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STUPID 049: “There’s Nothing Interesting About Being Okay”

Andy Farnsworth is back as a guest on Stupid Questions. Give this episode a listen as Jason and Andy catch up a bit and get right back into talking about mental health and life events. Andy calls Jason out on being a pop culture nerd and not really asking stupid questions anymore. Will Jason change […]
8/16/20171 hour, 2 minutes, 20 seconds
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STUPID 048: “Coady Willis of Big Business”

This episode was truly an honor to record. Coady Willis of the awesomely heavy rock band Big Business joined me. In the episode Coady shares stories of being on the road, influences and concerts that he remembers from growing up in the Seattle area. There is a special guest appearance by the other half of […]
6/22/201725 minutes, 34 seconds
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STUPID 047: “Jason Goes To Geek Therapy”

Aaron Burton, the Geek Therapist joins Jason on this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. Aaron and Jason talk about their disdain for Donald Trump and the current state of affairs. Jason also gets the help he needed for his love of Star Wars and the fight he and his girlfriend had of Rogue […]
3/2/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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STUPID 046: “Prison Respect”

PAUL SMITH with NICOLAS DON SMITH Paul Smith was a corrections officer at The Utah State Prison for 20 years. Paul is also Jason Harvey’s guest in this episode of Stupid Questions. Paul talks a lot about his experiences while working in Prison and answers a bunch of prison questions: Is rape really as common […]
2/22/20171 hour, 25 minutes, 53 seconds
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STUPID 045: “Support The Syrian White Helmets”

Comedian Marta Reeder Marta Reeder joins Jason on this episode of Stupid Questions to talk about the series of comedy shows she set up in order to raise money to help the Syrian White Helmets. Who are the Syrian White Helmet? What do the Syrian White Helmets do? Are they a front for Al Qaeda? […]
2/14/201713 minutes, 48 seconds
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STUPID 044: “LEZ Get This Place Jamming”

DJ Suzy Bean! In this episode of Stupid Question Jason talks with DJ Suzy Bean about how she became a DJ. Suzy goes over her equipment and gives us a sample of her skills as a DJ. We also talk about the new girl’s night at the Club jam, one of Salt Lake City’s gay […]
2/8/201743 minutes
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STUPID 043: “Altercation Punk Tour”

JT Habersaat & Brian Zoella Jt Habersaat has been building his audience of punks and drunks for the several years now! He’s been pounding bars, music venues, and music festivals all over America! His new comedy album is out now ( Habersaat made his first stop ever in SLC and was kind enough to stop […]
11/23/201659 minutes, 7 seconds
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STUPID 042: “Josie White from Salt Lake’s NAMI”

Josie White is the guest in this episode of Stupid Questions With Jason Harvey. Josie is the Social Media and Fundraising Chair for the Salt Lake Affiliate for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), She is the NAMI Young Adult Outreach Assistant for the state office, and most recently became the NAMI on Campus West […]
11/1/20161 hour, 45 seconds
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STUPID 041: “Good Shed”

Comedian Keane Clark! Keane Clark joins Jason to talk about the great Comedy Shows he has been able to run at his renovated shed. It has been about a year and a half since the first show there, and it has continued to be a fun place to have comedy shows. In the past year […]
10/4/201654 minutes, 47 seconds
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STUPID 040: “Clean Up On The Comedy Aisle”

Patrick Ramirez, a Salt Lake City comic that moved to LA almost two years ago returned to do a couple of shows at Club at 50 West this past week. Jason was able to do a few shows with him, so they recorded this short episode of Stupid Questions. Ramirez was formerly was a cohost […]
9/21/201616 minutes, 10 seconds
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STUPID 039: “Out Of The Dungeon & Into The Light”

Comedian Nicholas Don Smith! Nicholas Don Smith, the creator and gracious host of Dungeons & Comedy joins me on Stupid Questions! Nicholas is a fantastic comedian and a great friend. He had created a great show and finally got the recognition he deserves. Dungeons & Comedy was a panel show at 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con. The […]
9/8/20161 hour, 5 minutes, 46 seconds
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STUPID 038: “Still Standing”

