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English, Education, 1 season, 40 episodes, 7 hours, 8 minutes
Stuff about Sales is the self help podcast for salespeople. It's a SMALL time commitment with a goal to help you yield BIG results. Listen in weekly for short, focused coaching tips on specific topics for all sales roles. Brought to you by Hannah Pencek and James Troiano, two sales leaders have years of combined sales experience in many roles.
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Sales Leadership Series: It All Starts With An Effective 1 on 1 Cadence

On this episode Hannah and James provide some tips on how to set up a one on one cadence with your team.  Whether you are a new manager looking to set up some structure, but not sure where to start or a vet who might be looking to change things up to improve results this episode offers actionable guidance and a framework that you can put into place today!Email us at [email protected]
8/15/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sales Leadership Series: Build Incredible Credibility Through Forecasting

In Part 2 of our sales leadership series we give you some insane tips on how to build credibility within your organization through accurate sales forecasting.  We'll talk through why being an accurate forecaster is important and then give you an actionable process that you can implement today.Email us at [email protected]
7/25/202318 minutes, 45 seconds
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Sales Leadership Series: Dear Managers, Stop Prioritizing Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain!

Every front line sales manager has been there.  You have that AE that you know isn't a fit.  They show up late for meetings, don't take any feedback, team engagement is lacking and no matter what you tell them about updating the CRM and working with Deal Desk, Legal and other teams they just continue to step on toes.  But the main killer?  They're just OKAY.  Not the best, not the worst but you know you can upgrade their spot.  But it's not that easy right?  They are like 60-70% to quota every quarter and you have goals to hit.  Ramping takes a lot of time and you may not see any REAL production until next year?On the first episode of our sales leadership series we discuss THREE things that killing your long term success at the expense of immediate results and FOUR ways to solve this starting today.  Any sales manager can implement these and they will improve your outlook significantly.Email us at [email protected]
7/12/202314 minutes, 35 seconds
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Asking "Do You Have Any Questions?" is Tired - We Have 3 Alternatives that are Wired

Ah I'm sure you've heard it before.  Don't ask "do you have any questions?" when you're on a demo, but when you get in the room or on the call you just can't help yourself.  It comes out no matter what.  What's the harm?  You can't ever really go wrong with asking if they have any questions right?  They'll say no and you can move on to the next topic.  This is false thinking and creates an environment where you're checking boxes, your customer or prospect is tuning you out and you're adding little value to their buying process.  Instead we give you 3 alternatives that you can use.  Write them down, customize them and your buyer will instantly get more out of the demo experience, you'll feel like you've hit the nail on the head and your managers listening to your demos will think you're an all-star.Email us at [email protected]
6/27/20238 minutes, 31 seconds
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Simplify Objection Handling in 4 Steps with Brad Bilen

Whether you are an AE just starting your sales career or in a rut - objection handling can be the toughest challenge.  Maybe you are a sales manager with a group of AEs to which you'd like to teach a repeatable, scalable sales tactic to achieve better results.  This episode is for you.  Hannah and James have on Brad Bilen, Senior Manager - Head of US 3P Direct Sales who walks us through his 4 step sales motion.  Acknowledge, Clarify, Feature Benefits, Close.  This 15 minute episode is packed with actionable tips that you can take to your next sales conversation.Email us at [email protected]
6/13/202315 minutes, 39 seconds
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Multi-Channel Mastery with Michelle Craig

On this episode we have on Michelle Craig, from Uniphore!  Michelle is an Inside Sales Executive and we discuss why salespeople can turbo-charge their success by mastering multiple communication channels  Email, phone calls, social media.  Having a skillset to succeed at each will set you up for success no matter where you sell or what you sell.  Finally,  we also get into an aside on prospecting, the mindset you need and how Michelle personally found a way to excel at something so many salespeople find difficult.You can find Michelle at us at [email protected]
5/23/202315 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Hidden Impact of Sales Process Adoption with Scott McLin

On this episode Hannah interviews Scott McLin, Co-Owner of Optimum Technology Consultants and a Certified Implementer of Axiom Sales Kinetics.  Scott talks about the benefits of organizations adopting a unified sales process methodology, how that can increase account executive effectiveness and what you can do as an AE if your organization currently does not have any widely adopted sales methodology or process that they are teaching.Email us at [email protected]
5/9/202319 minutes, 59 seconds
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Increase Your Win Rates By Cursing?

