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A podcast about exploring new ways to win in the 21st century.
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Living In Dubai. A 24-Year-Old Kyrgyzstan Native Shares Her Unique Experiences -Unbelievable #SSP183

In this podcast, we'll tell the story of Malika, a woman who left her home country of Kyrgyzstan to move to Dubai and start a new life. She left Kyrgyzstan for a new life and a new job, but what happened next was far beyond her expectations. listen as Malika shares her story, and find out how she managed to find housing, find a job, and start dating in such a new and unfamiliar territory. If you're considering a move to Dubai, or want to hear the story of one woman's journey, then this is the video for you! SOCIAL LINKS Grey Jabesi: <a class= "yt-simple-endpoint style-scope yt-formatted-string" dir="auto" spellcheck="false" href= "https://ww
05/02/20231 hour 11 minutes 3 seconds
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#171 Amber Heard Trick Johnny Depp Vs Obama

The deformation case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was one of the most famous court cases in the world. but could it be that Johnny's cool behaviour allowed Amber to take advantage of him? Elon Musk was also in the Mix and by the looks of it, Elon Musk is much more clever than Johnny Depp.  Listen to this Podcast as Grey and Mike discuss the behavioural patterns that make some men suspectable of domestic abuse. In addition,  the reasons why some women fail to come out as victims of abuse. for the video click here ( VIDEO)  
20/06/202227 minutes 39 seconds
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#170-Why Are People Scared Of Putin: Would You Date Obama Or Boris Johnson

Why are people scared of their leaders when they aren't physically powerful? In this episode, Grey is Joined by Lion Mike and Mimi as they discuss the reasons why world leaders are feared even if they can't physically win in hand-to-hand combat.  This episode has a lot of humour, please try not to laugh.
17/06/202241 minutes 17 seconds
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#169 - Getting Scammed In Africa vs UK - Craziest Scams Ever

I have been in the crypto industry for more than 5 years. These are the craziest scams that I have come across. If you have experienced any scams please let us know in the comments. Our co-host has been through a lot from this craziest scam.
13/06/202244 minutes 39 seconds
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#168 - Hidden Truths About Dubai: Models, Luxury Cars & Lifestyle

I moved from Cape Town South Africa to Dubai and started my business. If you think you are rich, come to Dubai, it will humble you. The luxury life in Dubai is insane. In today's podcast, my co-host Michael and I talk about the models, luxury life, and overall secrets of Dubai. At one point I spent $1000 a day. Stay tuned and let me know what you would like to know about the life we live in Dubai.
06/06/202233 minutes 6 seconds
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#167 - Why YouTube Terminated My Channel For No Reason - Leverage

On October 24th, 2020, my YouTube channel Hardcore Crypto was mistakenly terminated by YouTube for violating community guidelines. The channel is the largest Cryptocurrency channel in Africa and loved by many. One would hope that YouTube would help content creators in this kind of situation but it turns out that they don't care. I've appealed and reached out on Twitter and got no help. Imagine years of work wiped out in a whim for no reason. Just like that. The sad part is that YouTube will never assign a human being to attend to your appeals or complaints, they force you to deal with robots. The mistake I made was overleveraging myself by trusting a third party to host my content. This is a major flaw when using media as leverage online. In this episode, I use this story as an example to discuss the concept of leverage online. Enjoy!
04/11/202013 minutes 56 seconds
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#166 How To Win After Lockdown - Part 1

As the world is coming out of lockdowns and economies are opening up after months of so much uncertainty and severe economic contraction. The coronavirus has destroyed lives, wealth, and opportunities which have left none of us unaffected. It's a new world now, the normal is demanding a change in how we approach all aspects of our daily life and this is no easy task for beings who are conditioned for a certain way of living. Most are hurt, fearful, uncertain, or confused. I decided to catch up with my friend Llewellyn Devereaux, an author and entrepreneur to find out how he coped during these difficult times. I reached out to Lui not only because he has a company which was directly impacted by the lockdown, but also because he is a high energy individual who always has an interesting way of looking at life.  We recorded a series of short episodes focusing on tools we can use to not only survive this season but to thrive too.  Lui recently published his bo
26/10/202012 minutes 52 seconds
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#164 A Candid Conversation About Mental Health - Dr. Sindi Van Zyl

Dr. Sindi van Zyl is a General Medical Practitioner, Broadcaster, Author, Social media activist, and Public speaker. With over 200K followers on twitter, she's very known for discussing mental health.  Dr. Sindi is also a renowned public speaker, with a passion to inspire and educate through the power of her diverse experiences. From dealing with tragedy, medical advancements in primary care to mental wellness, she has extensive experience in driving both public and corporate messages through clearly and effectively. In this episode we discussed: - What is mental health - Depression - The ideal mentally healthy person - Where do you draw the line between pushing oneself and being mentally ill - Can you build mental health - Parenting - Work and the rat race  
06/08/202029 minutes 49 seconds
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#163 Timothy Maurice - Personal Brand Intelligence

Timothy Maurice(@timothymaurice) Webster is the author of four brand leadership books, one leadership memoir and consults & speaks on the science of Human & Brand Behavior.  His research and focus are based on three influence pillars; Brain Potential - Behavioral Science and Brand Influence.  Timothy has worked in Africa and emerging markets for the past decade. Timothy’s education is in Business Management, Branding, Psychology, and Applied Neuroscience from Brookstone College in the US and Massachusetts Institute of Technology- MIT.  In this episode, we discussed: - Personal branding - Authenticity - Cancel culture - Social media and more This episode is proudly brought to you by Crypto University:
20/07/202042 minutes 7 seconds
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#162 Claire Mawisa - Carte Blanche, Career, Relationships, Single Parenting

In this episode, Grey Jabesi sat down with Claire Mawisa. A tv producer and presenter for Carte Blanche, a South African investigative journalism television series that airs on M-Net during prime time Claire has a solid track record in the media industry spanning from when she was a teen. In this episode, we discussed Her career, how she started with Carte Blanche, Investigative journalism, relationships, marriage, and parenthood.  Video:  
20/06/202048 minutes 54 seconds
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#161 - How To Start A Successful Podcast With Zero Costs - My Tools & Recommendations

Since I started The Survival Skills Podcast 5 years ago and it has been a great success. I became very used to the process of creating to the point that I forgot how much of a challenge it was to start because I had no idea. I did not know how or what equipment, hosting, editing software or distribution to use.  In this episode, I share the tools I recommend for you to get started with nearly zero budget. Tools I recommended: Irig Lavalier mic: TakeAlot link:  Amazon link: Recorder: Zoom  H1n recorder Takealot link: Amazon Link: Hosting Anchor: Libsyn: Blueberry:</a
08/06/202026 minutes 27 seconds
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#160 Jon Karas and Lynn Liss - One Africa. One Coin

Ever since the music icon and entrepreneur; Akon made a public announcement for his own cryptocurrency project called AKOIN. The world paid attention and there has been a lot of anticipation from within the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency industry and the world at large. The Akoin project is meant to be a token based ecosystem powered by a marketplace of tools and services fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs, innovators, social activists in Africa and beyond.  In this episode, I had a chance to discuss the project with both the President and COO; <a href="https:
14/05/202021 minutes 33 seconds
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#159 William Le - Transforming the World with Better Money

