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English, Arts, 1 season, 43 episodes, 1 day, 6 hours, 40 minutes
The Sunday Takeaway, presented by writer and broadcaster Sunil Badami, reflects his interest in food, culture, eccentrics, the arts and music.
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It's that time of the year when many people take time off work and enjoy holidays. In this episode, you'll meet Ben Groundwater who travels for a living. You'll also hear Emily Bissland from ABC Warnambool and Lily Partland from ABC Ballarat.
12/21/201447 minutes, 56 seconds
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Even though we know it's not real, most people are captivated by magic. In this episode, meet "Magic" Mic Conway, who uses magic as part of his wide ranging performances. You'll also hear ABC RN's All in the Mind presenter, Lynne Malcolm's, interview with magician Sam Angelico and ABC RN's Future Tense presenter, Antony Funnell's, interview with Marco Tempest.
12/14/201447 minutes, 24 seconds
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Are you an insider? Or do you feel more like an outsider looking in? In this week's episode, Fealofani Elisara talks about being shunned by the Jehovah's Witnesses and forced to cut ties with her family. You'll also hear Damien Larkins from ABC Gold Coast and Angela Smallacombe of ABC North and West SA.
12/7/201448 minutes, 6 seconds
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Bridges occupy a central place in our imaginations. From the Bridge on the River Kwai to London Bridge, the Bridge of San Luis Rey to the Brooklyn Bridge. In this episode, you'll hear Professor Peter Spearitt from the University of Queensland, author of The Sydney Harbour Bridge: A Life and one of the country's biggest collectors of bridge memorabilia. Also Lily Partland, the ABC's cross media reporter for Ballarat and South West Victoria, and Sharon Kennedy from Bunbury in WA.
11/30/201448 minutes, 50 seconds
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Water is the stuff of life. In this week's episode, Melbourne University historian Michael Cathcart talks about how water has shaped our nation. You'll also hear from David Murray from ABC Digital Radio's Beyond the Lab and Ross Kay from ABC Wide Bay in Queensland.
11/23/201447 minutes, 44 seconds
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From the BBQ to bushfires, fire can serve us but also cause devastation. You'll hear Dr Janet Stanley, chief research officer at the Monash Sustainability Institute, who describes the mind of an arsonist. You'll also hear Linda Mottram from 702 ABC Sydney Mornings and Anthony L'Houillier from ABC Open in Port Augusta.
11/16/201447 minutes, 22 seconds
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Many people fear being alone, but it's how we enter and exit this world. You'll meet Buddhist nun, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, who spent 12 years living in a cave in the Himalayas, three in strict meditation retreat. And you'll also hear ABC Open's Jo Joyce from the Sunshine Coast and Sally Bryant, ABC rural reporter in Dubbo.
11/9/201448 minutes, 58 seconds
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The race that stops the nation - the Melbourne Cup - has inspired this week's episode on 'horses'. Meet Sam Jones, winner of the world's longest and toughest horse race, the Mongol Derby. And hear Lydia Burton, rural reporter in ABC Western Queensland and Lucie Bell, rural reporter for ABC North West WA in Karratha.
11/2/201446 minutes, 27 seconds
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Pssst. Can you keep a secret? It's the theme of this week's episode, with former politician and activist, Meredith Burgmann, describing what it was like to look through hers and other Australian's ASIO files. You'll also hear Fred Hooper from 936 ABC Hobart and Kia Handley, from ABC Central West NSW.
10/26/201449 minutes, 28 seconds
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Do you like your name? We've all got one, with research indicating that your name has a bearing on how others perceive you. You'll hear Bern Young from ABC Gold and Tweed Coasts and Ginger Gorman from 666 ABC Canberra. Professor Paul Frijters from the University of Queensland talks about 'alphabetical discrimination'.
10/19/201447 minutes, 41 seconds
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How comfortable are you in your skin? In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, the theme is 'bodies'. You'll meet a man whose body is covered in tattoos, and who wants to donate his body art to the National Gallery of Australia when he dies. Lisa Clarke from ABC Open Rockhampton talks about nude modelling and Ross Kay from ABC Wide Bay in Queensland meets a para-triathlete.
10/12/201448 minutes, 1 second
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To The Islands

