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Tales of AC Milan

English, Sports, 1 season, 47 episodes, 4 hours, 42 minutes
The 2021/22 Podcast season has ended. In the coming weeks, we will start again with new and exclusive episodes! A journey through Rossoneri history, via passionate accounts of stories past and present: each episode depicts a part of the Club's meaning through its great feats, unforgettable victories, famous signings and longed-for returns - with AC Milan always at heart.
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The beating heart of the Champions

Always ready to put moves together, to dictate the tempo, to contain, to give chase and adjust at the right moment: AC Milan's midfielders flawlessly represented the spirit of a highly consistent and adaptable team, always providing the strength and balance needed for a great Scudetto triumph.
6/24/20227 minutes, 18 seconds
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Scoring their way to the Summit

16 Rossoneri scored at least one goal in the league this season: each one of them contributed to winning the title, each one of them became a striker for at least one night. In a season in which each point was worth its weight in gold, every goal was like a small piece of treasure.
6/17/20227 minutes, 40 seconds
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Shielding the Scudetto

A Scudetto built on the ethos of strong defence: the boys have been solid, well-prepared, alert and compact, and have overcome injuries and other difficulties. 18 clean sheets from 38, an extraordinary defensive record and this title will be remembered as the "Defenders' Scudetto"
6/10/20226 minutes, 46 seconds
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Eleventh Heaven

A journey through time as we relive the history of the Rossoneri's league titles right up to the trophy lift at the Mapei Stadium. Among all of this Club's glorious triumphs, the month of May isn't like all the others. It's the month of titles, in which every date hearkens to an unforgettable memory.
6/3/20227 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Olive trees

From Oliver to Olivier, from Bierhoff to Giroud: two great centre-forwards with the ability to leave their mark in Rossoneri history and the fans breathless, reaching unthinkable heights amid Scudetto dreams and broken curses.
5/20/20225 minutes, 19 seconds
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On the crest of a wave

Just like the Tagus river, which passes through Almada, Rafa Leão glides over the ground and slaloms towards the opposition penalty area with the ball at his feet, moving effortlessly with that signature smile: the story of the Portuguese’s growth, between decisive goals and wondrous close calls.
5/13/20225 minutes, 54 seconds
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Peerless Pierre

Always alert, always ready, Pierre Kalulu unites the qualities of a seasoned centre-back with the potential of a young player, born in 2000. In spite of his age, his destiny has never been in doubt and his nickname "Pierino" exemplifies the extent of the fan’s support for him.
5/6/20225 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sulley's Stripes

Amid the ups and downs of his career, Sulley Muntari left his mark in the Rossoneri shirt, in a spell with the Club replete with loyalty and passion. The famous 'Muntari goal' then marked history by starting a cycle that affected not only sport but technology as well.
4/28/20225 minutes, 34 seconds
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Vikash's Vision

He is a figure that is difficult to forget as his quality saw him flourish during his stint with the Rossoneri, however brief it was. Vikash Dhorasoo’s stay at AC Milan was a flying visit but an unforgettable dream for our French former player.
4/22/20226 minutes, 16 seconds
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Senior Messias

Beyond the mark of his past, beyond the telling of his fairytale rise, Junior Messias has presented himself for the footballer that he really is: intensity and perfectionism. He is a sportsman, who wants to give his all in order to achieve his best, and 2022 is his stage.
4/14/20225 minutes, 27 seconds
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Red card, black swan

Getting sent off can often bring emotions of bewilderment and confusion but, sometimes, that initial dismay can give way to joy at a win. Here are three occasions, in which the Rossoneri were able to overcome such adversity
4/8/20225 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Glorious Baron

The Baron Nils Liedholm played a big role first as a player and then as a scout once he had hung up his boots. He passed away in 2007 but his memory lives on in the hearts of AC Milan fans: the story as told by his son Carlo.
4/1/20225 minutes, 2 seconds
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David Clarence Honda

The first Japanese player at AC Milan, with a unique style bolstered by professionalism, discipline and few words: the story of Keisuke Honda on and off the pitch – an atypical number 10 who knew how to light up San Siro.
3/24/20226 minutes, 53 seconds
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YoYo Yoann

The story that links Yoann Gourcuff to AC Milan is neither simple nor linear, and of what could have become a chaotic love story now remains solely as a memory, one touched upon but never made real.
3/18/20227 minutes, 5 seconds
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Full Throttle Florenzi

