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Superlicense F1 Podcast -- A different look at Formula 1 Profile

Superlicense F1 Podcast -- A different look at Formula 1

English, Sports, 1 season, 225 episodes, 2 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes
Join Rod and Zach for a race-by-race review of the season, talking all things Formula 1, including race reviews and trivia
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228. No shade on Bahrain

With Alonso re-signing at Aston Martin and Sainz hunting for a new place to park his ass we share our best guesses on where he'll go, as well as review the 2025 calendar, the sorry state of Williams, and less!
4/16/20241 hour, 59 seconds
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227. Teammate turmoil

Where will Verstappen drive in '25? What does "Round 2" of LEC vs SAI hold instore, and why is Tsunoda picking a fight with Ricciardo?
3/15/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 19 seconds
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2024 Season Launch

We're back on our bullschmidt again! Hear our deep thoughts, feelings and concerns about Hamilton's big move for next year, rating all the liveries and more!
2/22/20241 hour, 19 minutes, 43 seconds
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225. BIG end of season awards show feat. Box of Neutrals

In a bumper season review show with Box of Neutrals we humbly present our annual awards for the 2023 season and lay our reputations on the line with some daring predictions for next season. 
12/20/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 4 seconds
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224. That's a wrap

That'll be all she wrote as far as racing action goes, so we look at the biggest stories of the last month, revisit our pre-season predictions and get robotic in the AI powered Superquiz.
11/29/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 2 seconds
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223. Championsickness

Verstappen claims his 3rd Drivers' Championship, but Qatar delivered a new race winner, drivers bailing out under gruelling conditions, teammates have been clashing and we unpack the effects of a grid shakeup in the Superquiz. 
10/10/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 16 seconds
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222. Gassing a James Bond-type

Do we care about Verstappen's 10 race winning streak? What's the real reason Mercedes were so salty about it? And things turn a little Ocean's 14 in the Superquiz. 
9/12/202355 minutes, 47 seconds
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221. Mid-season report card

Come on a Martin Brundle trundle down the main straight as we rate, rank and review the performance of each team on the grid. Disagree with our takes? Let us know and we'll promise to try harder next time. 
8/14/20231 hour, 40 minutes, 42 seconds
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220. Dan's back in pog form

As Daniel Riccardo's return dominates F1 headlines, we reacquaint ourselves with the grid's 2nd Australian driver, review the fortunes of F1 teams in recent times, and we walk the red carpet in a stat-studded Superquiz.
7/13/20231 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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219. Hold my balls, honey

Can Red Bull sweep the season? Is a new tyre war on the horizon? Will Ricciardo's commentary stint be part of a return to F1, or another step away from it?  And is it a brand new day for the Superquiz... 
6/15/202355 minutes, 29 seconds
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218 - Rod and Zach's 10th Birthday Party

Come one, come all to the social event of the season! Nothing makes you feel older quite like wrapping up a cool decade of your niche podcast. We wind back the clock for some formative impressions before winding the clock forward again and sinking our proverbial teeth into the issues of the day.
5/11/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 13 seconds
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217. Felipe Massa's Legal Eagles

We shake off the Spring-break cobwebs to reflect on the horrorshow that was Melbourne, deliver a healthy reality-check for Mercedes' title expectations, and war-room Felipe Massa's 2008 tilt for the championship. 
4/18/202342 minutes, 29 seconds
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216. Superlicense F1 Unlocked

Will 2023 be another Verstappen landslide? Just how low is the cope at Mercedes? And how can the Ferrari boys follow-through on their fast starts?
3/14/202356 minutes, 50 seconds
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215. Easy pre-seasey

Your spotters guide to F1 liveries, teammate rivalries and predictions for the season ahead.
2/28/202354 minutes
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Double Dare to Swear - S04E08E09

Well, well, well, look who has come crawling back. (It's us.) They said it couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't be done, but we're covering two huge eps of Drive to Survive and to ensure those purple sectors we're kicking things into 1.5x.
2/2/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 14 seconds
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214. F1 Awardables 2022 (w. Box of Neutrals)

Like the star atop a Christmas tree, such is our end of season celebration episode with old mates... Box of Neutrals! Hear which team principal dismissal perplexed us the most (at the time of recording) and we remind you all to stay hydrated, look after yourself and we'll catch you in 2023 
12/15/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 11 seconds
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213 - Push Perez to overtake

Perez vs Verstappen, who is right? The answer might surprise you. Like overtakes? Tyre suppliers hate this one weird secret. And it's a Black Friday buy-one-get-one free deal in the Superquiz.
11/24/20221 hour, 1 minute, 56 seconds
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212. F1's greatest snubs, flubs and practical jokes

Get the skinny on Red Bull's cost cap penalty, Hollywood's brush with F1, fixing the broken in-race penalty system and set a record time in our speed-run Superquiz. (Please don't suspend us, Elon.) 
11/9/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 36 seconds
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Dare to Swear S04E07 "Growing pains"

Remember Yuki Tsunoda? Superlicense remembers. Without wanting to beat up on anybody, we realise just how "low stocks" F1's drivers get beyond the midfield, and question an over-used storytelling device. 
10/20/202244 minutes, 22 seconds
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211. Should Red Bull be disqualified for being dirty, dirty cheaters?

After a good 20 mins of football talk we get straight into the big issues, like should Red Bull be disqualified from the championship, we get acquainted with "Slick" de Vries in the Superquiz, and catch up on an old favourite of the show. 
10/13/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 21 seconds
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Dare to Swear S04E06 "A point to prove"

Williams and George Russell are hungry for yummy, yummy points and with a painfully predictable story arc ahead of us the dam bursts on our stream of unconsciousness, soaking you - the unsuspecting listener - in our trademark luke-warm takes.
9/22/202251 minutes, 26 seconds
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210. Oz car, ple-as try harder

Ricciardo. Piastri. Spa. To a lesser extent the Dutch Grand Prix. We flirt with them all. AND Rod turns back time to the early days of twitter for the Superquiz, while we dial-in a new segment.
9/8/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
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Double Dare to Swear S04E04 & S04E05

One episode, double trouble. We acknowledge the driver market craziness, and then tuck into a double helping of Drive to Survive, giving you plenty to think about as you vibe through the summer break. 
8/10/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 34 seconds
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209. Wait... could Mercedes actually win?

Standard "We recorded before the Piastri stuff" disclaimer. It's wall-to-wall Sebastian with the news of his impending departure dominating the superquiz, we breakdown the machinations up and down the field, and take the opportunity to (re)introduce ourselves. 
8/3/202259 minutes, 47 seconds
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208. George Russell is the kind of guy we like now

What a difference a month makes! We've done a 180 on Russell, Schumacher's done a 180 on his form, and Ricciardo has everyone in a spin. In the Superquiz this week Rod dusts off an ancient tome seeking wisdom, and we try to remember Bernie Eccelstone. 
7/20/202252 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dare to Swear S04E03 "Tipping Point"

We give our full, undivided attention to another Drive to Survive episode as the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen escalates in what you could even describe as something of a tipping point.
6/30/202253 minutes, 14 seconds
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207. Hamilton gets a Brazilian

We stuntcast the next F1 blockbuster filum, rate F1's most noteable number 2 drivers and put a cap on things with the Superquiz. 
6/16/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 29 seconds
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Dare to Swear S04E02 "Ace in the Hole"

Ricciardo runs hot and cold, we play "Would Zach buy a Tesla?" and... are Sainz and Norris even mates? 
5/18/202254 minutes, 7 seconds
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206. Max has momentum up the jacksie

We restrict our focus to the on-track action from F1's newest destination race, probe Hamilton's piercings and examine even bigger things in an aquatic themed Superquiz.
5/11/202257 minutes, 48 seconds
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Dare to Swear S04E01"Clash of the Titans"

Your boys take it back to the streets, rolling old school with the return of our Drive to Survive watchalong commentaries. We serve up course after course of hot takes, stuntcast a beloved 80s sitcom and you'll never guess who has F1's most punchable face.
5/2/202246 minutes, 34 seconds
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205. Quack quack, Leclerc Championship?

Still high off the on-track action in Australia Rod and Zach return to discuss the opening races of the season, preview a brand new segment, scrutinise the on-going "Suck my balls, honey/mate" debate that just won't die and ask in cautiously hushed tones... will this be the year of Charles Leclerc?
4/13/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 25 seconds
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204. 2022 pre-season chat with Box of Neutrals

It's better-late-than-never week at the podcast with good friends Box of Neutrals switching things up to join us for a pre-season show. Sure it was recorded before Mazepin was sacked, but what it lacks in timeliness it more than makes up for in gusto and hot takes.
3/8/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 51 seconds
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203. Abu Dhabi (What kind of day has it been)

What a finish! In our season finale we put that unforgettable final lap under the microscope, and look back at the year that was with a beefy 2021 review quiz. Stay safe, stay in touch over the break and we'll see you in '22!
12/14/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 46 seconds
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202. Saudi Arabian GP (The boycott buddies)

What's it like to review an F1 race that you haven't even seen? Join us for an alternative review of the Saudi Arabian GP, and we answer why we skipped the race, what we know (and don't) about what conspired, and look at the big, the bad and the ugly of F1 sponsorship in the Superquiz.
12/7/20211 hour, 1 minute, 31 seconds
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Shakedown #12

Vale Sir Frank Williams. We share what he represented for us before game-planning out the remaining races and how the championship might shape up and do our best to keep you entertained with some currated content recommendarions.
11/30/202147 minutes, 46 seconds
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201. Qatar GP (Second cousins spice removed)

With a stinker of a race on our hands Rod and Zach are back with pegged noses and sharp tongues. At least the championship battle closed up but we also pump some air into the tyre debacle and raise a glass to Fernando's return to the podium in the Superquiz.
11/23/202148 minutes, 44 seconds
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200. Brazil GP (Mad for Masi)

