media & how she turned her past & her passion for recipe creation into a full time job!We also chat about her in-depth morning routine (skincare + makeup favorites, coffee recipes, etc.), her best tips for social media growth and creating engaging content, how her and her husband met/ their wedding story, etc.This episode really just feels like a coffee date with Kiley & I LOVED IT!Enjoy!Xo Kiley's Instagram: Instagram: (code: HEALTHY25) https://kaizos.coHoneySwim: (code: HEALTHY25) https://honeyswim.coMy Train
04/12/20231 hour 24 minutes 8 seconds
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Healing Acne Naturally / Gut-Skin Connection w/ Nutritionist, Maria Marlowe

So excited to introduce you all to Nutritionist, Maria Marlowe! She has helped thousands of people improve their health &amp; clear their skin naturally by improving their diet and lifestyle habits. She&apos;s also the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide &amp; Be Healthy Everyday! Her knowledge &amp; personal experiences are so valuable to hear &amp; learn from &amp; we dive into so much this episode:-What is acne? What causes it? How can we make changes to clear our skin?-All about gut health &amp; maintaining a healthy gut microbiome-Her hot takes on skincare routines, wellness trends, botox/injections, SPF, etc.I truly gained so much from this episode &amp; I hope you guys LOVE it!Leave a review with what you learned / who you want me to have on next :)My IG:;s IG: <a href='
20/11/20231 hour 12 minutes 46 seconds
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Finding Balance During the Holidays

Hey friends!! Today&apos;s a quick solo episode about how I find balance: physically &amp; mentally during the holidays! We chat about:-healthy coping mechanisms if the holiday&apos;s are hard for you-ways to maintain a healthy relationship with food-ditching the &quot;all-or-nothing&quot; mentality around food/fitness-movement ideas while traveling&amp; all things BALANCE :)hope this advice is a good reminder for someone out there this holiday season!Much love,BrynMy IG: Collagen &amp; Calming Coco: code- HEALTHY25 <a href=';redir_token=QUFFLUhqbm43bGR4U3hXMjVEWnhsdE0zZ2FnTjU3Mlh6d3xBQ3Jtc0ttX2FTSnJoN0FkRjdSWm9WallOMlViWW5sdTVWMlhmSHBxMGdwT3Y0RnNkcEV4LXNIVmlwNE5odnN3OTBVTEMwNGstd2d2LW1vc1VuSHg4TTBxMTBTbGlzV1VLcVZWWjlqWnA1UDVmSkpPR2FqVVZhUQ&amp;q
12/11/202331 minutes 14 seconds
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Re-Ignite Your Creativity

Hey friends!! today we&apos;re chatting all about creativity. What it is, why it&apos;s important, how to re-ignite your creative flame if you&apos;re feeling stumped, etc.We also chat about my experience with being a content creator &amp; the creative challenges that come with it, how no one&apos;s ideas are fully original, etc.It is packed with so much that I am currently learning myself &amp; I hope it touches someone else that listens xo
06/11/202336 minutes 57 seconds
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Mold Toxicity, Psoriasis, Healthy Routines + Breakups w/ Tamara Anthony

Today we get the GIFT of listening to my friend Tamara Anthony’s story. She gets super vulnerable and real with us as she opens up about her experience with finding mold in her apartment &amp; how it triggered an autoimmune response in her body, and her experience with all of a sudden getting psoriasis from it. She shares some things she has done to help her mind and body through the process!We chat about her morning &amp; night routines, and about her job: social media. How she finds a healthy balance with it; her tips for growing your account and staying authentic online.We also chat about her recent breakup &amp; how she’s growing / evolving from it.This episode is pure GOLD &amp; I am so grateful to have her on!We hope you love this convo, leave it a review / share what you loved with us on an IG story so we can see &amp; connect with you guys!!Tamara’s Weekly Challenge for you: 
30/10/20231 hour 24 minutes 41 seconds
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Your environment SHAPES you

Today we&apos;re talking about how our environment can shape &amp; impact us!Brynley gets vulnerable talking about her past environments: coming from a divorced family, being disorganized in college apartments, living in a tent on the world race, a new apartment, etc.Then we talk about how we can be aware of the way our environment is impacting us &amp; how we can make changes for our health &amp; wellbeing!Whatever environment you find yourself in right now, I want you to know, you have the power to make small changes that lead to HUGE impacts, AND if you feel stuck in an environment you don&apos;t love, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and keep working hard to transition into a new environment, that day will come!Weekly Challenge:Identify what you&apos;re  &quot;tolerating&quot; in your environment right now &amp; make a plan of how to declutter (things, habits, hanging with negative
09/10/202348 minutes 52 seconds
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Balance > Burnout / how to prevent burnout & live with healthy balance

today&apos;s episode is so special to me- as someone who has struggled with burnout a bit in the past, and have found tools and a ways to avoid it, I am so excited to share with you guys!!!My &quot;BALANCE &gt; BURNOUT&quot; cycle:Phase 1) Creativity/inspo- taking time to get into a creative mindset, seek inspiration, journal, explore, set intentions for your work phase ahead. (This stage is important so that you go into the hustle with purpose &amp; excitement)Phase 2) Hard work/Hustle- getting the work DONE! Work hard, work smart, make the moves, check off the todo list, grind it out! (Hard work is GOOD - just not by itself!)Phase 3) Rest &amp; rReflection- probably the MOST important phase because this is the time you grow. You worked your &apos;muscles&apos; &amp; this is where they build back up, grow &amp; become! Take time to do activities that bring your soul rest &amp; peace. Also reflect on the hard work, what a
02/10/202342 minutes 58 seconds
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My 72 Hour Fast Experience: Cellular Autophagy, Biohacking, Wellness!

