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Soulful Deep Underground House Music Podcast from SWEAT. Featuring mixes from MichaelAlan, Calvin Morgan, Taurus the Bull and Guest from around the world. // SWEAT is making music lovers wet over the airwaves and on the dance floors world wide one soulful house mix at a time. Subscribe on iTunes or follow on PodOMatic, hear what millions of your fellow music lovers listen to annually. The mixes range from deep, vocal, classic, rare grooves, afrobeat, techy, jazzy and Latin based and of course always Soulful... // // Also check out www.djmichaelalan.com & on Twitter @SWEATzoneMUSIC //// @DJMICHAELALAN // @DjCalvinMorgan // @DjTaurusTheBull SWEAT…WHERE SOULFUL DANCE MUSIC MEETS BODIES IN MOTION…
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Episode 46: DeepIs Pop (Live Broadcast Recording)

Deep in the basement, Calvin Morgan gives you another Deep House mix that you will enjoy for years to come!
16/01/20212 hours 8 minutes 2 seconds
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FM 105.5 Guest Mix

Let me first of all thank each and every one of you that continue to support our Podcast and the music we share. Let me send a big thank you to DJ Ant B of In The Zone Entertainment for the opportunity to have my mix featured on 105.5 FM The King here in Atlanta, it was an honor. As always we ask that you please share with like minded music lovers, without you there's no us. Also if you are feeling this or any other of our mixes, please be sure to leave a comment.THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
06/09/20201 hour 46 seconds
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Calvin Morgan "The Basement EP"

Ladies and gentlemen once again we would like to thank you for your support of SWEAT over the years. Here you will find just a brief sample of 2 tracks that are available on my Basement EP that's now available on Bandcamp. I truly hope you will find at least one or two tracks that you enjoy and download for less than $2 (starving artist). Thank you in advance! https://calvinmorgan.bandcamp.com/album/the-basement-ep
03/09/20203 minutes 13 seconds
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Don't Drink the Water

It was April 2014 when the city moved from using water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to water from the Flint River.After this change, lead leached from pipes into the water. That change resulted in 12,000 children being exposed to dangerous levels of lead, and at least 12 people dying.While years have passed and tests show the water quality in most areas is now acceptable to drink, many people are scared to drink it.The city has inspected more than 25,000 service lines and has replaced 85 percent of the pipes. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put work on hold.Meanwhile, work continues to hold people accountable for the water crisis.Imagine water rushing through the pipes recently turned on to get to your faucet and into a glass filled with ice on a sun scorched day, only thing, the water isn't safe to drink but you don't know that yet.
01/09/20205 minutes 56 seconds
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Basement Party Society Mix

This mix was featured on the internet radio site Basement Party Society that host numerous DJs that play a variety of music. I was honored to have one of my mixes played for such a diverse audience that follows BPS. For more great music delivered by a great group of DJs check them out at (www.basementpartysociety.com)
31/08/20201 hour 16 seconds
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Deep Is Pop (Music for HouseHeads) Vol. 52

WOW! Thank you, thank you so very much for the love and continued support of our mixes, as always we truly appreciate you. This mix is yet another mix that was previously only available on CD and yes will be here for the next 7 to 10 days.Volume 51 will remain one more day per the request received, so please feel free to let any like minded music lovers know they can still download it, and also get 52.We love you and we love House!!
11/07/20191 hour 3 minutes 9 seconds
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Deep is Pop (Music for HouseHeads) Vol. 51

Ladies and gentlemen since Vol. 50 was so well received in such a short period of time, we have decided to release Vol. 51. Both 50 and 51 were previously only available on CD, you can now get this next mix here as well for the next 7 days, due to be removed on Tuesday, July 9th. So please, if you enjoy this mix feel free to share with all like minded music lovers so they can get their copy as well. Thanks as always for your love and support of our mixes and Podcast, to book the presenter of this mix contact: [email protected]
02/07/20191 hour 7 minutes 41 seconds
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House Music Lovers Only

Going through my MacBook trying to clear up space and at the same time finding mixes that I don't think have yet been shared.Hopefully you will enjoy this one as much as I have, please share any feedback and comments, it's what keep us going to provide you with music that we hope you love
15/06/20191 hour 12 minutes 19 seconds
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The Mixtape is a Podcast