Why don't you come join our party! In our momentous 200th episode we cover the Brazil Grand Prix, dissect the HAM/VER staush, elevate a whole swag of F1 personalities to "Friends of the show" status, and we reflect on a previous milestone in the Superquiz.
11/16/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 54 seconds
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199. Mexico GP (The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie)

Rod and Zach stay classy for the Mexican Grand Prix which put Verstappen within reach of his first championship. All that while also fixing Driver of the Day, conjecting about new manufacturers and casting a curious eye toward Ricciardo's appearance on Ellen in the Superquiz.
11/10/202155 minutes, 19 seconds
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Shakedown #11

It's a spook-a-thon Shakedown episode between F1 races covering whether F1 drivers see ghosts, the Extreme E championship leader's excuse for missing Zach's birthday and more content recommendations that you can shake a remote control at as the momentum builds towards our big 200th episode of Superlicense.
11/2/202147 minutes, 1 second
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198. United States GP (That's too many Marks)

Yeehaw we're back to recap Hamilton and Verstappen scrapping for the win in Austin, unpack whether celebrities belong on the grid walk, offer a whole bunch of untested opinions about NASCAR in the Superquiz and look toward the crammed schedule ahead.
10/26/202154 minutes, 11 seconds
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Shakedown X

Your F1 boys are back to bless your podcast feed with another Shakedown poll (tm), F1 news and Led Zeppelin finally intersect, and if you have a content shaped hole in your week we've got just what you need.
10/20/202131 minutes, 53 seconds
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197. Turkish GP (If it hurts you know it's working)

Rod and Zach are back, back again, to talk Turkey. Could Lewis have made the tyres last, what on earth was Vettel thinking, has Jenson Button finally claimed a spot in the caravan of courage and in the Superquiz we celebrate Bottas reaching double-digit victories.
10/13/202152 minutes, 30 seconds
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Shakedown #9

Got troubles? Let's shake 'em off by looking at F1's move toward eco fuel alternatives, what racing in Qatar for the next decade could mean for the future of the sport, our World Famous shakedown poll and more content recommendations than you can shakedown a stick at.
10/6/202136 minutes, 30 seconds
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196. Russian GP (Go Coulthard, or go Coulthome)

What a race, and did we mention it was on at a pearler of a time? When it rains it pours, and other similar cliches are trundled out as our hearts break for Lando. We work out how his race unravelled, debate whether Netflix buying F1 is good for anyone, and learn whether Finnland really exists in the Superquiz.
9/29/202149 minutes, 42 seconds
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Shakedown #8

It's the latest installment in the Superlicense Universe covering the latest news, we dissect possibly the most confusing Shakedown poll to date, promote our Patreon-only special episode "Schumacher is the name of the show" and recommend some curated content to help with your lockdown blues.
9/21/202132 minutes, 46 seconds
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195. Italian GP (Return of the Budgie Nine)

It's hard not to clebrate a Daniel Ricciardo victory, we discuss whether his win was sealed in Turn 1, the contentious Verstappen/Hamilton crash, Valtteri's real-time racing analysis, we look back at Ricciardo's victories (and shoeys) in the Superquiz and look ahead to a documentary looking back at the life of Michael Schumacher.
9/15/202154 minutes, 48 seconds
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194. Dutch GP (Stick him on the world feed)

As well as the huge driver movements we ask who has rigged the DOTD in Sergio's favour, we focus on the fans in the Superquiz before asking who is your favourite super-sub commentator: Nico Rosberg or Jenson Button?
9/7/202154 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

193. Belgian GP (Points for trying)

Boy you'd hate to be an F1 podcaster after a race like that, and yet, here we are. Look, we just aren't the kind of guys who leave you high and dry so we give it everything we've got and try to put on whatever show we can - points for trying, which also could have been the episode title. In fact, it's not too late so I'm changing it to that right now.
9/1/202134 minutes, 51 seconds
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Shakedown #7

What time is it? No time to look back, as Shakedown returns with fan-tolerated segments like the "shit" twitter poll, and Rod and Zach discuss whether any two drivers could switch team and make both respective teams stronger.
8/24/202143 minutes, 55 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E10 "Down to the Wire"

All good things must come to an end, as drivers and team fight for the last remaining points of the 2020 F1 season we discuss which drivers you'd want to have a beer with, whether D2S is too insular, and reflections on the season overall - tell us what you thought!
8/17/202154 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dare to Swear S03E09 "Man on Fire"

Hoo boy it's the big one, trigger warning that if the last little has you left emotionally fragile then revisiting Grosjean's brush with death could be testing. Rod and Zach rebrand the later as an artiste, reflect on the narrative unveiling of Ted Lasso, and even talk F1 (too much?) in an XL Dare to Swear.
8/12/202156 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

192. Hungarian GP (I just thought of it again)

Hot takes abound as we look at the first-corner carnage and the mistake from Mercedes that cost them a certain victory. Big ups for Ocon, the return of Alonso the Brave, welcome points for Williams and we see Red, White and Blue and get a extra francias in the Superquiz.
8/3/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

191. British GP (We can't agree on everything)

Hey! How about that British Grand Prix! We cover F1's new Sprint Qualifying (spoiler: we don't see eye to eye), the big incident with VER and HAM (again, not quite aligned) and in the Superquiz Zach wishes the questions were shorter, but look... we can't agree on everything.
7/20/202158 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dare to Swear S03E08 "No regrets"

Zach plays "Lando" to Rod's "Carlos" for another installment of our Netflix watch-a-long series Dare to Swear. There's more Zak "Daddy" Brown talk, including an astonishing comparison with Christian Horner, and Rod gets a crash course in Paddle.
7/14/202146 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

190. Austrian GP (My Dutch son)

Things are looking rosy at Red Bull so we focused on Max's dominance, penalise the stewards, ponder an all-British line up at Mercedes, lament the cancellation of another race on the calendar and Zach adds some bargains to his cart in the Superquiz.
7/6/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

189. Styrian/Steiermark GP (Coconut is dumb)

Rod and fully vaccinated Zach (aka Zachcinated) breakdown all the action from the Styrian GP, take undeserved credit for Red Bull's good form, consider rebooting their fantasy F1 teams and boost their blood sugar levels in the Superquiz.
6/29/202154 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

188. French GP (He does a hip turn)

Wellity wellity wellity, we got a ding-dong battle for the lead supported by a bunch of strong drives, so of-course we focus on Perez's hips, topography and geography (FYI these will be on the test), and Zach breaks out his wig and leather jacket to turn back time in the Superquiz.
6/22/202147 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E07 Guenther's choice

You're invited to watch-a-long with us this classic Drive to Survive episode that critics called "S03E07" and "probably a contractual obligation". Step inside the pressure cooker and watch with amazement as the Haas F1 team unravels before your eyes - but don't worry - they finished P9 one time.
6/15/202149 minutes, 5 seconds
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187. Azerbaijan GP (He's the shouty man)

Azerbaijan delivers another race that left many people with a lot to think about. We unpack the non-standard podium, pontificate about possible vampiric drivers, and we look back at memorable moments from Baku in the Superquiz.
6/9/202144 minutes, 53 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E06 "The comeback kid"

To our dismay the title isn't a celebration of our watch-along commentaries but in fact references Pierre Gasly's improved fortunes last season. Rod premieres a new sweary-segment, we weigh in on protecting mental health in sports and ask is Drive to Survive a reality show?
6/2/202145 minutes, 28 seconds
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186. Monaco GP (They had their Netflix race)

As always, Rod and Zach turn lemons into Limoncello after another abysmal Monaco Grand Prix. With Zach phoning in via satellite we whip through all the action in record time, we even fit in a look at the Fantasy league and Zach offers Rod a wee nip in the Superquiz.
5/25/202138 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E05 "The end of the affair"

Join Rod and Zach for another watch-along of Netflix's "Drive to Survive": This time we look at all the high-octane thrills and spills of yet another F1 protest. All that AND we refresh our winter wardrobe and learn what Zach is looking for in a governing body.
5/18/202145 minutes, 17 seconds
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185. Spanish GP (Introducing... Formula Ghost)

It was a thrilling fight for the win, just a shame about the rest of the race! Rod and Zach breakdown the Spanish GP, celebrate the Verstapptonne in the Superquiz, tough decisions are made about the Fantasy league, and a podcast first, actual real-life motoring stunts!
5/11/202153 minutes, 10 seconds
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184. Portuguese GP (I'm a boss-ass Betsch)

Another race, another familiar podium. Rod and Zach pick through the remains of another visit to Portimao, Zach compares apples and oranges in the Superquiz, and we offer our robust opinions about F1 heading off to sunny Miami.
5/5/202152 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dare to Swear S03E04 "We need to talk about Ferrari"

Taking the episode title way too literally, we watch-along with Drive to Survive to unpack the complicated Ferrari situation, compare and contrast Vettel against drivers of a similar ilk and there's our patented uninformed and ill-advised criticisms of the show's production. Enjoy!
4/27/202153 minutes, 22 seconds
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183. Emilia Romagna GP (Italian Race El Grande Racé Racé Tracké Italian Italiano Race)

After ranting about the impending European Super League, we recap all the action from Imola, highlight Nikita's Mazespins, debate a possible season-long battle between Max and Lewis, and Zach's knowledge of the fine arts is tested in our patented Superquiz (no patent pending).
4/20/202159 minutes, 58 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E03 "Nobody's Fool"

Rod and Zach pack their bags and follow the Drive to Survive crew to Russia for another episode commentary. Listen in for thoughts on Toto's potty mouth, nude sawnahs and more.
4/13/202154 minutes, 24 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E02 "Back on Track"

In another commentary for the Netflix series "Drive to Survive", Rod mostly complains about the pacing of the show, while Zach plumbs the depths and poses questions that Rod is far too tired to contemplate appropriately.
4/7/202145 minutes, 26 seconds
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182. Bahrain GP (Adios, Yuknut!)

