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English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 129 episodes, 5 days 20 hours 29 minutes
Straight Candid is an entertainment podcast hosted by two Minneapolis women who have been known to say it how it is and never sugarcoat the truth. They will candidly discuss sex, relationships, health and wellness, hot-button issues, and expectations of navigating through their confusing AF mid-20s. From perfectionism to over committing, quitting a job to dealing with anxiety, these girls will keep it real with you. Join along as Syd and Soph welcome guests, shoot the shit, and talk real, raw, and Straight Candid conversations.⁣
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125: HARRY JOWSEY: F*ck Boy to Spirituality, Break Ups, & What Actually Matters

HARRY JOWSEY joins Straight Candid from the Two Hot Takes studios in LA. Holy crap.  Harry opens up about a side of him he recently discovered - no longer the f*ck boy energy post public breakup, the spiritual awakening he had with ayahuasca, & his newly found feminine energy he is harnessing. Harry opens about why he started reality TV & Too Hot to Handle - wanting to make people laugh because of the darkness he's had around him. He also shares what it was like to break up publicly, and how he is only dating to marry at this point. We are so excited to share a side of Harry. Maybe more mental health content & another reality TV show in his future??? Harry reads & shares his #StraightCandid moment this week, & in candid fashion, it is a poop story. ENJOY! PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RA
05/06/20231 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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124: HALP: I'm Fighting with My Partner and It's Not Just PMS

Join us as we explore the ABSURD and HILARIOUS conflicts that can arise in relationships. From trivial arguments about cookies and dishwashing techniques to the challenges of effective communication, we share PERSONAL anecdotes and offer practical advice for resolving conflicts in relationships. Discover strategies for expressing your needs, staying calm in the heat of the moment, and fostering open communication outside of arguments. WE LOVE YOU CANDID FAM <3 PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Apple Podcast: Subscribe on Youtube:  https://www
29/05/20231 hour 8 minutes
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123: Dom Gabriel: Perfect Match, Crop Tops, & a Male POV

LA EPI #1 - DOM GABRIEL IS ON STRAIGHT CANDID! Dom was CANDID - immediately opening up about his time on Perfect Match, The Mole, and who he was/what he left behind prior to coming to fame with reality TV. Who was Dom before TV? What is the biggest challenge with all this attention? What happens next - Canada or LA? Oh & no more Aussies?  LADIES: Dom answered ALL your write in's about your male situation-ships & he's got a POV! Listen for his advice in our game, "What is He Thinking?"  & a #StraightCandid moment leaving us with an EXTREME amount of second hand embarrassment from an accidental group text... eeeeep. Dom also dives into toxic masculinity and being true to himself - hearing he get's positive feedback all the time for 'crying' on Perfect Match. "Femininity is STRONG," Dom speaks about his past growing up with his mom & shaping how he shows up today. We throw him for a few candid loops - GIRLS POOP is always #1. We left LA w
22/05/20231 hour 8 minutes 54 seconds
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122: Mini: The LA Hustle & New Opportunities

THE LADIES MADE IT TO LA!!!! Holy crap they are buzzing with energy &amp; creativity again - the city has set a fire under their a$ses to keep having candid conversations, creating, and thinking outside the box. They offer a sneak peak into what episodes are coming from their trip (11 recorded in 4 days) -who the big names are &amp; the amazing conversations had from the Two Hot Takes studio in Los Angeles.  Syd &amp; Soph share about their 6 days together in an AIRBNB- what they've learned about each other, who toots more, what the trip looked like, what #StraightCandid moments came of their stay, and what YOU should be looking forward to hearing. This is just the beginning of so much! Candid crew - we love you!!!! PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Apple Podcast: <a href="
15/05/202316 minutes 35 seconds
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121: Acne, Anti-Aging, & Skincare Must's w/ Dermatologist, Dr. Tareen

From toxic clean beauty to 12-step routines, it's hard to know what REALLY works for our skin. That's where nationally acclaimed board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Tareen comes in. With years of experience in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, she's here this week to help separate FACT from FICTION. What should I be using on my skin in my 20s vs 30s vs 40s? Is gua sha a fad? How do I get rid of Bacne?? She shares her knowledge on hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, sunscreen, acne, accutane, mole abnormality, oily skin, botox and fillers, and so much more. Dr. Tareen shares the craziest pimples she has ever popped and why working in the dermatology field is so rewarding. We asked as many questions as we could squeeze (pun) in, and we hope you love this episode as much as we did! Reminder: Don't touch the pimple!  #StraightCandid Moment this week involves the hilarious story of Soph asking her boyfriend to pop a painful butt pimple. Who knew a butt pimple cou
08/05/20231 hour 14 minutes 42 seconds
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120: MALE PERSPECTIVE: Jordan, Pat, & Brad the Baddie

Ready to uncover the MALE dating perspective? Join us this week as we dive into the male psyche and uncover the number one thing guys look for in a female.  Listeners asked your most pressing questions as Syd's boyfriend, Jordan and Soph's boyfriend, Pat answer them with HONESTY &amp; HUMOR. You are also formally introduced to Straight Candid's secret persona we have now named, "Brad the Baddie."  You'll find out whether guys are more afraid of being cheated on or being the cheater, how they show interest in a girl, if it bothers them when she flirts with your friends - what’s crossing the line, and biggest turn-offs and RED FLAGS from a male perspective. Tune in to this fun and informative episode to get the inside SCOOP on the male brain.  PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Appl
01/05/20231 hour 15 minutes 52 seconds
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119: CONSENSUS: Dating Apps Suck & Closure is Everything

Ready to jump back into the dating game after a breakup? Don't swipe right just yet! The listeners had some STRONG opinions about online dating and the girls shared em' all. Ever wondered what men are thinking when they use the apps?  The girls explore the signs that indicate you're ready to start a new relationship, how to get the closure you NEED, and why moving on is sometimes NECESSARY. Plus, get ready to laugh as we share hilarious stories from real divorced people on the moments they knew their relationship was over. Spoiler alert: some of the responses will have you shaking your head and questioning humanity...not kidding LOL.  We also asked our listeners to share their dating app experiences and why they use them. So, before you dive into the dating pool, remember: there are PLENTY of fish in the sea, but don't spread yourself too thin. Take the time to figure out who YOU are and be the right person before you start looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.
24/04/20231 hour 8 minutes 13 seconds
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118: POV: You Had an #AlmondMom & You're Learning to Love Your Body

