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English, Comedy, 69 seasons, 201 episodes, 6 days, 9 hours, 19 minutes
From the minds behind the YouTube channel; The Ming Thing, we bring to you Table Talk, a podcast where we sit down and get real with the thing called life! Join us every other week as we discuss topics ranging from business, social media, adulting, life, music, and share about things that we love and are passionate about here in sunny ol' Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
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#204 Singapore loves to Sip and Spill

We're back from our super eventful trip to Singapore! It was the Takeaway team's first work-group trip abroad and we had such memorable time...for many reasons. Check out this episode where we shared highs like shooting Sip and Spill, exposing each other's pooping habits. good food we had and lows like Ming Yue's villain origin story and an unfortunate experience on our last day. 0:00 Intro 2:00 Why we went to Singapore 2:30 Driving > Flying 5:10 Experiencing Inside Thoughts 7:16 Ming Han exposing Graeme as a roommate 9:05 Graeme sings in the toilet to cover his pooping 10:43 Graeme exposing Ming Han as a roommate 13:55 The silent fart debate 14:41 We got invited to a radio station in Singapore?! 17:15 Ming Yue's villain origin story 18:30 Spending RM1200+ on breakfast 20:30 Shooting Sip and Spill in Singapore 23:20 Hirzi's birthday show changed lives 25:15 This cafe was a HDB flat 27:07 Ming Yue's fever brain during his standup show 30:40 A teaser of what we shot in Singapore 31:37 Best noodles we had 33:40 Jeremy was lowkey stalking us 34:06 Our Grab uncle was a grassroots leader 37:52 An unfortunate experience 49:46 A wholesome ending
7/1/202456 minutes, 25 seconds
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#203 Is Singapore 3.5x Better Than Malaysia?

3 Malaysians vs 1 Singaporean - sounds like an unfair combination but hey when it's 3.5x, we gotta play the game right. In this episode, we have Darren (@thepantryboy) who's a food content creator from Singapore and Jenhan (@kuahjenhan) a local standup comedian! We critiqued each other's food, unearthed mommy issues and talked about our unconventional jobs, so yeah you definitely wanna sit down for this.08:05 PM 0:00 Intro 1:58 Making a Singaporean eat Malaysian food for 4 hours 3:32 The validation we wanna hear 3:50 Darren (The Pantry Boy) worked in a Michelin starred restaurant?! 5:33 Darren's tumultous childhood aka his mum calling him a dumb b!tch 7:30 How a slip disc switched his career 10:50 This is why we don't have a medical degree 11:35 Why Darren's ah ma is alive and ours isn't 12:30 The sickest self burn starts here 12:44 Actually Singapore got nice food (macam yes la) 14:29 Singaporean food is engaging 15:34 Darren standing up for Singapore 16:55 Shiok vs Syok 17:34 National anthem and NDP song is not the same 17:45 The iconic Wild Rice theater 19:13 Jenhan's comedian pipeline 22:40 Will comedy shows be the next thing? 24:24 Do our parents approve of our jobs? 28:00 Darren making us question every food creator 30:00 The struggles of being a comedian 33:30 How Jenhan ended up in a marketing agency 36:26 Darren's mom might have built him a prison cell 37:20 Presentation is EVERYTHING 38:15 What exactly is western food? 42:05 Do we regret this career path? 43:30 Darren advicing Jenhan on content creation 47:25 Darren's mom possesed him 48:11 Jenhan advicing Darren on his stand up comedian dream 49:30 Darren's mom possed Jenhan 52:36 Go to Jenhan's show! 52:55 Has anyone realized Ming Yue and Jenhan look alike yet 53:47 Sorry back to Jenhan's show 54:14 Follow @thepantryboy 55:16 Malaysia vs Singapore Hot Takes 59:19 Recommending Singaporean food
6/17/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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Everyone is travelling again and we’re back with another episode where we dished about our travel adventures and nightmares! From the land of sausages to the craziest Airbnb experience and to buying peach flavoured soy sauce, it’s never a normal trip with us.
6/3/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 1 second
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#201 What do guys think about in the shower?