For those of you that weren’t able to tune into TUT 96.2 FM yesterday/last night as they featured my mix live from their studio on the campus of Tshwane University of Technology in Soshanguve, Gauteng, here is the track listing:“House Dimension” (Dario D’Attis Remix) Milk & Sugar“Soul Shine” (Rainy & Leon Remix) Soul Inscribed“My Heart Remembers” (DJ Spen’s Re Edit)DJ Spen presents Marc Evans“Seven Days” T-bang Alex & Mr. Dzee“With You” Flampino“Hey Hey” (Mousee T’s House Masters Re-Rub)Dennis Ferrer“The Change” (M. Rodriguez Remix)Karol Melinger M. Rodriguez“U Made Me” (Original Mix) Ezel, Ovasoul7“Stay Inside” (Extended Mix)JT Donaldson, Liv.e“Touch The Sky”Dennis FerrerThank you as always for your support!!
02/06/20191 hour 29 seconds
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My BDay Mix To You

Happy Birthday! As my birthday gift fro me to you I share with you a mix recorded live in Chicago at The NuBang Sessions. I am long over due with sharing this from November 2018 but I hope you do enjoy it. As always we thank you for your support and following what we do.
10/05/201953 minutes 22 seconds
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Because of the Music (We Dance)

Once again SWEAT gives you a new mix that Deep and Soulful House music lovers can enjoy. As always we appreciate your love and continued support and ask that you leave a comment should you find it enjoyable. And of course if you want to share this mix feel free to do so, the more that gets a chance to dance, the merrier. Here is the playlist: Loving Me, Loving You (Roberto Rodriguez)Look What You've Done (Kaznova, Rona Ray)Sweet, Sweet, Lovin (TJ Kong, Ovasoul7)Sex (Black Loops)Nobody (Mike City, DJ Booker T)I Can't Help It (Angel-A)That Something (Antonio Ocasio)Heaven Sent (DJ Beloved, Kenny Bobien)Down For You ( Jihad Muhammad, Carissa Nicole)Holding Space (Cecil, Solas B Lalgee)Your Warning (Sheree Hicks, JD)Feels Good [Yeah] (Kelly G)
11/02/20191 hour 8 minutes 40 seconds
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House Is My Soul (And My Soul Is Beautiful)

Yes, yes I know it is past due for another SWEAT Deep House mix and we promise to do better and be more consistent. Sorry for the delay, we do appreciate your love and support as always. Thank you all for the great feedback and support of MichaelAlan's last upload, we will have something coming from Taurus The Bull soon. But for now we give you SWEAT DJ Calvin Morgan and "House Is My Soul (And My Soul Is Beautiful)" Please tell a friend. and we can all be friends.
16/12/20181 hour 13 minutes 12 seconds
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TBA* Talented By Association – Dj MichaelAlan

CD Downloads available at: https://djmichaelalan.bandcamp.com/MichaelAlan’s Virtual collaboration project bridges a wide range of genre’s, artist and era’s in what is sure to bring dance floors together worldwide. Talented By Association pays homage to some of musics greatest artist, musicians, producers and songwriters through a well crafted tour through a variety of Soulful, Deep, R&B, Pop, Afro, Latin, Nu Disco, Electro, Nu Jazz, Electronica inspired rhythms.Available Only At: https://djmichaelalan.bandcamp.com/Also check out MA on itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/head-phone-heaven/id1333553309WWW.djmichaelalan.com 2018 MDCCCVI
13/10/201820 minutes 2 seconds
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Deep Is Pop (Music For Househeads) Vol. 57

The SWEAT Podcast is back at it again with another Deep, Sexy, Soulful mix for your listening and dancing pleasure. We appreciate your continued love and support as always. So if you would please tell a friend and have that friend tell friend, like and share if it moves you. This mix is for promotional use only, here is a track list of what is included:Back Together- Sharee HicksAgain- Emdee BrownLike Rain-Dom NavarraI Need Your Love-Marc FrancisThe Dub- ManooU Lost-CaiiroNo Love-The Rhythm Sessions (ft Wanda Baloyi)Happiness- HyperSOUL-X & SabrinaTonite- Jesse BruSurrender- Reggie Steele
22/09/20181 hour 2 minutes 44 seconds
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So Many Reasons (To Luv House)