In this week's episode, Syd and Soph delve into the phenomenon of #AlmondMoms - sharing listener stories, sharing their own experiences from life growing up, &amp; talk about HOW we can avoid becoming them while being healthy... is it possible??? Listener #StraightCanid Moment this week involves a drunk moment we're all guilty of at some point in our lives - OOPSY.  The girls tackle the complex relationship between weight loss and body acceptance/love. Can you be trying to lose weight AND love your body at the same time? How does generational trauma affect our relationship with food and our bodies? They discuss generational dieting, the difference between ingredient vs. snack households, body shaming that's passed down through generations, and the impact of almond mom phrases on our mindset around nutrition and dieting culture. WTF MOM! Jk - our mama's were just doing the absolute best they could &amp; had to grow up with allllllll the ALMOND MOM habits normalize
17/04/20231 hour 4 minutes 24 seconds
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117: Dating Q&A: Finding Love & Introducing Him to Your Vibrator

You asked, we answered. This weeks episode Syd &amp; Soph respond to your relationship stories and confessions - all the things we're secretly wondering when we're single or dating. From initiating sex with your partner, reading the mixed signals, increasing your chances of finding love, dating introverts vs. extroverts, and being a hopeless romantic after only two dates with a guy.  #StraightCandid Moments this week include Syd's birthday ridiculousness turned stretch limo, and Soph can't remember how old she  Enjoy!  PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Apple Podcast: Subscribe on Youtube:  <a href="
10/04/20231 hour 11 minutes 8 seconds
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116: Syd's 26! 26 Things We've Learned In Our 20's

In honor of Syd’s 26th birthday, the girls keep it CANDID and share 26 things they wish they would have known before entering their 20s. From relationship drama, feeling alone, making adult friendships, and taking the risk in your career, Syd and Soph share their personal experiences that remind us that we’re all human trying to navigate our lives. We all question ourselves. Don’t let society add the pressures of where you “should be” in life… write your own story with your own timeline.  Ever borrowed someone’s vibrator? Try your boyfriend mom’s…this week’s #StraightCandid moment.  As always, we hope you can take something from this episode, and share it with those who may need it.  We love you candid fam &lt;3  PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Apple Podcast: <a href="ht
03/04/20231 hour 7 minutes 12 seconds
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115: Dr. Jolene Brighten - Hormones, Birth Control, & Is This Normal?

HAPPY MONDAY &lt;3 Dr. Jolene Brighten joins the podcast this week to talk all things birth control and  hormonal imbalances. We've been waiting for this one!! Dr. Jolene Brighten NMD, is a hormone expert, nutrition scientist, and thought leader in women’s medicine. She is board certified in naturopathic endocrinology and trained in clinical sexology. Dr. Brighten is the author of Is This Normal and Beyond The Pill, a non-judgemental guide to creating hormone balance, eliminating unwanted symptoms, and building the sexual desire you crave. We asked listeners to write in their questions.. and Dr. Jolene answered! How does hormonal birth control affect your mental health? Sex drive? Digestion? And to be clear, she is not anti-brith control. Not at all. She is pro-informed consent and helping you make the best decision for you. She is dedicated to uncovering the root cause of your sy
27/03/20231 hour 25 minutes 53 seconds
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114: More Than A Body w/ Dr. Lindsay & Dr. Lexie

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about how your your body looks instead of just LIVING in your body? As Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. and Lexie Kite, Ph.D. would say, “we are in a society where we are not living our lives for us anymore, but we are living for how other people may perceive our lives.” Lindsay and Lexie are identical twins and leading experts in body image and the harmful effects of objectification. They wrote the book More Than a Body- Your Body is an Instrument Not an Ornament and are codirectors of the nonprofit “beauty redefined” and both received PhDs in body image studies. So yes, we are talking genius level expertise.  In this episode Syd and Soph had some mind boggling revelations that lead to some tears, laughs, and vulnerability. Please share this episode with not only your lady friends but also, the men in your life. Change starts here. PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: <a href="
20/03/20231 hour 13 minutes 8 seconds
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113: Beauty. Body. Brains. Bucks - Society's Pressures to Have it ALL

The girls get's real about the pressures us ladies are feeling. How do you have it all? Is it realistic to strive for it or are we setting ourselves up for failure? There is so much to stay on top of in today's society - Beauty &amp; makeup, having good style, being on trend...Having a good body, having kids by 30, staying in shape, &amp; being a young, fun mom..Being smart &amp; on top of all things - Keep learning and growing, but be present in life. &amp; make good money - you better have a good job. It's a lot, on anyone and we keep it candid to explain what we think &amp; how we remove the pressures to focus on what is best for US.  Life updates, #StraightCandid Moments, &amp; some candid chats you will NOT want to miss out on. WE LOVE YOU! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: <a h
13/03/202356 minutes 53 seconds
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112: Friendship Icks! Signs They're Toxic & Making New Friends

Friends are allowed to make mistakes - at least, that's what you thought when your friend forgot your birthday. But then she flaked on you for second time that week, purposefully excluded you from the group chat, and made fun of you in front of mutual friends. Yo. This is not a friend and you deserve better.  Syd and Soph chat all about their personal friendship icks, dealbreakers, breakups, and how to make adult friends. As always we share some funny moments from the weekend and spend four minutes too long chatting about what we would do if our family caught us masturbating.. um no. lol. Enjoy! PLEASE RATE and Follow on Spotify: PLEASE RATE and Subscribe on Apple Podcast:
06/03/20231 hour 16 minutes 10 seconds
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111: OnlyStans, a Successful Open Relationship & The P**n Industry Truths w/ Candice