Rev it up, rev it up, because F1 is back baby! While pining for the traditional season launch at the Aus GP, Rod and Zach pick through the on-track action from Bahrain, rekindle their fierce rivalry in the Fantasy league and Zach offers a unique perspective on F1's rookies in the Superquiz. Ready to sign up to the Fantasy league? Visit, head to "Leagues" and join with code 5328208.
3/29/20211 hour, 1 minute, 22 seconds
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Dare to Swear S03E01 "Cash is King"

Hiiii, we're back with another watch-along commentary of the Netflix sensation Drive to Survive. Hot takes include: Lawrence Stroll - friend or foe, is this the worst episode of the entire series so far, and the real reason they sell Fosters in Australia.
3/21/202153 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

181. 2021 Season Preview

To whet your appetite for the 2021 season we reflect on the future of sprint race qualifying (aka squalifying), for F1 fans new and old we introduce the drivers on the F1 grid with a Superlicense twist, we conjure our boldest season predictions ever, and stay tuned for the world premiere of the trailer for our next season of Dare to Swear.  To join the Fantasy league head over to, head to "Leagues" and join us in the Superlicense Universe league with code “5328208”.
3/16/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 9 seconds
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Shakedown #6

Guess who's back, back again? If you guessed Rod and Zach, all I can say is you know us too well. Before the F1 hype machine kicks into overdrive for another season take a virtual stoll up and down the grid for our customary livery review, drool over the Drive to Survive launch S3 launch trailer, and announce that we're reviving the Dare to Swear commentary series for a S2 (trailer coming soon). All that AND.... prepare yourself for an interactive experience unlike anything we've had on the podcast before... I can't say too much, but a certain elusive energy beverage might just be involved...
3/8/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds
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180. Hey, 2020, get in the bin (w. Box of Neutrals)

In our traditional podcast crossover with the lads from Box of Neutrals we quickly reflect on the confirmation of Sergio Perez at Red Bull before diving into our annual F1 awards, and manage to solve some of F1's problems along the way. Thanks for a brilliant year (podcast wise, at least), hope you've loved all the #content, and we'll be back bigger and stronger in 2021 - BYE!
12/22/20201 hour, 38 minutes, 48 seconds
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179. Abu Dhabi GP (It's weird that they make them on legs)

Look, we know it was a dud race, you know it was a dud race, let's just agree we won't let it ruin the year and it'll be fine, don't even worry about it. We recap the fantasy league results for the year, test out hindsight in the Superquiz and sizzle our sensational end of year show (coming soon)!
12/15/202052 minutes, 28 seconds
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178. Sakhir GP (Putting the moz on G-Roz)

We bust out the champagne to celebrate with Cheeky Checo and commiserate with our boy George. We whip through the race, learn more about G-Russ and the "Twitch quartet" in the Superquiz, and realise only too late why Zach was a bit broken this week.
12/8/20201 hour, 1 minute, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

177. Bahrain GP (The big one)

Zach is his usual, sparkling self while Rod musters a sleep-deprived, "Medium Energy" performance in review of the eventful Bahrain Grand Prix. Hamilton has COVID, Mazepin joins Haas, and who was "Personality of the weekend"? Stay abreast of all developments in our discord:
12/1/202057 minutes, 51 seconds
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Shakedown #5

We explain why we're launching a discord for the community (come say hello, link below), as well as reflecting on the remainder of the F1 year ahead, channel the #Influencer inside and suggest recommend some #Content, and in our twitter poll we ask what kind of ice-cream would Daniel Ricciardo be? Discord link:
11/24/202030 minutes, 34 seconds
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176. Turkish GP (Agile embrace)

Join us to celebrate Lewis Hamilton's record-equalling 7th world championship, delight in the deliciously predictable Turkish Grand Prix headlines, recap the race and fantasy league, remember Sebastian Vettel's triumphs in the Superquiz, and we boot it home with our most on the nose closing thoughts to date.
11/17/202048 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shakedown #4

We react to the freshly minted 2021 F1 calendar and announcement of a Saudi Arabian GP, talk videogames and movies for some reason, and in the Twitter poll we ask: What tastes better.... Red Bull or Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1?
11/10/202029 minutes, 51 seconds
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175. Emilia Romagna GP (This is a lawsuit waiting to happen)

We had to walk the tightrope after a technical gremlin literally reached into Rod's computer, pulled out its glistening, silicon heart and ate it right in front of him, regardless we basked in the glory of Mercedes' 7th consecutive championship, retrace their golden path in the Superquiz and scrutinise F1 journalists dinner arrangements.
11/3/202048 minutes, 5 seconds
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174. Portuguese GP (Angry but hopeful)

We recognise the brilliance of Hamilton as he becomes the winningest driver of all time, speedrun an incredible thread of news stories that happened since last episode, put the Haas drivers under the microscope in the Superquiz and even get around to talking about the Portuguese Grand Prix.
10/27/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 56 seconds
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174. Portuguese GP (Angry but hopeful)

We recognise the brilliance of Hamilton as he becomes the winningest driver of all time, speedrun an incredible thread of news stories that happened since last episode, put the Haas drivers under the microscope in the Superquiz and even get around to talking about the Portuguese Grand Prix.
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Shakedown #3

We got into the Halloween spirit with Treehouse of Horror style nicknames, try out a new segment called "Zachoropolis", sort out why / if Rod keeps mispronouncing Vettel's name, and we learn what is the better name, Michael Hamacher or Lewis Schumilton?
10/20/202032 minutes, 35 seconds
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173. Eifel GP (Fourty odd years of gastric)

Hamilton writes his name alongside one of the absolute greats, so we mark the occasion by retracing his 91st race win, celebrate Ricciardo's triumphant return to the podium, Rod offers a look at the world of F1 supersubs in the Superquiz, things run off the rails when we remember why Stroll didn't race AND wonder what the heck DC was talking about?
10/13/202057 minutes, 35 seconds
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Shakedown #2

Honda leaves F1, Red Bull engine options, COVID encroaching on F1's bubble, that stupid idiot at the go-karts and our first Shakedown twitter poll: Who invented the wheel? Cavemen or Aliens.
10/6/202027 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

172. Russian GP (Mostly snorefest, but not us, the race, listen to the show)

With 2020 still curbing our enthusiasm for F1 and the world in general we look at the Valtteri “Lucky Boy” Bottas 4.0, why Hamilton was harshly dealt but not in the conspiracy type of way, why Turn 2 needs a rethink and we use the Superquiz to examine some of F1’s most controversial penalties.
9/29/202057 minutes, 58 seconds
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Shakedown #1

We're trying something same same but different, because the only thing that's certain right now is that nothing is certain. On Shakedown we just pop up to say a quick hello and talk the news of the day, like the Le Mans 24, F1 brainfarts being reported as news and more (but not too much).
9/22/202016 minutes, 42 seconds
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171. Tuscany GP (The Albon Strikes Back)

Thanks for sticking with us! Rod and Zach wade through the carnage of the Tuscany GP, we hear from racers past and present and learn their views about the Mugello circuit, and Rod launches a new initiative to highlight what's wrong with the qualifying timing tower. 
9/16/20201 hour, 12 minutes, 18 seconds
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170. Italian GP (Step on the Gasly)

Rod and Zach return, one jet-lagged and one sleep deprived, to offer their medium-energy perspective on the showstopping Italian Grand Prix that everyone is talking about. Zach, rightly, looks toward Pierre Gasly for inspiration for the Superquiz and Rod reveals some greviances about making podcasts.
9/9/202054 minutes, 35 seconds
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169. Belgian GP (Too slow to spin)

Zach may be sunning it up in Italy, but Rod is still in lockdown and that's his excuse for sliding into hysteria. Good thing too, because we extracted everything we could from a snoozer of a race, we take Cyril Abiteboul from zero to hero in the Superquiz, and I guess some more... I zoned out toward the end. Bon appetit.
9/2/202056 minutes, 51 seconds
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168. Spanish GP (The Verstappen Dynasty)

With the Spanish GP setting a new benchmark for lacklustre races, Rod and Zach whip through the on-track "action", lament our F1 Fatasy performance, fight for our right to party with the Superquiz and then train our focus on a high-profile recovery strategy for Formula 1 in 2021.
8/19/202046 minutes, 20 seconds
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167. 70th Anniversary GP (Definitely not the British GP)

Chances of a Mercedes clean sweep this season were dashed by the romping Red Bull of Max Verstappen... so why does the 70th Anniversary GP feel so stale? We offer luke-warm takes on the events of the race, someone rightly pulls Rod up for his woeful pronounciation and Zach makes it an episode worth listening to with his 70th Quiziversary.
8/12/202048 minutes, 11 seconds
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166. British GP (Nico Hulkenbubble burst)

We recap the explosive British Grand Prix, speculate wildly *coughVettelAstonMartincough* about who will be "bubble buddies" for 2021, and we get a little closer to the man they call Cheeky Checo Perez in this week's Superquiz.
8/4/202051 minutes, 46 seconds
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165. Sam Mareemro, San Rameena

Imola is IN, Brazil is OUT, what's that all about? Just like isolation, Rod and Zach don't believe in taking a week off so we're back with a look at the F1 news of the week, we answer listener questions, offer some recommendations to help fill your newfound abundance of spare time, Rod announces his side-project podcast, and hopefully you didn't skip lunch ahead of another Superquiz.
7/29/202050 minutes, 5 seconds
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164. Hungarian GP (Caravan of Courage)

Send us your questions ahead of the next episode: [email protected] Coming at you live-to-tape, adjacent to the Caravan of Courage, it's the Superlicense podcast. If the prospect of rain that never came dampened your enthusiasm for the Hungarian Grand Prix, never fear! We're back with our patented race review and (patent pending) Superquiz to keep those fires burning between triple-headers. 
7/22/202048 minutes, 20 seconds
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163. Styrian GP (If I can catch you and kiss you)