  In this interview, Grey Jabesi sat down with William Le and Brian Reavey from C-Labs and Appen respectively to discuss Celo. Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, quite similar to Facebook’s Libra. The difference is that Celo is already up and running. They are backed by some of the most reputable VCs, organisations and individuals including, Andreessen Horowitz, Jack Dorsey(Founder of twitter), Polychain Capital, Co
18/04/202023 minutes 47 seconds
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#158 – Michael Jordaan – Top 5 Survival Skills For Leadership

Dr. Michael Jordaan, MCom, Ph.D., is the Founder of MonteGray Capital. Dr. Jordaan serves as a Partner at AngelHub Ventures. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at First National Bank, Plc until December 31, 2013. He had a decade of experience working at the First National Bank, Plc. At FNB, he oversaw the move away from traditional banking toward rewarding ecosystem-centric solutions for customers. He has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of JSE Limited since January 1, 2014. Dr. Jordaan is the recipient of the CNBC Africa Business Leader of the Year for Southern Africa award. In this episode, Michael shares his top 5 survival skills for leaders. My previous episode with Dr. Jordaan:
15/04/20205 minutes 45 seconds
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#157 - Riccardo Spagni - The People Behind Bitcoin & Monero

There should be someone behind the scenes controlling Bitcoin right? I mean, it cannot just run and maintain itself right? I'm just stating what you've always been thinking after you heard that Bitcoin is not controlled by an institution or government.  In this episode, we're going to be demystifying that very question. Grey Jabesi connected with Riccardo Spagni(@flufflypony) AKA Fluffy Pony, a member of the Monero Core Team, who are stewards of the Monero Project, and is also the lead maintainer of the Monero project.  Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on fungibility, privacy, and decentralization. It's currently valued at $992M.  In this episode, we discussed: Who founded Monero How Fluffy Pony got involved Responsibilities as a lead maintainer Who controls or update Bitcoin code How Monero is maintained Law enforcement (The CIA and Interpol) Best tools and practices for persona
08/04/202040 minutes 43 seconds
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#156 Immediate Lessons From The Covid-19 Crisis

The last few weeks have been very difficult for the whole world, Covid-19 shocked all of us and has disrupted our pattern of life forever. I think the world will never be the same again. As bad as things are right now, I appreciate how equal and skin in the game proof this pandemic is; we share the upside of globalization but we also got to share the downside.  The Coronavirus crisis has taught me a lot of things in a very short period of time and I share them in this episode. This episode is brought to you by Nexo. The World's First Instant Crypto Credit Lines. Get instant crypto loans by local bank transfer using crypto as collateral without selling it. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify<
04/04/202013 minutes 31 seconds
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#155 Gareth Grobler - How Banking Works, Worth Creation.

This Podcast is brought to you by Nexo In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviewed Gareth Grobler. Gareth is an Internet Currency Entrepreneur. Speaker & the Founder of the Crypto Exchange A Founding Member of the UK Digital Currency Association. Gareth provides consulting to financial institutions wanting to apply Bitcoin technology to their current development roadmap. Gareth has over 15 years of experience in IT Infrastructure & Architecture development, and has held positions at Investec Bank, UBS, BNP Paribas and Lloyds TSB. In this episode, we discussed: His background Banking and money Bitcoin Wealth creation Ice3x AIC token Listen, love and share
17/03/202028 minutes 54 seconds
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#154 Nitin Gajria - Director at Google Sub-Saharan Africa

In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviewed Nitin Gajria, the Director at Google for Sub-Saharan Africa. He has been at Google for more than five years and led the YouTube business in India, as well as Google’s teams in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Google is building its brand in Africa on a mission to get more Africans online and to offer users relevant local content.    Nitin is looking to build on what Google South Africa has done. He’s passionate about the power of the Internet to change lives for the better and help fine-tune Africa’s technological future. We discussed the following topics in this interview; His early childhood. How built a succe
28/02/202043 minutes 22 seconds
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#153 Simon Dingle - Money, In Math We Trust

Simon Dingle is the CEO of Inves Capital, before that he was part of the teams that started 22Seven, Curve and Luno after which he founded his own company, Inves Capital. He has also been a columnist for Finweek Magazine, Brainstorm, Computing SA and other titles, and hosts a weekly technology show on 5FM in South Africa. Simon is the author of In Math We Trust and has been using and contributing to Bitcoin since 2011. He worked as a communications consultant, podcaster, product manager and entrepreneur. In this episode with Simon, we talked about money.   <
17/02/202026 minutes 48 seconds
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#152 Reuben Yap – Privacy, and Why You Should Care

Reuben Yap is the Chief Operating Officer at Zcoin. He was a corporate lawyer for ten years specializing in institutional frameworks before joining Zcoin. He has played a pivotal role in Zcoin’s strategy and vision, and oversees all operational aspects of the project. He has been an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, being the first merchant in Malaysia to accept them, and gained a holistic view of the space from being involved in mining, educating and contributing to other early cryptocurrency projects. Reuben is a vocal privacy proponent and founded one of the top VPN companies, <span style= "font
05/02/202044 minutes 55 seconds
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#151 Carmelle Cadet - How Banks Are Reacting To Blockchain

In this episode, I interviewed Carmelle Cadet , a passionate advocate of Blockchain and Digital Currency Technology for modernization, financial inclusion and economic development efforts. She is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH, a fintech company helping Central Banks in emerging markets modernize their financial market infrastructure. In her 10-year career at IBM, Carmelle led the global business development efforts for the digital currency segment in IBM Blockchain. Through EMTECH, Carmelle is on a mission to
17/01/202038 minutes 41 seconds
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#150 Reflecting on 2019, Setting new personal rules, 2020 Visions

As challenging as 2019 was for me, the last decade was exceptionally good for me. I can only recall a few unpleasant moments. In fact, if I had to draw a chart for it, it would look like a straight verticle line from a distance. I decided to end the year alone to pause and reflect. I ended up in the mountains where I hiked and made lists of what I did right and where I failed myself in 2019.  This episode is about that experiment. I share some of those lists, I also share some of the new things I identified in 2019 that you can apply in your personal life or hustle.
04/01/202025 minutes 18 seconds
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#149 Meir Ezra - Be Interested, Not Interesting

This is the last episode for the year with Meir Ezra .He’s the most inspiring speaker ,mentor and regular guest on this podcast. I interviewed him at Workshop 17 seminar at Watershed  V&A Waterfront. In this interview, we discussed the following: Definition of success The Concept of being interested instead of being interesting Love and Relationships EffectiveProblem Solving process How to distinguish the state of being still and stone Relationships with Money Follow Meir Ezra on Instagram @meirezraofficial To attend Free sales seminar with Meir Ezra visit Workshop17 Watershed, Watershed, 17 Dock Rd, Vi
19/12/201934 minutes 42 seconds
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#148 Apollo Eric - Aeternity Hub Africa

Apollo Omer Eric is the founder at Aeternity Hub Africa. He is the driving force behind Aeternity Hub Africa - an entity supporting education and entrepreneurship all over the continent. Its main goal is to encourage developers, entrepreneurs, and designers to build on top of Aeternity blockchain and to turn their ideas into viable businesses. We covered the following key points in this interview: Personal Background How he got started into markets trading His trading style methodology Bitcoin vs Forex trading markets: Understanding The Differences How he discovered Aeternity The role and responsibility of Aeter
18/12/201958 minutes 46 seconds
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#147 Ed Latimore - Heavyweight boxer, The 4 Confidences, Not Caring

Ed Latimore is one of the most unique personalities out there. He’s a heavyweight boxer, physicist, author and chess enthusiast. Graduated from the school of hard knocks with a history of alcoholism and despair. He beat the odds and made something of himself. He uses his experiences in the ring, the lab and life to uncover deep truth about the world.  As the best selling author, he’s well know for; Sober Letters to My Drunken Self, The 4 Confidences, and Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower: Insights from a Heavyweight Boxer. In this episode, we
10/12/20191 hour 2 minutes 55 seconds
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#146 Lorien Gamaroff - Who Created Bitcoin?