Join us on a trip to the islands - we'll discuss the way "islands" are portrayed in literature and what that says about us. Fred Hooper, cross media reporter for 936 ABC Hobart takes us to an island in the middle of the one of the most isolated and rugged seas in the world and we'll meet the couple who lived there. And Hillary Smale from ABC North West WA reveals one of Australia's most exotic and distant communities, introducing us to a very creative young woman with a very unusual art gallery.
10/5/201444 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Future

Strap on your jetpack - this week Sunday Takeaway is off into the future! Futurist, Mark Pesce, joins us to predict what life will be like in 2047 and we look into the crystal ball with tales of clairvoyants and mystics.
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This week we hear from a professional punter who breaks down the odds for us, a passionate number plate collector and you'll hear about a number of surprising laws still enforced in South Australia.
9/21/201447 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Road

This week on Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami chats to Cross Media Reporter for 666 Canberra James Vyver who recorded Trevor Christie-Taylor's hair-raising tale of hitchiking across South Africa. Ashley Moore, Mornings Presenter for ABC Western QLD offers a personal account of travelling across the world from North England to Longreach with a couple of stops on the way. Also, David Rundle a vintage car enthusiast who has travelled to the ends of the earth all in pursuit of car parts for a rare 1928 Stutz Splendid Safety Sedan.
9/14/201446 minutes, 35 seconds
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It's a Father's Day Takeaway special this week. We speak with Mark Tucker author of 'Single Father, Better Dad', which chronicles his journey as a single dad from the breakup of his first marriage to the deeper relationship he formed with his daughters as a result. Emma Sleath, Cross Media Reporter in Alice Springs, shares a touching story of two daughters amazing journey in tribute to their father. Ryk Goddard from 936 Hobart offers some quirky observations on parenting and one man's positive approach to living with a mixed family.
9/5/201445 minutes, 36 seconds
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Do you have difficulty remembering people's names? What about special dates such as anniversaries? The theme for this week's episode is Remembering and Forgetting. Memory champion Tansel Ali will share his tips on how to memorise items. You'll also hear Margaret Burin from ABC North Coast and Brad Marsellos from ABC Open Wide Bay.
8/31/201447 minutes, 38 seconds
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Whether you're an armchair viewer or a participant, sport forms a big part of most people's lives. In this week's episode, hear about an up-and-coming Aboriginal woman golfer, and 85 year-old surfer and a woman ALF umpire.
8/24/201446 minutes, 7 seconds
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Many people have a fascination with crime. It dominates our news and popular culture. What is it about crime that's so alluring? On this week's episode, Sunil Badami looks at the story of a policeman in remote Queensland and from four people who served time in jail.
8/17/201444 minutes, 49 seconds
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What are you passionate about? It could be gardening, listening to music or climbing mountains. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, you'll hear about a man who travels the world chasing big waves, and a woman who pursues creativity as a passion. You'll also hear Dr Alice Gorman, a space archaeologist with a passion for space junk.
8/10/201451 minutes, 45 seconds
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Reuniting with figures from your past can sometimes be as daunting as it is exciting. As you'll find in this week's Sunday Takeaway reunions can also be cathartic, healing and revitalising.
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The bright lights of the Big Top, the capering of the clowns, the thrills of the trapeze... drum roll, please. Peek behind the scenes of the show tent with Sunil Badami.
7/18/201445 minutes, 50 seconds
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Given the choice, are you the kind of person who prefers to buy something new, or second-hand?
7/11/201444 minutes, 16 seconds
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This week, Sunday Takeaway explores death and dying.
7/4/201446 minutes, 39 seconds
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Giving Up

We're generally told not to give up - to make it to the finishing line, to complete a task. But what about when it become an addiction and destructive? In this instance, giving up can be the hardest task.
6/29/201445 minutes, 37 seconds
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For most of us, the world is filled with noise. But in this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami explores silence. He chats with Mary-Lou Stephens, Drive presenter at ABC Sunshine Coast, and Catherine Marciniak, ABC Open producer NSW North Coast. He also chats to Kate Matairavula, who is deaf, through her sign interpreter.
6/22/201448 minutes, 3 seconds
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We dance freely as children, but become more self-conscious about it as we age. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami puts his dancing shoes on. His dance partners are Andrew Collins from ABC Great Southern WA and North Coast reporter, Margaret Burin. Sunil also meets 99 year-old Eileen Kramer who has danced all over the world. Think I'd better dance now.
6/15/201450 minutes, 8 seconds
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Getting the Picture