A true Roman at heart, it wasn’t easy for Alessandro Florenzi to leave his family and make the switch north to Milan. Yet his story knows no bounds and giving up is, for him, never an option, so much so that he turned up and won against José Mourinho’s Giallorossi on a cold Milanese evening.
3/11/20225 minutes, 47 seconds
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Grandad Díaz

Many languages and cultures flow through Brahim Díaz’s veins, his heart beat sto the drums of both Morocco and Malaga, united in his undying love for family and football.
3/4/20225 minutes, 31 seconds
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Chasing a Dream

When making it to the first team seems to be a mirage, that promised land is often perceived as a distant dream. Though, in some cases, dreams can become reality, as has been the case for many youngsters – both Italian and foreign – such as Pierre Kalulu and Alessandro Plizzari.
2/24/20226 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Maldera brothers

This family lives and breathes AC Milan, so much so that this Club is almost a part of their DNA. Though, in the modern era, this might refer to the Maldini dynasty, back in the 1980s such words could only ever be linked to Aldo, Gino and Attilio: the Maldera family.
2/18/20227 minutes, 26 seconds
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Milan is for life

You never change your club: this is a rule set in stone for any football supporter. The Rossoneri fans are no exception as their hearts exude love and faith in AC Milan.
2/11/20224 minutes, 39 seconds
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Twin cities

The two clubs have a colour in common - a red stripe unites AC Milan and Bologna, Milanello and the Dall’Ara, Rossoneri and Rossoblù - just as they do the various players and coaches that have spent time in either city in their careers.
2/3/20227 minutes, 26 seconds
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Seven wins for the Scudetto

The Rossoneri's campaign in the 1999 championship, which culminated in the scudetto win under the guidance of Zaccheroni; the season recounted by the man who played a lead-role: Maurizio Ganz.
1/28/20226 minutes
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Milan v Liverpool, a new chapter

The footballing history between AC Milan and Liverpool is something quite unique that doesn’t follow any script. There is never a dull moment in these games that are impossible to predict and which always keep us on the edge of our seats. Past games tell of this story and the present repeats it with the Rossoneri coming up against the Reds in their historic return to the Champions League.
1/21/20227 minutes, 29 seconds
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When twos become ones

From the bench onto the pitch in the blink of an eye, Tătăruşanu was ready just like that. Like so many of those who were once in his shoes, as second-string keeper, he was called up without warning to start between the sticks. In addition to this was the unspoken task of needing to put on a good performance and exceed expectation, something which he did, with that save from Lautaro's penalty in the derby della Madonnina.
1/14/20226 minutes, 27 seconds
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Cafu, forever smiling

Cafu’s unique and extraordinary play didn’t give to AC Milan only breakthroughs the wing, crosses and lobs. The Brazilian Pendolino, thanks to his iconic smile, brought to the pitch contagious positive vibes for his teammates and fans.
1/7/20227 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dream Sweeper

AC Milan star Franco Baresi, from his nickname recalling Beckenbauer until the legend was born, passed the test of times over decades and generations, earning the moniker “poet of football pitches”.
12/17/20216 minutes, 37 seconds
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Step by Step

Just like any magnum opus, Giroud's career has not been easy or built overnight. It has taken time, dedication and a thick skin. Step by step, from Grenoble to the French national team, from the North London derby to the Milan derby.
12/9/20215 minutes, 10 seconds
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In addition to his sporting prestige, what distinguishes Mr Pioli are his values, his style dictated by loyalty, fairness and integrity. It was precisely these qualities that led him to winning the Liedholm Award, which places Stefano Pioli in the history books alongside some of the great Milanese sportsmen who have already won the award in memory of the 'Barone'.
12/2/20216 minutes, 58 seconds
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Milan, AC Milan

Love for the city, as well as for the Rossoneri shirt: experiencing Milan is a matter that goes beyond football. There are so many places in Milan that tell the story of the club's history which has stretched over more than 100 years.
11/26/20218 minutes, 57 seconds
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Full House at the Stadium

The long lockdown months brought big changes to the world of football too. Fans were unable to attend, as a result of which empty stadiums and deafending silences became the new normal. Now, the energy of the crowd has returned, with the fans' irreplaceable enthusiasm ensuring that stadiums are rocking once again.
11/19/20217 minutes, 3 seconds
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Giunti's Primavera

From the moment Federico Giunti was called upon to take control of Milan's Primavera, he has carried out his task with dedication and great care, even in the darkest moments – like the relegation suffered in May 2019 – he was able to lead the squad back into the light.
11/12/20215 minutes, 15 seconds
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A fairy-tale come true

