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Sunkissed and Sober

English, Education, 1 season, 10 episodes, 3 hours, 25 minutes
Hello and welcome to Sunkissed and Sober. A weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the bountiful possibilities of a life without alcohol. This podcast is a space where your host, Refiloe Mofokeng, honours and reflects on her sobriety journey in hopes that you can take something away from it. As with all inner processes, remember to be patient and gentle with yourself while tuning into this podcast. The change may not be immediate, but it will be monumental.
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Rest and Realignment: A Break for the Winter

It's time to retreat into the warmth of my body and enter a deeply restorative period of rest. In this episode, I briefly talk about how living a seasonally supported life influences rest and realignment. It's also the final episode until September, where Sunkissed+Sober will vibrantly bloom once again with the rest of the springtime flowers. I'll send out occasional love letters until then to help you through the winter, so sign up to our mailing list here and receive Unearthing: a grounded, practical and free workbook aimed at diving into your core values and setting intentions for your recovery journey. Thank you to everyone who's listened to Sunkissed + Sober so far – your presence here is not an accident, may you continue to listen to your intuition and strengthen the relationship that you have to your Higher self.
6/15/20238 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hello beloved!

Hello and Welcome to Sunkissed and Sober, a space to explore the bountiful possibilities of a life without alcohol. In this welcome episode, I briefly introduce myself and share what you can expect from this space each week. Enjoy this little teaser!
10/1/20221 minute, 7 seconds