Lorien Gamaroff is the founder/CEO of Centbee, a blockchain-based remittance solution built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. He also founded Bankymoon, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy. As Africa’s reputable Blockchain expert,  he has addressed and advised the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, FBI, and Commonwealth Secretariat, the South African Reserve Bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, TEDx and a host of professionals in multiple industries and attorney generals throughout the wor
28/11/201943 minutes 13 seconds
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#145 John McAfee - Governance, Wealth, Polygamy, Family and Freedom

This podcast is brought to you by Divi Project John McAfee is by far one of the most interesting, as well as the most controversial public figures today. He’s a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company. McAfee Associates achieved early success as the creators of McAfee, the first commercial antivirus software, and the business now produces a range of enterprise security software. The company was purchased by Intel in 2011 and spun back out in 2017 with TPG Capital owning a majority stake, thoug
18/11/20191 hour 7 minutes 49 seconds
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#144 Siya Metane - How To Build a Media Platform

Siya Metane, also known as Slikour is a South African media mogul. He founded and heads SlikourOnLife ,an Online Music Platform that creates & curates music content for the urban market. Currently the largest media platform of this type in South Africa. He’s also a music producer, writer MD. As a thought leader, he has worked with Banks and FSPs to connect with the urban demographic on financial education.  Slikour is also part of Skwatta Kamp<span style= "font-we
14/11/201954 minutes 39 seconds
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#143 Llewellyn Devereaux - How to Become Divine, Thinking Big.

Llewellyn Devereaux Tshesane is the Co-founder and CEO of the Lohocla™ beverages. One of his well known inventions an anti-hangover shooter called Lohocla. He’s also the author of The Mastery Code. In this episode, we discussed; Inventing Lohocla How to become a speaker NDA Writing books Black Tax Money Obtaining life skills You can Follow Llewellyn on Twitter:@Masterlui_ Website links : <a href="https
06/11/201957 minutes 5 seconds
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#142 Rocelo Lopes - Fork The Banks

This podcast is brought to you by Divi In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, Grey Jabesi interviewed Rocelo Lopes. He is the Founder of CoinBR, CEO of Stratum and CoinPY, Rocelo Lopes was responsible for the first bitcoin vertical operation development in Latin America, from miners to final users. Innovative and pioneering in developing technologies by using encryption and blockchain, the entrepreneur is a reference to the cryptomarket. In this interview we covered some of these key points; His personal background and career How he  got started with cryptocurrency The founding of CoinBR and Stratum</li
29/10/20191 hour 9 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

#141 Adi Kaimowitz - Building Virtual Actuary, How To Survive Digital Disruption

In this episode, Grey Jabesi sat down with Adi Kaimowitz, Co-founder and CEO of Virtual Actuary. What is Virtual Actuary? Simply put; The Uber of actuaries. In formal language, Virtual Actuary is a team of experts offering a comprehensive range of actuarial services, founded on a depth of experience acquired locally and globally.   Already a multi-million dollar company, carefully scaling and involved in a few bidding wars. What's more impressive to me is that the founder; Adi is not an actuary himself. That in itself struck my curiosity and I wanted to meet him.    He invited me to his home and I got to learn a lot more about Adi which you will listen to in the podcast. He ran the business from his home, just a few meters away from the beach where he kite-surf for pleasure. He is truly living in the digital economy. Not only we discussed the foun
22/10/20191 hour 24 minutes 1 second
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#140 Sherlin Barends - Early Life, Radio, Money, Boldness

In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, Grey Jabesi caught up with Sherlin Barends, a radio presenter at Kfm. She is one of the three voices that help thousands of Western Cape commuters get to work in good spirits each morning. Alongside Darren “Whackhead” Simpson and Sibongile “Sibs” Mafu, her unique wit and affectionate personality are two of the reasons the trio walked away with the Best Breakfast Show prize at last year’s Liberty Radio Awards. Sherlin Barends is a well-known media personality and is instantly recognisable thanks to her vibrant personality and trademark shaven h
15/10/201952 minutes 57 seconds
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#139 - Nick Saponaro - The Masternode Economy

This podcast is brought to you by Divi Project The Divi Project is a PoS blockchain with the slogan "Crypto Made Easy". The company is focused on bringing cryptocurrency to ordinary users by making it more user-friendly and reducing user error. In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I interviewed Nick Saponaro, the Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of The Divi Project, a blockchain startup committed to solving the usability problems in cryptocurrency. Nick oversees the development of Divi’s unique Proof of Stake blockchain, which launched in September 2018 with a user-friendly Smart Wallet and MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer). Divi’s proprietary technology makes it easy to earn, store, and transact cryptocurrency. A crypto investor since 2013, Nick’s programming expertise spans across multiple blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, HyperLedger, and PIVX. Through his technical and fin
07/10/201953 minutes 45 seconds
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#138 - DJ EFN - The Creator of Drink Champs

This podcast is brought to you by Divi. I had an opportunity to sit down and kick it with a Drink Champ DJ EFN(@djEFN ). DJ EFN is the co-creator(with the rapper Noreaga) of the hottest podcast in the world; Drink Champs which is broadcasted weekly by Sean “Diddy Combs’s Revolt TV network, Jay-Z’s Tidal and Nas’s Mass Appeal. He’s also an American record label executive and Hip-hop DJ from Miami who started early in the 1990s, operating most often under the banner of Crazy Hood Productions. DJ EFN has been in the music industry, particularly Hip Hop in a variety of capacities, including as a mixtape producer, album producer, A&R, radio host, artist manager, clothing r
23/09/201931 minutes 51 seconds
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#137 Luvuyo Rani – From Township to Half a Million Dollars Franchise

This podcast is brought to you by Divi. In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I interviewed Luvuyo Rani, the Founder and Director of Silulo Ulutho Technologies. Luvuyo and his brother founded their company to provide IT services to their communities. They started in 2004 with a single Internet cafe in Khayelitsha.  In six years, Silulo Technologies grew from a single internet café to a US$0.5 million company that offers computer training courses, internet café and business center services, and IT retail and repair. In the process, they evolved from being township kids selling refurbished computers out of their car to nationally recognized businessmen and role models.  This was a special conversation for me because I am a beneficiary of Luvuyo’s work. I used to go to one of his cafe to access the internet in order
23/09/20191 hour 16 minutes 35 seconds
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#136 Meir Ezra - How To Correct Flows Without Offending People