If you have ever seen Marcus live you have seen someone who appears larger than life on stage! His energy and his ability to make a show unique and personal to those attending, make him stand out to me as not only a funny comic, but a fun performer that can transform a night of […]
9/2/20161 hour, 46 minutes, 10 seconds
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STUPID 037: “Weird, Awesome & Beautiful”

Comedian Emmett Montgomery Emmett Montgomery is a beautiful man. He was kind enough to invite Jason into his brother’s home in Salt Lake City to record this episode Stupid Questions. Jason and Emmett talk about everything from stand-up comedy and producing shows to festivals and feminism. The sum of this conversation is that Emmett Montgomery […]
8/24/20161 hour, 20 minutes, 24 seconds
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STUPID 036: “Helter Shelter”

Once again we have some great guests on the show, Stuart Thompson and Krystal “The Pistol” two comics in from LA stop by and get on the mics. In classic Stupid Questions form we start talking about a subject and it quickly turns into something else. We talk about how you shouldn’t get to know […]
8/11/201631 minutes, 28 seconds
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STUPID 035: “First Nation People”

Lamar Kellywood On this episode of ‘Stupid Questions,’ I welcome: Lamar Kellywood! Kellywood is a Salt Lake City comedian, but he is not a Utah native! Kellywood sheds some light about life as a ‘First Nation,’ person. Kellywood is originally from New Mexico, he grew up on an ‘Indian,’ reservation! Kellywood shares his stories of […]
7/25/20161 hour, 19 minutes, 6 seconds
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STUPID 034: “Guilt Scars”

Miss Diva Minka Stupid Questions is back with an old guest but new episode! Minka returns to the show. Minka has been friends with Jason for almost seven years. Minka was on the second episode ever of Stupid Questions, where we talked about Minka being Trans. The purpose of this episode was to further talk […]
6/24/20161 hour, 25 minutes, 8 seconds
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STUPID 033: “Little Person”

Max and Nicky Weinbach & Jeff Zamaria! On this episode of Stupid Questions we have Max and Nicky Weinbach from the band ‘Little Person.’ They also are a comedy sketch duo ‘Max and Nicky!’ In this episode we also have Jeff Zamaria! Max and Nicky are on a week-long tour on their way to their […]
6/15/20161 hour, 7 minutes, 26 seconds
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STUPID 032: “This Dude Is A Cop!”

Comedian Dave Ross Oh wow! Today’s episode is great! We have Dave Ross on this episode. You might know Dave from seeing him on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, or maybe you listened to him on WTF with Marc Maron, possibly you have seen his sketch group WOMEN on or! Either way you may […]
6/2/20161 hour, 25 seconds
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STUPID 031: “Piss Where You Want!”

Hey guys and gals and pals and you. Jason Harvey here! This episode was supposed to be something different than it ended up being. I honestly didn’t know how the episode would turn out, because it’s just me sitting at a microphone. I’m not unfamiliar with standing and being the only one talking into a […]
5/27/201615 minutes, 25 seconds
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STUPID 030: “Water is Time Travel” w/ Derek Sheen!

Derek Sheen is back on another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. Derek and Jason start talking about Star Wars and as usual quickly get off topic. Derek and Jason talk Star Wars, Eternity, losing faith, and how water is time travel. Give this episode a listen, then go to itunes and pre-order or […]
5/4/20161 hour, 4 minutes, 8 seconds
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STUPID 029: “I Want A Society That Is Really Into Gorgeous %$#*”

Jason is joined by his producer and friend, Sascha Blume on this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. Jason and Sascha talk about Prince dying for a bit before Sascha’s love for Jerry Garcia is exposed. Sascha is very passionate about Jerry Garcia, placing him on a throne while shit talking one of Jason’s […]
4/22/201647 minutes, 55 seconds
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STUPID 028: “Dungeons, Comedy & Other Opinions”

