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English, Christianity, 1 season, 11 episodes, 5 hours, 42 minutes
We are sharing powerful messages from our Sunday Service and many more to bless you.
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My Due Time Has Come

Many people spend time building their outward appearance and physical stature failing to develop the content for kingship. Your secret place is the place of training and building capacity. Please share with friends and family.
10/25/202238 minutes, 38 seconds
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Family Breakthrough - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

Every family needs a warrior otherwise, the enemy will camp in your household. Stay in the place of battle because only those who are warriors will receive restoration. Please share with your friends and family.
10/20/202240 minutes, 42 seconds
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And God made me Laugh - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

Sometimes we want God to stop the devises of the enemy so we can walk through without any issues however, the miracle and testimony is not in what did not happen or what God shielded you from but in what God let to come your way and He, through His Mighty Power saved you from it. The miracle is in His deliverance
10/20/202218 minutes, 34 seconds
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Resurrection Service - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

The tomb is empty therefore, you are arising out of every situation that has held you bound all these years. Let the resurrection power of Jesus restore life in every dead situation and bring hope to the hopeless.
4/23/202230 minutes, 27 seconds
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God has Made Me Laugh - Ps Genny Chima

When we remain and abide in God, obeying and keeping His instructions, He gives us whatever we ask for and our joy is complete, full and overflowing. We pray that this Word bless you.
1/25/202237 minutes, 19 seconds
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Joyful News - Ps Jerry Eze

With joy will you draw water from the well of salvation. With many things going on around you, joy becomes a decision that inspire of your challenges, you make a decision to be joyful.
1/21/202238 minutes, 33 seconds
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Watchmen - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

God is looking for watchmen to stand in the gap and enforce Kingdom rules and bring the Kingdom of God over their lives. Do not let your season of comfort make you relegate the relevance of prayer in the background. Do not sleep while the enemy sows tares. It is time to arise, pursue and overtake!
1/12/202220 minutes, 53 seconds
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My help has come - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

God is sending help at the verge of the next phase of your life. Only if you can arise, see and take possession in the spiritual, you will receive it. There is no need to go back to past victories because the next season is even better.
1/10/202234 minutes, 57 seconds
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Upgraded by Grace - Ps Jerry Eze

Men on assignment do not wait for things to pan out. We enforce a prophetic calendar over our destiny and take charge of what God has in store for us. We pray that you are blessed by this message.
1/9/202241 minutes, 27 seconds
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Devastating effect of Unbelief - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

Unbelief is a hinderance to what God wants to accomplish in your life. If we can rise above what we see and come in the prophetic, we will receive all that God has designed for us.
1/6/202218 minutes, 55 seconds
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Power of Persistent Prayer - Ps Nomnso Obah-Eni

There is power in persisting to obtain your promise. The enemy wants you to give up in the season of silence but if you can hold on to that promise and keep those expectations alive, you will receive your evidence. I hope this message blesses you.
1/6/202221 minutes, 39 seconds