Candice, otherwise known as Eva Lovia, joins the pod today with CANDID topics that Syd &amp; Soph have never touched on.   Candice opens up about her past in the adult film industry, when she KNEW it was her destiny, how she continues OnlyStans as a mom of 2, &amp; how Candice navigates being in an open relationship. Were you ever worried what people would think? Is every open relationship destined to fail? How do you chat with a partner about having a customized open relationship? She is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and avid learner - so learn alongside us as we chat CANDIDLY about things we've all had curiosity around. When we were reading Candice's bio, this stood out to us: "Her mission is to inspire people to expand their curiosity, think independently, and not be afraid of our messiness" - Because life is so messy! So listen with open minds &amp; ears! Candice fits right into our candid crew! ENJOYYYYYY! Find Eva Lovia/Candice on social <a href="h
27/02/20231 hour 16 minutes 5 seconds
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110: So You Wanna Be A Gym Girly? Fitness Tips & Our Past w/ Disordered Eating

***TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we talk about eating disorders, calorie counts, body weight, and other ED patterns so please be aware of this before listening to this episode. We are also not registered dietitians or doctors so please consult your physician on any matters regarding your health. We are so excited to switch things up this week and bring you a more knowledge based episode regarding our fitness routines and mindsets. Syd and Soph chat keto diets, disordered eating, reverse dieting, current workout splits, sleep, nutrition we live by, and even tips on how to grow a juicy booty. Keep in mind, this conversation is based upon our opinions, preferences, and what has worked for us -unless stated otherwise. We do share some evidence based research supporting the importance of carbs, reverse dieting, and eating enough to support your metabolism and hormones. This week is a good mix of opinion, fact, and as always some straight candid moments. Stick arou
20/02/20231 hour 27 minutes 8 seconds
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109: Candid Confessions - Syd, Soph, or Listener??

NEW DAY! AKA Monday's our new favorite day of the week! Today is all about getting that thing you did back in 2015 off your chest - CANDID CONFESSIONS! Syd &amp; Soph mix in their own confessions too. Listeners wrote in &amp; we got to air ALL the dirty laundry. Flash back to middle school lol.  We learn of Soph's Justin Bieber meet-up plan, Syd's MIchael Phelps love notes, &amp; a few of their worst moments - no sneak peak this week, you'll just have to listen. We hope you enjoy :)
13/02/202354 minutes 49 seconds
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Mini Episode - We've Got News!!!!

09/02/20231 minute 10 seconds
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108: The Art Of Being Alone But Not Lonely: How to Romanticize Solitude

In this weeks episode Syd and Soph discuss the art of solitude. Through an overly curated mass on social media, we are meant to believe that we should never be alone. We all have a strong case of FOMO that needs to end if we ever wish to achieve self-love, creativity, and confidence.  Syd and Soph share their battle of letting go of overpacked social schedules and welcoming boredom, solitude, and unchecked to do lists. They also share plenty of ideas for you to start romanticizing YOUR alone time.  After all, being alone is an act of self love. It is an art.  Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts: Subscribe on Youtube:  <a href="
02/02/202359 minutes 38 seconds
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108: THROWBACK: Candid Firsts: the Good First Love, the Bad First Kiss, & all the Cringe

*As we enjoy a break, please enjoy one of our favorite &amp; top episodes to date. We love you all!!!!* Our first kiss went a little like.. CRINGE! There are plenty of FIRSTS that happen in our lifetimes: First kiss, first crush, first relationship, first break up, first love, first sexual encounter, first time getting in trouble; you get the picture. Let's reflect the glory days - and some of the cringe worthy, embarrassing moments that shaped our first's. A fresh first: Soph's got news to share with the candid listeners- shall I hint with a "new roomie"? Come along as we laugh about turtle decor &amp; a tiki mug (trust me, it's good), #StraightCandid listener FIRST KISS stories that will bring you back &amp; Syd's first love turned heart CRUSHED. Be prepared for a whole lot of entertainment, story telling, and some good 'ol embarrassing stories. ENJOY! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: <a href="https://ww
19/01/20231 hour 9 minutes 37 seconds
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107: January Reset: Taking a Break + Couples Therapy

Rest, recharge, and reset. 2023 is giving all the self-care, self-love, work/life balance vibes - and we are HERE for it. This week we update the listeners on all the BTS juice including Soph’s mental health struggles, Syd’s January travel plans, and Producer Ben needing to take a step back. We even get candid about seeing a couples therapist, yes.. together. No we aren't a couple (yet lol) but owning a growing business with a friend means communication, communication, and MORE communication. SC Moments this week include Invisalign lisps, suffocated lady bits, and saying the wrong name during sex. Oopsie. Please share, enjoy, and listen to your favorite old episode during our mini January hiatus. Be back in a few! Don’t miss us too much, brb ;)  Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple P
12/01/202339 minutes 34 seconds
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106: Sex Therapist & Hubby: Nerves, Intimacy Struggles, & Bedroom Routines

Vanessa &amp; Xander everyone!!! This duo of therapist and hubby are our fav social media sex-tips couple! They give us perspectives on what intimacy struggles we ALL have. WE ARE NORMAL. How common are nerves in the bedroom? Intimacy lacking because of confidence or distance or lack of interest? Do people actually like… butt stuff?  THEY COVER IT ALL. We get their take on candid listener questions &amp; why routine might be your friend…. They don’t skip past the WHY behind these candid sex convos &amp; how it can be HARD just to have them with their partner. Communication is your FRIEND. We loved hosting Vanessa &amp; Xander - we know you will too!  Follow them on social @vanessaandxander and join their email list at for totally do-able sex tips, practical relationship advice, hilarious and honest stories of what really goes on behind closed bedroom doors, and so much more.  Make sure yo
29/12/20221 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds
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105: Dating Tactics: Are We Still Playing Games?