If you've ever wondered what goes inside the heads of average Malaysian guys, this is the episode you wanna tune into! Find out who has bubble time and who goes through an existential crisis in the shower. Hinda (local stand-up comedian) joins us on this episode as well! Follow Hindra on Instagram at: 0:00 Intro 0:34 We don't watch podcasts lmao 0:58 Say hello to Hindra! 3:37 Hindra roasting Caleb's sock+sandal combo 4:33 Ming Yue is Ming Han's little brother 5:06 Finally introducing today's topic 5:40 Caleb doesn't know how to use a towel 6:39 Hindra is the only one here who knows Chinese 8:40 Ming Han's Chinese identity REVOKED 9:00 How long is everyone's average shower time? 9:48 Caleb likes to play in the shower. Yup. 11:50 Caleb is either no thoughts or thinks about the world's economy 12:46 Caleb's longest shower time 14:00 Hindra's take on showers 14:20 Hindra has bad knees after pooping 15:02 Caleb has to crawl after pooping. Pls help this man. 16:50 What Hindra thinks about in the shower 17:38 Ghosts in the shower?! 19:20 Guys vs Girls: Difference in shower time 20:00 Ming Han's ingenius shower product 21:25 Ming Yue shower thoughts go from dread to depression 22:30 Ming Yue's stand-up syndrome during shower time 23:31 Ming Han's shower time is functional 24:12 Double cleanse your scalp 26:00 Using phones in the toilet 27:12 Shower time vs toilet bowl time 29:05 How Ming Han unwinds in the shower 30:14 What's your shower order? 31:24 Don't let water hit your head first 32:18 They shower 40+ degrees water wth 33:14 Beefing with bathtubs 36:04 You need to have THIS in your bathrooms 36:59 Caleb's butt predicament 38:38 Ming Yue's hotel bath story that almost cooked him 41:10 Good ol baldi shower 43:20 How do you wash your butt with a cedok? 44:44 Ladies let us know if your shower thoughts are similar 45:00 Closing thoughts + follow Hindra!
5/20/202446 minutes, 6 seconds
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#199 The battle between the: Oldest Child, Middle Child, Youngest Child & Only Child

The oldest child, the middle child, the youngest child, and the only child. You’re going to fall into at least one of these categories, so You Might Wanna Sit Down For This.  Join Mingyue, Desmond, Sophira and Vivian as they get real deep, AND real heated about the age old debate of the birth order theory.  Don’t ask so much, sit down first.  00:00 Introduction  01:13 Topic: Birth-order Theory  02:52 Difference in punishment systems: Oldest, Middle, Youngest and Only child  11:23 Is the oldest child BOSSY? 15:07 Envy between siblings  17:42 Middle child syndrome: real or not? 30:19 Holding grudges and managing emotions 33:04 Youngest child is SPOILED AF?  40:50 Only child grows up POV 45:46 Korea trip gone wrong 57:07 Closing
4/22/202459 minutes, 37 seconds
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#198 Our WORST and BEST buys in Q1

We’re four months into 2024: enough time to spend money on what we think are the BEST and WORST buys of Q1, so You Might Wanna Sit Down For This.  In this episode, we invite Sophira and Desmond onto the panel to dish out their recent buys: from RM12 phone holders to RM800 Pokemon cards, we’re judging some of their most ridiculous buys of the year (that just started).  Don’t ask so much, sit down first.  00:00 Introduction  00:25 Panel Ice-breaker  02:08 YOU MIGHT WANNA WATCH US ON SPOTIFY  05:18 Our spending habits 16:59 Hand Vacuum: Buss or Bust?  22:18 The WORST phone holder 24:54 Stanley Canteen Flask: Overhyped? 30:20 Mingyue’s purchase of the YEAR 34:08 Sophira got SCAMMED?  36:29 40% discount for LEGO? 43:14 Are digital drums worth it? 44:46 RM800 Pokemon cards  46:55 New Balance: Lifestyle sneakers or Gym shoes? 48:10 Mingyue’s favourite tech organiser  49:31 Closing 
4/1/202451 minutes, 40 seconds
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#197 How MESSY is life rn? ft Bellywellyjelly and Amanda Chaang

