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Surviving President Trump

English, Political, 1 season, 24 episodes, 21 hours, 35 minutes
Sean & Brent (& special guests) get together every week to talk political news and how we're coping.
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Week 5 - The Audacity of Hope

This week, Sean & Brent discuss: -Sean's a mess -Recount over & everyone misses the point (again) -Popular vote keeps getting worse -Electors are the last (?) hope -The cabinet is a garbage fire -The Ego Tour -Write the electors!
8/13/201745 minutes, 15 seconds
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Week 1 - We Don't Know Anything!

Sean & Brent talk about-How we feel & who we are -What we're doing with the podcast -News about Trump's cabinet & recent events -Where we go from here
8/13/201757 minutes, 19 seconds
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Week 22 - World War 3 AHHHH

This week we explain Syria for you: -This was a failure of a mission -Sean's journey of opinion on this -Maxine Waters is amazing -How the f**k do you do local politics? -MORE!
8/13/201753 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sean & Brent talk about: -Our flabbers are ghasted at Trump's twitter -We're just not feeling like we're doing enough...but that's ok -Jill Stein and the recount -But really? What the hell is gonna happen with this country before December 19th. -We are #problematic
8/13/201755 minutes, 53 seconds
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Week 16 - American Progressivism Is Alive And Well

This week we actually get to some big news topics! We even play a game that YOU CAN PLAY AT HOME! -Trans people are more scared, way to go Trump -War is bad, m'kay? -Don't like the story? Deny the publication access! That's COOL right? -MORE!    
8/13/201753 minutes, 58 seconds
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Week 20 - Balls Deep Into Kushner

This week, we decide to pick one topic each to know a little more than usual on and GO BALLS DEEP! -Brent talks about Kushner and his Russia ties that were revealed this week -Sean talks about the AHCA and how it got to be a failure -MORE!
8/13/201748 minutes, 28 seconds
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Week 14 - Brent's Super Exciting TV Show!

This week, Sean & Brent side-step the drama of doom and talk about what Democrats can do to win: -Brent's Bernie palooza TV show idea -LEAN IN TO HUMAN RIGHTS Y'ALL -Get angry Dems! -YELL LOUDER
8/13/20171 hour, 1 minute, 46 seconds
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This week we go over some of the news we know about, but mostly we talk about "Indivisible" and what we learned about organizing and resisting the Trump agenda. Read the guide here!
8/13/201756 minutes, 8 seconds
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Week 24 - Sean HATES.

What a fun week of news! -White House refuses to give evidence on Flynn -Yates is testifying -Ivanka gets booed -We forgot the biggest news of the week OOPS -MORE!!
8/13/201745 minutes, 27 seconds
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Week 13 - Capitalism Is Evil, Obviously feat. Theresa!

Sean & Brent have a special guest! Sean's sister Theresa comes and talks with us, and we end up having a conversation about capitalism and learning about all the things that just aren't working for families. A new perspective in this one from someone that actually has kids makes this episode one of my favorites.
8/13/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 21 seconds
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Week 25 - SEASON 1 FINALE!!

Hello all! This week we talk about some news and what's next! -Trump is SCARY AS F**K and we are still mad -We voted -Hillary is still a badass -Always punch a nazi -What's in store for season 2 of SPT!?
8/13/201755 minutes, 29 seconds
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Week 9 - Sean & Brent Make A Promise

This week, we went HAM on the news. There was A LOT: -STREEP! -ACA -The WALL -Bernie's big tweets -The cabinet! The fight. -State politics still matter & things are good...and bad. -Hillary is a f*****g CUTIE -Facebook sucks -Jan 21st women's march!!! -MORE MORE MORE
8/13/201752 minutes, 50 seconds
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Week 15 - Guy Fieri's Five Sons

Hello SPT Gang, this week is the true definition of shooting the s**t and ranting. We talk about: -New national security guy, whoop dee doo! -White supremacy, it's not okay! -Milo is a douche! -Bill Maher (marrr) is a douche! -Some good movies! -MORE!
8/13/20171 hour, 53 seconds
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This week, Sean, Brent, & Joanna CHAT IT UP! -Ethics office flip-flop of the GOP -HIllary's inauguration showdown -Megyn Kelly is CONTROVERSIAL -but also we shoot the shiz til we are done and you'll like it so ENJOYYY
8/13/201745 minutes, 40 seconds
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Week 21 - Let's Talk About That FRUIT!!!

Hey y'all, this week isn't really about fruit. GOT YA! -The russia story devleops further, no surprise there -Nobody cares still! -Gorsuch doesn't have 60 votes, but they will confirm him anyway -Because nobody cares! -There are more conflicts of interest -But nobody cares!
8/13/201735 minutes, 43 seconds
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Week 11 - It's Real And Sean Is Ranting

This week Sean & Brent talk about: -It's real....he's president -Everything is getting f****d FAST -America is RACIST in so many ways -There are a ton of ways to resist. Choose one! Choose them all!
8/13/20171 hour, 8 minutes, 44 seconds
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Week 12 - Sean Pooped His Pants

Hello Overwhelmed Friends, this week Sean & Brent talk (rant, yell, cry) about: -Stupid f*****g muslim ban -Protests are happening -Indivisible is still the best group to resist the Trump agenda -Bannon is evil and who the f**k knows 
8/13/20171 hour, 17 seconds
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Week 2 - Trump Wrote The Secret!

This week Sean & Brent Talk about: -How we're feeling this week -Are we doing enough? -News! -everything is terrible and it's all bad news -We went to a protest! -Interview with Quest 
8/13/20171 hour, 7 minutes, 55 seconds
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Week 6 - Depression! Feat. No Special Guest

This week, Sean & Brent discuss: -Sean's depressed! -Trump's really president -His cabinet is still garbage -His twitter is still garbage -State government is garbage -New democrats are coming I guess! -Brent reads books! What social psychology tells us about politics
8/13/201747 minutes, 14 seconds
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THIS WEEK ON THE DICKCAST: -Which president had the biggest dick? -RUSSIA IS REALLY HAPPENING EVERYONE SOS -GorSUCKS am I right? -Comey is a joke as usual
8/13/201740 minutes, 12 seconds
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Week 23 - Town Hall w/ INDIVISIBLE!

This week we went to a town hall meeting with Michigan's 12th district representative Debbie Dingell! -How we found out about it -Who hosted it -What went down -What we learned -ALSO WTF TRUMP IS SO DANGEROUS AHHHHH
8/13/201749 minutes, 26 seconds
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Week 4 - You Know What? Nevermind.

Sean & Brent Talk (bitch) about: -We've given up! -Steincast - recount news -Electoral College FUCKERY -Ben Carson is Hannibal Lecter -Carrier deal is maximum bubble -Al Gore and Anderson Cooper are useless -DAPL VICTORY! - ???? -China, who knew he could f**k that up?
8/13/201757 minutes, 31 seconds
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Week 7 - We Lost It TBH. Year In Review!

This week Sean & Brent discuss: -Sean's Christmas disaster -Brent is delightful -Trump still sucks guys -We wrap up the year -We talk about our fave/least fave media to lighten things up
8/13/201756 minutes, 43 seconds
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Week 18 - Back From A Break!

This week, we're back after taking a week off and wow stuff has HAPPENED: -TrumpCare is universally hated. But it's the only thing that might pass? -Muslim Ban 2.0 is still racist -Russian influence is STRONG in the white house 
8/13/201755 minutes, 59 seconds