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English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 9 seasons, 178 episodes, 20 hours, 32 minutes
Talking about Netflix original Series Stranger Things. Sponsored by Anchor. science fiction series talking about Stranger Things also for Season 2 were going to mix it up so for episode 1 were doing mike episode 2 where going to talk about Stranger Things 4 | Stranger Talk Season 7 | This Show was created using Anchor by Spotify | A Spotify Original | and it on other podcast supported apps like Apple Podcast Google Podcast iHeart Radio and much more i cant name
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We're Definitely Not Kid's Anymore

....The Protest is Still Going and They are Building the sets already...
8/26/202320 seconds
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"Barb Is Still Alive!!!"

gGuy's Barb is Still AliveAlive!LOL
4/3/202334 seconds