“The quality of your communication determines the size of your result” - Meir Ezra This is the 4th part of my on-going snippet episodes with Meir Ezra. This time, we discuss communication, particularly how to correct flows without offending people. To listen to my very 1st interview with Meir, see How to make 100 million dollars. Remember to share if you find it helpful.
17/09/20197 minutes 46 seconds
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#135 Connie Gallippi - Ethical Innovations, Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

This podcast is brought to you by Divi. In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I had a chance to sit down and interviewed Connie Gallippi while she was in South Africa for Crypto Fest. She is the Founder and Executive Director of BitGive, the first government-recognized Bitcoin non-profit and a pioneer organisation, leveraging Bitcoin and Blockchain technology via practical applications for humanitarian work in the developing world. Connie speaks internationally on the social impact of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and is an advocate for diversity and equal opportunity. BitGive has built partnerships and raised funds with mainstream NGOs ready to innovate with this technology, including Save the Children, The Water Project, TECHO, and Medic Mobile. BitGive’s flagship project is <a href= "h
11/09/201959 minutes 52 seconds
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#134 Thembinkosi Matika - How To Prepare For Pain

Grey Jabesi caught up with Thembinkosi Matika, a Community Activist and the Centre Manager at Project Playground Langa. He is the founder of Nzulu Group, a social enterprise movement with the aim of organizing and educating African people so that they can work together to achieve success and significance. He is also the Managing Director at Thembinkosi Matika (TM) Leadership and Training. An enterprise that aims at helping people and organizations with tools to improve their results. Thembinkosi originally born in the Eastern Cape but grew up in Cape Town in the dusty streets of Khayelitsha, known to be the habitat of drugs, crime, unemployment and overpopulation. He is an energetic life strategist, speaker with impact & a trainer amongst other spheres. His obsession with growing through pain, has endured him being an athlete where he participates in long distance & trail running. During the year 2007, whilst studying towards a qualification in Medical Bioscience, thro
02/09/20191 hour 55 seconds
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#133 Peter McCormack - Drug Addiction, Divorce and Bitcoin War stories

This episode of The Grey Ave Podcast features Peter McCormack, an English based Cryptocurrency podcaster. He hosts What Bitcoin Did Podcast, where he interviews leaders in Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space to discuss important issues including tech, economics and regulations. Peter is very unique, outspoken and very public about his life experiences. From divorce, drug addiction, making or losing money, his feuds and court cases with Billionaires Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. In this interview, we discussed the following; - Peter Mccormack early childhood - His devastating divorce and thoughts on marriage - Drug addiction - Life asymmetries - His lawsuit with Craig Wright, who's claims to be the creator of Bitcoin - Podcasting and monetizing Enjoy and share!
28/08/20191 hour 14 minutes 18 seconds
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#132 Zachariah George - From Wall Street to Funding African Startups

In this episode, Grey Jabesi sat down and interviewed Zachariah George. Zach is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Startupbootcamp Africa – the leading multi-corporate backed venture accelerator program in Africa. He is the founder of Cactus Advisors – a specialist corporate finance advisory firm and micro VC fund specializing in high growth, high impact African tech ventures. Zach is a prominent Angel investor in several of Africa’s leading tech startups including Flutterwave, HouseME, Recomed and several others. He was featured on the cover of Fast Company South Africa in May 2018. Zach was formerly the head of Africa Investments for U-Start – the largest network of private Multi-Family offices in Europe. Prior to moving to South Africa, he was an investment banker on Wall Street covering mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance strategy and risk management at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital, New York. Zach has a Master’s degree in Finance & Managem
22/08/201953 minutes 21 seconds
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#131 Farzam Ehsani - Money Against Injustice

Grey Jabesi had a privilege and interviewed Farzam Ehsani, Co-Founder and CEO of, a platform that bridges the gap between our traditional financial system and the new world of cryptocurrencies. He was previously the Blockchain Lead at Rand Merchant Bank and the FirstRand Group and was the inaugural Chairperson of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company in Johannesburg, Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco, the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, and the United Nations in Nairobi. He studied economics at the University of California – Berkeley. VALR is a digital asset trading platform in South Africa with lower fees transactions, collaborating with Bittrex, one of the most advanced secured and compliant platform worldwide. And also partnered with Former FNB Bank CEO and Montegray Capital CEO, Michael Jordaan who was previously interviewed on this podcast on episodes 90 and 93 respectively. It allows customers to seamless
14/08/20191 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds
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#130 Llew Claasen - How To Value Cryptocurrencies

In this episode, Grey Jabesi had an exciting interview with Mr. Llew Claasen. Llew is the Managing Partner of Newtown Partners, a blockchain investment and advisory services firm, founded by him and Vinny Lingham. Newtown Partners specializes in token economics, token sale design and demand generation for both their portfolio of startups and in an advisory capacity. They operate out of offices in San Francisco, U.S. and Cape Town, South Africa. Llew is a go-to-market strategist with almost two decades of senior management experience in cryptocurrencies, digital product management and digital marketing. He co-founded Clicks2customers (rebranded to with Vinny Lingham, now a global digital marketing agency with annual billings in excess of $100 million and Synthasite (rebranded to Llew is also the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, the original, the
06/08/201922 minutes 2 seconds
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#129 Grey Jabesi - Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Governance

Grey Jabesi is an entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast, Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Analyst and Inverstor Based in Cape Town South Africa. He is also a seasoned podcast and event panel host, a producer of The Grey Ave Podcast, interviewer of prominent business personalities and influencer worldwide. As an entrepreneur, Grey is passionate about job creation and growth, particularly in emerging markets. His chief goal is to play a crucial role in nurturing creativity and innovation in Africa to help harness the full potential and explore the lucrative opportunities the continent has to offer. Some of Grey’s most prominent qualities include a strong sense of self-empowerment, a curiosity for innovation, and the adaptability and open-mindedness to expand horizons across borders. Always taking a global view, Grey is optimistic, forward-thinking, and above all results driven. He's very passionate about peer to peer finance and decentralised systems especially for the African continen
31/07/201912 minutes 44 seconds
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#127 Marius Reitz - The Role of Luno

In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I sat down and interviewed Marius Reitz, Luno Country Manager for South Africa to shed some lights about Luno at Luno Offices in Cape Town. Luno was founded in 2013 and is one of the world’s leading digital currency companies. Luno allows its users (people and businesses) to buy, sell, store and learn about digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also facilitates bitcoin storage through their bitcoin wallet services. They also operate exchanges between traditional currencies and bitcoin. Luno was founded in 2013 and the exchange was set up by Timothy Stranex. Stranex is a BSc graduate from the University of Cape Town. He began his career as a software engineer at Google in Switzerland. He worked on Google Maps during his four years at the company, while also completing an MSc in theoretical physics from the University of Zürich. Luno and PayFast facilitated one of the first crypto-currency integrations into a
17/06/201948 minutes 55 seconds
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#126 Julia Anastasopoulos - Creating Suzelle DIY

