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Stuff You Should Know About Oil and Gas Production

English, Finance, 5 seasons, 109 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 51 minutes
Stuff You Should Know about Oil and Gas Production is an educational show featuring enlightening conversations and helpful tips about producing oil and gas. This podcast is produced by Kimray, an industry-leading manufacturer of oil and gas control equipment.
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How to Build a Career with Justin Overstreet with Wildcat Oil Tools | Ep. #97

Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Justin Overstreet, where we cover: The street-cred you get from growing up in Midland Texas baseball A program he created to rescue derrick workers  Advice on building an impactful career in the energy industry The key to holding yourself and others accountable Oilfield tech and how industry has changed in the last 20 years Recommendations: Justin: The show Peaky Blinders and the book Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink Kyle: Buying land Curtis: The story "Giant Man" on This American Life (Ep. 351, Act Four) Learn more about Wildcat Oil Tools and connect with Justin on LinkedIn.
8/22/202335 minutes, 54 seconds
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Answering Customer Questions about Pressure Decay and COLD Production Fluid | Ep. #96

Jordan and Kyle answer a question from Tulsa about bench testing valves for pressure decay a questions from Brazil about options for -22F production fluid. Resources mentioned Catalytic Heaters Control Valve Pilots Recommendations Kyle: Why Olympic Curling Stones are So Expensive Jordan: Haunted Cosmos podcast Curtis: "Down withe the Shine" by the Avett Bros Denny: Station 11 Soundtrack
8/3/202320 minutes, 7 seconds
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Mounting an Actuator Horizontally, New Repair Kits, Choked Flow and More Customer Questions | Ep. #95

Will and Jordan answer customer questions about the K-factor for a flow meter, master repair kits, mounting an actuator horizontally, how much supply pressure a valve needs from an air compressor, and choked flow. Resources mentioned: What Causes Choked Flow? Back Pressure Regulator with Outside Supply Flow Meters New Master Repair Kit Codes
7/20/202320 minutes, 51 seconds
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Liquid Level Control Challenges, Pop-off Valves, and Pilots with Will and Ryan | Ep. #94

Will and Curtis are in OKC while Ryan is in Ft. Worth at Super Dug 2023 (possibly wearing a cape) for this conversation about liquid level control. Topics Include: Vertical vs. horizontal separators Replacing vs. repairing the pilot on a level controller The life-changing experience of hearing a pop-off valve What happens when you over-pressure a vessel Customers' favorite part the new Gen 3 Displacer sizes in a level controller Recommendations: Curtis: Video about Mining for Lithium in Chile Will: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Ryan: Tennis
7/6/202324 minutes, 42 seconds
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Where to Find a Valve's CV, Electric Actuator Adapters, and the Art of Tube Bending | Ep. #92

Ryan and Will answer common customer questions:  Where can I find a valve's CV?  Can you disconnect the R2L from the valve body?  Can you use the same displacer with the new Gen 3 liquid level controller we used with a Gen 2?  What is Kimray doing to help producers lower their emissions?  Is bending tubing a science or art? 
5/24/202314 minutes, 49 seconds
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How to Get Electric Power in Remote Locations with Brad Remley | Ep. #89

We are joined by Brad Remley of Baseline Energy to discuss well site energy needs, opportunities for electric power in locations where infrastructure is limited, ESG, and the new Top Gun movie. Resources mentioned in this episode: Baseline Energy Connect with Brad Remley on LinkedIn
4/13/202329 minutes, 30 seconds
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Underground Gas Caverns, Dump Valve Cages, and What NOT to Wear on a Kimray Video | Ep. #81

This was a fun one! Kyle and Jordan explore underground caverns, Delrin cages in Lever Operated Valves, and explain what NOT to wear if you're on a Kimray video. Email a question to Jordan and the Product Applications Team: [email protected] CCT8 Trunnion Assembly
11/17/202215 minutes, 30 seconds
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A Simple Way to Reduce Fugitive Emissions: Preventative Maintenance I Ep. # 78

Fugitive emissions are a growing focus in the oil and gas industry, and producers are being tasked with dramatically reducing their emissions. Today we’re going to talk about some quick, simple steps you can take to prevent emissions from escaping your controllers. What are fugitive emissions? Where and why potential leaks are happening? What is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance in areas you may not think. Resources mentioned in this episode:  Kimray Emissions Solutions Page Repair kits that can be installed on sealing surfaces in our control products include: Trunnion Assemblies Lever Operated Dump Valves Regulators High Pressure Control Valves Temperature Controllers Weight Operated Dump Valves
9/15/202213 minutes, 20 seconds
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What is Liquid Level Interface? | Ep. #65

In this episode, Kyle explains the liquid level control function "interface." Topics include:  How do you know if your interface is accurate?   Mechanical vs. Pneumatic vs. Electric?   Troubleshooting  What’s the proper way to weight a float?   How and why should you adjust the linkage rod?   What is a torque calculator?  Resources mentioned in this episode How to Weight a Float Ball for Interface  Torque Calculator  2 Critical Adjustments for Accurate Liquid Level Control
3/17/202216 minutes, 7 seconds