Do you ever wonder what you're doing "wrong" while dating? Should you text them first? Do you play "hard to get" or tell them how you feel? We know the games; we've played the games. We want to help YOU navigate the dating scene - NOT necessarily by playing games -but by learning how to flirt, text, and follow up- all while being your genuine energetic non-needy self. #StraightCandid moments this week involve a lemonade with a SALTY twist, instagrams new "note" feature, and the girls gym locker room. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: Follow on Spotify: https:/
22/12/20221 hour 3 minutes 46 seconds
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104: POV: You're a Rebound & Didn't Read The Signs

Does he love bomb you? Does he constantly talk sh*t about his ex? Chances are.... YOU ARE A REBOUND. We ignore all signs when we get caught up in the moment &amp; excited about a new person - BEEN THERE. We've all been someone's rebound - &amp; probably had a rebound too. But can it be avoided? #StraightCandid moments this week involve ham &amp; cheese croissants, 2AM ring camera strangers, &amp; a broken dick - OUCHIE! We love you guys &amp; hope you love this epi too! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: Follow on Spotify:
15/12/20221 hour 6 minutes 40 seconds
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103: Foster 'S'Care: Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Choosing Your Family w/ Erica & Liz

Liz Handt &amp; Erica Blake are identical twins who are passionate about sharing their story of surviving childhood abuse. Their mission is to inspire survivors to grow through their experiences so that they can bloom into the brightest, most beautiful version of themselves. In today’s episode, they share their story, and talk about their healing journey, grief, and how to navigate the holidays without a “normal” family. From dealing with a mother with munchausen by proxy to digging up old medical records- these girls are some of the strongest women we know. Thank you to Erica and Liz for being open, vulnerable, and candid. We love you both! TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussions about child abuse and neglect, including emotional, verbal, psychological and physical abuse, and gaslighting. Tune in next week if these topics are triggering in anyway. If you are a witness or a victim to child abuse please call or text the Childhelp
08/12/20221 hour 10 minutes 8 seconds
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102: Protecting Your Mental Health, Relationships, & Body Image this Holiday Season

OH LORD. The holiday season is basically here as we scurry into December... So time to talk about how you are going to PUT YOU FIRST. Holiday's can stir up a lot of emotions for any of us - Body image issues, relationships with your family, his family, or friends, &amp; can bring you down. Do you give a gift for your current "fling"? Why do I continue to go to family gatherings that DON'T make me feel good? Why do I act different around his family vs. mine? Most importantly, how do I put me first??? WORST family holiday moments are shared from the listeners, along with a whole lot of #StraightCandid moments from Syd &amp; Soph - we had a lot to share OK! Laugh a little, reflect a little, &amp; prep a little for your holiday szn with us! Just promise us one thing... if you've got a situation that doesn't feel good to be in, please don't go this year, Capeesh? The season of giving doesn't mean sacrificing your mental health!!! PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO OUR
01/12/20221 hour 10 minutes 57 seconds
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101: Nick Viall: Can You Text Your Ex? Toxic Love + Dating Q&As

The former Bachelor’ star, Nick Viall, joins Syd and Soph this week to get candid about his current relationship status, the process of writing his new book titled “Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday,” and why we should walk into our first dates with confidence. Nick gives unfiltered advice to all of our listener Q’s including: feeling stuck in a relationship, dealing with a dissonance in love languages, and why we sometimes self-sabotage a good date. If you’re in the dating world, in a relationship, single AF, dealing with FBoys, or even married..this episode has a little something for everyone. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/11/202250 minutes 49 seconds
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100: We Made It! LIVE: Straight Candid's Journey, What's Next, & What Gives Us the Ick

CAN WE HEAR IT FOR 100 EPISODES? Holy milestone - we've made it. This week's episode, Syd &amp; Soph are joined by a LIVE audience in their home studio to celebrate all the last 2 years has brought. How the heck did we get here? Where the hell are we going?? We answer live questions, read our ALL TIME favorite #StraightCandid moment, &amp; talk about a little thing called the ICK. Why do we get the ick? What are our WORST ick stories? Laugh along as we dive right into one of our favorite episodes to-date. Thank you for listening, supporting, and CANDIDLY being along for the journey to 100 - here's to 100 more! &lt;3 WE LOVE YOU! &amp; Here's to our amazing event support!!! Videography &amp; Photography 📸: @chase_a_johnson Makeup 💋: @beautybystudee FOOD 🥗: @sweetgreen DRINKS 🍺: <a hr
17/11/20221 hour 3 minutes 8 seconds
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99: Syd's Bf Chats Relationship Secrets, Pet Peeves, and Financial Differences

It's about time Syd’s boyfriend made another appearance on the podcast. Jordan Hagel was last behind the mic in 2020 (episode 18) and it is crazy to hear how much Syd, Jordan, and their relationship has grown since then. Jordan is here and ready to talk ALL the relationship details: Who made the first move? Why does their relationship work? Is syd the one? The listeners had a few questions for Jordan as well - including if he remembers the first time Syd tooted in front of him. Are toots a turn off? What is the timeline for an acceptable “first toot?" Taking a break from relationship talk, Jordan offers up some financial advice for the newly grads. WTF even is a 401k? Do I have one? How can I get one? He also has some great tips on managing financial differences within a relationship and/or dating. Determining who pays the bill is trickier than you think. Hmm.. JOIN US in welcoming Jordan Hagel! We love you Jordyyyyy! ________________
10/11/20221 hour 6 minutes 17 seconds
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98: How to Practice Body Neutrality in a Fat Phobic Society w/ Model, Dana Patterson

Read the title again. Be prepared to be candid &amp; reflect in this week's episode with THE Dana Patterson as we discuss Body positivity vs body NEUTRALITY &amp; society's fat phobia. Why are we shifting from body positivity? Are you using it in the correct form? Are we being fat phobic with things we say day to day? Syd &amp; Soph reflect candidly with the model, who is an OG in the body neutrality and eating disorder recovery space. After spending over a decade in the modeling industry, Dana explains why she thinks not everyone should strive to be a part of the space &amp; how she only chooses brands to work with based on their TRUE inclusivity of everyone. But who isn't doing this? Welcome our unapologetically real &amp; raw guest, Dana &lt;3 Warning: Discussion of eating disorders lives within this podcast - please be mindful of where you are at in the healing process. We love you! Go follow Dana: @danaisa
03/11/20221 hour 5 minutes 55 seconds
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97: Commitment Phobia? (Or are They Just Not that Into You?)