In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I had a chance to sat down and interviewed Julia Anastasopoulos at her studio in Woodstock. She is a South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress. She became a local internet phenomenon in May 2014, with her do-it-yourself web series known as SuzelleDIY. Before she became a YouTube personality, Anastasopoulos created hand-drawn illustrations on the walls and windows of a few MyCiTi bus stations in Cape Town. Julia Anastasopoulos Born in Johannesburg, this creative content producer obtained her BA degree in Theatre and Performance majoring in Acting at the University of Cape Town. She started her SuzelleDIY YouTube channel in May 2014, with a "bite-size, do-it-yourself web series". She plays an Afrikaans woman, along with animator and filmmaker Ari Kruger. Suzelle collaborated with Takealot, an online retailer and created four videos for the Takealot brand. In 2015, Suzelle took first place in the Superbali
07/06/201948 minutes 18 seconds
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#125 Alakanani Itireleng - The State of Cryptocurrency in Botswana

Grey Jabesi caught up with Alakanani Itireleng also known as Bitcoin Lady. She is Co-founder and CEO of Satoshi centre, a blockchain hub in Gaborone Botswana. Alakanani is a determined entrepreneur, positive about the new possibilities that bitcoin as a currency and technology can bring to the life of many more Botswanans in the near future. She got into bitcoin in early 2012 in order to raise enough money for her son's hear and lung transplant. She is also a well-known bitcoin evangelist who since has been involved in teaching people of Botswana about bitcoin. and has spoken at conferences in Amsterdam, South Africa, Europe, and Russia. In this interview with Alakanani, we talked a lot about her journey into the blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto in Botswana. Satoshicentre:
03/06/201919 minutes 17 seconds
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#124 Vitalik Buterin - The Creator of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian writer and programmer. Vitalik was involved in the Bitcoin community since 2011, co-founding and writing articles for Bitcoin magazine. But he is primarily known as the boy-genius behind Ethereum, the world’s second-most valued and recognized cryptocurrency platform behind Bitcoin. Buterin learned about Bitcoin, from his father, at age 17. In 2012, he obtained a bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics. In 2013, he visited developers in other countries who shared his enthusiasm for code. Buterin first described Ethereum in a white paper in late 2013. Buterin argued that bitcoin needed a scripting language for application development.  
27/05/201944 minutes 27 seconds
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#123 Jermaine Ellis - How To Make Passive Income and Traveling the World

Grey Jabesi caught up with an American traveler, entrepreneur and youtuber Jermaine Ellis from San Francisco, California USA. He's busy traveling the world, so far he traveled 51 countries. Started backpacking traveling around the world 10 years ago. I had an awesome time interviewing Jermaine Ellis who generates income through passive income. You can earn passive income whether you’re an entrepreneur with a brilliant business plan, a talented artist, or just happen to have extra cash to invest. His top favorite countries are: 1. South Africa 2. Israel 3. England If you like my videos subscribe to my YouTube channel. Follow me here! Instagram: 901cali Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: nychnlsfo
21/05/201941 minutes 35 seconds
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#122 Mamadou Toure - Building a Better World, Education, Values, AI

Mamadou Toure is Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Capital Group, a leading Investment, and Advisory firm focused on designing and implementing integrated innovative investment solutions uplifting projects ecosystems. Mamadou is also Founder of Ubuntu Coin (UCoin), an Asset-Backed Digital Currency aimed at fostering, shared wealth, financial inclusion and fair trade. Toure is the founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0, an initiative-driven advocacy group that brings together emerging leaders representing African countries and the diaspora, who share a common vision of the continent’s future. As the Managing Director with General Electric (GE) Africa, Toure currently leads a regional Investments and Project Finance team supporting all GE businesses (power, water, mining, oil & gas, transportation, healthcare, aviation) with financing solutions across sub-Saharan Africa. Toure received a distinction as “New Leader for Tomorrow” by the Crans Montana Forum in 2011. He was selected in 2012 as
13/05/20191 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds
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#121 Anthem Blanchard - Creating a Gold Backed Currency

I had an awesome interview with Anthem Blanchard. He's CEO and Founder of Anthem Vault, also serving as a member of the Board of Directors. Anthem brings extensive knowledge of the gold and silver industry to the company. He was raised by legendary goldbug and precious metals pioneer, James U. Blanchard III, who helped restore Americans' right to own gold and also founded rare coin and bullion company, Blanchard & Company. Anthem Vault provides individuals with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own, and sell fractional amounts of physical, 100% fine gold and silver bullion. Anthem Vault’s spinoff company AnthemGold is launching an Ethereum-based utility token, HERCULES (ticker: HERC), that functions to verify the existence of the gold backing its digital, spendable Anthem (ticker: AGLD) token. Each Anthem token is backed by one gram of physical gold, can be redeemed for physical gold, and will soon be tradeable person-to-person on a private network.
06/05/201926 minutes 28 seconds
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#120 Brock Pierce -The Mastermind of Digital Assets

"Not the score, not even the results but how you play" - Brock Pierce. On a chilled sunny Thursday evening after a long mountain hike. I managed to get hold of the Unicorn; Brock Pierce to talk about...everything. I have lots of respect for the Billionaire, Child actor, Entrepreneur, technologist etc. Especially in the digital asset space, I've always admired people who accomplished a lot in a relatively small amount of time but in multiple industries. Brock is one of those guys. Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an extensive track record of founding, advising and investing in disruptive businesses. He's been credited with pioneering the market for digital currency and has raised more than $5B for companies he has founded. In 2013, Pierce joined brothers Bart and Bradford Stephens in founding venture capital firm Blockchain Capital (BCC) which was reported to have raised $85 million in two venture funds by October 2017. Described as its
26/04/20191 hour 1 minute 46 seconds
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#119 Helen Zille - Blockchain, Uber and Regulation

While at Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 in Cape Town. Grey Jabesi sat down with Helen Zille to talk about Blockchain and regulation. Helen is a South African politician, Premier of the Western Cape Province and a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. Zille is a former journalist and anti-apartheid activist and was one of the journalists who exposed the cover-up around the death of Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko while working for the Rand Daily Mail in the late 1970s. She also worked with the Black Sash and other pro-democracy groups during the 1980s. In the political arena, Zille has served in all three tiers of government, as the Western Cape’s education MEC (1999–2001), as a Member of Parliament(2004–2006), as Mayor of Cape Town (2006–2009), and as Premier of the Western Cape (2009–present). In this interview, we discussed how governments are react
17/04/201914 minutes 30 seconds
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#118 Meir Ezra – How To Become Jewish in 10 Minutes

“If you want to know how powerful you are. Count the times you’ve been punched or whacked by life” – Meir Ezra This a 3rd of my on-going snippet episodes with Meir Ezra. We all know the stereotype of Jews being financially successful and in this episode, Meir took a tongue and cheek approach to why Jews tend to be more successful. To listen to my very 1st interview with Meir, see How to make a 100 million dollars. Remember to share if you find it helpful.
15/04/201910 minutes 52 seconds
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#117 Kwame Rugunda - Blockchain Adoption in Africa

In this episode of the Grey Ave Podcast I interviewed Kwame Rugunda. He is a management consultant and technology entrepreneur with an interest in emerging technologies, particularly those designed to address the challenges of global development. An Electrical Engineer and Mathematician by training with experience in telecommunications, civic technology, and management consulting for governments, the United Nations and several private and non-profit organizations throughout Africa. 