We set the latest Styrian Grand Prix in its appropriate historical context, take sides in the Renault vs Racing Point technical stoush, reacquaint ourselves with someone called Fernando Alonso, and speculate on a possible road back to Red Bull for Sebastian Vettel.
7/15/202042 minutes, 49 seconds
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162. Austrian GP (Lewis got a Hamilton)

We finally have some racing to talk about and Austria was.... worth the wait? Maybe? Granted it was a loooong wait. Ok, but it was good even if Zach had to wait a little longer than the rest of us to catch the final lap. Rod challenges Zach to answer his back-to-back, and we upset some folks on twitter while avoiding the anger of others (aka business as usual).
7/8/202046 minutes, 40 seconds
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161. 2020 Season Preview (Take 2 -- All kinds of odd)

Ok, let's try this again! The post-COVID world looks very different in some key ways, so we're delivering a primer, a spotter's guide if you will, to what to expect when you're expecting a return to racing in 2020. It's not just the cars, but what's around them that's changed, and Zach looks to live and let livery in the Superquiz.
7/1/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
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Dare to Swear #10 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E10 commentary)

We conclude our commentary mini-season for the Netflix series Drive to Survive by wrapping up all the loose ends, unpacking fake sponsors, weigh in on F1's new visualisations and we go bargain hunting in this weeks Superquiz.
6/24/202053 minutes, 36 seconds
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Dare to Swear #9 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E09 commentary)

With the end in sight we follow Drive to Survive as they gaze behind the curtain of the Williams F1 operation, poke and the soft underbelly and ask the hard questions. Zach calls out the folly of predictions from years gone by in the Superquiz, and Rod was also there although sometimes you wouldn't know it.
6/18/202056 minutes, 57 seconds
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Dare to Swear #8 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E08 commentary)

We're back to business as usual, although absolutely EVERYTHING we said last week still stands and needs vigilance to ensure change. Your boys cover the pre-penultimate D2S episode, and you had better be paying attention if you want to stand a chance in this week's Superquiz.
6/11/202053 minutes, 2 seconds
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A full and frank race discussion

Sorry if you're expecting another Netflix commentary or upbeat Superquiz, but it just didn't feel right this week. Instead we offer a heartfelt, reasonably informed and hopefully constructive discussion about racial injustice before switching back into F1 mode.  Resources mentioned:  Bridging the Gap Beyond Blue Campaign Zero Reclaim the Block Black Lives Matter Show racism the red card and more  Closing track: Hell You Talmbout (Janelle Monae f. Wondaland) 
6/3/20201 hour, 8 minutes
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Dare to Swear #7 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E07 commentary)

We open with some slapdash well-wishes to Zach the birthday boy before briefly covering the latest developments as F1 scrambles to return to racing, rip through another rambunctious Drive to Survive commentary and reminisce about some ruthless sim racing in the Superquiz.
5/28/202057 minutes, 52 seconds
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Dare to Swear #6 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E06 commentary)

We cover the Silverstone situation, Sainz's success and Ricciardo's recovery ahead of another commentary of the Netflix series Drive to Survive. To boot this baby home Rod revives a classic quiz from the (very) old days and challenges Zach to distinguish between one of Vettel's cars or a Burlesque performer.
5/21/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 38 seconds
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Dare to Swear #5 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E05 commentary)

Little bit of news around... Sebastian Vettel is leaving Ferrari and is likely to retire, so we talk through all the possible permutations in the driver market, and continue our look at Drive to Survive -- this week a look at the rise and fall of Pierre Gasly at Red Bull.
5/14/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 9 seconds
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Dare to Swear #4 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E04 commentary)

A heartfelt tribute to one of racing's greatest figures provides the backdrop for a Formula 1 dynasty hitting rock bottom. Rod and Zach continue their exploration of the Netflix series "Drive to Survive" with this watch-along-with-us-or-don't-live-your-own-life-how-you-want commentary.
5/6/202052 minutes, 1 second
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Dare To Swear #3 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E03 commentary)

Bit of news about! F1 is targeting a return to racing, albeit behind closed doors. We unpack the announcement, attack another episode of Drive to Survive and Rod's absolutely stacks the pack in this week's "Who Am I?" Superquiz.
4/29/202059 minutes
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Dare to Swear #2 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E02 commentary)

Does your couch feel too big and empty? Join two moderately informed blokes shooting the shiz and watch along with the Netflix series Drive To Survive. Don't have Netflix, no problem! Just watch it in your imagination.
4/24/202055 minutes, 1 second
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Dare to Swear #1 (A "Drive to Survive" S02E01 commentary)

With a tremendous amount of time on our hands and virtually no racing to discuss, we're bringing you not only a Superlicense first... possibly a world first! Sit back, grab your remote, pop on your headphones and prepare to feel closer to us than ever before with our Drive to Survive commentary track.
4/8/202046 minutes, 44 seconds
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160. Australian GP (Please wait: Season loading...)

Well, that didn't entirely go to plan! Like us you're probably in various states of lock-down, and flying in the face of various travel bans we thought you'd buy you all a ticket to visit the Superlicense universe. We react to the shambles that happened in Melbourne, speculate wildly about the season ahead and offer a ray of hope in the Superquiz.
3/20/202040 minutes, 6 seconds
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159. 2020 season preview

We're back to blow the cobwebs away with our super-chilled season preview. What was up with Ferrari's engine? What is up with Mecedes' steering wheel? Will Zach actually be travelling to a country while a Grand Prix is on... AND ACTUALLY ATTEND!?!?! 
3/6/202040 minutes, 59 seconds
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158. Season 2019 Awards Gala (w. Box of Neutrals)

Four (wink) pundits come together to bestow awards on teams and individuals from throughout the F1 2019 season. Nobody asked for it, and some would downright refuse their legitimacy, but whom are we to mess with tradition? See you in 2020!
12/17/201958 minutes, 34 seconds
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157. Abu Dhabi GP (We're not experts)

You can hear it in our voices and our hearts, the season has almost broken us. Before we (and F1, I guess) take a well-earned break we recap the lacklustre Abu Dhabi race, commemorate a departing statesman as only we can and scrutinise our own hits and misses throughout 2019. Stay tuned for our end of season show!
12/6/201937 minutes, 31 seconds
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156. Brazil GP (Green smoothies all 'round)

In a year of stand-out races, this one might be the most eventful yet. Round after round of battles between drivers, teams and strategies, and as usual we judge them all from high atop our ivory tower. McLaren's long-awaited return to the podium is fodder for a Superquiz, and things get spicy as the fantasy league approaches it's conclusion.
11/27/201952 minutes, 56 seconds
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155. United States Grand Prix (That’s why you need shotguns)

With Hamilton basking in his newfound "six appeal" (make it a thing), we recap an otherwise unremarkable United States Grand Prix, learn why you need shotguns as we dredge up F1 Dreams one more time, and go from influenza to influencer with Zach's Hintstagram superquiz.
11/6/201952 minutes, 33 seconds
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154. Mexico GP (Dirty air around a package)

Did you snag yourself a podium-selfie with Vettel? Well then you're over-qualified for this week's Superquiz about the "Greatest" F1 selfies throughout (recent) "history". We recap the festival of speed that was the Mexican Grand Prix, unpack how the strategies dictated the result, and make a bold prediction about the Drivers' Championship.
10/29/201943 minutes, 48 seconds
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153. Japanese GP (Six isn't as good as seven, last time I checked)

Mercedes have wrapped up the Constructors' Championship, and one of their stallions will claim the Drivers' title... so what exactly did they f*** up? A race in Japan means the return of the Haikuiz, and we learn that spoiling the race result is a sure-fire way to get removed from Rod's Christmas card list.
10/16/201948 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

152. Russian GP (Rearrange the whole world to suit my personal circumstances)

Despite the "off-track" action, Russia was about as dull as Bob Dole's keynote address at the Festival of Particularly Dull Folks. To address the deficit, we weigh in on Ferrari's team orders, look at how pitting under Safety Cars could be improved, and use the Superquiz to take a whole new look at the Formula 1 grid.
10/1/201957 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

151. Singapore GP (Don't speak about it, and also Spiderwebs)

Did Ferrari dud their young star driver to appease Sebastian Vettel? Where did their performance come from in the first place? Will we stick to our usual formula of discussing the podium, what Ricciardo did and something from the backmarkers? What was that weird reference to someone connecting with Zach on LinkedIn? It's fine, don't even worry about it.
9/25/201949 minutes, 29 seconds
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150. Italian GP (Hey man, I'm a racer, don't worry about it)

For our big 150th episode and we had no shortage of talking points. With Mercedes dominance a distant memory, we heap praise on Charles Leclerc, break-down the black-and-white flag controversy, put Toro Rosso under the microscope, and ask what can Vettel do to get Ferrari back on his side?
9/18/201955 minutes, 48 seconds
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149. Belgian GP (We agree, which is a bit nice)

After a tragic weekend for Motorsport, we recap Charles Leclerc's maiden victory, analyse whether Vettel could have saved a podium, compare the careers of two Ferrari stalwarts, and lay out all the driver movements for 2020.
9/4/201943 minutes, 14 seconds
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148. Unraveling the Vettel myth (w. Spanners Ready)

Here's an idea... Albon will win a race before Vettel does. You heard it here first. As always when there's no on-track action to recap we turn to a luminary, and this time we have a real doozy.... none other than the firecracker that is Spanners Ready from the Missed Apex Podcast to discuss driver movements, the year so far and which driver has the worst fans.
8/21/201947 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

147. Hungarian GP (Stoppers for cars)

What a good race (great tho? it's debatable) to usher us into the summer break. With a brilliant strategy giving Hamilton victory, we're left to ask about the future for the drivers (cough, Bottas, Gasly) and even the teams (cough, McLaren, Renault). Come back for more throughout the break, and stay subscribed!
8/6/201944 minutes, 43 seconds
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146. German GP (Kevin Magnesjean)