We’re judging how messy our lives are lately, so You Might Wanna Sit Down For This. Here’s the Singaporean-Malaysian crossover episode you didn’t ask for, but we’re definitely excited over. In this episode, we sit down with Christabel and Amanda to talk about life’s messes: from getting our tyres stolen to messy sleep schedules, we go from the light side of chaos to the deeper end with the hosts of our ALL NEW show: Messy & We Mean It.  Don’t ask too much, sit down first. For more MESS:  Stream Messy & We Mean It here: Follow Messy & We Mean It here: Chapters: 00:00 Introduction  00:56 Malaysian-Singapore content crossover  01:20 NEW SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Messy & We Mean It  02:39 Who is Christabel and Amanda?  06:02 Are Christabel and Amanda really besties?  07:04 The origins of “Messy & We Mean It” 09:29 What is messy about this? 12:01 Is vulnerability a “branding” tool?  13:40 We’re NOT gurus 15:20 What are your MESSIEST stories?  19:19 Someone stole Minghan’s…?  23:18 Christabel is always LATE  26:25 Dealing with mess  28:08 Stacking up our stress  28:53 Misuse of the word “manifest” 30:20 Christabel’s breaking point  33:15 How Mingyue deals with mess 37:17 Our stress thresholds  39:39 How Amanda manages her emotions  42:08 Minghan shares his favourite advice  48:29 “Mess check” of the day  57:04 Closing 
3/18/202458 minutes, 2 seconds
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#196 Modern Nostalgia ft. Gabe Bondoc, Jeremy Passion, Jesse Barrera, Albert Posis, and Mcihael Carreon

We’ve never had so many people on set before, and it was overwhelming in the BEST WAY. If you grew up in the golden YouTube music era, then You Might Wanna Sit Down For this. In this episode, we invited Jesse Barrera, Albert Posis, Jeremy Passion, Gabe Bondoc, and Michael Carreon on the pod to talk about their music careers, “TikTok music”, and the beauty of collaboration among artists. PS/ We may have also introduced some of the (arguably) worst Malaysian childhood snacks to add on to the nostalgia. Don’t ask so much, sit down first. 00:00 Intro  00:35 Getting to know the panel  03:05 Modern Nostalgia Tour  06:33 Introducing our Malaysian snacks  09:10 TikTok vs YouTube 12:37 Connecting with fans  18:37 What triggers our nostalgia  22:09 Jesse Barrera - Scary as hell but I do love the thrill  23:03 Michael Carreon- Simple Things & Yesterday  24:36 Strawberry Soju 26:48 Albert Posis - Cheeky  29:30 Collaboration between artists  31:00 Parallels Tour  32:22 Gabe Bondoc’s journey in music  34:35 Jeremy Passion’s growth as an artist  40:01 Advice for the next generation of artists  44:28 Closing  Follow them here:
3/4/202445 minutes, 51 seconds
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#195 We Went To New Zealand for FREE?!

You heard that right! We were flown to New Zealand on an all expense paid trip and it was hands down one of the most memorable trips we've had! We're bringing you on the ride with us as we recount the shenanigans that went down - from Ming Han almost committing a crime to Ming Yue body slamming an elderly lady, you might wanna sit down for this. 0:00 Intro 0:49 Is Tolkien from New Zealand?! 1:50 How did we get a free trip to NZ?! 6:00 Realizing the trip wasn’t a dream 6:41 How much are flight tickets to NZ? 7:36 Air NZ has the best plane food 8:45 Plane was damn smelly 10:40 Extreme fear of flying 12:31 Ming Yue almost died during a flight * 14:55 First impression of Auckland 17:51 Funny scooter story 20:00 Food in Auckland: Hit or Miss? 20:40 The ONLY thing you should eat in NZ 22:47 The best gelato in Auckland 24:39 Meat in Auckland 27:00 Why we didn’t go to Hobbiton 29:08 Flying to Queenstown 29:20 Ming Han almost committed a crime?! * 34:22 CRAZIEST way we got to the hotel 38:51 Ming Yue bodyslammed an old lady 40:41 The most magical surreal weird experience 43:50 Activities in Queenstown 47:04 Onsen damn ons 48:17 The OG bungee jump 48:50 Going on a wine & beer tour 50:28 Visiting a farm on an island 54:41 Night life woohoo woohoo 55:49 Closing thoughts on the trip 59:03 Don’t drink lake water 1:02:59 Budget for NZ
2/19/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 34 seconds
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#194 CNY Traditions: S-Tier to ASS-Tier