“Dungeons, Comedy & Other Opinions with Nicholas Don Smith” Nicholas Smith joins Jason at his apartment to talk about the upcoming show they are producing at Sandy Station this Thursday, April 21st at 8pm. Jason and Nicholas get a little carried away in conversation and it gets a bit explicit (more than a bit). Tune […]
4/21/201635 minutes, 14 seconds
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STUPID 027: “Bruce Lee Was Overrated”

Ben Fuller, producer of Cult Classics vs Comedians! On this episode we have a good friend of mine and fellow martial arts fan, Ben Fuller. Ben and I met at Cafe Anh Hong and had some Chinese food and talked Kung Fu movies and a little about his new project, Cult Classics VS Comedians. I […]
3/9/201639 minutes, 19 seconds
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STUPID 026: “Chattin’ With Afro Omega’s Bronte James!”

Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. I love and appreciate you all. First off I should say this, Don’t Do Heroin! Do Not Do Heroin!! But seriously don’t do it! Heroin is bad, and there is some really bad heroin going around Salt Lake City and the United States. […]
3/2/201656 minutes, 35 seconds
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STUPID 025: “1st Anniversary Show: Pizza Party”

It’s Stupid Questions 1st-anniversary show! I’ve had a lot of fun recording this podcast. I’ve learned a lot while recording it, and now it’s time to celebrate that with a pizza party and my good friend Taylor Hunsaker. Taylor has been performing stand up in Salt Lake City since 2012.I’ve had the privilege of performing […]
2/18/201647 minutes, 46 seconds
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STUPID 024: “Let it Blume” with Sascha Blume

Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. We are approaching our year mark with this podcast. I haven’t talked much about the man behind the show, and the whole reason I have this podcast and Sketch Sandwich with Natashia Mower, is because a great man had me on the radio […]
2/14/201653 minutes, 1 second
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STUPID 023: “Snowed In” w/ Ben Kronberg

Thanks for checking out another episode of Stupid Question with Jason Harvey. I’m really excited about this episode, because we have a great guest on the show. In this episode Ben Kronberg joins us. He flew in from New York to do some stand up shows at Sandy Station. I was asked to be one […]
2/5/201618 minutes, 38 seconds
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STUPID 022: “The Alps Are Really Nice This Time Of Year”

Doug & Teresa Wyckoff Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. I hope all of you listening to this episode have your deepest wishes come true. This episode we have Doug  & Teresa Wyckoff ( The Wyckoffs just recently moved here from New York City to run comedy at […]
1/22/20161 hour, 11 minutes, 33 seconds
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STUPID 021: “Senator Mark Madsen”

A little over a week ago I was asked to be part of a show, I was warned that this wouldn’t be the usual stand up shows that I was used to. I was asked to open for a Utah State Senator. Why would I be asked to open for a Senator? Because this particular […]
1/8/201623 minutes, 6 seconds
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SKETCH 005: “It’s a Gentle Forcing”

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich Jason and Natashia are joined by Chef Leonard Pettigrew to talk about his new book, ‘We Can Make It Work.’ ‘We Can Make It Work,’ is a cookbook for people that have extreme food allergies, and food allergies are a thing that Leonard Pettigrew is very familiar with! Chef […]
12/17/201524 minutes, 21 seconds
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STUPID 020: “Restricted” w/ Nicholas Don Smith!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day has been in the news again recently. I’m not going to talk about that, because it is a pet peeve of mine for non-religious people to talk about being burdened by a religion they are no longer part of. So we aren’t going to talk religion, but […]
11/26/201537 minutes, 11 seconds
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STUPID 019: “Chicken Soup For Your Bong”

In this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, Jason is joined by fellow comic and one of his favorite people in the world, NATASHIA MOWER. Natashia just recently won the Arty Award for Best Stand Up Comedian in Utah, and it was definitely well deserved. This episode puts you right in Natashia and Jason’s […]
11/18/201537 minutes, 11 seconds
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STUPID 018: “Bold Whiff of Gratitude”

