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Conversations around Personal Finance and How to crash your goals
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Today on Suero TV we had James Fern one of our local Wealth Management experts. James owns and runs SCI Wealth, an Investment Management firm. He is very passionate about Financial Literacy Education and comes with over 25 years of experience doing this type of work. It was imperative that I pick his brain on his views about it and learn from him too. On this episode we touched on various topics that include his professional journey, general financial planning, debt management, retirement planning ( his view on this is quite mind opening) and what to look at when investing in property. It's a really good one for you as we continue to bring you only the best here at Suero. This is our last episode for the summer ( as our beautiful summer season has officially ended), we will be back mid winter. Keep warm and check our previous episodes whilst we take break this side. Happy Watching. Follow us:
4/30/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dr Matlhogolo Mongwa- Mouwane - Growth of Kalafhi Medical Clinic

Today we had Dr Matty Mongwa Mouwane in studio to tap into her life and professional journey. Dr Mongwa owns and runs Kalafhi Medical Group - we basically discussed how she built this successful group of medical centres with her partner.
4/25/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 33 seconds
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Muhammed Ali- WWISE Managing Director | on Leadership and Building a Multi International Company

Today on Suero TV, we had Muhammad Ali - Managing Director at World Wide Industrial and Systems Engineers (WWISE). WWISE core function of business is ensuring companies globally follow the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Standards and Principles. They are focused on ensuring organisations attain their ISO certification based on whichever ISO standard they wish to engage in. They offer organisations the opportunity to build their credibility with local and international professional bodies. They have assisted over 590 clients in the past 11 years, with a global footprint in 26 different countries. Their expertise lies in ISO Management Systems Implementation, Auditing, and Training. Muhammad is a young Motswana man running this company headquartered in South Africa. Over the years, they have extended their footprint nationally and globally. The have branches and partnerships in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Gaborone, Accra, Lima, Chicago, and Perth. Our discussion was on his professional journey on how he managed to set up and run a successful multi -international company from scratch at the age of 23. We spoke on leadership, the ups and downs of running a business, discipline, consistency, taking care of your team being quite critical in running a successful business. We also touched on the most important aspect - the partner you choose to marry on how they affect the trajectory of your whole life and how successful you will be. Happy listening.
4/13/20241 hour, 26 minutes, 21 seconds
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Nana Kgosidialwa- Part 2 | Raising Children | Leading by Example | Leading Life & Purpose

Today we had Nana again back in studio to discuss deeply on the career she pivoted to that involves Life Coaching. The coaching involves both children and adults - and this lead to her noticing how in-fact most of the time, parents are the ones needing the coaching on how to parent. Whether we are intensional or not about parenting - we are teaching our kids how to lead life by how we lead our lives. They are watching what we do daily - how we speak to / treat other people, our life styles, the friends we keep, the partners we choose, what we do at home daily, our work ethic etc. It is registering subconsciously. Our conversation in a nut shell- how there is need for positive intensional and conscious parenting. Our children are struggling because of this lack. It is okay to seek help as parents - especially if you are struggling in this area. Food for thought - It is not always the child that is the problem. Quite a refreshing and informative conversation on parenting, leading purposeful lives, paying attention to our children's gifts, making coaching a life style and leading fulfilled lives. Happy watching and happy new week. Full episode link on bio.
4/10/20241 hour, 23 minutes, 29 seconds
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Nana Kgosidialwa | Transitioning Careers | Leaving Ministry | Life Coaching | Choosing Joy- Part 1

Today on Suero TV we had Nana Kgosidialwa on her life and professional journey. We touched on her up bringing - being given away by her parents to her aunt at 16 months and how it affected her and her siblings. Growing up in a staunch christian home and dealing with teenage pregnancy. The sudden loss of her mum - made her re think life and pushed her pursue her purpose relentlessly. Choosing the not so common route of leaving ministry to private coaching - how she navigated the complexity of it. The importance of choosing your dreams and yourself boldly.-being selective of the company you keep this includes your partner. We touched on how our up bringing affects how we raise our kids - we need to deal with our traumas so we do not pass it down to our children. The Road Less Travelled story is the conversation we had here. I hope you get inspired by her story - an absolute refreshing and vulnerable conversation of a young woman who chose herself. Happy Watching.
3/19/20241 hour, 39 minutes, 50 seconds
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Retirement Planning| Different view of retirement | Know your Retirement Needs | Other Income Stream

