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English, Education, 1 season, 6 episodes, 1 hour, 10 minutes
Soul Care Conversations is a podcast created to support you with knowledge, skills & tools that promote holistic wellness & inspired living. I invite you to take time & empower yourself by tending to the things that make your soul blossom.
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5. Life lately 💌 /course details/ladies brunch

Hi my people 💕 In today’s episode we are doing a mini reflection & life update. I hope you guys have been well. Much love ke sanas🌸
11/20/202211 minutes, 23 seconds
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4. Healing From People Pleasing

In this episode we explore chronic people pleasing, the signs and how to heal and take back your life.
10/26/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
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3. Navigating Adult Friendships

In this week’s episode we share on some tips to help you be a better friend in adulthood and how to simultaneously build a rich circle of friends that enriches YOU.
10/5/202210 minutes, 13 seconds
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2. Practicing true self-care & self-love in a social media era

In this episode we look at the foundation of lasting self love and the ways to practice effective self care that transcends beyond social media trends.
9/28/20226 minutes, 24 seconds
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1.The Journey/Get To Know Me

In today’s episode, I share a bit of my journey and the story behind founding Super Soul Care!
9/21/202213 minutes, 38 seconds
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Welcome to Super Soul Care

Hi family!!! After months of deliberation and working to make sure everything sounded just right, guess what? It just never did. I figured if I am going to launch this podcast, I have to be okay learning as I go. So here’s to putting it out there and refining it as we grow. Thank you for being here. Enjoy🤍
9/7/20221 minute, 9 seconds