Grandstand seats at the German Grand Prix,or front-row seats at Sea World? We recap that race that we go down as an absolutely classic, where Ferrari failed but were redeemed, and Mercedes were all at sea. Is Kvyat coming home to Red Bull, and bring your flippers for a wet 'n' wild Superquiz, all on the latest podcasterino.
8/1/201946 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

145. Britain GP (Spray, drink, drop and figure eight)

Was the British GP the best race in years? We discuss what makes a classic race, unpick the Mercedes strategy that helped Hamilton and left Bottas battered and bruised. Is Vettel a spent force? What else could go wrong at Haas? And what the hell is up with Rich Energy anyway?
7/17/201942 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

144. Austrian GP (The Big Massa Thing)

Did Verstappen deserve a penalty? What brought Hamilton's dominance to a halt, and where to from here? We unpack what made the Austrian Grand Prix such a classic, celebrate the youngest ever front row in our Superquiz, and introduce you to the latest recruits to the Superlicense Army: General Conjecture, Major Villages and Server Bill.
7/2/201949 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

143. French GP (A chapter from Alexei Sayle's autobiography)

We know, we know. But what are you gunna do, not watch F1? Of-course not. That's why we stuck around to recap the French Grand Prix, Zach's Superquiz is guaranteed to "Tilke" your funny-bone, and we stumble through a round of "what's your flair?"
6/26/201949 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

142. Canada GP (Double reverse reverse Bradbury)

We talk all things Vettel vs Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo's return to form, Hamilton vs Vettel, Bottas' disappointing race, Vettel vs the rules, Norris did start the fire, the Vettel controversy, and much more about the race-deciding penalty.
6/12/201955 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

141. Monaco GP (Your pink socks have been revealed)

Like Lewis, Rod is in severe conservation mode this week but we pull one out of the proverbial bag to tribute Niki Lauda, question Leclerc's mental state, and Zach asks... "which Ferrari driver would you want to have been number 2 alongside?"
6/2/201955 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

140. Spanish GP (His friends call him Louis)

Where is it going wrong for Ferrari, the BBC, and F1 in general? Your old mates Rod and Zach don't waste any time discussing the thrilling race whatsoever, with only limited mentions of ABBA, Koala Whiskey, and the triumphant return to Zandvoort (because people want Dutch).
5/14/201943 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

139. Azerbaijan GP (What even is this season?)

A disappointing follow-up to a lacklustre 1000th race, but your boys hold strong. Zach gropes around in the bargain bin looking for F1 related nuggets for a media-focused Superquiz, and Rod... well, excuse Rod. He can be grumpy, but we still love him.
4/30/201944 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

138. Chinese GP (Races since Vettel spun: 1)

Formula 1 storms into its second millenia, albeit with a snooze-worth borefest. We scoop up the dregs for our race recap, Rod conjures the hardest quiz that we've ever attempted, and construction on Zach's 2nd office continues. All this and more on the podcast that asks the question..... SCMODS?
4/16/201941 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

137. Bahrain GP (Winning when you're crap)

We're all commiserating with the new heartbreak kid, Charles Leclerc. The lack of sleep and busy days utterly cook Rod's brain, instead we offer highlights from the Fantasy League, low-lights for Vettel and Renault, Zach talks fancy beers and we learn a truly bewildering pnuemonic for remembering one team's full name.
4/2/201939 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

136. Australian GP (An MGU-K full of big dick energy)

Do you even believe that drive from Bottas? Rod and Zach kick off another F1 season with a recap of the Australian Grand Prix with a revamped format. We delve into the Fantasy League results and Zach tries to beat the clock in our new recap challenge.
3/19/201940 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

135. 2019 Season Launch (I would hope that it was drivable w. Abhishek Takle)

#F1isBack, and the boys are back in town. We deep dive into pre-season testing with esteemed friend of the show Abhishek Takle, deliver the state of the Superlicense Universe including our new-look podcast format, and kick it home by crossing over to the F1 dreamiverse.
3/9/201944 minutes, 52 seconds
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134. End of season awards gala (w. Box of Neutrals)

What a season it's been, and we couldn't let another year wind down without recapping the highs and lows with our good mates from Box of Neutrals. For sure one of them (naming no names, Peter) won't win any awards for promptness, but the champagne flowed and the canapes were plentiful punctuating another successful end of season gala.
12/23/20181 hour, 1 minute, 1 second
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133. Abu Dhabi GP (The Fresh Sheikh of Abu Dhabi)

It's the "Abu Dhabi and Friends" edition of Superlicense as we wind back the clock to the Brazilian GP for news and predictions, then skip forward to the season finale in Abu Dhabi. It's not as convoluted as it sounds, and if we can reach the right influencers we might just get the term Empty Nest into the F1 lexicon.
12/5/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 56 seconds
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132. Mexican GP (One of the greatest car-drivers ever)

Is Lewis Hamilton the best of all time? The championship was decided in Mexico, so we talk all around it during our race recap, we rewind things for an old skool Hamilton quiz, and always one to leave them wanting more... Rod's accompanying the Mariachis all weekend leaves his voice wanting.
10/31/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

131. United States GP (We haven't talked about Kimi for several minutes)

Are you not entertained? What everyone expected would be a dead-rubber turned out to the best race we've had in, I dunno, yonks. We talk about the ins and outs from COTA, letting all the richoes pay to race, more driver market chatter, and we relive some of Raikkonen finest moments in the Superquiz.
10/24/201856 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

130. Japanese GP (When you explain things they make sense)

Japan was the penultimate nail in the coffin for Vettel's title hopes, and with a handful of races left and Hamilton's fifth championship virtually in the bag almost anything could happen. Zach's quiz creates such an aura of mystery and artistry that Rod transcends to a new level of zen in which he forgets how to think.
10/17/20181 hour, 1 minute, 11 seconds
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Special bonus episode: Drift (Episode 8)

Confused? Until we can reunite for our Japanese GP recap, we're filling the gap with a special release of our Superlicense Club-supported podcast: Drift. We set the timer for 30 mins and weave from topic to topic, with the vaguest of connections to F1. Like the world's best racing circuits, it's fast and free flowing. Want more? Join the Club at
10/10/201835 minutes, 5 seconds
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129. Russian GP (You've got to be in it to be in it)

It's a good, old-fashioned sleep-deprived grumpcast this week as we look back at the most controversial race of the year. With team orders being the topic du jour, Rod and Zach also discuss the proposed qualifying changes, fixing the engine penalty system, we play "Kvyat or nyet" and unpack the hidden meaning of a 90's RNB classic.
10/3/20181 hour, 16 minutes, 30 seconds
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128. Singapore GP (Kaboom! BBQ Curry)

The people have spoken. You voted for a Driver of the Day that the podcast deserves, but not the one F1 needs right now. With a "slow race week" on our hands, we trade off obscure Twistie flavours, Rod showers himself in failure during the quiz, and things get downright adults-only near the end. Yes, this is still an F1 podcast.
9/21/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

127. Italian GP (That phone doesn't ring anymore)

Kimi broke the hearts of millions of Ferrari fans after taking a mega pole position, but Hamilton's victory was no less impressive, and equally important for the championship. All that plus: Norris lands at McLaren, Renault and Haas have beef, and could we ever get predictions from outer space?
9/5/201848 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

126. Belgian GP (Full-kit wankers)

Huge crashes, overtakes for the race lead, new teams—the Belgian grand prix had everything you could want from the first five corners of a race. To keep things rolling we cover all the rumoured driver changes, learn some obscure facts about one of the great drivers of our time and deploy full snark toward those with all the gear and no idea.
8/30/201852 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

125. Summer break (Drop it like it's Hartley w. Luke Smith)

We waited until all the news had broken (well, almost) before recording our big summer break show. Joining us to reflect on the season so far is Luke Smith, with whom we dissect all the driver movements, consider a return for Jean-Eric Vergne, and ask which driver will snub his father and discover The Clash?
8/21/20181 hour, 6 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

124. Hungarian GP (To a lesser extent, Bronson)

Are you ready for the summer break? Well there's one last race to cover before we can officially relax. This week we talk about the Force India administration situation, the Valtteri Bottas incidents, fitness and injuries in F1 and, to a lesser extent, Bronson.
8/1/20181 hour, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

123. German GP (Secret cranes of the Pharaohs)

An unpredictable race deserves nothing less than a suitably random recap podcast, and we feel we truly delivered that this week. We talk about how Vettel threw the victory away, Hamilton dragged himself back into the championship, and Sergio Marchionne sadly slipped away from us.
7/26/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

122. British GP (Too hot for my porridge)

Things didn't go the way Hamilton had dreamt, but the British Grand Prix was another barnstormer that delivered action on all fronts. With the world's eye on a cup of a different kind, Zach brings the noise with a football/Formula 1 hybrid quiz, and establish a new measure of success in motorsport.
7/11/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

121. Austrian GP (Yummy, yummy, lots of points for me)

We're over the hump of the triple-header and Austria gave us a race that nobody could predict and nobody will forget (although Mercedes probably wish they could). Rod gets weird in the Superquiz, we analyse the strategy calls that shaped the race and visualise the Sky commentators demise following a dramatically elongated haranguing. 
7/4/20181 hour, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

120. French GP (A rival quinoa clothing brand)

F1 returns to Circuit Paul Ricard, which means it's time for a recap Superlicense style. This week we talk Alonso's Le Mans win and career trajectories, cover some histoire du sport automobile in the quiz, and learn which driver has an ambitious sibling with musical aspirations.
6/28/20181 hour, 12 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

119. Canadian GP (A Scandanavian Political Crime Thriller)

It's another recommend-o-cast from the Superlicense crew, as we scratch together a recap of the Canadian GP, discover what's wrong with Pirelli, what's wrong with Rod's socks, what's right with Verstappen and play "What famous people do you know?"
6/13/201858 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