We just got back from the AA-ISP Revenue Summit and participated in some great workshops and classes led by some of the brightest sales minds.  One tip that stood out for us was presented by Udi Ledergor, Chief Evangelist at Gong.  His data showed that cursing actually INCREASES win rates.  But why is this?  Hannah and James share a quick tip, why this works and why you may want to try it on your next sales call.Link to Gong Data as promised -'s%20because%20sales%20people%20aren,You%20read%20that%20right.Email us at [email protected]
4/25/20235 minutes, 11 seconds
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Updates & Come See Us at AA-ISP Digital Now Revenue Summit

Hey Everyone, no new pod this week.  Just a couple updates.We are going to be coming back with some guest interviews mixed in with our usual sales tips.  Also next week 4/18 - 4/20 we will be in Chicago for the AA-ISP Digital Now Revenue Summit.  Come Say Hi!Email us at [email protected]
4/11/202353 seconds
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Say This to Make A Cold Prospecting Voicemail More Effective

You cold call a prospect.  They don't answer but you get the voicemail.  What do you say?  Do you introduce yourself and ask for a call back?  Do you tell them you'll call them back at a certain time?  Do you quickly give a pitch about why you called and then follow up via other channels?  It's not always clear what method works the best.  Furthermore, is voicemail outdated?  There are a lot of tools now to deflect calls and voicemails that when you do get through you need to be precise in your language and make sure you have a plan.  On this episode, Hannah shares a quick voicemail tip to weave into your prospecting strategy to get results.Email us at [email protected]
4/4/20235 minutes, 35 seconds
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This Simple Email Subject Line Will Get You More Opens

In this episode we share a simple email subject line tip that will get you more opens.  No matter what your role or what the email is about, you can use this email subject.Email us at [email protected]
3/28/20235 minutes, 50 seconds
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Can You Use Pricing To Win Deals Faster (Without Sounding Sleazy)?

We got a pretty relevant end of quarter topic for you on this one.  Using pricing or incentives to increase deal velocity.  Can you do this without sounding like a used car salesman?  Hint: yes and no.  We give you some tips on how to position pricing or a discount to get a deal closed, what part of your sales motion is the best time to try this and when it won't come off well to your buyer.  Hope everyone crushes end of quarter and hope these tips help!Email us at [email protected]
3/21/202310 minutes, 2 seconds
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P-Club Series: Kristen Hranicka, Director Of Enterprise Sales

FINAL EPISODE OF OUR P-CLUB SERIES.  We talk to Kristen Hranicka, Director Of Enterprise Sales at Vonage.  Kristen is has been to P-Club for six straight years.  We talk about how she's managed to maintain a work life balance with a MASSIVE pipieline, what her manager did to enable her success and what tips she might give to someone coming into the year looking to achieve p-club.Email us at [email protected]
3/7/202315 minutes, 38 seconds
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P-Club Series: Leslie Matthews, Channel Account Manager

P-Club Series continues with an interview with Leslie Matthews.  Leslie is a Channel Account Manager at Nuance Communications and is KILLING it. We talk to her about what makes her a perennial success in her role and how she exceeded TWO quotas in 2022.   We talk about work life balance, how to balance the time you are putting into your job especially working through partners, important sales activities, winning by selling through partners and more!Email us at [email protected]
2/28/202314 minutes, 59 seconds
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P-Club Series: James Troiano, Senior Manager, Commercial Sales

Oh man, Troiano did it.  He made P-Club.  This episode is for sales managers who want to hear from someone who has led a high performing team for multiple years in a row with consistent high double digit year over year growth.  We talk about what makes up the majority of sales management success according to James, what his Senior Director did or didn't do to help him attain at a high level and finally any advice he  might give a sales manager looking to take it to the next level in 2023.Email us at [email protected]
2/21/202317 minutes, 12 seconds
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P-Club Series: Sandy Lukac, Solutions Architect & Team Lead