On this episode, I spoke on Retirement Planning holistically not just the money aspect of it only. Spoke on having different income streams - by having more than one pension, other investments - such as buying shares, other compound interest investments, investment property for rental income etc. Having plans in place on what to do with oneself post retirement- such as running a passion business, lecturing at a local university, travel, mentoring, etc. Where you are going live - whether moving out of your current home into a smaller one, or moving to the village/ farm- considering many factors such as access to Drs, hospitals, shops - general quality of life. Medical Aid being priority, touched on this too. Plans for your care when reaching an age where you are not able to do that for yourself- Old age home options, hire a nurse/ carer living with you, moving in with your children- these are important conversation to have with your family. If you do not have a pension fund that you are contributing to because employer does not have or you are self employed - you can open one for yourself. The sooner you have the plans above locked down- the better. These are plans that one has to sit down, think and draw up their ideal retirement plan for themselves. It does not have to always be moving to the village or farm like the norm in our country. It can be aligned to who you are.
3/5/202426 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mother K Masire on Mindfulness | Toxic work Environments | Nurturing Work Environments | Self Care

Today on Suero TV, we had Mother K Masire. She is founder of Botho Retreats. She is Mindfulness teacher, coach and art lover. We touched on the topic Mindfulness broadly and why we should apply it in every area of our lives. Being mindful of our thoughts, our actions, our energies and our environments. How everything is connected to self. Mother shared how fatigue ended her in hospital due to over working which led her to end up leaving the corporate space and becoming a mindfulness coach. Packed her bags and relocated to another country to find her self again- importance of knowing when to leave when feeling misaligned. We touched how her work is helping the corporate space in ending the toxic work environments /culture and encouraging more nurturing ones. Nurturing work environments are actually good for the bottom line - we dived deep on how this works. An all round deep and fulfilling conversation about self awareness, leadership, and alignment to the work you do. I hope you find this conversation helpful for your inner being as much as I did. Happy watching.
2/26/20241 hour, 22 minutes, 35 seconds
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Owen Rampha | General Manager - Yarona FM | On Leadership | Life Lessons | Personal Finance Lessons |

On part 2 of our conversation with Owen Rampha we touched on life lessons from the time he was out of work and his personal finance journey and lessons. We also touched on Yarona FM and how the future looks for it -under his leadership. The future of radio, his leadership style and managing GenZ is what we also discussed. We touched on how he has failed a leader before and his favourite failure that taught him the very best business lessons. An episode on humbling life lessons on how to get back up and face life with no holding back or caring what other people would say. Happy watching.
1/25/202458 minutes, 9 seconds
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Owen Rampha I General Manager Yarona FM I LIFE AND PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY I PART 1

Welcome to 2024 and to our very first episode to start the year right to help you on how to pursue those dreams and goals you have set for yourself.   Today we had Owen Rampha in our studio. Owen is the current General Manager at Yarona Fm, a local radio station here in Botswana.   He is infact one of our legendary radio broadcasters in our country and absolute honor to have to interview him. We tapped into Owen's life and professional journey -an absolute refreshing one to listen to as he shared extensively on the importance of knowing your calling in life and doing everything to ensure your pursue it.   The importance of fighting for the life and career you desire, by writing it down, visualising it daily and most importantly acting on it, is one of our takeaways from Owen's journey. His life is a testament of this.   We were mostly blown away by how multi talented he is - his sales strategy skills, broadcaster of note, music manager, radio station manager, DJ, researcher, teacher, trainer, an avid reader just to name a few.   We spoke about his journey on radio and how it transitioned to him leaving radio all together to end up in consulting.   The consulting business that had him relocate to Zambia to rebrand a local radio station there and taking it to new heights. - Major career highlight. The effects of 2020 Covid -19 restrictions on his business that left him unemployed and ended up in farming and how he ended up back on radio managing Yarona FM again.   We also touched the current challenges he is facing at Yarona FM and how he is tackling them.   This is a story the ups and down of a professional career in entertainment - how to be creative to diversify your income.   I hope you get to learn from this powerhouse as much and we did- an absolute must watch if I should say so myself. Happy watching and happy 2024.
1/24/20241 hour, 45 minutes, 43 seconds
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Festive season budgeting.

On this episode I had Bupelo Moalosi as a guest for us to discuss festive spending and not fall into the overpending trap. Bupelo is not new to Suero Podcasts, she is actually a certified financial planner with immense experience in the financial literacy industry. Bupelo and I spoke about how to have discipline during the festive season. We touched on various ways stores make consumers find the absolute need to spend especially now, hence we tend it more during festive season. Just because something is on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it, we elaborated on this. How to budget for gifts and christmas groceries. Year end bonuses, metshelo/stokvels and 13th cheques management. We also touched on the ones that their incomes have been affected by job losses or inflation - what to do. This season let's lead with empathy and support the ones that possibly have no income and christmas is different for them this year. Let's also have a wonderful festive season and have an even better Jan 2024 with managing our monies better. I hope you enjoy the episode - Merry Christmas from allof us here at Suero
12/9/202340 minutes, 50 seconds
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Mr Tsheole - Botswana Stock Exchange CEO - Professional and Personal life journey.