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. Sorry for the long recess of episodes, but I’m returning with a great episode for you! Recently Seattle comedian Derek Sheen was in town we sat down and shot the shit for a little over a half hour. Derek is one of my […]
11/5/201536 minutes, 45 seconds
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STUPID 017: “The Past’s Future” w/ Eileen & Erin Dobbins

In this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, Eileen and Erin Dobbins stop by to discuss their new and great podcast ‘Future Space,’ and to serenade Jason with a terrifying song from the Disney movie Dumbo. Jason’s childhood speech impediment comes back and he can’t pronounce his R’s anymore. How will he say Tiger? […]
9/7/201522 minutes, 23 seconds
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STUPID 016: “Road Trippin”

Conversation w/ John Fahy & Kelly McInerney After eating a delightful pancake and scrambled eggs breakfast, Jason sits down and talks with LA comics, John Fahy and Kelly McInerney before they hit the road and continue their comedy road trip to Idaho Falls. John and Kelly talk about LA, how long they have been in […]
8/27/201539 minutes, 35 seconds
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SKETCH 004: “Tell Me a Joke”

On this episode of Sketch Sandwich, Jason and Natashia decide to take what’s supposed to be a leisurely stroll through Liberty Park. Their walk is quickly interrupted by two bizarre ‘hacky sackers,’ who recognize Jason from his comedy and pressure him to tell them a joke. Things get off to a rough start with a […]
8/19/201525 minutes, 24 seconds
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STUPID 015: “I’m Really Interested in Happiness”

Conversation w/ Andy Farnsworth On this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, I’m joined in studio with Andy Farnsworth. Andy is in town from New York visiting friends. We were able to catch up with him. We talk about my upcoming Comedy! And Other Opinions show happening Monday August 10th at Club at 50 […]
8/10/20151 hour, 15 minutes, 4 seconds
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STUPID 014: “Staying Positive”

We have Rachel Jensen in studio for this week’s episode of Stupid Questions. We chat a bit about: writing blogs, tires, drunken weddings, writing comedy for SLUG Magazine, and her finding out within the past year that she is HIV positive. Tune in as she recounts her story! I hope you all learned as much […]
7/30/20151 hour, 21 minutes, 56 seconds
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STUPID 013: “Wanna Hang Out In Keane’s Garage?”

This week we talk to Keane Clark and Dustin Hagen about the DIY comedy shows that Keane has been running out of his garage for the past 3 months. We talk upcoming comedy shows, and definitely get sidetracked by ADD. I hope you enjoy this episode of Stupid Questions. Thanks for listening.
7/15/201538 minutes, 54 seconds
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STUPID 012: “Laura Crawford Visits SLC From LA”

Laura Crawford one of my favorite comedians visited Salt Lake City. We did some shows, hung out, and recorded this podcast. Enjoy us shooting the shit and goofing off. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy it, and ‘Please,’ follow Laura on twitter: @crawfordcomic
7/2/201555 minutes, 53 seconds
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STUPID 011: “You Have Cancer”

I don’t normally get this personal in the description of the episode. But I feel this episode deserves a little bit more than a small description. A little under a year ago Natashia Mower a fellow comedian and very close friend of mine came to and informed me that a mutual friend of ours and one […]
6/25/201528 minutes, 11 seconds
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STUPID 010: “Ohio Is For Hating”

This week we have special guest Mateen Stewart calling in from a bar in San Diego. We chat about his career, talk about upcoming shows, and his hatred for anything Ohio. Subscribe on iTunes, stream, download, listen, enjoy and tell the entire state of Ohio to F*** off! Thanks.
6/18/201532 minutes, 8 seconds
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STUPID 009: “Princess Watermelon & The Syphilis Brains”

Jason is joined by special guest Amerah Ames in this episode of Stupid Questions. They talk syphilis, syphilis, princess names, and syphilis. They may have actually broken a world record for the amount of times syphilis is mentioned. Download, stream, listen, enjoy, and don’t get syphilis!  
6/11/201543 minutes, 13 seconds
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STUPID 008: “I Hope Blood Clots Are Flammable”