Solutions Architects are CRUCIAL to the pre-sales process.  Having that technical point of contact to solve through complex use cases can be the difference between winning and winning at the highest rate possible.   On P-Club series episode 2 we interview Sandy Lukac of Hubspot.  Sandy blew it out of the water in 2022 and we talk to her about what made her year a success, how many hours she worked, what she would share with someone starting out the year who hopes to be in P-Club in 2023.  Don't want to miss this one.Email us at [email protected]
2/14/202314 minutes, 36 seconds
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P-Club Series: Alex Comstock, Senior AE & Sales Lead

First episode of our first ever P-Club Series.  We interview 2022 P-Club winners and talk to them about what led to their success.  But we don't just ask "how did you do it?"  We want to go deeper so we ask some questions that you may not be thinking about today & the answers may give you an edge you never knew you needed.  Our first episode starts with Alex Comstock, Senior AE and Sales Lead at Vonage on the SMB team.  Alex has been part of James's team for 3 years now and James has seen first hand how Alex has progressed from really good performer to multi-time P-Club winner.  In fact he's been a huge part of James's own success.  Alex talks about where he finished all the way back in 2021, how that compared to 2022, what advice he would give to someone who aspires to be a top performing P-Club winner in 2023 and more.  Don't miss this one if you want to start your year armed with knowledge from the best of the best.Email us at [email protected]
2/7/202318 minutes, 42 seconds
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Win Deals Faster Using a Sign-Up Call

What if I told you that there is a lost sales art that outside sellers still use, but all sellers when outside sales was the norm used to close more deals?  SMB/transactional route to market sellers already use this and may not even know they are doing it sometimes.  They do it when they "one-call close".  I'm talking about the sign up call.  An extra call added to the calendar when deal velocity is high and you've completed your sales motion and are waiting on a sign up.`  Instead of waiting, why not take initiative and schedule a call to complete the order?  Address any final concerns, answer any final questions and walk the prospect through the order and watch the sign up in the moment!  In this episode James covers the sign up call, why you should use it and the fact that his sales teams are using these tactics to see success today.Email us at [email protected]
1/31/20234 minutes, 57 seconds
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Nail Your Sales Interview: Tips From a Hiring Manager

Jan 2023.  The job market seems tough right now.  Tech companies are having mass layoffs and it may be difficult to stand out, not only when submitting resumes but once you finally land that interview.  Hannah is here to help.  In this solo pod, Hannah gives some tips and insights from her point of view as a sales manager.  How to nail your interview.*Hannah and James are both here to help.  Send us your resume if you'd like us to review, we have an extensive network and would be happy to help with referrals or anything for those impacted by the layoffs or seeking work.Email us at [email protected]
1/24/20238 minutes, 29 seconds
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Master the Transactional Sales Discovery Call

Transactional sales environments are all about deal velocity.  You may not get multiple bites at the apple and often times the impression you make during that first call or interaction sets you up to win or lose the deal.  You may not get back in front of your buyer.  This episode is for sellers in that environment.  We have tons of experience in a fast paced, transactional selling environment and we share our best practices to make sure you are nailing your discovery call and setting up your deals to close quickly and "closed won". Email us at [email protected]
1/17/20238 minutes, 16 seconds
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5 Things To Do to Host Consistently Great Sales Meetings

Ever struggle with consistency in your meetings?  Not sure you are maximizing the time in from of your prospects?  Not sure if you should approach all of your meetings the same or should different types of meetings be run different?  We got some answers for you.In this solo episode, Hannah runs through 5 key things to keep in mind to run CONSISTENTLY great sales meetings.Email us at [email protected]
1/3/20238 minutes, 54 seconds
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Use this qualification tool to find your most valuable pipeline

The truth is that AEs spend way too much time working opportunities that have no chance of closing.  Those could be for many reasons including no budget, no motivation to buy, lack of seriousness by your POC and just general malaise on the prospect side.  If you want to keep lying to yourself about these opportunities be our guest.  If you want to use an actionable framework to find out if your prospect is serious and gather the right data to move your sale forward this is the podcast episode for you.  We discuss what BANT is & how you can use it to make sure you are spending your time on the highest value opportunities.You can also check out for our BANT card which includes a prospect profile.Email us at [email protected]
12/20/20228 minutes, 59 seconds
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Stuff About Sales Mindset Method