Today Suero TV we had Mr Thapelo Tsheole, Botswana Stock Exchange CEO to share his personal and professional journey with us. Mr Tsheole is a seasoned Financial Markets expert with a cumulative experience of over 17 years having worked for the Central Bank Bank of Botswana and Botswana Stock Exchange Limited (BSEL). He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Single Major Economics) from the University of Botswana and a Master of Commerce (MComm) in Financial Markets from Rhodes University (RSA). Further, he holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (RSA). Mr Tsheole is a firm believer in the development of the financial market in Botswana and Africa, as well as their importance to economic growth and stability and has led initiatives to increase activity in the financial market in Botswana. Today we we picked his brain on how he does it all. Happy Listening. 08.06 Biggest Highlight of his career. Mr Tsheole shared what his story on how he got to be CEO of the BSE at 39 and we touched on the habits he adopts and practices daily. 10:06 He touched on how he has grown the BSE to where it is ever since he took over in Jan 2016 including the sensitizing Batswana on Financial Literacy. 10:38 Managed to turn the BSE to an independent company without reliance on Govt financial injection. 1142: How he made the BSE to be recognized and to have impact internationally. 12:36 His advise on Investing and why we need to invest in the Stock Exchange. 13:57 We spoke about the best way to invest. 16:42 What to expect next from him in near future. 17:23; Mr Tsheole's favorite failure and his view on failure.
5/15/202318 minutes, 58 seconds
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Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship- Lorato Boakgomomo- Ntakhwana

Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship Today on Suero TV we had Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana back to speak about her transition from corporate to being an entrepreneur. This is her background again although shared before, just to remind you of who she is. Presently, Lorato, is Managing Director of Gravitas Investment t/a Sally Dairy and an Independent Non-Executive Chairman at Botswana Telecommunications Corp. She also serves as Chairperson of LEA and a non-Executive of Metropolitan. In her past career she held the position of Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at First National Bank of Botswana Ltd. and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at FNB International. Lorato and I were having a conversation about how and why she decided to be an entrepreneur full time and became the owner of Sally Dairy. How she prepared for it, how she funded it and the importance of financial planning before you retire. She shared her journey on how she had to start from the bottom to rebrand the business and how get to product to sell its self. We spoke about why it’s so hard to do business in Botswana and what we need to do as Batswana to make our country and easier place to trade. Branding was also a part of the conversation and why it’s actually cheaper to manufacture in Botswana and what makes costly how we can improve that. Manufacturing has potential in our country, we need to be selective of what we manufacture though- we spoke on this. We spoke about the structures that are set up by govt to help entrepreneurs in our country- how these can improve to actually help the entrepreneurs. We spoke about the importance of having the corporate experience before becoming an entrepreneurship. Her favorite thing about being about entrepreneurship and the importance of managing cashflow in business.- we touched on this. A lot to learn from this conversation as an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, corporate worker thinking about entrepreneurship. Happy watching and enjoy this refreshing and inspiring. Link to the whole conversation here conversation.
5/13/202244 minutes, 27 seconds
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How To Teach Children About Money

How To Teach Children About Money On this episode Lame and I discussed how to teach children about money. What Money Blue print are you creating for your children? Do you think you are teaching them well about money? We touched on the importance of leading by example, children copy what you do, they do not do what you say. Lame and I shared how our parents did it and how are raising our kids on this. Super important discussion because I believe most of us want to leave a generational legacy for our children, but the legacy won’t last if they do not know how use and manage money.
12/16/202025 minutes, 40 seconds
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How to Run a Successful Creative Business with Tshepo Ntshole and Tumie Nthutang

Today I had Tshepo Ntshole and Tumie Nthutang in conversation about running a Creative Business. I believe they are Lady Powerhouses in their area of work and I tappped into their brains about how they do it.  We touched on a lot, especially on how to manage a creative business like a Pro and make it profitable.  We touched on the challenges Creative Business face and how overcome them.  How to cope during a quiet season was touched at depth and how the ladies are keeping sane. Happy Listening. 
6/4/202048 minutes, 41 seconds
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Solutions for Entrepreneurs Affected By Recession

Today, we interviewed Mr Oabona Kgengwenyane. He is the Founder of Innolead Consulting and Chairman of group of companies Innolead Consulting, Digital Gae Technologies and Manenzo Farming. He specializes in Project Management and Corporate Strategy Facilitation and has been at it for the past 20 years.   In this video he shares a lot wisdom on how to sustain a business during these turbulent times and the strategies he uses for his businesses.   We touched on a lot including the importance of not being dependent on govt business only as an entrepreneur and to be sustainable.   I think you will enjoy this one and learn a lot if you are entrepreneur or aspiring to be one.
6/4/202045 minutes, 27 seconds
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Prioritising The Money Availed

Prioritizing The Money Availed
7/22/201911 minutes, 18 seconds
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How to Avail the Money for your Life Goals

Discussing budgeting and aligning the budget to your life goals
7/10/201922 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Setting your Life Goals

Discussing starting point when needing to fix your personal finances
7/10/201910 minutes, 13 seconds
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7/9/201924 seconds