118. Monaco GP (Centi, Deci, Milli, Curly & Moe)

Monaco left you with an entertainment deficit? Your boys have you covered, polishing the jewel in F1's crown, Porsche-ing it up in the Superquiz and pulling apart the news and controversies of the week. The con is on!
6/1/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

117. Spanish GP (Kilty pleasures)

Season 2018 took a breather in Spain, giving Hamilton the space he needed to stretch his legs and extend his championship lead. With a suspect Ferrari strategy call and drivers  and spinning right round baby right round, we plumb the race for all it's worth, and wrap things up with a real page-turner of a quiz.
5/16/20181 hour, 1 minute, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

116. Azerbaijan GP (A strong embouchure)

In a season this continues to throw split-finger curve-balls, we reunite yet again to discuss the Verstappen/Ricciardo incident, Grosjean merry-go-round, trouble in paradise at Red Bull, the weather (of all things) and do you hear about that intra-team battle that turned sour?
5/3/20181 hour, 22 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

115. Chinese GP (More Verstappen than Verstappen)

With Ricciardo snatching victory from Bottas at the Chinese Grand Prix, we look at the status of number 2 drivers amongst the frontrunners, ask is F1 for hipsters, learn about driver superstitions, get Zach's "trackside" analysis and send our thoughts and best wishes to a former racer who this week made a stunning recovery.
4/20/20181 hour, 15 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

114. Bahrain GP (Clap your hands emoji say yeah)

Was Bahrain a rorschach test for Bottas fans? With the race delivering on all fronts, we dive into the action on and off the track (insulting half of the grid in the process), look to social media for likes and quiz inspiration, and wish Zach bon voyage as he sets sail for next week's Chinese GP.
4/11/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

113. Australian GP (Confused by colours)

Vettel claimed the biscuits in Australia, leaving Hamilton to settle for the water-crackers and Bottas picking at the crumbs. After a polarising race, we make wild judgements about the remainder of the season, shine a spotlight on grand prix promotional events, and we get to the bottom of just how many Verstappens are on the track at any given moment.
3/28/20181 hour, 5 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

112. 2018 Season Launch (WhatsApp group tensions)

F1 roars to life as racing returns to Albert Park. With testing in Barcelona run and done, we discuss who is on form, who has their work cut out for them and how things will shake out on track this season. All that, and we learn about F1's latest rookies, unpack the implications of the F1 drivers WhatsApp group, and Rod shares an update about his latest personal project.
3/20/20181 hour, 18 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

111. 2017 Season Review (Get some awards up your grill, w. Box of Neutrals)

Who was the biggest whinger of 2017? What about the best actor on the grid? Who made the least gracious exit for the season? Will the new logo finally be put to rest? As always we finish the year with a bang as we join forces with Box of Neutrals for our fourth annual roundtable discussion of the F1 season.
12/21/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

110. Abu Dhabi GP (Logo breaking my, logo breaking my, logo breaking my heart)

To wrap up the season we spend longer talking about F1's new logo than the race. We dissect what little action the race provided, speculate wildly about next year (so what's new? Kubica? Yeah... it's looking likely isn't it), farewell Felipe Massa and the season that was F1 2017, but fear not! We'll be returning for our annual season wrap-up/Christmas episode with some surprise guests (yeah, those guys). Join us, won't you?
11/30/20171 hour, 10 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

109. Brazil GP (F1 means undue pressure)

What would you pay for Felipe Massa's underwear, could Hamilton really have won in Brazil (really?), and get the skinny on Rod's fake beef with an official F1 news source. As we crawl toward the finish line this year our tense and weary hosts are digging deep to expose the chocolatey tip of the Cornetto that is the 2017 Formula 1 season.
11/15/20171 hour, 22 seconds
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108. Mexico GP (DJ Lippps Inc.)

We look back at what could be Hamilton's best championship winning year, learn about Brendon Hartley (and induct him as an honorary Australian), update everyone about our latest season of Race/Off, and is Rod a crotchety old man for not liking the podium DJ? 
11/1/201757 minutes, 38 seconds
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107. United States GP (Firm for Verstappen)

It was hyped to within an inch of it's life, but the US Grand Prix did deliver some interesting talking points even if the drivers' championship remains on life support. We discuss which drivers are staying put, which are moving on and which new-comers look like existing drivers. Did you like the pre-race hype-o-rama? Us neither, and we work out definitely "Which F1 Driver are you?" via a highly scientific measure (the results may surprise you).
10/26/20171 hour, 4 minutes, 25 seconds
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106. Japanese Grand Prix (Science Vs Formula 1)

Hamilton has pretty much wrapped up the championship, leaving us to do all the work hyping up the rest of the season and picking through the remains of the Japanese Grand Prix. We farewell Jolyon Palmer, dream of Jiro dreaming of sushi, debate the virtue of taking cameras into the driver briefings and Zach brings peace and enlightenment in the return of the Haikuiz.
10/12/201750 minutes, 40 seconds
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105. Malaysia GP (Sebastian with a Vengance)

Verstappen claims his second career victory, Vettel has a mega comeback driver after starting last and ve-ry strange things happened on the cool down lap. This week we look at the race, discuss whether "taking a knee" is a problematic for F1, put qualifying performances under the microscope and unlock the secret to Kubica getting a seat once more.
10/4/20171 hour, 1 minute, 19 seconds
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104. Singapore GP (A bit of crazy crashing)

Who was to blame for the first corner incident in Singapore? Should Kubica replace Palmer? Will Sauber become a Ferrari b-team? As the fireworks subside around Marina Bay and the last of the chilli mud-crab are consumed, we learn the winner of our Driver of the Day poll, and reflect on the silliest crashes in F1 history.
9/22/20171 hour, 5 minutes, 40 seconds
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103. Italian GP (Where's Palmer?)

Italy delivered a back-to-back wins for Hamilton who also cruises into the lead of the championship. We discuss the race, search for answers to F1's engine penalty crisis, flesh out a McLaren-Renault union and look back at the career of a prominent driver from Ferrari's past.
9/8/201757 minutes, 16 seconds
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102. Belgium GP (Montage of Failure)

Recharged after the "summer" break, we return to talk all things Belgian. Zach gets stuck into a former legend's career records for the Superquiz, the Force India drivers get stuck into each other and Rod gets stuck in an uncomfortable position only moments after starting Career Mode in F1 2017. 
8/31/201756 minutes, 17 seconds
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101 - A Finn amongst the pigeons (w. guests Sidepodcast)

Lean back in your deck chair, close your eyes and catch some summer rays as we present an oasis of relief during the F1 drought. With no race to review we invited our new friends from Sidepodcast to join us, and we discuss everything under the sun. Will Robert Kubica pull off the greatest come-back in sporting history? Which F1 driver was once paid not to race? And what do the drivers really get up to during the off season? 
8/16/20171 hour, 13 minutes, 40 seconds
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100. Hungary GP (Thanks a tonne)

For our 100th episode spectacular Rod and Zach reflect on what could be yet again the turning point of the season. Will Hamilton rue the day he sacrificed points to his teammate? Will Ferrari being Ferrari give them the edge in the championship battle? And how much has the show really changed in the last 100 episodes?
8/5/20171 hour, 15 minutes, 58 seconds
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99. British GP (A son, a daughter, a pineapple)

Hamilton completely bossed it at his home race and reduced the championship deficit to almost nothing. From the Toro Rosso kerfuffle to the Force India predicament, the boys churn through the entire race weekend, reflect on F1 Live: London, and smash out a Superquiz that'll bring you all up to speed with a gifted driver of prominence. 
7/19/20171 hour, 1 minute, 6 seconds
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98. Austrian GP (Hashtag it's not a corner)

Austria was a good race if your name rhymes with Saltteri or Flebastian, and damage control at best if it rhymes with Kewis. In F1 news we ask is Verstappen headed to Ferrari, is Silverstone headed to the scrap heap and is Italian F1 Racing a thing? With some lackluster races of late, Rod looks into some examples of when Formula 1 failed to deliver (clearly they need to find some weird grip).
7/11/20171 hour, 1 minute, 47 seconds
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97. Azerbaijan GP (Giving no quarter, whilst also giving some)

Baku turned up an embarrassment of riches for your humble podcasters. Emotions aside, we pick apart the Vettel/Hamilton controversy, dig into the history of disqualifications in the Superquiz and toast the reversal of fortunes for the race in the land of fire.
6/28/20171 hour, 11 minutes
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96. Canadian GP (Middle-aged men in moustaches making dad jokes)

Stroll in the points, Hamilton on point and everyone else pointing the finger at Sergio Perez. Hear the latest F1 tradition that Liberty Media have revived to improve the show and if you get every question right you will receive your very own, 100% legit super licence(*).  * - Subject to your satisfying the remainder of the FIA's conditions, obtaining their approval and you bankrolling all expenses incurred.
6/14/20171 hour, 5 minutes, 21 seconds
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95. Monaco GP (A Taki Inoue Baby Onesie)

So Controversy. Much Outrage. As usual, it's up to Rod and Zach to cut through the nonsense to deliver the cold, hard facts of what really went down on the streets of Monaco, only for the banter to dissolve into a completely different kind of nonsense. For Zach's birthday race, Rod delivers a quiz takes you back in time, and find out who won (or lost, most accurately) the Monaco wager.
6/1/20171 hour, 11 minutes, 40 seconds
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94. Spanish GP (A nard-smash simulator)

We should have known the Spanish Grand Prix was going to deliver the goods. Not only did (almost) everyone bring their major engine and aero upgrades, but the racing got an upgrade. Just a bee's dick separated Vettel and Hamilton in qualifying and a race either of them could have won. With plenty of juicy stories up and down the grid, we also manage to place F1 merchandise under the microscope in the Superquiz, and a last-minute wager is sure spice up next week's Monaco GP.
5/17/20171 hour, 13 minutes, 7 seconds
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93. Russian GP (A white-knuckled ride)