On this episode we introduce what we are calling the Stuff About Sales Mindset Method.  Following up from our Thanksgiving week episode where we replayed one of the first podcast's I ever produced, interviewing an AE on my team (Hannah) on her journey to top performer and how she had to overcome some mindset challenges that had creeped during her struggles, returning from maternity and finding her footing again.You cannot be a successful sales performer without first addressing your mindset we have 4 steps to get you started.  - Reflection. Ownership. Eduction. Practice.  Email us at [email protected]
12/6/202215 minutes, 23 seconds
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Playbook: Next Steps

Getting a playbook that works over and over again can help you win more deals.  Implementing things that are successful and having go-tos can increase your productivity and help you deliver a consistent buying experience.  In this episode, we dive into Next Steps and share some of our best practices and tips for making sure that you and your buyer are on the same page to drive deal velocity, and that you add value to their buying journey.Email us at [email protected]
11/29/20225 minutes, 18 seconds
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An Interview with a Top Performer on Mindset

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  Back in 2020 at the start of our podcasting career I had Hannah on as one of the first guests of my Stuff about Sales podcast.  This podcast is a REPLAY of that interview.  At the time, I was her sales manager and she was finishing her first full year as an AE.  We had some major ups and downs.  The first half the the year was challenging and Hannah's sales performance struggled.  By the time she finished the 2020 she was one of the top performers on our sales team.  Hannah discussed how her mindset changed it all and it starts with being grateful. Email us at [email protected]
11/22/202223 minutes, 5 seconds
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2 Tips for (Sales) Job Seekers

Job seekers please listen.  This is a quick Jimmy riff  with 2 pieces of advice for anyone who has been laid off recently and is now in job search mode.  It's not enough to just sling resumes cold into organizations, you have to plan and be proactive.  No notes, no outline just direct from the brain on this one.  Hope this helps.Email us at [email protected]
11/15/202210 minutes, 28 seconds
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Discovery Questions 101

The discovery call is arguably the most important part of the entire sales process because it’s your chance to uncover what will influence your customer to buy. Which can be done by asking the right kinds of questions, in the right way and at the right time.On this episode, Hannah dives into Discovery 101 and walks you back through the basic foundation of what makes a successful discovery and how you can prep for your next call with a plan and a mission to make an impact and connect with your customer.Email us at [email protected]
11/8/20227 minutes, 27 seconds
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Great Tip to Address Early Month Pipeline Gap

You start the month with an idea of what opportunities you are bringing into the month and then what the gap is that you currently don’t see, then you hopefully put together a plan on how to address this gap.  As the month goes on, if the gap remains it gets harder and harder to address and eventually you run out of time.  But, what if we told you that we have a super impactful trailing pipeline re-engagement message that will allow you to get ahead of the game and find out which trailing pipeline opportunities you may be able to reignite and target to boost your monthly forecast. As referenced in the show:Brian Burns - - Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling PodcastChris Voss - - Books: Never Split the Difference & Start with No, Beacons of LeadershipEmail us at [email protected]
11/1/20227 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Key Question to Unlock a Great Discovery Call

We have a super high impact question that we’re about to share with you that will help you gain entry into the discovery call and allow you to build trust, credibility and a foundation to get your prospect talking about the thing they care most about.Listen to find out the key question that you can ask to unlock a great discovery.  This question applies to any and all sales roles, no matter what you sell or who you sell to.Email us at [email protected]
10/25/20225 minutes, 59 seconds
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How to Impress Your Sales Manager

Special Episode!  Want to impress your sales manager?  Look no further.  Hannah and I ARE frontline sales managers and we wanted to share some inside information on how you can show out as a go-to on your team in other ways besides just crushing sales performance.  If you are an AE that wants some perspective on what your sales manager is looking for, you don't want to miss this one.Email us at [email protected]
10/18/202217 minutes
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Why Webcams Make for the Best Buying Experience