The SWEAT Podcast returns with another deep and soulful mix compiled by Calvin Morgan. This mix gives you so many reasons to love house and want to share with like minded music lovers. As always we appreciate all of your support of our efforts over the years to give you quality, underground deep house mixes from various djs from around the globe. Thank you once again in advance, please share and leave comments if you will!!
16/09/201854 minutes 35 seconds
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A Soulful Sampler

Hello fellow House Music lovers, here's a new mix just in time for the weekend. Soulful and jazzy uplifting vocals from start to finish, 70 minutes just for you. Also if you are in or near the Atlanta, Ga area the weekend of July 1st be sure to join SWEAT inside of the large pavilion from 12p until 8p. This is a family friendly event so you can bring the entire family and your folding chairs and coolers. Best of all, it's FREE!!
23/05/20181 hour 10 minutes 17 seconds
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Just A Tease

Just a little tease, a FREE something, something on a Saturday night. I want to tease you with a groove to get you ready for The SWEAT Taurus, Cinco De Mayo event in Detroit, May 5th and to have you looking forward to Sunday, July 1st in Piedmont Park. I am hoping you enjoy this mix just as much as I did putting it together
29/04/201838 minutes 8 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents "This Is A Banger"

Ladies and gentlemen in preparation for the highly anticipated return of The Taurus Party I give you a mix that I feel is a BANGER! Nearly 75 minutes of soul inspiring House music that will uplift and keep your feet moving. This one you can truly share with all of your co workers in the office for them to take along in their cars as they travel home after a hard day's work. This mix is strictly for promotional use. I do not own the rights to these tracks. Track list is available upon request and if you're feeling this mix please feel free to leave a comment and of course share the link to all like minded House Heads, both near and far.Thank you so very much in advance for your love and support, as always we appreciate and LOVE you as much as we love House!
15/03/20181 hour 13 minutes 8 seconds
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There Is A Place (Calvin Morgan presents)

There Is A Place, some call it House but I call it home. A place to release your stress, to get lost in the music. It will energize your soul and help you forget your worries. It's a body thing!! Thank you again for your continued support of our Podcast and the mixes we share. We love your feedback, it lets us know we are doing it right, please take a moment to let us know if we are getting it right. You can also follow DJ Calvin Morgan on twitter @DJCalvinMorgan and on Facebook as well. You can also purchase gear and new releases from Calvin Morgan at http://www.calvinmorgandj.com
28/10/201745 minutes 54 seconds
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From Me To You

Ladies and gentlemen here is a sweet 40 minute Deep, Soulful House music nugget that I hope you will enjoy. From Me To You has a nice groove and flow to it that will make you glad you're a House Head. Just enough to get you through a lunch break and then will have you coming back to finish the last 10 minutes. If you find yourself enjoying the mix please feel free to share with like minded individuals. Thank you once again for your support, I truly appreciate and love you for it!!
17/10/201740 minutes 14 seconds
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Oct 14 Warm Up Mix 2 (HumpDay)

Well ladies and gentlemen I am back again with a little something to get you ready for this Saturday, October 14th in the West End of Atlanta at Gallery 992 for DTW. The recent mix, part 1 has been well received with over 535 downloads/mixes in a few days. Hopefully you will enjoy this one just as well, a quick 30 something mix with some Deep and sensual heat, lol! Tell a friend and we can all be friends, and thanks to all that follow and support the music that we share. I hope to see as many of you as possible on the dance floor soon, much love!
11/10/201733 minutes 19 seconds
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October 14th DTW Warm Up Mix 1

Giving you something FREE to get ready for this Saturday October 14th at Gallery 992 in the West End. Feel free to share with all like minded music lovers and tell a friend about this Saturday. Doors at 10pm until 2am, $5 early
09/10/201751 minutes 23 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Music From My mind

Grooving House music tracks, some call Classics, others call must haves at a party, we all love them as they make us move. Please let us know your thoughts and if you would love more and to know the track list. Share with your friends and like minded individuals, thanks in advance.
07/07/201754 minutes 46 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Respect To Deep Connect

