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English, Freeform-Eclectic, 1 seasons, 20 episodes
This show brings a diverse hodge podge of tunes, aimed at finding new music while celebrating oldies but greaties, and chatting about songs’ interconnected influences of different figures and other sources of inspiration in the Almighty Arts!
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Episode 45: Hazy Rhythm & Blues, Shoe Gaze, Soul and Hip Hop

California is enduring some catastrophic environmental plight— it isn’t saying much, but my heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones, and utmost…
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Episode 44: Apathy Loves Melody

You probably just poured out a significant amount of intellectual energy and political passion in the recent elections, and are now feeling apathetic AF.  This week's…
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Episode 43: VOTE! Some Halloween Rollover + This n’ That. Also, VOTE!!

Happy November, Compadres! This week's mix includes Saint Sister, Idris Muhammad, Saint Sister, Blah Blah Blah, Pharao Black Magic & Ghostape, Queens of the Stone Age,…
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Episode 42: 'Tis the Season to Get Spooky

Hey Dracula Dames and Ghastly Gents, this is Sunny and Skeptical's first Halloween episode!  Got some haunting tunes including Lucius, Kay Starr, Trance Farmers, Elvis Presley,…
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Episode 41: DJs Mix It Up...Music Swap with Sasha

Earlier this week, I had the honor and delight of sitting in with fellow DJ, Sasha- the genially rad host of Boy with Girl's Name…
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Episode 40: The Goof Is In The Pudding

Yep, the U.S. has done it again. Between Kavanaugh, Cosby and Columbus Day, the past two weeks have been an excruciating reminder of our country's historically…
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Episode 39: October Skywalker

This month’s humble beginnings tread the galaxy’s sonic pathways to fight the crotchety empire that is the business of adulthood with tunes from Utfo, Ice-Tea, The…
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Episode 38: Sayonara, September!

*Photo by Alex Webb Welcome to the end of September. To send it on its way, this episode is chillin' it, in a mix coalescing breezy…
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Episode 37: ATA Window Listenin’

For the entire month of September M-F 10-6pm, the ATA (Artists Television Access) Window has been the stellar spot that DJs having been airing our…
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Episode 36: Feel the Turn

Feel the turn of the season in the first official week of Fall and turn up this episode's tunes from Angelo De Augustine, Sam Evian, R.
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Episode 35: Interview with HipHop4Change

This week’s episode features HipHop4Change, an Oakland-based nonprofit that uses education, empowerment, and grassroots activism to increase the public’s access to inspiring cultural narratives.  The first…
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Episode 34: Healing Records

This is Sunny and Skeptical’s first ever live episode!  Aside from an obscene amount of coffee to help keep me awake since 4:30am, I’m joined by…
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Episode 33: Motley Tunes

This week’s episode features a beautifully odd compilation of mostly the punk, hip hop, pop, and R&B persuasion. Some key Bay Area hip hop artists (discovered…
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Episode 32: Pupils Dilate for Class

Some of us are either disgruntled (or nerdily jazzed) by heading back to school. To get into the swing of hittin’ books, this week’s episode has…
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Episode 31: Must Love August

This episode has a rush of new music I'm pretty dadgum giddy about, including Thee Oh Sees new album Smote Reverser , along with The Lavender…
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Episode 30: My Friends Got This

This week's episode is compiled of music selected by my main amigas- Kara, Dana, Kate, Allison and Alex. A beautiful Frankensteined playlist with a segment per…
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Episode 29: Hey Karl

Karl’s coming on thick these days. Ain’t nothin’ foggy about these tunes kickin’ ass though.  This episode’s playlist is inspired by a few troves of coolness-…
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Episode 28: Camel Got Bak

This episode highlights a lotta holes in the wall, as well as some dashes of classics.  Including Hindi Rock from Static Faction, grunge from Hole, dreamy…
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Episode 27: Dynamic Booty Groovin'

This week's show highlights's newly launched Summer Sustainer, a fundraising drive taking place July 16- August 15th. We have loads of fun events and giveaways…
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Episode 26: Cloud Twenty-Nine

It's my birthday show!  For the first show of the last year in my twenties, I've got a mash up of 80s to present Electro/Sophisti-Pop and…