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English, Education, 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 19 hours, 22 minutes
Tactics and Operations is the official podcast of the Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group, part of Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command in Twentynine Palms, California. MCTOG and this podcast are dedicated to advancing Maneuver Warfare and Twenty-first Century Learning and are primarily focused at commanders and staffs at the battalion and regimental levels.
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Systems Destruction - Maneuver Warfare with Chinese Characteristics

In our first video episode, our host Major Josh White discusses Chinese Systems Destruction doctrine and how the Marine Corps can counter it with Chief Warrant Office 3 Frank Chisowski.
3/8/202443 minutes, 59 seconds
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Adaptability - Lessons Learned from Ia Drang with Major Josh White and Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Bargerstock

In this episode, we discuss what is often argued to be the greatest predictor of success on the battlefield - adaptability. We discuss LTG Harold "Hal" Moore (Ret), and his actions at and leading up to the Battle of Ia Drang as well as how to train our units to be adaptable.
12/21/202349 minutes, 1 second
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Intentional Design of Training with Maj Phil Hanf and Maj Josh White

In this episode we discuss what it means to be intentional in the design of training for the GCE. We discuss the difficulties of training both technical and adaptive skills informed by experiences and observed trends from units training at MWX
6/2/202347 minutes, 36 seconds
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Rapid Planning Model with Nate Jones and Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Link

Planning can take many forms- week-long slogs through every conceivable detail to five minute decisions made by commanders. MCTOG has refined a model for how a battalion staff can run through a modified MCPP rapidly, giving them the agility to respond to changing circumstances or new directives from higher. AARs of free play exercises commonly reference the speed with which units can process new information and turn it into something operational. Only by doing so faster than the enemy can you gain an advantage. The Rapid Planning Model can help you do just that.
6/3/202040 minutes, 56 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence with Capt. Justin Snell and Maj. Jason Harris

Captain Snell is the Models and Simulations Officer for MCTOG and a  graduate of Naval Postgraduate School studying the same. Major Harris is  the current XO of MCTOG, and has written a graduate level thesis on the  subject of AI implementation in the military. By their powers combined,  they will get us to a point where we can understand real-world AI and  it's implications and uses without referencing Skynet.
5/24/202042 minutes, 45 seconds