Had an early exposure to the 4th industrial revolution due to interest in technology and innovation, with a particular interest in blockchain and its applications. Keen on making ubiquitous the role of blockchain innovation throughout Africa, and is the CEO of CryptoSavannah, a firm focused on solutions, advisory and training in blockchain technology. Other roles held include Country Director of Dalberg Data Insights a big-data analytics firm, Chairman of
08/04/201933 minutes 54 seconds
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#116 Lorien Gamaroff - The Bitcoin Split - BTC vs BSV

Lorien Gamaroff is the founder/CEO of Bankymoon, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy and co-founder/CEO of Centbee, a cryptocurrency payments and remittance company. As South Africa's foremost blockchain expert, Lorien has been invited around the world to speak on digital/cryptocurrencies and decentralised/distributed ledgers and their benefits for emerging economies. He has addressed and advised the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, FBI and Commonwealth Secretariat, the South African Reserve Bank, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, TEDx and a host of professionals in multiple industries and attorney generals throughout the world. He offers insight and guidance to business executives and advises government on blockchain technologies and their implications. He pioneered blockchain payments for utility smart metering and was the co-founder of the Blockchain Academy which educates professionals on all aspects of blockchains from regulations to software development. A
03/04/201950 minutes 35 seconds
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#115 Matthew Arnett - Marine Archaeology on Blockchain with STO

Matthew Arnett is a Bahamian explorer, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of PO8 the 2018 Inter-American Development Bank Recipient for most innovative Startup. He is also the co-founder FORT NFT PROTOCOL— The Bahamas’ first Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Most recently he has also co-developed the first reward based on chain off chain NFT digital collectable called Skully. He founded his first company,  in his early 20s and managed to bring major acts ie. Kanye West to perform in China. Matthew is a member of The Non-Fungible Alliance and Stable Coin Association. Prior to PO8 and FORT Matthew was the co-founder of, the first English language online ticketing platform in China, acquired by a private equity group in 2012. Subsequently, he turned his interest to cryptocurrencies and became an
26/03/201956 minutes 14 seconds
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#114 Steve Distante - Tesla's No.1 Fan, Impact Investing

href="">Steve Distante is an entrepreneur and CEO (as he likes to say, “Chief Entrepreneurial Officer”) of Vanderbilt Financial Group. He started his first business when he was only 5 years old. He is also the Founder and Chief Disruption Officer at Impact U, a platform that educates students, investors, & financial advisors, alike about Impact Investing. He is known as “Tesla’s biggest and /or #1 Fan. He's love for Tesla first started when he saw Revenge of the Electric Car. Tesla is a great thing for the world. I did a couple of interviews with Steve, but in this episode we talked about these key points; -How can he advice an average person or someone who wants to buy a car? -The current Project Impact U. What is the main aim of Impact U firm ?a documentary that would be the ideal tool f
22/03/201935 minutes 11 seconds
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#113 JP Fabri - How Malta became the Blockchain Island

“The regulation is there as a filter to make sure that the investment opportunity presented by the issuer is real” - JP Fabri Malta has won hearts of many people in the Blockchain space. It’s not surprising seeing some of the largest players including Binance, OKEx, Decentralized ventures and many others incorporated there. It’s true, Malta is the Blockchain Island. Considering that blockchain technology is relatively new, there’s interest on both private and private sectors as the potential of distributed ledgers is very disruptive in many ways. In my recent conversations with government officials including Hellen Zille(Premier of the Western Cape)
12/03/201941 minutes 9 seconds
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#112 Meir Ezra - The Power of Cause and Effect

This is the first part of our ongoing digestible series with Meir Ezra. These are snippets from a long interview I had with him. The first interview with Meir can be found here: How to make a 100 million dollars. Meir Ezra is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others. Entrepreneur with years of experience across a wide range of fields and an inventor with many patents registered to his name. Established the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000. <img src= "
07/03/20195 minutes 42 seconds
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#111 Eli Calderón Morin - Redefining Food Stamps with All_Ebt

I had a privilege of sitting down and interview Eli Calderón Morin, A Y-Combinator Hackathon winner, Founder & CEO of All_ebt. Eli has been at the forefront of mobile disruption as an advisor and team member to some of the fastest growing and groundbreaking mobile startups on the planet: AdMob/ acq Google, SnapTell/ acq Amazon, Alohar / acq AutoNavi/ Alibaba, Mojiva, InMobi, OpenX, Lipa Learning, Appfuel, and Adtile. Over the last decade, Eli has gained expertise in the areas of Startup Growth, Operations, Developer Evangelism, Market Expansion, Corp Dev, M&A, Strategic Partnerships, Sales Engineering, BizDev, SaaS, and Product Management. All_ebt is a smart wallet for Food Stamps. Over 54 million Americans receive SNAP (food stamp) benefits each year. They have tremendous purchasing power in aggregate, yet remain under-served by consumer technology.Serving underbanked and low-income communities and acting as a consumer on-ramp for mass crypto adoption and financial services.
27/02/201919 minutes 12 seconds
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#110 Ben Swann - The wolf of Journalism

Ben Swann is an American television news anchor, political commentator and journalist. Initially a Baptist pastor, he became a sports producer for TV, and later a news journalist and producer, and managing editor on network affiliates, FOX, and RT America of the Russian state-owned TV network RT. Ben Swann is the founder of the Truth in Media. He has spent 18 years working as a journalist in broadcast news, behind and in front of the camera. Swann began his journalism career in El Paso, Texas as a news photographer, quickly working his way up to prime time anchor. Along the way, Swann became a two time Emmy Award winner and two time recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award. Covering Mexico’s drug war, Ben Swann discovered the national media was not reporting the truth of what was actually happening in Mexico’s drug war or the problems associated with the failed “War on Drugs” in the United States. Ben Swann is now the industry leader for independent journalists, shatter
19/02/201951 minutes 55 seconds
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#109 Samer Saab - Fintech, scaling, startup journey

In this episode of The Grey Podcast interviewed Samer Saab. Samer is the co-founder and CCO at Get Wala and Director at Dala Foundation. He holds a master's and bachelor's degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. In this episode we talk about startups, including Wala which he co-founded with Tricia Martinez. Wala is a financial platform, powered by the Dala Utility Token. It addresses the issues that prevent the world's under-served from accessing basic financial services by utilizing the most innovative tools available in the market today. Most of which is Dala, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed and launched by the Wala team. The service uses blockchain technology along with the Dala cryptocurrency to allow users to send money, earn rewards and apply for credit services through the platform. Wala is now live in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Uganda where actual users are earn
12/02/201946 minutes 41 seconds
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#108 Giovanni Lesna Maranetto - The Fintech Entrepreneur