"Commitment." Did you cringe? We know the word alone is enough to make some f-boys run far far away. And for the partners of the commitment adverse, it ain't any easier. Syd and Soph explain what commitment phobia IS and what commitment phobia isn't. Hint: if they failed to text you back after the first date it is NOT a commitment issue. Syd and Soph also share their opinions about attachment styles, vibrating backpacks, and 12-year old boys who dislike short kings. Enjoy nuggets! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: Follow on Spotify:
27/10/20221 hour 6 minutes 8 seconds
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96: Wigged Out: Funny vs. Spicy, Halloween Story Time & No More Costume Shaming!

We'd like you to meet today's podcast hosts, Margaret &amp; Sylvia! Our alter egos are welcomed into today's episode with open arms for some good ol' STORY TELLING. Sexy vs. Slooty this halloween? Why do we sloot shame the sexy costumes? What are we dressing up as this year? ALLLL the chit chat that will leave you in tears... no seriously. We share a Candid listener's #StraightCandid ghost story that will spook you &amp; Syd share's one that turned her to a believer. Margaret &amp; Sylvia are a HOOT - This episode is full of throwback stories, getting into character, and when else it can be...useful to wear a wig (hint hint: Soph's #StraightCandid moment). WE LOVE YOU &amp; HAPPY SPOOKY SZN! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: <a href="
20/10/202255 minutes 16 seconds
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95: Nykita: Trans Icon - Modeling, Makeup & Talk to Your Mans!

Nykita Joy puts the "super" in "super star” and "influence" in "influencer." Nykita (@neoitgirl) is a trans icon &amp; queen who uses her platform to amplify the JOYS of being YOU - Unapologetically. Nykita was born in Minnesota but moved to NYC to pursue a career in makeup, when she was discovered on a job &amp; jumped directly into modeling. She represents what the modeling industry seems to missing: inclusion, authenticity, and transgender representation.  We cannot thank Nykita enough for opening up about her life &amp; helping us normalize candid conversations for our LGBTQIA+ brothers &amp; sisters.  Nykita spent her early years accepting, finding, and navigating her identity - all while being surrounded by right winged influences from one small town to another. Listen along as Nykita shares her story and tells us why we all need to go talk to our MANS in our life, like right NOW. Change is happening, but slowly. It is our job (and YOUR job) to have more of these
13/10/20221 hour 9 minutes 14 seconds
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94: GHOSTING - Fearing Rejection, Failing to Communicate & Bad First Dates

"Did I just get ghosted?" We ALLLLL know a ghoster. For some of us, that ghoster might be YOU. Some of us fear it, some of us DO it. When is it okay to ghost? When is someone bad at communicating OR just not that interested? What do I do after getting ghosted?? Honey... we've got you covered during this spooky season. A little candid banter on who we've done it too, who's DARED do it to us ;) and how to overcome the bad communication skills &amp; rejection. We sneak in a few other stories too - including a health scare &amp; a clever poo poo trick. She is SPOOKY - Enjoy candid crew! *Please see our Instagram highlight on @Straightcandidpodcast for resources &amp; donation locations for HURRICANE IAN.* Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast:<
06/10/20221 hour 1 minute 45 seconds
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93: Sex Drive Differences & Performance Anxiety- With Sex Therapist, Lyndsey

WOAH. This week Lyndsey Fraser took this podcast to an entirely new level. A NEW FREAKIN LEVEL! Before you listen we highly recommend grabbing your partner, a pen, and your active listening skills. Lydnsey (MA, LMFT, CST) is a certified sex therapist and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been maintaining a small private practice since 2011.  We chat about the connection between enneagrams and sexuality, desire discrepancies, and how the relationship cycle plays out in a long term commitment. Syd and Soph even share their OWN sexual insecurities to get a professional take on the issues. Hint: we know we aren’t the only ones who struggle with performance vs enjoyment vs being in the moment during the “deed.” MEN this is for you too! Later in the episode we dive into the normalcy around refractory periods, erectile dysfunction, and whether porn is okay to watch while in a relationship. We are so excited for you all to listen, share
22/09/20221 hour 17 minutes 57 seconds
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92: Anxiety Disorder, Burnout, & Learning to Create BALANCE

Before listening, take a deep, intentional breath. It's about time we dove into the not so good feelings we have on the daily. Being candid means funny butthole stories yes, but it also means when the going get's tough, we talk about it. The anxious nights, the days where you can't leave your room, the moments when your heart beats so fast and you don't know why. We understand - what's more, we share ALL the tips we have to balance - mindfulness, reading, teas, journaling, breathing, patterns = what we've used, loved, hated, &amp; what we are testing next. You are not your anxiety, depression, or anxious patterns P.S. There are plenty of laughs in this epi so sit back &amp; relax - the FUN &amp; the REAL come together as one. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here:<
21/09/20221 hour 11 minutes 9 seconds
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91: New Studio, Same B*tches: You're Allowed to Be a B!

In candid words... you are allowed to be a bitch. You have permission to FEEL your feelings, embrace your bitch urges, kick the trash can, and allow yourself to feel like a sack of shit. Although there are guidelines to being a REAL bitch with bad intentions and a CANDID bitch with genuine opinions, there is only ONE way to set these bitches straight - Candid conversations about speaking your mind, people pleasing, and setting boundaries. Syd shares some dirty details about the new studio, Soph gets real about brain fog and the mental exhaustion that has kicked in, and Ben shares a.. porn script? Enjoy babes. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here:
08/09/202257 minutes 56 seconds
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90: PLANT DADDY: Soph's BF Chats Moving In, Dating Dirty Deets & Body Image

it's about time Soph's boyfriend made an appearance on the podcast. PLANt DADDY is here and unfiltered to talk ALL the relationship details: first date, saying the "L" word, moving in, &amp; everything in between. Do they have a funny kink together? What have you learned to love about the other person? Who's has the crazier HOTS (seggs drive)? Taking a break from relationship talk, Pat speaks to his passions - being vegan, body building, and hugging trees. &lt;3 Opening up about body image &amp; eating patterns, he shares how far he's come and WHY he does what he does. Healing comes in all forms - even from leg dayz in the gym. JOIN US in welcoming the OG plant daddy we've all been hearing about - LIVE. You won't want to miss this, or THEIR mutual #StraightCandid moments. It's official: SOPH - you picked a good one. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: https://www.youtub
01/09/20221 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds
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89: Leah Kate: Twinkle Twinkle Little B*tch