Hey friends!! Lukas and I just completed a 72 Hour Fast for a bunch of different health reasons: Cellular Autophagy, reducing Inflammation, Improving Cognitive function, etc.I share what we learned, and all about our experience here!Like I said in the podcast, please consult a doctor or Registered Dietitian before trying a fast like this! I am not recommending that everyone does this, just sharing my experience and what I learned from it :)Fasting resources:Some resources on fasting:<a href='https://www.
11/09/202328 minutes 14 seconds
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Changing Seasons: Motivation for FALL!

it&apos;s September already?!!? HOW? Leaving summer &amp; transitioning into Fall time is so bittersweet for me, but I am excited to dive into an episode on:-things I learned from summer-how I am getting motivated for Fall-how to handle Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)-my goals for the Fall monthswishing you all the best month ahead !!! xoLinks + Socials:IG: app: (7 day free trial)Kaizos Coco: (code: HEALTHY25)Honey Swim: (code: BRYNYOUTUBE)
04/09/202340 minutes 47 seconds
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Prioritizing Inner Peace PT. 2

Hey friends, here is the part 2 to our chat on Prioritizing inner peace!! Make sure you listen to part 1 first if you haven&apos;t already :)Challenge:Journal out what inner peace means for you.List out 3-5 things you can start doing/practicing more to cultivate inner peace.sending so much love to you all!xo
21/08/202332 minutes 55 seconds
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Prioritizing Inner Peace PT.1

hey friends, this week we&apos;re talking all about inner peace: what it is, why its important &amp; how to cultivate it in your own life!! stay tuned next week for a pt. 2 :)xo,Bryn
14/08/202328 minutes 55 seconds
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The Grass ISN'T Greener / Gratitude for the NOW

Today&apos;s episode  is a topic is centered all around the idea that &quot;the grass IS NOT greener on the other side, it&apos;s greener where you water it&quot;Essentially, we as humans, always want what we don&apos;t have, so how can we start living with gratitude for what we do have &amp; &quot;water our own grass&quot; here and now to experience true joy in the present moment? listen to the episode to find out :)Challenge:1) Make a list of all the things you have now, that you once wished/prayed for.2) Then make a list of how you can cultivate &amp; keep your own grass &quot;green&quot; this month.
07/08/202329 minutes 27 seconds
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Maximize Your Day (a challenge)

hey friends!! today we are talking about how to maximize your day; I have come up with a fun lifestyle challenge that I am going to start Aug. 1 and want to invite you all along too! It is meant to help you maximize your day, live purposefully, stop procrastinating, cultivate work-life balance &amp; just enhance your life!Links + Socials:IG: app: (7 day free trial)Kaizos Coco: (code: HEALTHY25)Honey Swim: (code: BRYNYOUTUBE)
31/07/202320 minutes 23 seconds
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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

On today&apos;s episode we talk allll about how our thoughts affect our life! We can CHOOSE our thoughts &amp; replace the negative ones with positive ones to change our everyday experiences in the world.Links + Socials:IG: app: (7 day free trial)Kaizos Coco: (code: HEALTHY25)Honey Swim: (code: BRYNYOUTUBE)Weekly Challenge:Write out 3 thoughts in your life that you think almost everyday that DON’T serve you or the life you want to create.Replace each one with a positive thought. Make a point that whenever that negative thought comes up in your head, to replace it with the positive one. Do this
24/07/202333 minutes 10 seconds
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Getting Back Into Routine ( + my euro travel recap)

hey friends!! I&apos;VE MISSED YA!I took a 2 week hiatus, but we&apos;re back with weekly episodes! In this one, I recap my Europe travels &amp; then dive into some of my best tips for getting back into a routine after traveling/long weekends/etc.I know these things really motivate me, so I pray they motivate whoever else needs it right now too!Tips:1-start SMALL &amp; ease back into it2-invest in the routine3-clean your space: an organized space = a productive mindset4-write/plan it all out on paper5-invite people into the routine as accountability6- incorporate weekly fun rewards!weekly challenge: Write out a weekly &amp; monthly reward for yourself this month. Then write out some tasks you want to get done before you reward yourself! Go get those done! :)LINKS:HONEY SWIM (code: BRYNYOUTUBE )  https://honeyswim.coKAIZOS (code HEALTHY25)PRIMALLY PURE (natural candles/deodorant; code BRYN)
17/07/202329 minutes 18 seconds
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Wellness Tips for Traveling

Hey friends, here are my top 5 health &amp; fitness trips for traveling!! I&apos;ve been in Europe the past month &amp; these are things I did to truly feel my best while exploring new places :)My app: (7 day free trial)Kaizos Coco: (code: HEALTHY25)Honey Swim: (code: BRYNYOUTUBE)Class Pass:
03/07/202328 minutes 15 seconds
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5 Things Holding You Back From Your FULL Potential

We all have incredible potential &amp; today we break down 5 of the biggest blockers standing in the way:1-People Pleasing 2-Fear of Failure / Mistakes 3-Being Close minded4-Having a negative mindset &amp; outlook on life AND surrounding yourself with people like that too5- Waiting for the perfect opportunity to take actionYour weekly challenge: pick one of the 5 that resonates with you and sit with it for a second. Journal out how you are allowing that to block you from living the life you want to live &amp; write out a plan of action to stop doing that thing &amp; step into your full potential!Kaizos Sleepytime Gut-friendly Coco Mix: Code HEALTHY25 https://kaizos.coMy APP:
05/06/202340 minutes 41 seconds