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Straight Up Sisters The Podcast

English, Cultural, 16 seasons, 180 episodes, 3 days 12 hours 17 minutes
A podcast hosted by 2 sisters, RaqC and La Susie….The baby and the oldest. Raised by the same parents, same household, that chose 2 different life paths. They agree to disagree ALOT and if you don’t know them you would think they are fighting, but they talk passionately. A show where nothing is off limits. These 2 sisters are talking about it ALL, relationships, sex, marriage, dating, career, health and everything in between. RaqC IG: @raqcsworld Susie IG: @lasusie Email: [email protected]
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Season 9 EP#6: Don't ignore your intuition

Today's show is IMPORTANT! To many people are out on these streets are ignoring thier intuiton. Your intution always leads you in the RIGHT direction, even when it feels scary. It's when you don't listen to it that shit hits the fan. How many times have you ignored your intuition and regret it? Tune in and turn up, and from this day forward DO NOT IGNORE that inner voice, it's your inner compass.  @straightupsistersthepodcast @raqcsworld @lasusie 
26/01/20222 hours 16 minutes 11 seconds