Today we are joined by singer-songwriter Leah Kate. For the first few years of her career Leah was on a steady rise. Her 2021 album included fan favorites like “F U Anthem.” But recently, things have TAKEN OFF. Her latest single “10 Things I hate About You” has become a viral hit. Thanks to tiktok, the post-grunge inspired song has accumulated over 40 million streams in just a few weeks. She recently finished a European tour with Madison Beer, and is already on her next tour. In fact, Leah recorded this podcast right before her “mic check” for her next performance. Nbd. Leah and the candid girls discuss how not only hustle and determination can bring you closer to your goal, but also how haters and getting fired from a job can lead to redirection. We also talk about some of the relationships and stories that inspired her hit songs, why girls love “the chase,” the physical strain of performing and touring, fireball shots, and so much more.  Fol
25/08/202240 minutes 21 seconds
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88: Hot takes: Hook Ups, Hygiene, & Friends w/ Your Ex

IT'S A CANDID MINI!!!!! We won't keep you for long this week - We needed a mental health week.. BUT we love our candid crew so much, we decided to still record a mini episode just because. HOT HOT HOTEST of takes as we talk about all our funny/relatable opinions: Showers, ASMR, public nudity, friends with your ex's, and a few candid moments you'll LOVE.. or hate. One takes us to "flavor town" - Guy Fieri, and one is one of the WORST pad horror stories we've encountered. Not only that, but mix in your boyfriends mom and now you've got yourself a #Straight Candid Moment, LOL. ENJOY the mini &amp; meet us same time next week? Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts bishes!!!!: Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: https://w
18/08/202233 minutes 4 seconds
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87: Andy Voyen: Love Island's Mommas Boy

This week we welcome local legend and Love Island's superstar, Andy Voyen onto the podcast. He spilled all the tea! We chatted about him and Mady’s status after leaving the island, his infamous performance in the kissing challenge, and whether being a momma’s boy is a green or red flag. Tune in to hear all about Andy’s dagger tongue, most recent DM from Mady, and what’s next on his journey. Enjoy Candid Crew! Follow Andy: Follow Syd: Follow Soph: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts bishes!!!!: Make su
11/08/202255 minutes 32 seconds
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86: Debunking Dating Myths & How to Kill a First Date

We hear you - "There's only one person for you." "If they wanted to, they would." "I'll never love after heartbreak." "Opposites attract" "Timing is everything....."- WE'VE HEARD IT ALL. The ladies don't hold back with their opinions on these and more dating myths we've been brainwashed to believe are true... and what actually hits home. Who's got dating nerves? WE GOT YOU. Syd and Soph aren't that far from their dating life!!!! We talk listener WORST first dates &amp; how the hell to avoid them. What to do before, during, and after a date - do I text the day of to check in? Should I disagree with him when we are getting to know each other? How do I know if he's interested after? Don't forget to stick around for our listener dating advice - This Candid listener is stuck between her usual bad boy and a good boy wanting her attention.... Guess you'll have to listen for our vote! Let's get some good vibes from dating in this episode, shall we? Rate the Podc
04/08/20221 hour 18 minutes 19 seconds
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85: Crop Dustin’ While Hustlin’: Life as Fitness Coaches & Wellness Trends That Need to End

On this weeks episode Syd and Soph decided it would be fun to share a side of themselves that usually takes a backseat in the episodes. Both Syd and Soph spend a majority of their days at a gym and it may be time to dive into their knowledge, experiences, and stories from being fitness trainers. Soph debunks the idea that 'eating less' will continue to help you lose weight while Syd emphasizes the importance of lifting weights for a lean physique. NO WEIGHTS DO NOT MAKE YOU BULKY. Tune in if you want to hear more about the binge/restrict cycle, metabolism adaption, nutrition tips, and how to program your own workout. This episode is a little more content heavy than our others- but as always you'll catch some laughs, candid moments, and some freeeeeee flying toots (crop dusts). Oops.  DISCLAIMER: we are not a doctors or registered dietitians. The content provided should NOT be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always c
28/07/20221 hour 17 minutes 12 seconds
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84: Renee Segal: Relationship Therapist, Sex Drive is Fake, & When to Leave a Cheater

Did you know that 90% of females end marriages? Do know when to work with or LEAVE that cheater? How about the FAKE behind Sex Drive? Renee Segal, a relationship expert and wife of 36 years, dives right in to the deets. Don't worry singles - she's got loads for you too. Like, why there can be a struggle getting back into the dating game after a relationship. Syd &amp; Soph let you into their relationship as Renee offers advice on their current boyf struggles - candidly vulnerable. Soph has a dream turn into a scam &amp; Syd reflects on a hurricane of fresh air - Don't get it? Guess you'll have to listen to figure it out :) Maybe you've dated a momma's boy or she's giving you flags for not caring: bottom line, THIS is one of our best episodes to date. Get connected with Renee at or on her instagram @evolvetherapy! <
21/07/20221 hour 14 minutes 59 seconds
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83: Jonah Stillman: Gen Z Baby! Gaining Respect in The Workplace

Jonah Stillman. What a KING! Jonah grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and at the ripe age of 23 Jonah has already cofounded a company called GenGuru, written a best selling book, and was voted the top 25 most influential speakers and authors by Success Magazine. Jonah has dedicated his speaking to better understanding and connecting with Gen Z in the workplace. He has been featured in Fast Company, TIME, INC, Forbes, and the NY Times and shared his insights on Gen Z with CNBC, MSNBC, CBS and now...Straight Candid. ;) We were honored to have you Jonah. Follow Jonah On Instagram Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: https://podcas
14/07/20221 hour 2 minutes 29 seconds
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82: Candid Firsts: the Good First Love, the Bad First Kiss, & all the Cringe