How was that finish! Finnish? Whatever. It was a fantastic result for Valtteri and even the Ferrari boys were happy for the guy, So can we extract a feast from the amuse bouche that was the most boring race in living memory? We utilise the Superquiz to get just a little bit closer to the drivers, and if you ever wanted to know Rod's spirit animal this is the episode for you!
5/4/20171 hour, 6 minutes, 41 seconds
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92. Bahrain GP (Comparing chalk and chocolate)

Vettel is two wins from three races and just generally loving life! Join us to discuss Alonso's Indy 500 flirtation, why Mercedes were always going to struggle against Ferrari and we examine some questionable retirements in the Superquiz.
4/19/201758 minutes, 32 seconds
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91. Chinese GP (Ultimately it was almost the right decision)

Well it was a steady victory for Hamilton and Mercedes, but that was far from the full story. Beyond the race we find out which team is literally 3D printing parts, farewell the Malaysian Grand Prix and ask "Who cares about Practice?".
4/11/201757 minutes, 42 seconds
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90. Australian GP (Record scratch, it's finger boy)

Yawwwwn, just another Hamilton pole and win... WHAT?!? Zach takes the reigns and Rod brings a little bit of the glitz and glamor of the F1 Paddock into your ears whether you asked him to or not. Find out if the threat from Ferrari is real, how much Paddock Club passes cost, and which F1 driver loves dirty jokes.
3/28/201759 minutes, 3 seconds
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89. 2017 Pre-season review (Trouser Stretching Excitement w. guest Fernando Campos)

Time to settle back into your Formula One viewing nook and join us for a crash course on driver movements and first-impressions of this season's liveries. Celebrating the return of Felipe Massa (and lamenting the loss of his namesake Felipe Nasr) is old friend of the show Fernando Campos from the Podcast F1 Brazil crew. 
3/5/20171 hour, 34 minutes, 45 seconds
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88 - 2016 Season Review (with special guests Box of Neutrals)

How about that for a crazy post-season? Rod and Zach couldn't possibly cover all the action from such a bumper season, so we joined forces with old mates Box of Neutrals for another sparkling season recap featuring our Top 5 moments from the year.
12/22/20161 hour, 7 minutes, 43 seconds
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87 - Abu Dhabi GP (Drinking celebratory whiskey sours)

What a final act the 2016 season had in store for us! We discuss whether Hamilton was "right" to disobey his team, reflect on the battle that nearly brought Mercedes to its knees at several points throughout the season and ask what lies ahead, then Zach brings it home our pun-ultimate Superquiz.
12/1/20161 hour, 1 minute, 35 seconds
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86 - Brazilian GP (Red Bull's reproduction program)

Nobody would have held it against you if you nodded off during the extremely long Brazilian Grand Prix. If you missed any of the action never fear, Rod and Zach bring you all the crashes and splashes of the raintastic race. In one of our final opportunities to do so we have a peak behind the curtain of the career of Felipe Massa in this week's Superquiz and speculate about Red Bull's young driver breeding program.
11/17/20161 hour, 4 minutes, 11 seconds
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85 - Mexican GP (Sebastian Vettel, knower of regulations)

Even we aren't sure who really finished 3rd in Mexico. Instead we entertained further rumours about the driver market, christened F1's young speedsters in the superquiz, and learned more about Zach's social etiquette than he is comfortable with.
11/2/20161 hour, 16 minutes, 52 seconds
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84 - United States GP (You call yourselves F1 podcasters)

Lewis Hamilton struck back in Austin which just shows what he can do when he sets his mind to it, Rod and Zach return to deconstruct the race, ponder the end game for Kvyat at Toro Rosso and can Rod fashion an entire F1-related quiz around Taylor Swift? 
10/26/201656 minutes, 10 seconds
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83 - Japanese GP (2 Silent, 2 Furious)

Has Hamilton full cooked it? What's a better solution than blue flags? Is the Haikuquiz the greatest one of all time? All these questions and several others and answered to varying degree as Rod and Zach cover all the colour and controversy from the Japanese Grand Prix.
10/17/20161 hour, 3 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

82 - Malaysian GP (Whose yoghurt is this?)

What an exciting time to be an Australian F1 fan! Not only has the championship swung wildly into Rosberg favour, there was plenty of controversy from the race and if that article about how a bolt on an F1 car is engineered then we have a Superquiz for you!
10/5/20161 hour, 17 minutes, 14 seconds
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81 - Singapore GP (Great culture, great people, etc.)

Nico Rosberg delivers a commanding performance to reclaim the lead in the championship, we dissect the Daniil Kvyat comeback, we dive into all other news kicking around the sport and Rod asks Zach "Have Your Been Paying Attention?" in the latest edition of the SuperQuiz.
9/22/201657 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

80 - Italian GP (Farewell Button, Massa, Bernie?)

We'll remember characters like Jenson Button and Felipe Massa long after the 2016 Italian GP is forgotten, but we dissect everything that caught our eyes and reflect on a departing drivers' career in our SuperQuiz.
9/7/20161 hour, 4 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

79 - Belgian GP (He probably had a bit of a freak out)

9/1/20161 hour, 1 minute, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

78. Summer Break (with The Grid Girls)

How great is having no F1 to watch, right? Never fear because the Superlicense lads are here to bridge the gap of the summer break with their typical Formula One banter and to help us lift the standards are The Grid Girls, Sasky and Sarah, to teach us a lot about other forms of motorsport and a little about ourselves.
8/19/20161 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

77. German GP (Skulls of wings of fire of death)

Hamilton is well on his way to winning the championship by something like 10,000 points after another crushing victory in Germany so we lighten the mood with some positive F1 News headlines and we look back at a very famous occurrence in F1 history for this week's quiz.
8/3/20161 hour, 2 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

76. Hungary GP (Is that why they call them shawls?)

Hamilton takes the lead in the championship and many hoped and expected, but does he know why they are called "shawls" are called that? Unlikely. We dig deep into the Hungarian Grand Prix and turn a boring race in a discussion that sparkles with wit and insight and if you like quizzes about radio and telemetry then you'll love our quiz about those very same things.
7/27/20161 hour, 11 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

75. British GP (Rio Harayaintsobad)

We were primed to see another classic Mercedes battle but instead it was a dominant performance from Hamilton and some controversial radio for Rosberg rained on his parade. In our patented SuperQuiz (patent pending) we look at Hamilton's achievements around Silverstone and beyond, we also inaugurated the Rio Harayanto cheersquad and speculate wildly about the Rules of Engagement.
7/14/20161 hour, 1 minute, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

74. Austrian GP (You're such a delicate man)

Rosberg and Hamilton locked horns yet again and of-course we shared our deepest thoughts and feelings, but because Austria was such a racing feast that we tried to serve up a few additional courses as well as the usual racing news whiparound and we learn what the "secret button" on all F1 cars does.
7/6/201656 minutes, 8 seconds
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73. European GP (Crazy idea, let's keep racing)

Well, that was some race. It's not often we think that our show is more entertaining than the race, but this week we are feeling pretty confident. Rod and Zach recap the week that was in F1 news and cover all three of the talking points from Baku, but the excitement truly erupts during the closest SuperQuiz in history.
6/22/20161 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

72. Canadian GP (The Pope loves it and so will you)

Rod and Zach cover the Canadian Grand Prix, dig into a lacklustre weekend for both Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Rosberg, cast dispersions about Ferrari's strategy and uncover Lewis Hamilton's beverage of choice.
6/15/20161 hour, 9 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

71. Monaco GP (Tingly-tangly feelings in his special bits)

It was upsetting, unpredictable and tense; the Monaco Grand Prix was divisive and we had a lot to say about it. Besides dissecting where it all went wrong for Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo, we examine the Hamilton/Ricciardo incident, bemoan the numerous lousy overtaking attempts that went wrong and in a Superlicense first, Rod drops a meta quiz.
6/4/20161 hour, 19 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Drift - Episode 1

The debut episode of "Drift", something completely new from Superlicense F1. Rod and Zach dedicate 30 mins to discuss whatever takes their fancy and giving everyone a taste of what's in store for Superlicense Club members. Superlicense Club is just $2 per month and features heaps of benefits including regular episodes of Drift, fortnightly emails, giveaways and plenty more. Sign up here:
5/24/201634 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

70. Spanish GP (The man with the ham)

What a great race, one for the ages and a race that announces the arrival of Max Verstappen as the prodigy that we all suspected that he truly was and we saw Rosberg draw a line in the sand. Zach uses the Superquiz to plumb the depths of former Toro Rosso drivers named "Sebastian" while Rod struggles to hold it together mentally and even remember correct drivers names' (Raikkonen is second in the championship, not Vettel, doi).
5/18/201656 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

69. Russian GP (The man in the red hat)

How about Kvyat and Verstappen swapping seats, eh? You'd hate to have recorded the show before that was announced, what a waste of time without including that. Still, we gave it our all covering the Russian GP, speculate about the driver market, brush up our book-learning and discuss how men and women are sometimes different.
5/5/20161 hour, 4 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

68. Chinese GP

Three great races in a row and Rod and Zach are here to give you the low down from the F1 Paddock. It's Rod's birthday so, as is tradition, Zach takes the reigns and guides us through the latest F1 news headlines, a recap of the race, a Superquiz that just won't quit and the return of a fan favourite segment... F1 DREAMS!
4/20/201658 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

67. Bahrain GP

Two fantastic races on the spin and Rod and Zach are back to discuss that controversial (?) first-corner incident that ROBBED Hamilton of the victory, plus we find out what Nico Rosberg and Hugh Jackman have in common.
4/7/20161 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

66. Australian GP

F1 is back, and you couldn't have asked for a better race to kick off the season. RIP in peace new qualifying, we hardly wanted ye, we question what the future holds for the two youngsters at Toro Rosso, Rod shares his insights from his first time inside the paddock and Zach takes the reigns for the Superquiz.
3/22/20161 hour, 8 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