A picture tells a thousand words, so the saying goes. As the photographer Diane Arbus put it, 'A picture is a secret about a secret: the more it tells you, the less you know." On Sunday Takeaway, we explore pictures and what they reveal or conceal. Hear Emily Bissland, ABC Open South West Victoria producer, and Jo Joyce, from ABC Open Sunshine Coast talk about their take on pictures. You'll also hear William Yang, well-known photographer and artist.
6/8/201446 minutes, 53 seconds
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From marvelling at superheroes to being airborne in your dreams - who can resist the allure of flying. No wonder people risked their lives to invent aircraft.
5/30/201445 minutes, 6 seconds
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What's in a name? We've all got them - and whether we like it or not, they've all got a story.
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On Your Bike

Pull on your lycra, put on your hat... and get ready to go on a bike ride with us.
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She may not have been the first to see you, but she was probably the first to hold you. This episode of Sunday Takeaway is devoted to mothers.
5/10/201446 minutes
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This week's Sunday Takeaway is devoted to kids.
5/3/201448 minutes, 23 seconds
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Starting Over

This episode of Sunday Takeaway explores the various meanings of 'starting over' in different people's lives.
4/27/201447 minutes, 19 seconds
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From stamps to snow domes, butterflies to beer cans, records to Bakelite radios, plenty of people love collecting things.
4/20/201450 minutes, 39 seconds
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This week, Sunday Takeaway takes a walk on the wild side with the theme of animals. You'll hear 1233 ABC Newcastle's Aaron Kearney talk about being a vegetarian, and ABC Tasmania's Penny Terry discuss the 1960s myterious sea monster. And Rob Ambrose chats about snakes.
4/13/201447 minutes, 11 seconds
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Taking the Plunge

Taking the plunge can mean many different things - jumping out of a plane, diving into the ocean, taking on a challenge to making a commitment. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami talks to Brett Williamson from ABC Adelaide and Penny Johnston from ABC Ballarat about 'taking the plunge'. He also speaks with US reporter and presenter, Sara James, who now calls Australia home.
4/6/201447 minutes, 36 seconds
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We all need to eat. Whether home-made or fine dining, a delicacy or everyday staple, food is a big part of most people's lives. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami speaks with Dan Glover from ABC Horsham and Emily Bissland from ABC Open in Warnambool. He also speaks with legendary chef, Damien Pignolet.
3/30/201446 minutes, 51 seconds
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For most people, life is in the fast lane. Everyone's flat out, busy and running late. It's why in recent years, the slow movement has developed, that reminds people to stop and smell the roses. Or at least slow down to smell them. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil Badami chats with Fiona Wyllie from Port Macquarie and Rob Mailer from Broome about slow. He's also speaks with Tim Baker, editor of the Slow Magazine.
3/23/201447 minutes, 51 seconds
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Most people have a little of the eccentric about them. Whether it's an oddball passion that becomes an obsession, eccentrics bring colour and vitality to our world. In this episode of Sunday Takeaway, Sunil speaks with Ginger Gorman from Canberra and Rick Eaves from Burnie in Tasmania. He also chats with Chris Mikul, author of 'The Eccentropedia'.
3/15/201446 minutes, 44 seconds
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This week, Sunil explores themes around marriage. Many people say it's the highlight of their life, some choose not to do it. Rafael Epstein from ABC Melbourne and Bernadette Young from ABC Gold Coast discuss their experiences. And Sunil chats with a Hindu wedding celebrant who performed his ceremony.
3/9/201448 minutes
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Most of us strap shoes to our feet each day. For some, it's a passion and expensive obsession, for others, shoes are purely functional. From a tree in the Pilbarra that's covered in shoes, to a man who's worked in the same shoe shop for more that 50 years, let's talk shoes.
2/28/201445 minutes, 50 seconds
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Whether it's moving to a new town, starting a new relationship, or bringing new life into the world, beginnings happen all through life, as you'll hear in this week's Sunday Takeaway.
2/25/201443 minutes, 55 seconds