Our first kiss went a little like.. CRINGE! There are plenty of FIRSTS that happen in our lifetimes: First kiss, first crush, first relationship, first break up, first love, first sexual encounter, first time getting in trouble; you get the picture. Let's reflect the glory days - and some of the cringe worthy, embarrassing moments that shaped our first's. A fresh first: Soph's got news to share with the candid listeners- shall I hint with a "new roomie"? Come along as we laugh about turtle decor &amp; a tiki mug (trust me, it's good), #StraightCandid listener FIRST KISS stories that will bring you back &amp; Syd's first love turned heart CRUSHED. Be prepared for a whole lot of entertainment, story telling, and some good 'ol embarrassing stories. ENJOY! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the
07/07/20221 hour 9 minutes 37 seconds
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81: Staying Relevant is IRRELEVANT: Pressure Behind Friends, Fashion, and Social Media

Be trendy, but don't be cheugy. Be invited by the friend group, but don't be needy. Download tiktok, but don't be cringy. How the heck do we keep up in such a fast paced society that decides OVERNIGHT that low rise jeans are cool again? Ahhh, sometimes it just feels like we are always one step behind. Join Syd and Soph as they chat about pressures behind July 4th, friend group drama, fashion trends, and why staying relevant is.. well.. irrelevant Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: Follow on Spotify:  
30/06/20221 hour 9 minutes 46 seconds
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80: Thriving Single & Unrealistic Dating Expectations

Being single can be such a drag - we've been there. But what if it could be the best time for YOU to get back on your feet, exploring life, being curious, and getting good at going on dates? YEAH, sounds nice. Syd &amp; Soph lay it all out there about their single past &amp; what truly made a difference for them in being single. Going from "I hate being single" to "I never want to give up my single freedom." Is a h0e phase really a h0e phase? And then theres dating... What do your expectations look like? Are you a Romanticizer, Maximizer, or Hesitator? It is always hard putting yourself out there again - QUIT searching and start living. Good things are coming, we know from experience &lt;3 Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here:<a href="
23/06/20221 hour 1 minute 40 seconds
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79: Trey Moore: Prideful Confidence & Being Unapologetically You

Trey Moore is Minneapolis native who hasn't always had the confidence and energy that he exudes today. Trey (as you will find out) is one of the most exuberant, sassy, and loving humans you will ever meet and we felt honored to have such a Loving 'King' share his story. Trey's coming out story involved "bearded" relationships, high school rumors, and a hell of a lot of trust to accept his truest self. This journey engrained confidence within him and this 'prideful confidence' is one of his greatest attributes as of today - and we truly believe we can all learn a little something from Trey and his positivity. Keep your head high Queen, or else your crown falls. You always have a choice. Trey chooses happiness. Trey chooses to be authentically himself every single day. Follow Trey on Instagram here - he is more than happy to connect with you! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast:<
16/06/20221 hour 18 minutes 2 seconds
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78: Getting Good at BREAKUPS: Relationships, Friendships, Jobs, & Habits

Relationships. Friendships. Jobs. Habits. You name it, we cover it. Do you think it is harder to break up with someone or be broken up with? Regardless of who does what, you are in CONTROL. The two discuss how you can't control someone else's reaction but you CAN control your own. If a boyfriend/girlfriend isn't serving you anymore - BYE BYE. If your friend has gotten one too many last changes - SEE YA. If your job isn't getting you where you want to go next - CAIO. Whether temporary separation or forever broken habit, take accountability for what YOU can change right in front of you. RIP THAT BANDAID OFF. #Straightcandid moment you won't want to miss this week - Let's just say... a breakup with a boyfriend also lead to a breakup with a BEST friend. WE LOVE YOU CANDID CREW! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate t
09/06/20221 hour 7 minutes 24 seconds
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77: Cosmic Self Care, Birth Charts, and Spirituality 101 with Ashley Sondergaard

Tune in if you're looking to expand your mind, open new doors, and most importantly, feel seen. Ashley Sondergaard is a self care coach, yoga teacher, astrologer, and host of the Yoga Magic podcast. For over 10 years, she has studied yoga, meditation, astrology and mindfulness practices that prioritize self-care and self-discovery. After having her two girls, Ashley discovered the hard way that taking care of yourself first is the only way to take care of others.  Ashley analyzes both Syd and Sophs Birth Charts, breaks down each zodiac sign, discusses Spirituality Vs Religion, and opens up about a recent loss that was priorly envisioned through a sensory experience. Goosebumps. At the end of the day we all just want to connect to something bigger than ourselves, regardless of your beliefs. You may be surprised by the sense of connection to others (and yourself) after listening to this weeks episode. We hope you LOVE it! We want to thank Ashley for not only taking the t
02/06/20221 hour 25 minutes 20 seconds
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76: 20 Questions with Syd & Soph: Listeners Asked, WE ANSWERED

You were ASKING so we were....ANSWERING... 20 (+2) questions for your this week to get to know Syd &amp; Soph. What are both of your daily routines? How long did it take you to feel completely confident in your own skin? How do you balance the fitness world and having a healthy relationship with your body/food? Have you two ever hooked up? How do you navigate being in relationship when your friend is single or vice versa? Nothing is left saddle up for the raw truth, because we always promise to keep it candid with you. We wrap up with a #Straightcandid moment from a male listener - Does she actually hate texting or is that an excuse?? Ladies &amp; gents, let us know what you think of this weeks hour of banter. :) Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here
26/05/20221 hour 11 minutes 19 seconds
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75: Getting Candid About Abortion, Cycle Syncing, & Male Birth Control?!