This week on Stupid questions Nicholas Smith joins Jason Harvey and Natashia Mower to talk about the anniversary show of Dungeons and Comedy. After talking D&C they play some D&D. We had a lot of fun recording this episode, hope you have fun listening.
5/28/20151 hour, 11 minutes, 52 seconds
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SKETCH 003: “It’s In the Cards”

Jason & Natashia watch a commercial for a Tarot Card reader and then find him knocking on the door moments later. They unwisely allow him to do a reading for them and lose all hope for the future. So, we’ll have the “brought to you by” intro, the sketch sandwich theme, followed by the sketch and then the fake commercial […]
5/21/201537 minutes, 50 seconds
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STUPID 007: “I Hate Myself and I Want Die…. Laughing”

This episode we are joined by Gavin Sheehan from Gavin’s Underground & SLUG Magazine. We talk Nirvana and comedy in Salt Lake City. Enjoy, and thanks for listening. Gavin’s Sheehan: Facebook | Twitter | CityWeekly | SLUG Magazine
5/12/20151 hour, 6 minutes, 41 seconds
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SKETCH 002: “That’s Some Good Social Media”

In this episode of Sketch Sandwich, Natashia recruits Christopher Stephenson to help stage an intervention for Jason. They confront him about his addiction to oversharing on social media and its impact on their lives. Feelings get hurt, friendships get tested and hashes get tagged. Christopher Stephenson: Facebook | Twitter
5/11/201531 minutes, 38 seconds
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STUPID 006: “There’s No Electricity That Close To My Hole”

This episode of stupid questions Jason’s ADD takes over and Dustin Hagen is in the studio. Tune in as Jason and Dustin talk about voicing cartoon animals, batman (of course we talk about Batman, Dustin is our guest), Legos, Heroin addicted substitute teachers, and more.
5/7/201545 minutes, 40 seconds
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STUPID 005: “Those Are Some Bad Kids”

This week, Jason talks with Scotty and Jezebel from the Alternative Performance Art Collective, The Bad Kids. We talk performance art, drag, femme queens, etc. in another episode of Stupid Questions.  
4/16/201529 minutes, 40 seconds
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STUPID 004: “Jesus Will Teach Them”

What the hell is with kids these days?! What do they do for fun? What is school like? Find out all this and more when “Little Jason”, Jason Harvey’s son joins him for this episode of Stupid Questions. Subscribe on iTunes, listen online, and like our page on Facebook. Thanks for supporting Stupid Questions and […]
3/26/201518 minutes, 34 seconds
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STUPID 003: “Diiiilllldoooo!”

This week Jason is joined by CityWeekly’s “Arty Award” nominated improv duo Toy Soup (Andrew Jensen & Troy Taylor). We talk improve comedy, stupid improv suggestions and met some Russians. TOY SOUP: Facebook | YouTube
3/19/201539 minutes, 51 seconds
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SKETCH 001: “Traumatic Hot Dogs”

In the inaugural episode of Sketch Sandwich, Jason and Natashia find themselves in way over their heads when they get “advice” from an experienced broadcaster they’re introduced to by their producer. They learn about DJ voices, radio bits, contests and cocaine!Mainly, they learn not to let their producer help them ever again.
3/12/201523 minutes, 30 seconds
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STUPID 002: “The Junkyard”

In this week’s episode of Stupid Questions w/ Jason Harvey, Jason is joined by fellow Salt Lake comedian Natashia Mower and Minka Krasiva Hole. Minka is a beautiful, fun, and friendly trans-individual living in Utah.  Holy shit! Can you imagine some of the stupid questions/statements she has to put up? Well, imagine no more.This was a fantastic interview. […]
3/5/201539 minutes
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STUPID 001: “Ummm….. But What About Prom?”

“How did you learn social skills?” “So what was that like?  Did you just watch cartoons all day?” On our first episode we are going to find out what it is like to be home schooled. Tune in for our first show as Jason asks fellow comedian Eileen Dobbins about what it was like being home schooled.  
2/19/201529 minutes, 4 seconds