Support the Grey ave Podcast on Giovanni Lesna Maranetto is a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur and ICO specialist. He is a co-founding team member and Chief Commercial Officer at (formerly Hedge Token) and Lead External Advisor to Adbank , Enkidu , Fresco, Plentix and Exmo. He is an evangelist for blockchain technology and its value adding use-cases especially in the development of social and human capital. Giovanni has degrees with distinction from Australia and South Africa (BCom Hons Economics) and from Top Tier Global Business School UWA in International Business and Banking. He holds SAFe AGILE work methodology and GARP Banking risk certifications. Prior experience in implementation of trading platforms by vendors at Global banks and Mutual fund sales at a Top 5 African Asset Manager. Giovanni has the ability
08/02/201943 minutes 59 seconds
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#107 Meir Ezra - How to make a 100 Million Dollars

Support the Grey ave Podcast on In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviewed Meir Ezra. Meir Ezra is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others. As part of this drive to make a difference in people’s lives, Meir has been involved in working with high level government officials on projects related to education and business development. One of his most notable accomplishments includes establishing the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000. He has consulted companies such as BP (British Petroleum), Motorola, IBM and loves working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Meir's mo
29/01/201958 minutes 29 seconds
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#106 Maps Maponyane - Inside the Mind of South Africa's Top Model

Support the Grey ave Podcast on In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviewed Maps Maponyane. Maps is one of South Africa’s favourite personalities. He is considered as one of SA’s most stylish and sexiest men and is a greatly admired media personality. Multi-talented as a tv presenter, model, actor, style icon, designer, businessman and philanthropist, he makes waves both locally and internationally. Maps is loved and followed by his fans on social media platforms because of his down to earth, professional yet warm personality. He is known for his talent, fashion sense, charm, innovation, versatility and good looks. Maponyane was named GQ's "Best Dressed Man" in 2011 and Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Sexiest South African Man" in 2013. Notable Awards obtained: Current ambassador for Samsung Current ambassador for Investec
22/01/201955 minutes 14 seconds
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#105 Ashley Wallace - Exploring Japan

In this episode, Grey jabesi interviewed Ashley Wallace from Chicago,USA. He is HR Professional currently living in Japan.In 2007 studied Japanese language and business management.He shares his experience living in Japan as black man for the past seven years. "Black man in Japan trying to make my mark everyday JBBF Kanto Open 2013 1st Place, JBBF Kanagawa Open 2014 65kg 3rd place" Links: Ashley on Instagram :
12/01/201925 minutes 19 seconds
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#104 Maja Vujinovic - shEOS co-Founder

Maja Vujinovic is an entrepreneur, investor and a CEO of OGroup. She started her career as Director of Strategy and Corporate development at Tanex Corporation. From 2010 to 2013, she served as a Senior investment officer at Zakhem International. In 2013, she joined Riverside Advisors on a position of Consultant. From 2015 to 2018, she worked as a Chief innovation officer at GE Digital, co- Founded shEOS and OGroup where she currently serves as CEO, focusing on blockchain for enterprise. Maja moved to the US at the age of 14 due to war. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Finance, Masters in Diplomacy/International studies and Law Degree. She has helped built government and enterprise infrastructure across industries such as mobile tech, global payments, energy and healthcare. As a Chief Innovation Officer of Emerg
02/01/201944 minutes 57 seconds
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#103 Bianca Bosch - 2018 in Review, The Kissing Booth

In this episode Grey Jabesi chats with Bianca Bosch and Radhesen Naidoo. We casually discuss 2018, reflections, lessons learned and all. Special guest was Bianca Bosch. An actress from South Africa, known for The Kissing Booth (2018) and Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen (2017). Enjoy the banter and happy holidays to y'all Links: <a href= "https:/
19/12/201859 minutes 56 seconds
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#102 Mance Harmon - Is Hedera Hashgraph better that blockchain?

In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviews Mance Harmon .Mance is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of strategic leadership experience in multi-national corporations, government agencies, and high-tech startups, and is Co-Founder and CEO of Hedera Hashgraph. His prior experience includes serving as the Head of Architecture and Labs at Ping Identity, Founder / CEO of two tech startups, the senior executive for product security , Program Manager for a very-large scale software program for the Missile Defense Agency, the Course Director for Cybersecurity at US Air Force Academy, and research scientist in Machine Learning at Wright Laboratory. Mance received a MS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, and a BS in Computer Science from Mississippi State University. Mance and his partner, Leemon Baird (who invented hashgraph), have been in the technology/security/privacy space for decades. Their latest venture, Hedera Hashg
11/12/201857 minutes 49 seconds
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#101 Charles Hoskinson & John O'Connor (Cardano)

In this interview. Grey Jabesi interviews Charles Hoskinson, well known as Co-founder of Cardano and Ethereum. Also featuring, was John O’Connor who is the Director of African Operations for Input Output(The parent company behind Cardano). This interview was recorded in johannesburg South Africa, where Charles was attending Africa Blockchain Conference which was hosted by Tumelo Ramaphosa. Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder to study analytic number theory before moving into cryptography through industry exposure. His professional experience includes founding three cryptocurrency-related start-ups – Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK – and he has held a variety of posts in both the public and private sectors. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee an
28/11/201836 minutes 13 seconds
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#100 Arcane Bear - Adventure & Purposeful Living

In this episode. Grey Jabesi interviews Tijo Bear. Founder of the Arcane Bear brand. A Nomadic and adventure capitalist who started off as a digital marketer ended up owning real estate in the jungles of Costa Rica and plant his on psychedelics. Using the power of blockchain and decentralized media and funding systems. Arcane Bear is a one-stop shop for all things in the entrepreneurial toolkit. His ideas and philosophy on freedom, money and lifestyle seem to be the source of his unique way of life. In this episode, we dive deep into his humble beginnings to where he is now. Links to Arcane Bear: Website: Youtube: <img src= "http://cl
21/11/20181 hour 14 minutes 36 seconds
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#99 Ray Youssef - From homeless to Money, Paxful & Solving real problems

Ray Youssef, co-founder of Paxful, is a serial entrepreneur. He has had 11 failed startups since he started his entrepreneurial journey. At one point, his life savings were gone and he was homeless on the streets of California. He met his fellow co-founder, Estonian native Artur Schaback, in similar circumstances. Both were trying to rebuild their lives and the opportunity that is Bitcoin offered them an idea. Paxful was born, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace which offers 300+ different ways to buy Bitcoin without the need for banks or intermediaries. Paxful is like the uber of banking, or rather for the unbanked. Besides business, Ray has a big heart for charity. The hashtag ‘#BuiltbyBitcoin’ is his baby. He uses Bitcoin for social good, some of his charitable work include building schools with clean water and electricity. Links to some of his projects:
12/11/201844 minutes 56 seconds
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#98 Steve Nathan - Demystifying Investing & Retirement

In this episode. Grey Jabesi interviews Steve Nathan. Founder and CEO of 10X investments. Ex JSE’s top rated investment analyst who envisioned a more transparent way to run retirements funds and made it happen 10X is currently managing retirement funds worth R8bn on behalf of 150 companies. Steve is known for criticizing the status quo of retirement funds and their practises. I watched several interviews and read articles of him talking about this subject. I decided to reach out after meeting him at a Daily Maverick event.
06/11/201840 minutes 26 seconds
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#97 Abraham Cambridge - How to Monetize the Sun