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and we’re committed to ranking some of the best to worst parts of the rowdy festivities.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan OR a hater of Chinese New Year, You Might Wanna Sit Down For This.  Don’t ask too much, sit down first. 00:00 Introduction  00:20 CNY wishes 03:13 How we spend CNY  06:50 Ranking CNY festivities 07:31 Do we like Lou Sang?  10:50 House-visiting: Love or Hate? 17:26 Leftover reunion-dinner food 20:17 BUSSIN’ CNY dishes  22:20 Gambling during CNY: S-tier OR F-tier? 26:24 CNY decorations in malls  29:09 Celebrating CNY in KL 31:14 Screaming kids during CNY  33:17 CNY naps: Hit or Miss? 38:45 Resting from work  40:06 Final thoughts 41:18 Outro 
2/5/202441 minutes, 23 seconds
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#193 We’re judging your 2024 New Year Resolutions

We do this every year, but this year, we’re being extra judgemental about it.  If you’re as jaded as we are about vision boards and new year resolutions, then You Might Wanna Sit Down For This. Bringing in Sophira and Vivian to the fold, we talk about some of our very unserious-serious goals in 2024.  Don’t ask too much, sit down first. 
1/22/202455 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

#192 You Might Wanna Sit Down For This

We’re back, b*tches. If you’re curious about what happened to Table Talk, then You Might Wanna Sit Down For This Podcast. We’re taking this “new year, new me” agenda seriously, and sitting down to talk about our “must-buys” in 2024 with Caleb and Graeme. Don’t ask too much, sit down first.
1/8/202448 minutes, 55 seconds
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#191 On Malaysian progress, Twitter wars and youth in politics with Syed Saddiq

As state elections draw near, we welcome YB Syed Saddiq back to the table. Tune in to catch up with YB Syed Saddiq and check in on how much things have changed since the last time he sat with us. Today’s takeaway involves debate about the upcoming elections, Twitter wars on politics and discussions about privilege and ongoing progress in Malaysia. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway. Follow YB Syed Saddiq here:
7/31/202348 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

#190 What We Never Knew About Asthma #BreatheBetter

We’re back for a very, very, VERY IMPORTANT PSA. If you didn’t already know it, both hosts, Mingyue and Minghan grew up with asthma - which is frankly why we said YES to understanding more about asthma management with Dr Helmy, a consultant lung specialist. According to Asthma Malaysia, approximately 2 million people in Malaysia suffer from asthma where 90% of them are uncontrolled cases. It doesn’t matter if you’re diagnosed with asthma or not, it’s more than important to be aware about the correct asthma management methods! If you suffer from asthma, try out the Reliever Reliance Test here:
6/26/202330 minutes, 22 seconds
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#189 We’re tired of creating content ft Hirzi

Yeap, you read that title right. In this episode of Table Talk, we sit down with OG content creator, Hirzi, to talk about content creating in the new era. From discussing algorithms, TikTok and short-form content to understanding more about Singaporean vs Malaysian content creators, active resting and future plans - we’re throwing it back a little with the boys in our latest episode. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.
3/20/202346 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

#188 Do men care about looking good? ft Wilson Lee

What makes a man feel confident? Some say it’s how they dress, others say they couldn’t care less, but bro - self grooming needs to be the talk of the year. For men, we think that starts from their HAIR. In this week’s episode of Table Talk, we’ve got Wilson Lee, founder of Venusde, Beaute Library, Curvena and more beauty brands to discuss about men vs confidence. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.
3/13/202344 minutes, 51 seconds
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#187 ICYMI: The murder of Abby Choi

