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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 3 episodes, 48 minutes
Welcome to the real estate conversation podcast where you will learn more about the real estate industry in Malta. Our goal is to give our audience the best of information so they may take knowledgeable decisions when it come to their property needs. We believe knowledge is key and we are happy to share this with our audience, with a mission in mind of empowering the people.
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How a business coach can unlock your potential!

In this podcast, I interviewed Alex Falzon, a Leadership coach and trainer based in Malta, and we discussed the impact a coach can have on sales results and the methods he uses to unlock the potential of his clients.  Alex has made a name for himself on the Island and provides value to his customers.  Here is the full episode here, or you can watch it here:
11/29/202316 minutes, 40 seconds
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Become a top performer in your area of expertise

Plenty of us often find ourselves working on so many things and not concentrating on the important business opportunities available that will make the hard cash you deserve.   Mark Micallef is a Top Producing Agent in Malta for several years and was ranked #1 in 2020 and shares his secrets to success in how he built his own business.  Join me and learn how to become an expert in your town on the "Strive to Thrive" podcast.  Catch you on the other side! 
3/2/202215 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to become the Top Agent of your Town

Kevin Buttigieg is the Chairman of RE/MAX in Malta and multi International award winning RE/MAX agent.  Here he provides his journey on how he became successful over his 27 years of experience in the real estate market.
2/22/202215 minutes, 56 seconds