In this episode, Grey Jabesi interviews Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange. A British born solar entrepreneur and disruptive technologist. In 2008 he completed an MSc in the Science of Climate Change under a NERC scholarship at UEA and has since established several businesses and projects around the world that use solar energy as a means for creating positive change. In 2010 he pioneered utility-scale. Links Abraham's LimkedIn: The Sun Exchange website: (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);;;'inline-block';'ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'htt
30/10/201849 minutes 6 seconds
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#96 A New Era of Supply Chain Management - Anthem Blanchard & Logan Golema

Founder/CEO Anthem Blanchard and CTO Logan Golema. Hercules is a decentralised blockchain protocol platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning supply chain that utilises Proof of Human Work to validate transactions . Developed and Advised by founders of Ethereum, Factom, Storj, Abra Wallet, Edge Security, Waves, Transform, and Blockchain Exchange, the world's leading blockchain organisations. Anthem Hayek Blanchard is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. He has in-depth experience and know-how of the gold and silver industry, having been raised by legendary goldbug and precious metals pioneer, James U. Blanchard III. Logan has been heralded as a Blockchain Developer and Educator, FinTech Innovator, and seen as highly skilled in object based coding and distributed networking both in enterprise and private applications. We discuss: - Their HERC project - Digitizing assets - The future of supp
24/10/201831 minutes 14 seconds
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#95 Damon Bryant PhD - The Power of Behavioral Economics

  Dr Damon Bryant is a business psychologist with over 15 years of experience in data analytics and psychological assessment tools. Currently the CEO of Light Pay Coin, a next generation cryptocurrency focused on digital payments in business and government.   His expertise is in psychological and behavioral assessments with an emphasis on AI-based systems and behavioral economics. He has derived mathematical information functions to quantify the usefulness of any observable behavior by humans or machines. He has also conceived and developed the internet-based, Smart Test Technology ® platform, an artificially intelligent assessment system.   His research is published in several professional journals including Applied Psychological Measurement, the Journal of Managerial Psychology, International Journal of Testing, and Psychometrika. Past ho
08/10/201857 minutes 59 seconds
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#94 Stephen Young - Bulding a crypto market place

25/09/201839 minutes 22 seconds
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#93 Michael Jordaan(Part 2) - Rain Mobile, Bank Zero & Venture Capital

17/09/201851 minutes 36 seconds
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#92 Joy Buolamwini - Finding Flaws in technology, Fighting Algorithmic Bias.

29/08/201853 minutes 9 seconds
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#EP91 Alon Stern - Founder of Slide. Startup stages and Lessons.

17/08/20181 hour 3 minutes 52 seconds
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#90 Michael Jordaan (Part 1) - Banking, Career Development & Business

27/07/201826 minutes 59 seconds
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#89 Blockstarters Blockchain Incubator Round-table

09/07/201838 minutes 46 seconds
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#88 Mid year review. Failures & Relationships

27/06/20181 hour 13 minutes 55 seconds
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#87 Roger Ver - Founder of

13/06/201845 minutes 34 seconds
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#86 Tawanda Kembo - Cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe

03/06/201840 minutes 9 seconds
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#85 Shakes Motsilili - Disrupting Venture Capital

22/05/201844 minutes 12 seconds
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#84 Joby Weeks - Rules to financial freedom and unlimited travel

10/05/201854 minutes 13 seconds
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#83 Regulation and Governance

03/05/201840 minutes 22 seconds
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#82 Wannipha Jen Buakaew - How to find your place into Crypto

29/04/20181 hour 8 minutes 11 seconds
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#81 Deconstructing Real Estate Myths - Scott Picken

16/04/201846 minutes 7 seconds
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04/04/201834 minutes 54 seconds
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27/03/201840 minutes 30 seconds
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19/03/201829 minutes 26 seconds
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12/03/20181 hour 8 minutes 37 seconds
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21/02/20181 hour 24 minutes 1 second
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16/02/201844 minutes 59 seconds
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EP#74 Losing Millions & Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face. - Antoinette Prophy

03/02/20181 hour 11 seconds
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18/01/201824 minutes 55 seconds
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04/01/201850 minutes 1 second
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19/12/201738 minutes 51 seconds
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04/12/201736 minutes 57 seconds
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13/11/201732 minutes 14 seconds
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06/11/201753 minutes 43 seconds
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22/10/201758 minutes 50 seconds
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23/07/20171 hour 13 minutes 7 seconds
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#54 Marcel Oudejans - INSIDE THE WORLD OF MAGIC

16/07/20171 hour 1 minute 46 seconds
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08/07/201758 minutes 54 seconds
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#52 Susan Bennett - The woman behind the voice of SIRI

01/07/201734 minutes 56 seconds
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#51 - Riana Lynn - FOOD TECH & DIVERSITY

25/06/201752 minutes 48 seconds
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18/06/201755 minutes 55 seconds
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11/06/20171 hour 27 minutes 35 seconds
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05/06/20171 hour 13 minutes 17 seconds
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29/05/201747 minutes 14 seconds
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21/05/20171 hour 11 minutes 26 seconds
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16/05/20171 hour 38 minutes 20 seconds
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08/05/20171 hour 6 minutes 27 seconds
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04/05/20171 hour 20 minutes 1 second
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24/04/20171 hour 5 minutes 3 seconds
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17/04/20171 hour 10 minutes 39 seconds
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12/04/20171 hour 13 minutes 10 seconds
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EP#39 ROBYN FARAH - Kick Ass Technology – Obviously!

27/03/20171 hour 15 minutes 59 seconds
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EP#38 - Travel Experience- Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Prague(Europe & ASIA)

19/03/201753 minutes 50 seconds
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12/03/201741 minutes 11 seconds
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06/03/20171 hour 30 minutes 34 seconds
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27/02/20171 hour 25 minutes 26 seconds
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20/02/20171 hour 2 minutes 6 seconds
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14/02/20171 hour 35 minutes 52 seconds
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06/02/201755 minutes 6 seconds
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31/01/20171 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds
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24/01/20171 hour 55 minutes 30 seconds
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EP#29 Jillian Butterworth - INSIDE THE MIND OF RAPISTS

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EP#15: STRESS - Danielle Jarvis

24/10/201639 minutes 27 seconds
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13/10/201631 minutes
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I happened to link up with an award winning StartUp that developed GEM, which is a mobile rewards platform for volunteers in South Africa. The first session was with David Shields who is a co-founder of GEM and the second session was with Danielle Jarvis who is a Project Coordinator. Besides GEM, Danielle is a Couchsurfer, Managing Director of SailPro, High Performance Sailing Coach and Psychology post-graduate so I had a lot to learn from her in those areas. We talked about Couchsurfing, travel experiences, sailing and opinions on education since she’s a teacher.
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EP 09 Music Therapy with Esther Wong(Hong Kong)

26/09/201649 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 07 Zack Block (USA)

19/09/201638 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 06 Melanie Brida (The french Connection)

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Episode 05 Marc Muller

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