Going back numerous years to my first encounter with DJ King James. Very cool dude well aware of and deep into Deep House music. It was an honor to be asked for a mix for his broadcast Deep Connect and from that a lasting brotherhood grew. This mix is something I hope could be featured on Deep Connect, featuring these tracks: Plough Hand Blues-Secret Souls MixFurther-Secret Souls MixMasking History-The Lamberti BoyzWondering Why-Michael Ashe & Deep SuiteLa Mezcla-Michel Cleis feat Toto La MomposinaWindow Shopping - StimmingForever And A Day-Franc SpanglerBelieve In Love-BLMWahala Identity Mix-Dele SosimiLove Rain-Drula, Neo SoulstaLouca-Quetzal GuerreroVoyage Trinidadian-Trinidadian DeepFeel It-Yanco Deep, RosieTime On Earth-Zwithy DeQuiver, Echo DeepLife-Aphreme feat Samantha FaisonWhat A Night-EdmundPlease feel free to leave your comments and sha
17/04/20171 hour 10 minutes 3 seconds
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Calvin Morgan March 19 Mix

A Soulful, Deep, Sexy offering of House music, with some uplifting Gospel House tracks that will get you moving from start to finish. Featuring these tracks: Sheree Hicks "Living All Alone"Adam Rios and Mike City "We Keep Going"Adri Block "Find A Way"Alfred Azzetto ft Vincent Valler "Pianissimo"Alicia Myers "Right Here Right Now"Anthony David "Let Me In"B.F.A.M "No Sleep Dub"Aspire Sound "I'll Be Out"Black Magic "Dance (Do That Thing)"Blaze "Wishing You Were Here"3 Winans Brothers, Karen Clark Sheard, Louie Vega "I Choose You"Timmy Regisford "I Wanna Know"
10/04/20171 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds
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Calvin Morgan and Tomorrow Is A New Day

Just something new and quick on the eve of the elections, after tomorrow we do not know what the future will bring. If the candidates had House in their lives we would be in a better place on Wednesday morning. Enough from me, here is the track list of what's included in this quick 52 minute mix, hope you enjoy it, hope you tell a friend!! And oh yea, a little microphone feedback at the very end, such love and appreciation."How Do I Let Go" Dennis Ferrer & K. T. Brooks (Charles Webster's Deep Mix)"Journey" Angel Karel (Original Mix)"Who Is He" Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden (Dario D'Attis Remix)"Higher Heights" Dawn Tallman, Blacktwins, Micky More, Andy Tee (Micky More & Andy Tee Dub)"Book Of Dreams" Melba Moore (Deez Underground Mix)"In The Midnight Hour" Riva Starr, Dajae, Mat.Joe (Mat.Joe Remix)"Nobody Got Time For This" Mr. Argenis"Same Revolution" Joeski (Original Mix)"Warriors Dance" DJ Spen, David An
08/11/201650 minutes 52 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Because It Moves You

Coming to you once again from deep in the basement, DJ Calvin Morgan brings you another mix with you in mind. Something that you can share with your friends, family and co workers right there in the office. Please if you would leave a comment to let us know what you think, thumbs up or thumbs down.
22/04/20161 hour 19 minutes 53 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Heaven In Your Eyes

Hello once again, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the support that you all continue to show. Here is another soulful, deep and eclectic House mix from November. I hope you enjoy it and will leave a comment as well as spread the word to all like minded music lovers. You can also follow me on Twitter @djcalvinmorgan and FB under Calvin Morgan
20/02/20161 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Memories of 6 and Schaefer

As I selected tracks for this mix I was taken back, the warehouse, plants, historic buildings and endless friends. The city, Motor Capital of The World, Detroit, grimey, gritty, call it what you want, I call it home. Thanks again as I know you will share with your like minded, music loving friends. If you like your music Deep, Hard and Dark with an edge, this is for you!! TRACKS:Because of YouSpice of LifeThe Very BeginningPlough Hand BluesFurther1999Down The RoadUntitled (B1)Blink TwiceUm WellSpeaker LanguageSightsMaximBeaucoup
20/01/20161 hour 11 minutes 31 seconds
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MichaelAlan + A SlingShot & Rocks

Also available on www.DjMichaelAlan.com and www.mixcloud.com/MichaelAlan/
01/01/20161 hour 32 minutes 18 seconds
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Calvin Morgan presents Because I Missed You