Sometimes fairy-tales do become reality. Junior Messias' move to AC Milan being one of those fairy-tales. We speak to two of the coaches who were a part of the Brazilian's meteoric rise through the tiers of Italian football, learning about the player both on and off the field.
11/4/20216 minutes, 12 seconds
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The surprising rising of Alexis

Although Alexis Saelemaekers discovered his passion for football later than most, it blossomed at an astonishing rate.Hard work, self-sacrifice and a profound team spirit were the secrets to his rise. And they were to reason he has become a mainstay in Stefano Pioli's Milan side. A tireless and versatile midfielder, whose greatest asset is his enthusiasm.
10/29/20215 minutes, 27 seconds
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Rino d'Italia

Honest, authentic, loyal and always self-critical: just a handful of adjectives to describe Rino Gattuso's temperament, and the qualities that pushed him to reach great heights over his cover; at AC Milan and with the Italian national team.
10/22/20216 minutes, 18 seconds
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Pride of a Nation

Stefano Pioli’s AC Milan has found much more than a central defender in Simon Kjær: he’s a natural born leader, a centre of balance and solidity for the team on the field and in the dressing room.And his goal at Old Trafford will live long in our memories.
10/15/20214 minutes, 45 seconds
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“AC Milan, alongside Marseille, was the greatest point of my career”: the thoughts of Jean Pierre Papin when he thinks back to his years in Rossonero, cherishing the memories of those two seasons; following the arrival of two fellow Frenchmen: Giroud and Maignan.
10/8/20215 minutes, 21 seconds
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A Pato Story

You never know what you have until you've lost.Alexandre Pato was perhaps too young to understand when he first arrived at AC Milan, but a decade later he still thinks about those years and wonders what could have been.
10/1/20214 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Coppa Italia

The Rossoneri’s legacy and victories in the Coppa Italia, despite certain periods of draught. AC Milan’s story in the national cup from 1962 to 2002.
9/24/20216 minutes, 18 seconds
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What's in a name

Never at the centre of the limelight, Cristian Brocchi achieved many great things thanks to his resolute spirit, intensity and mental strength. A true symbol of what AC Milan is.
9/17/20215 minutes, 24 seconds
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The 12 episodes of AC Milan

What does being at AC Milan mean? Wearing the jersey and representing the Club on and off the field? Of the many things former players have said about the Club, Alessandro Nesta’s stand out: “You would need a 12-episode series to talk about what it’s like to be at Milan”
9/10/20214 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hernan's Spark

Although Hernan Crespo’s stay at Milan was short, the 2004/05 season was a unique and unrepeatable experience that stemmed from the Argentinian’s rapport with Carlo Ancelotti.
9/3/20215 minutes, 22 seconds
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The sweet Kala

Almost 200 games in Serie A and a trophy cabinet that includes a Scudetto and two Champions League titles won with AC Milan. The tale of Kakha Kaladze in Rossonero: from his tactical versatility to the many pleasant memories.
8/27/20214 minutes, 55 seconds
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Racism: no way

Courage, equality and faith in a “handshake”. These are the values in which the footballers believe, proving it with action even when things are tough. The AC Milan and its players NO to racism.
8/20/20214 minutes, 46 seconds
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The thin line of genius which leads to unthinkable goals, finding himself after an injury and his new life at AC Milan, under Stefano Pioli’s guidance. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s story with the Rossoneri continues.
8/13/20215 minutes, 27 seconds
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Pioli's 3 Peaks

Stefano Pioli has moulded his AC Milan around solid team values and clear ideas of play, a recipe that has brought points, satisfaction from the field as well as love and affection from the Rossoneri fans.
8/6/20214 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sulley's proudness

Even though he didn’t win a trophy while at AC Milan, Sulley Muntari’s memories of his time at the club are vivid and alive to this day. The former midfielder, with the Diavolo from 2012 to 2015, talks about his time at the club, including the unforgettable win over Barcelona in 2013.
7/28/20214 minutes, 15 seconds
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Old Trafford, New Sheva

Shevchenko, AC Milan and the Rossoneri fans: a story of goals and excellent performances captured in that look before the decisive penalty at OId Trafford. The story told by the King from the East.
7/21/20215 minutes, 8 seconds
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The General's Memories

The bond between AC Milan and van Bommel was made from pure, overwhelming feelings. The experience of the Rossonero “General” was short but rich in triumphs and unforgettable emotions as evidenced by the heart-felt words of the Dutch man.
7/21/20215 minutes, 35 seconds