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English, Comedy, 24 seasons, 265 episodes, 4 days, 4 hours, 28 minutes
Join Ethan and Eric’s painful quest to host a show about money that is constantly derailed by advertisements. Since the podcast is short and there’s so many sponsors, they don’t get to any financial tips. Maybe one day! At least there’s music!
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Eric has covid-19!

On this very special episode, Eric straight up tested positive for Covid. So we did the only thing that made sense, watched The Matrix Resurrections. Ryan Barton and Joey Dardano join in to rip Eric a new A-hole because he actually liked this garbage movie. Enjoy! And yeah, tons of spoilers. 
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Interior Design 4

Welcome to the 90th episode of Eric's hit show ID4! 
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Jazz Surgery

We bravely dissect JAZZ. 
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We Didn't Forgot About Dre - Ep 2

Did you remember about Dre or no?
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We Didn't Forgot About Dre - Ep 1

FINALLY someone has the nuts to discuss Dr. Dre on a podcast and thankfully, it's us! Hope you enjoy this new eye-opening series! 
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Actor on Actor on Actor on Actor

Mike and Ben join us for a groundbreaking recording about acting. 
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Actor on Actor ON ACTOR

Today we are joined by Oscar winner Ann Elizabeth Derr! She shows us how to read scripts! Amazing.
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Actor on Actor - Ep 2

Today both Walts discuss the Shitow Marmsuckit and other insider Hollywood secrets. 
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Ep 9.5 - Mama Roach

Top Ten Films gets RELOADED and goes OFF THE RAILS with this CRANKED UP bonus ep! 
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Ep 9 - Batman & Boneheads

Do you agree with our list thus far? I do! 
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Ep 1 - Actor on Actor

Walt Flipton and Walter Proggins, two of the most famous actors on the planet, together at last in this exclusive, unedited, double interview show.  Presented ad free by Wired Magazine. 
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Ep 8 - Slurpin' down a cold one behind a dumpster, pal.

Today special guest Zach Turkey Mode Reino helps Ethan and Eric decide the top 2 films of all time! 
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Ep 7 - Pimp

Special guest ZACH REINO joins the show and never leaves! Plus top 10 meats! 
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Ep 6 - Top 10 Songs

This is the official list of the bestest 10 songs of all time, confirmed. 
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Ep 5 Marshmodels

Today we finally discuss what matters: The Top 10 Jeopardy Categories. And holy hell ZACH REINO is here! 
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Ep 4 - Get It Clean

This episode is actually really important and we decide on films and there's no ads so you're gonna like it a lot I bet.
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Ep 3 Alien Ride

Cross your heart and hope to fart because ZACH REINO is back and we break down the top 10 horror films! Plus... we also DON'T do that at all! 
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Ep 2 Sopranos

We take a long hard look at the various crime films of cinema history but mostly discuss alternate Sopranos theme songs and Small Soldiers and VERY special secret guest Zach Reino is in town! 
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Top 10 Films - Ep 1 Flubbers

The highly anticipated ad-free Patreon exclusive limited series featuring ZACH REINO has arrived! #PoweredbyFacebook You should have been emailed a private RSS feed if you want to listen on your podcast apps. If that doesn't work, please let me know! Thanks McDuckies. We heart you xcore. - Ethan
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Our favey shows on Netflex right now! Wow!

8/14/202018 minutes, 16 seconds
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A quick thank you...

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Eric and Ethan Visit Mario’s Deli Pt. 1

The boys report live from Ethan's car amid the pandemic, bringing much needed tips on sanitization, water usage, and acquiring other people's supplies.
3/20/202011 minutes, 2 seconds
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Expressode #2 - Sean, F*ck You

Sean talks some shit, and Ethan is sneaking supplies to an incarcerated friend.
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Acting Lessons

A bit we cut from the Matt Jones episode!  Enjoy everyone!
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Eric Owes Ethan Money

Cut from "Respect Your Elders" (FOR THE RECORD I WANTED TO KEEP IT), Ethan thinks Eric owes him money for a drone. Enjoy, and thanks for your support everyone!! -Sean
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Sean - John Ping Pong

Cut from our Svinkter Beast ep w/ Jonathan Lucas.  Apparently Jonathan and I sound  alike?  Eric wanted to try something out...enjoy!
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Ethan's time in Kosovo

Here's a bit we cut from the Jeff Leach ep!  Ethan is hesitant to deep dive into his dark past.  Enjoy McDucks!
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Alternate Intro #1

Hey McDucks, old and new!  Here's an intro we scrapped a while back.  Ethan and Eric were a little too "chilled out" for some reason.  Enjoy! Sean
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Marcia's Corner Cutting Tips!

Here's a bit we cut from the "Skunker's Gorge" episode that we thought ya'll might like.  More video eps, expresodes, and other crap on the way!   Thanks ya'll! Sean
12/1/20192 minutes, 38 seconds
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EXCLUSE EXPRUCE AD# 1 - Trader Joe's Re-Raw Chicken

Here's the first Patreon Exclusive Ad!  Time to eat!  Make mine raw.
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Expresode #1 - Post Malone (Addie Weyrich)

Post Malone (Addie Weyrich) drops in to tease us with some new music!