Turning your webcam on during a sales meeting creates a better experience for your buyer and leads to more sales.  Don't take our word for it though because according to Gong, deals are 127% more likely to close when a webcam is used during any point in the sales process (link below).  Get an edge over your competition as we give you some cover WHY a webcam creates a great experience and some tips to maximize your buyer's experience with you once you turn the webcam on.Links reference during show: us at [email protected]
10/11/202211 minutes, 18 seconds
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Tips to Send Great Recap Emails

Recap emails can be an effective way to highlight important topics from a recent call to keep them top of mind for your buyer, however when done incorrectly they can be confusing and irrelevant.On this episode we cover best practices when you're putting together that recap email for the great call you just had.  This includes, how to open the email, how to structure the content and then finally how to end the email for maximum impact and no wasted space.Before your next sales call give this one a listen to arm yourself with a plan to make sure your call recap email provides maximum impact.Email us at [email protected]
10/4/20227 minutes, 52 seconds
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Trial Account Best Practices

Positioning a proof of concept or trial account can be a great way to let a customer test your solution in a hands-on way.  It can be particularly useful if they need to test a specific feature or integration that is integral to their business.However, AEs make some big mistakes when offering a trial account that can sink deal velocity and sometimes even the sale.In this episode we identify those mistakes and give you some tips on how to position a successful trial to impress your buyer and win the deal.Email us at [email protected]
9/27/20227 minutes, 10 seconds
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Stop Feature Dumping During Discovery

The bad news is that feature dumping during discovery is widespread and one of the biggest ways to bore your buyer and lose momentum in the sales process.  The good news is it's one of the easiest things to fix.  We tackle how to identify if you are feature dumping & some things to keep top of mind to help you shift your mindset into curious discovery and away from solutioning and feature dumping too soon.We reference an article referencing Gong during the episode.  Here is a link to that article - us at [email protected]
9/20/20229 minutes, 35 seconds
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Win Sales Without Direct Access to the DM

Listener requested topic!  As much as we are told by sales expert that getting access to the decision maker and gaining influence is one of the most important things that sellers needs to do, the practical reality is that it's not always possible.  In fact, you may be in a sales job where a high percentage of your opportunities don't allow for this.  So what do you do?  We break down some tips to gain influence, work through your point of contact to set you up in the best position to win deals without direct access to a DM.Email us at [email protected]
9/13/20226 minutes, 41 seconds
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Navigating Conversations about "The Competition"

In this episode, Hannah and James discuss how to address your competition when it comes up during a sale.  Do you go right in and lay out all the dirt or is there a more effective way to position yourself against your competitors without needing to do that? We discuss why going negative is bad, ways to address an incumbent and other competitors without being so direct. Finally if there is no way to get around it, how to address your competition in a positive way that will set you apart.Email us at [email protected]
9/6/20229 minutes, 46 seconds
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Selling Through a Gatekeeper

According to SalesHacker - "A gatekeeper in sales is someone who intercepts marketing and sales experts before they speak with a company owner or leader. They commonly feature in major firms and corporations, where they listen to a salesperson’s material and determine whether it will benefit the company."We discuss how to identify a gatekeeper and some some tips on how to get through a gatekeeper to move your sale forward.Link to Sales Hacker article - us at [email protected]
8/30/20229 minutes, 6 seconds
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Salespeople - Remember to Ask for Something Back!

In an effort to be agreeable, as salespeople, we do not ask for anything in return..  On this podcast, Hannah and James discuss some ways to keep this top of mind and cover some things that you can ask for in return that aren't monetary to help you win deals.Email us at [email protected]
8/30/20227 minutes, 7 seconds
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Just Checking In?

Salespeople...are you just "checking in"?  In this episode, Hannah and James identify this habit, discuss why you must break this behavior ASAP and some actionable coaching tips and pointers to make your sales follow ups more meaningful!Email us at [email protected]
8/30/202210 minutes, 2 seconds
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Welcome to Win More Sales!

Win More Sales TeaserEmail us at [email protected]
8/27/20221 minute, 27 seconds