TW: Death, murder, and graphic descriptions. It’s all over the news, it’s all over your feeds, and just like you are, we’re just as shell-shocked and disheartened by the ongoing murder case.    The recent death of Hong Kong socialite, Abby Choi, took the news by storm last week, and we’re here to dive into the ongoing case timeline and offer up some of our own theories on the murder motives. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.   Disclaimer: We are not an official news portal, all information are taken from news resources online.
3/6/202339 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

#186 Good Vibes/Bad Vibes Festival? Angry High School Stories and Police Raids

Ming Han is BACK and the boys are ready for another round of hot takes on the latest local news. This week, we react to news of GVF 2023, students throwing MAD fits in schools and polices pulling the chillest raid we’ve ever seen - we’re all over the place, but hey, it’s local news. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.
2/27/202335 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

#185 Friends vs Lovers: Boundaries with your “best friends”

Can you really be friends with the opposite gender? Do platonic friendships exist? Yes….but also not really.   Join us as we discuss and share our thoughts about it in the latest episode of Table Talk.   You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.
2/20/202334 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

#184 Quiet Grab Rides, Overrated Valentines Celebrations and Anthony Loke is the MVP?

Something’s in the air and it isn’t just love. Tune in to the latest episode of Table Talk as we discuss about the new ‘Quiet Ride’ feature on Grab, Valentine’s Day “traditions”, and the new changes our Minister of Transport have introduced in the last week. You say, I say, it’s time for the Takeaway.
2/13/202339 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

#183 Hopping on the Bondee Hypetrain, SPM Woes & Song Joong Ki; King of Soft Launching

You’ve probably heard of it by now - BONDEE seems to be the first ‘IT’ thing of 2023. Why did it blow up? Is it just a scam? We then revisited our SPM does and debated whether we could ace the exams in present time. And we finish off with Song Joong Ki’s announcement on his marriage and pregnancy but did you guys know he’s the King of Soft Launching?
2/6/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

#34 Sucks Being Single? Single Forever? (ft. Desmond & Vivian)

Single vs. Dating vs. Married - chances are, you're going through one of these stages in life right now but let's be real, being single is probably the least fun out the three. Ming Yue sits down with Desmond and Vivian to talk about what it's like to be single, and the expectations and struggles that comes with it and how can one embrace their singlehood! 
11/3/201942 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

#33 Is This Goodbye? (ft. Tiara)

On this episode, we're joined by our showrunner, Tiara to talk about taking the leap of faith to pursue our dreams.
10/28/201943 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

#32 Haunted House Hauntings, Spooky Celebrations, and Screams

Hide under your covers and dim the lights because it's about to get real spooky as we gear up for Halloween! We got Mel (@heymelbelle) on this episode to talk about our favourite horror movies, supernatural encounters and what makes us shiver in fear! Make sure you check out for more horror-rific movies and series to watch this Halloween!
10/21/201940 minutes, 30 seconds
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#31 Penang Girls, Food, Drivers and Dreams

This week, we sit down with our resident Penang boys, Desmond and Matthew to share the "dirty" details about Penang.
10/14/201940 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

#30 Resetting The Ming Thing

On this episode, we look back at how The Ming Thing has grown over the years and we also explain why hitting the reset button was necessary.
10/7/201935 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

#29 Do Girls Game? (ft. ShuFaye)

In this episode, we chat with DOTA 2 streamer, Shu Faye Wong about what it's like being a girl, a gamer, a streamer and a positive influence to her online audience.
9/30/201940 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

#28 Sharing the Stage with K-Pop Idols

We talk about passion, the local kpop dance cover scene, and how dancing has opened up a brand new world for Kueendom and Kingsman!
9/24/201944 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

#27 What's the Deal with Jinnyboy?