65 - 2016 Season preview

It's been a hard slog through the long cold winter but Rod and Zach are back like an evolutionary missing link to bring you all the news and insights from testing ahead of the season 2016 launch in Australia. We couldn't possibly cover all of the testing action by ourselves so we called in some favours and asked Fernando and Sergio from the F1 Podcast Brasil to lend a hand. 
3/8/20161 hour, 13 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

2016 Season trailer

We're back with some brief announcements! We're running a fantasy league once again, register your team here and challenge us and your friends! Superlicense Club is officially here, join for free and access exclusive content and rewards. Keep being awesome. Superlicense returns with another season of F1 nonsense to cover all things testing to ensure you're fighting fit come the start of the season.
2/27/20162 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

64. 2015 season review (with Box of Neutrals)

Rod and Zach join the Box of Neutrals crew to review the top moments from the 2015 season. We also preview the epic trivia talents there were on display when we recently appeared on the Parc Ferme Podcast, catch up on F1 news and announce the season winners from both the predictions and fantasy competitions.
12/24/20151 hour, 53 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

63. Abu Dhabi (You could paint a dick on it)

All the cars have been packed up and either sent home or chucked in the bin as we farewell Formula One season 2015. Rod and Zach wrap up the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and look at some notable "lasts" in The Last Quiz (it's not... or is it?). Stay subscribed for a season 2015 "wrap-up" show coming very soon, a few friends of the show might even drop by!
12/3/20151 hour, 9 minutes, 51 seconds
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62. Brazil GP

An average race generates a lot of passionate discussion as Rod and Zach recap the Brazilian Grand Prix, farewell Susie Wolff, turn drivers' words against them and process the strangest week of predictions we've ever had.
11/18/20151 hour, 19 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

61. Mexico GP (Super Smashed-Avo Brothers)

F1 returns to Mexico after twenty-three years and Rod and Zach return to talk about the latest race after... about eight days. Plenty of news and action from the race to discuss this week, not to mention a SuperQuiz and the return of F1 Dreams plus find out who are Brunch Bros, why you shouldn't put lime in your Corona and why is Rod dreaming about selfie failures.
11/3/20151 hour, 10 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

60. United States (The first among equals)

How about Lewis Hamilton, hey? We look at how he arrived at his third world championship and what he has in common with others in "The 3 Club". We don't forget that there were other drivers in the race and we try to unveil who is pulling the strings on the future of F1 engine regulations (without turning things into a snore-fest) and look ahead to the rest of the year and beyond.
10/28/20151 hour, 9 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

59. Russian GP (Just a bog standard week)

So that Russian Grand Prix sure did... happen. Rod and Zach valiantly muddle through a week jam packed with news from the paddock, driver and team developments, a topsy turvy race and a race about the surprisingly colourful history of the Russian Grand Prix.
10/15/201559 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

58. Japanese GP (Delicious free overtake cake)

Rod and Zach waste no time getting straight into their Japanese Grand Prix coverage this week, including as much of the F1 news as was known at the time, Rod looks to Jenson Button for some trivia inspiration, an "overtake cake" is mentioned for some reason and we pretty much overcook it by the end of the show - hopefully you'll still find it entertaining enough! ;)
9/27/20151 hour, 6 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

57. Singapore GP

Super September continues in Singapore and our hearts yearn for the sparkling city skyline of the Marina Bay Circuit on the anniversary of our trek to the race last year. That aside, you might have noticed that there's no shortage of rumors surrounding teams and driver movements for next year, we recap the super-eventful race, Zach dives deep into the history of US Formula One drivers for the SuperQuiz and there's more musical references that I can possibly keep up with. Enjoy! 
9/23/20151 hour, 8 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

56. Italian GP (Like a baboon heart)

Phwoar what a controversial finish, and we thought we'd do something a little different like talk about it for far too long. What do you know about the Monza banking? Not much? Well the Superquiz will help you out and why the heck is the title called "Like a baboon heart"? Well if you're looking to this extract for answers you are SOL, better have a listen to the episode instead. Links: Drivers asked to stop complaining about tyres Report: Red Bull and Renault WILL part ways after this season Grosjean to... Haas? Was Father's Day in Australia this weekend, have some Dad Jokes...
9/9/20151 hour, 14 minutes, 57 seconds
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55. Belgian GP

Glad F1 is back? Settle down, I'm just kidding, of-course you are, returning also are the dynamic duo from Superlicense. Rod and Zach touch on some sad news in the world of motorsport, Rod tries to work out Belgian beers from Belgian F1 drivers as well as asking whether Williams to burn it all down and start again and what really caused Vettel's exploderising tyre.
8/26/201558 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

54. Summer Break

Never fear, Rod and Zach are here to help you fill the F1 summer break by covering all the recent news and gossip, challenge your grey-matter with a pretty silly "break" quiz, visit some of your F1 Dreams, and answer your questions featuring a brand-spankin' new theme! Links Haas F1 shortlisting their future drivers John Harnden is the new head of the AGPC F1 technical heads try to improve overtaking Peep show: Mark and Big Suz go for a jog
8/12/20151 hour, 1 minute, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

53. Hungarian GP (Silence for Jules)

Well Hungary was emotional and, fortunately, a brilliant race so once we pay tribute to the tragic loss of Jules Bianchi it's time to dig into the F1 news, recap the race and relive some the glory days of a certain F1 driver who released an autobiography recently. Links: Sauber resigns Ericsson and Nasr for 2016 Renault ask for special consideration as a "historic" team There will only by 8 days of testing next year Rod's thoughts on the bizarre happenings in Hungary
7/29/20151 hour, 11 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

52. British GP (You can't dummy a dummy)

Rod and Zach finally return to the mic to discuss the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, we talk about the rain, point an accusing finger at Williams, ramp up speculation over the driver market and Rod throws down a musical SuperQuiz that is guaranteed to make you shake your groove thing.* Links Is Ashton Martin joining F1? Force India unveils "Mega" new nose Formula 1 2016 Calendar now approved Webber almost signed with Ferrari  and Ricciardo should consider it too ... and Rod is loving the Webber autobiography * - Guarantee not guranteed
7/16/201559 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

51. Austrian GP (You were recording, right Rod?)

You'd have to be the ultimate amatuer to get through an entire podcast only to realise that you weren't recording, right? Heh-heh.  Yeah, so let's just say we got better with age and call the first attempt a rehearsal. We cover the action-packed Austrian Grand Prix, canvas all the news from the paddock and beyond, and turning a negative into a positive this will be the first episode not to feature a Superquiz (mostly because after the first time through Rod knew all the answers!). #Pioneers Best of all we caught up with Formula E commentator Jack Nicholls ahead of the season finale double-header at Battersea Park this weekend. For the full "F1" Chat with Jack check out our website and hear his true thoughts about Fan Boost, what car he drives and whether Michelin are legit about returning to Formula One.  Links Brawn targeted as the man to save F1: Jonathan Noble reports that Christian Horner wants F1's favourite fisherman to set the regulations straight. Ferrari ready to supply Red Bull with engines: Crazier things have happened. Pirelli and Michelin go head-to-head for 2017 Formula 1 tyre deal: What is it good for? Hopefully quality racing. Monza and Imola could share Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix: #StillABatterLoveStoryThanAzerbijian. Is now the time to change open-top racing?: Friend of the show Michael Lamonato lays down the argument for introducing cabins in F1. Superlicense F1 Chat: Rod catches up with Formula E commentator Jack Nicholls. Rod's profile on The Roar: Newest member of the Expert line up on The Roar, now bringing you a weekly column rather that just a race recap.
6/23/201554 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

50. Canadian GP (Furry Australian Quinoa)

What a great race, right? This week Rod and Zach tear the Canadian Grand Prix to pieces looking for exciting discussion points, fan-favourite segment F1 Dreams returns to haunt your slumber and I will personally award $100,000,000 to anyone who correctly answers every question in the SuperQuiz. Links video of Lewis Hamilton's Monaco radio Refuelling has as much chance of returning to F1 as Juan Pablo Montoya Sorry Danica Patrick, no Haas race seat for you Magnussen reckons that Stoffel Vandoorne is the tits Karen Vinter pushes the boundaries of the prediction medium by merging it with cat videos
6/9/20151 hour, 12 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

49. Monaco GP (Spice Girls was my life)

What a race! Glamour, controversy, you couldn't have asked for more and Rod and Zach are here to dive into all of it. Do you think refuelling is a good idea? Perhaps a refuelling SuperQuiz will help you make up your mind, and stay tuned after the show for a special "After Dark" bonus section. Show Notes:  Here's all the points on the F1 Strategy Group's meeting including proposed rule changes Is Kimi Raikkonen going to be replaced by Valterri Bottas A study has found that alcohol advertising appears once every five seconds during the Monaco GP, so will it banned eventually? Here's Sebastian Vettel's "Shit Lap of Monaco" Rod and Fake Charlie Whiting were tweeting about some Safety Car ideas, here they are fleshed out And a race recap discussing the poor timing of the Mercedes Monaco gaffe
5/28/20151 hour, 12 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

48. Spanish GP (That'll probably be the artwork this week)

Extreme technical difficulties are threatening the Superlicense Podcast - are Rod and Zach bad enough dudes to rescue it?  We kick off the "European Season", whatever that is, talk to Dan Paddock from Richland F1 about the 2016 calendar leak, and preview the Monaco GP and London ePrix (so let Zach know if you're going!). Links Rod's Spanish GP recap on The Roar The latest rumours about Red Bull and Audi jumping into bed with each other Susie Wolff (and others) running in FP1 Provisional 2016 F1 calendar leaks Mclaren's divisive livery The Facebook gallery of "Fans in swag" Leave an iTunes review on your iPhone (please?) :D
5/13/20151 hour, 11 minutes, 10 seconds