It's been a minute since my last musical offering so now I give you this. I want to thank each and everyone that continues to support our efforts to deliver quality House mixes. please take a moment to leave us feedback so that we will know what you like and dislike, it's important. Here are the tracks featured within this mix, I hope you enjoy!! Free Your MindOverMy Love Is Not BlindYesDesireBetterFor The Love of YouThrough The RainBig MistakeHow Bad I Want YouI'm FreeWonderfulNever ForgetHow Long Must I ContinueFrom Da P To Da JOf course you know a lot of these tracks, I want you singing as you dance!!!
10/06/20151 hour 17 minutes 46 seconds
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DJmichaelalan on SOLENOTESradio

Solenotes radio returns with DJMichaelAlan on the decks and your crazy friend Tone on the mic. Check out this insane mix that is sure to drive you crazy...www.djmichaelalan.comwww.solenotesmag.com
19/05/20151 hour 8 minutes 26 seconds
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DjMichaelAlan.com MixExclusive - Again&Again

Released exclusively on www.djmichaelalan.com, Again&Again is now available for your enjoyment on Itunes and Podomatic! If you are in the need for some more SoulfulHouseMusic goodness to get you through the year be sure to visit the site as there are several mixes new and old.www.DJMichaelAlan.com.
10/01/20151 hour 11 minutes 35 seconds
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DjMichaelAlan.Com - Mix N Around

Hear it b4 its release on www.DjMichaelAlan.com - Mix N Around is a fantastic journey into the world of soulful house music dj blends and programming.
19/10/20141 hour 10 minutes 37 seconds
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Calvin Morgan "Something About The Music"

Coming right back at you with "Something About The Music" a recent mix that was placed on another site but it wasn't available for download. So guess what, it's right here where you can get it. Featuring: Urban JungleAt The ClubCustomerShiningXai XaiU C AnthemKissing YouSunday ShoutinWhat God Has ChosenInto My LifeLove Is So NiceUnfinished BusinessSomething About The MusicOh yes, this one has some goodies as well as Classic tracks. Thanks again for your support and if you will, please leave a comment and share with your friends!
21/08/20141 hour 10 minutes 10 seconds
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Dance For The Sake of Dance

Hello everyone SWEAT is back again bringing you something for your dancing pleasure. This time SWEAT DJ/Founder/Producer Calvin Morgan brings you some Deep, Sexy, Soulful and Uplifting House tracks that are sure to keep you in the groove. Be it at home, in your car or at your desk, this one will surely get you up and keep you going. And hey, if you're in or near Detroit on the 18th of October please be sure to join us at Mix Bricktown 641 Beaubien St, Detroit, Mi 48226 (in Greektown a few doors down from Niki's Pizza).Track list:"Matshin" DJ Vado & DJ Jevi"Sound Of Explain (DJ Cupid Remix)" Miz-Dee Penelope feat Bob James"Eclaire Ma Vie" (Original Mix) Raffa Scoccia"Loving Life (Right Now) (Alex Finkin Special Dub)" Cofano & Troby feat.Nicole Mitchell"It's You (Mousse T.'s Teef Vocal Mix)" FCL"Okain's Scream (Sebo K Mix)" Nina Kraviz"Angel (Hayze Remix)" Noir, Hayze"The Fact Is I Need (Timmy Regisford And Adam
11/08/20141 hour 15 minutes 18 seconds
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Live At Chicago Sound Factory (Revisited)

A mix from the archives recorded live in Atlanta at DJ Marky Gee's Chicago Sound Factory. This Brother was one that set out to provide the Househeads a place to call their own. We can't thank him enough for all he did, thanks again Bro!
01/06/20141 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds
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@DJMichaelAlan bOUNCE rOC hOUSE on Atvradio.net

The wait is over! @DJMichaelAlan has released another statement mixx with our friends over at Above The Vibe Radio! www.atvradio.net The Surgeon General of ChillTown NewYork warned us about this one!
10/04/20141 hour 32 seconds
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MichaelAlan Live on SweatZoneMusic.Com

MichaelAlan was doing damage on SweatZoneMusic.Com check it out. If you dont know you will in a few. Follow us on Twitter @sweatzonemusic
03/06/201258 minutes 5 seconds