On this episode, we unpack Jinnyboy of JinnyboyTV's history and more.
9/18/201947 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

#26 Dealing with a Toxic Workplace (ft. Dr. Goh)

We sit down with former dean of HELP University's Faculty of Behavioral Sciences' Dr. Goh to discuss toxicity in the workplace.
8/26/201949 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

#25 Is It Ok to Date Your Friend's Ex? (ft. Melissa Campbell)

On this episode, we're joined by Melissa Campbell to answer some of your questions about dating and relationships.
8/19/201939 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

#24 When Will AI Takeover (ft. Jovy Low)

We sit down with cinephilia, Jovy Low to discuss the topic of Artificial Intelligence and where it's headed.
8/12/201937 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

#23 Overcoming Yourself (ft. Sezairi)

This episode, we speak to singer-songwriter and award winner Sezairi Sezali about his journey in the world of music and arts.
8/5/201942 minutes, 9 seconds
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#22 Getting Real with Jane & Daphne (ft. Jane Chuck & Daphne Charice)

In this episode, we discuss with special guests and bloggers Jane Chuck and Daphne Charice about assumptions, expectations, and the hustle for what's next.
7/29/201945 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

#21 Do Influencers Influence Less? (ft. Harvinth Skin)

This week, we sit down with Harvinth Skin to discuss about our local influencers and their influence.
7/22/201947 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

#20 Why Does K-Pop Work?

This week, we discuss what is it about K-pop that makes it such a global phenomenon.
7/15/201936 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#19 Meeting Our Heroes (ft. Natalie Chai)

On this episode, we chat with Natalie Chai about what it's like meeting our celebrity heroes in person.
7/8/201942 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

#18 Jack of All Trades or A Master of One?

This week, we're discussing whether it's better to focus on working on our weaknesses, or improving our strengths.
7/1/201929 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

#17 Are We Doing This Travel Thing Right? (ft. Nadir Nahdi)

Are we obsessed with traveling? What's wrong with having wanderlust? Are we living life just for the 'Gram? We unpack these questions with Nadir in this Tabletalk episode!
6/24/201942 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

#16 Conversations with Dad (ft. Uncle Ho)

On this Father's Day special, we sat down with our dad to answer some hard questions about life, love and passion
6/17/201935 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

#15 What's The Point of Dating? (ft. Melissa Campbell & Tiara Anchant)

This week, we're speaking to special guests Melissa Campbell and Tiara Anchant about dating and commitment.
6/3/201945 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

#14 He Annoys Me! (ft. Maggy Wang & Joseph Lee)

This week, together with special guests Maggy and Joseph, we discuss what our pet peeves are and how we deal with them.
5/27/201931 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

#13 How to Get Over a Bad Day (ft. Maggy Wang & Joseph Lee)

On this episode, we discuss with host, Maggy Wang and fitness coach, Joseph Lee ways to get over a bad day.
5/20/201938 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

#12 What Do You Look Forward to in Life

On this episode, we discuss the little joys in life that we look forward to.
5/13/201937 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

#11 How to Kao Lui (ft. Koe Yeet)

We discuss the art of flirting with local actress Koe Yeet!
5/6/201940 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

#10 Passion, Hard Work & What's REALLY Worth It (ft Steven Lim)

We talk passion, hard work and what's really worth it with Steven Lim.
4/29/201950 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

#9 End Game April

This week, we're getting excited for Avengers: Infinity War and Game of Thrones!
4/22/201942 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

#8 Buying Gifts For Guys/ Girls (ft. Melissa Campbell)

On this week's episode, we discuss how to choose a thoughtful gift for someone.
4/14/201937 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

#7 Who Is a Real Friend?

This week, we tackle what it means to be a real friend.
4/8/201926 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

#6 April Fools' & Childhood Pranks (ft. Melissa Campbell)

An April Fools special featuring Melissa Campbell where we talk childhood pranks gone wrong.
3/31/201930 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

#5 Music, Life & Love (ft. SoImJenn and Jon Liddell)

How do we maintain relationships both online and offline.
3/24/201948 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

#4 Getting Real - The Sacrifice of Social Media

Is there a point when our lives are ever really offline? We talk about the sacrifices when it comes to social media - for better or worse.
3/17/201928 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

#3 Getting Real - Is The Influencer Life Worth It?

Is living for social media worth it? We unpack the question with Bellywellyjelly & Bella Kuan.
3/11/201921 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

#2 Getting Real - Surviving Social Media

How does one survive social media? Is there a kit? Are there cookies? Come unpack this fat one with us!
3/4/201926 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

#1: Getting Real - How We REALLY Got Started on Social Media

We answer one of the most common questions we've received: "How did you start?".
2/25/201925 minutes, 40 seconds