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English, Music, 3 seasons, 43 episodes, 16 hours, 41 minutes
Talent Trackers Podcast features Christian people who are talented in various areas. We talk through their journeys and dreams, and what practical steps they are taking on their way to stardom.
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This Africa Today - Nonhlelo Mahla, a Bulawayo Based Poet.

Happy Africa Day Africa. Meet Nonhlelo. She's got such a skill, doesn't she? I loved this piece in every way! The video version is on Jedmos Moyo's Facebook account #Talenttrackers #AfricaDay
5/25/20213 minutes, 3 seconds
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Kungumlandu Kabani [A Poem] - Bulawayo Based Poet, Nonhlelo Mahla

After a beautiful and well coordinated presentation of this poem at the #TakeItToTheLimit Talent Trackers Workshop on 16 October 2020 by this teenage girl, we felt that this thought-provoking poem was worthy of the world's ears. Enjoy and share.
11/19/20202 minutes, 2 seconds
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One Thing Keeps Her Going Through Tough Times - Harare based Gospel Artist, Martha Longwe

Martha is one of our ambassadors at Talent Trackers. One of the earliest artists we've worked with prior to registration. We've worked on Lihle together
11/14/202022 minutes, 43 seconds
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It's time talent should be gathered together for development. We'll groom it. - Ronald Stone

Ronald 'Stone' Sithole is a new facilitator at Talent Trackers looking at all things ospel music. Especially  vocal coaching and more. He's been on the team of the infamous Family Voices Music Group. He's passionate about developing talent for meaningful and sustainable growth.
11/6/202017 minutes, 14 seconds
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Artists Can Be United In Such A way That Can Transform. - Jo'burg Based Gospel Artist, Themba Maseko

Themba is a humble, and growing gospel musician, passionate about spreading the Gospel of Christ
10/26/202011 minutes, 28 seconds
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I itch to give back to the community - SA based DJ, Lawyer and CIS, Zandile 'Zah Maz' Mazithulela

Zandile Mazithulela is a practicing Lawyer in SA, a CIS student and a recording musician and DJ. She was humbly born and bred in Umzingwane District, the area that's home to Talent Trackers Trust. She grew up modeling and more. Now, she's rubbing shoulders with the big fish in the major leagues. Listen to her, as she tells her story. Enjoy.
10/14/202013 minutes, 46 seconds
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Artists have emotions too. They're just human. - Cynthia Mathenjwa, Sipho Makhabane's Manager

Sipho 'Big Fish' Makhabane's spirited yet calm manager, Cynthia Mathenjwa speaks on what it means to be an artist manager, and more about the general life of a successful artist. The advices she shares in here, are so practical yet golden. Enjoy, and please share with your friends.
10/9/202023 minutes, 41 seconds
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No matter how well you do in life, stay humble and in the Lord - USA based Producer, Malvern Ntini

Malvern Ntini shares childhood memories with me, back at Irisvale. He's a studio manager and owner of Rainy Dayz. Let his story - of soccer and music work, inspire you. He's a hearty philanthropist too
10/5/202020 minutes, 47 seconds
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I'm grateful to Talent Trackers for bringing us together - SA based Gospel Artist Connie Ngalonde

A seasoned and enthusiastic warrior in ministry accounts for her story in her career.
10/3/202036 minutes, 24 seconds
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Thandeka and Vuyo, A Proof That Charity Begins at Home.

I decided to check with my kids at home. Since lockdown we have been working together on many things especially content. In this episode my very active family members reflect their response.
8/27/202013 minutes, 19 seconds
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"You Don't Need Schooling To Soar, But Passion." - Johannesburg based Producer And Gospel Artist, Giveh Siyadumisa

Hosted by Diector Pastor Jedmos Moyo, Giveh Siyadumisa walks us through his career in music from dusty countryside of Mat. North to the well lit very urban Johannesburg sharing insights to and for young people aspiring to rise in gospel.
8/11/202032 minutes, 44 seconds
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Talent Trackers (Trailer)

8/9/202036 seconds