Dr. Sarah is back baby!! Due to the current threat of women abortion rights, Syd and Soph thought it was only fair for their own OBGYN doc to hop on the podcast to converse about this topic. Dr. Sarah shares what you need to know about finding care, if our abortion rights are no longer protected. Pro-FACTS. We also get into some juicy Q&amp;A’s that our listeners wrote in: Do kegals really work? What’s the science behind male birth control and when will this become available to the public? How do you know if your hormones are out of whack? When should your low sex drive concern you? Dr. Sarah then discusses the new wellness trend of Cycle Synching and how it can aid (and optimize) the four phases of the female cycle. Which part of your cycle are you the most horny? The most opt to build muscle? Can you still cycle sync when you’re on hormonal birth control? Dr. Sarah covers it all. It is always such a pleasure to have this bossbabe get candid with us. &lt;3
19/05/20221 hour 21 minutes 39 seconds
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74: Survival Guide for Post-Grad: Careers & What We Should've Learned

Leaving college is a BUSTTTTT. Whether it was yesterday, or years ago, Syd &amp; Soph give tips on what the heck they wished they would've known leaving college &amp; how to survive diving right into the real world. Does everyone need a 'hoe' stage? How the heck do I figure out what I want to do with my life? What do I do if I just have no idea?? Why am I talking myself out of doing what I love? *cough cough* CAREERS. Whether it be your first time, or a career reset...,IT AIN'T EASY. But they've got you covered. *This episode applies to life in and after college, so wherever you are at, we welcome you to join!* Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here: Follow on Spotify:
12/05/202256 minutes 4 seconds
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73: Overcoming Jealousy & Stalking His Ex

U jelly? Whether we admit to it or not, we all know what jealousy feels like. Whether it be relationship jealousy, always comparing yourself to others, or feeling like you are in competition with everyone around you, this episode candidly covers it all. We talk about retroactive jealousy and how his (or her) past relationships may have lead you to hours (and hours lol) of social media stalking his ex. You want to know everything about their relationship. Did they love them more than me? Why do we sometimes let this get in the way of our current relationship? Why do we feel insecure around his female friends? Although, Syd and Soph admit to succumbing to jealous feelings- they dig deep to find out WHERE this may have come from and chat about tactics to get over this green eyed monster known as jealousy. Remember, life is a collaboration, NOT a competition. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: <a href="
05/05/20221 hour 13 minutes 37 seconds
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72: Are Simps Better Than Fboys? Setting Boundaries In the RIGHT Relationship

Simp Simp Hooray! Syd and Soph are back baby! The girls are solo this week - so they spend an aggressive amount of time chatting about sh*itty laundry and the word "simp." What really is a "Simp"? Do we like Simps? Do we prefer Simps or Fboys? Hint: Fboys are sooo last year. The girls also share tips on how they have set relationship boundaries in the past. Syd tell us about the boundaries she has set in her relationship and even shares a personal boundary that she has let herself cross. This episode take an insightful turn as Syd comes to the realization that goals, dreams, and boundaries may not have a timeline. There is always time to re-write your own boundaries and to remember that you DESERVE your expectations to be met. Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts Here:
28/04/20221 hour 12 minutes 7 seconds
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71: Trainer Erin Oprea: Carrie Underwood, Marriage Chat w/ Hubs, & Queefing is on Brand

Erin Oprea. An absolute bad ass. We had the honor to candidly chat with our first ever celebrity fitness trainer and U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran. We hear about her experience as a female in male dominated industry, how she kickstarted her fitness career, and her favorite part about training some of the biggest names in country - Kacey Musgraves and Carrie Underwood. Yes, Erin used to train Carrie got to stare at her legs on the daily. Later, her sweet hubby (Sean) joins Erin on the podcast to openly talk about their marriage. From open parenting to a 10 min sex window- these two cover it all. We know you will love Sean and Erin's dynamic just as much as we did. They are COMEDY. Can you say HASHTAG COUPLE GOALS? Thanks again to Erin and Sean for sharing their story and for obviously being... #StraightCandid. ;) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/04/20221 hour 14 minutes 14 seconds
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70: Getting Back in The Game w/ Jerdy Dude: Send Off & Sending DMs

Producer Jerdy is off to Vienna, but not without a final send off &amp; spilling the candid tea! A few candid stories from a weekend out on the town &amp; a few sunglasses to hide the night before.... IYKYK. Jackson dives into his WHY behind doing Straight Candid, becoming our producer, the relationship he's built with the podcast, and the tough decision he had to make for himself. He leaves us with advice about sliding into DM's and capturing a guys attention - plus, what NOT to do as a lady DM'er. Before this jet setter hits the road, he opens up about his previous relationship for the first time and how he made tough decisions, reflected on himself, started to move on in a small city, and who he confided in when knowing what was the "right" thing to do - SH*T get's deep this week. Bittersweet goodbye to our producer for the time being - WE LOVE YOU JERDY! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/04/20221 hour 18 minutes 42 seconds
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69: Minny Hustlers! Behind the Hustle, Bulking SZN, & Starting a Bizz w/ Your BFF

The dynamic duo is here - welcome the Minny Hustlers! Anne and Lo join Straight Candid this week to chat about what really happens behind the "hustle." From creating a flourishing business as best friends to running a fitness account with thousands of followers - these girls show us how a small side hustle can turn into a passion. We know you will love em' just as much as we do. &lt;3 Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/04/20221 hour 27 minutes 12 seconds
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68: Pet Peeves & Am I the Red Flag?!

This week's episode is all about annoyances that insult your soul...Pet Peeves. You may be surprised by some of Syd and Soph's personal pet peeves - like the feeling of covers touching your bare-feet? DARE WE FIND OUT ABOUT A SOCK SLEEPER &amp; A SOCK SEXER! Jordan (Syds boyfriend) even jumps on the mic to expose Syd and her little quirks. You will not want to miss this couples dynamic - we love em'. Stick around to hear one of the CRAZIEST Listener Candid Stories that has ever been shared on the podcast (hint: includes a thought-to-be crime scene) This episode was all in good fun - whether you chew with your mouth open or not, we still love ya. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/03/202253 minutes 34 seconds
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67: Everyday I'm Muscle'N: Journey to Healthy(ish)

Healthy(ish) is an adjective right? This week Syd &amp; Soph talk about finding balance, dealing with body changes, their history of discorded eating, and where they are at right now in their fitness journey. Soph shares her struggles with restriction and binge eating in her college days while Syd opens up about how her childhood affected her views on body image. The girls have now found their own definition of healthy -something they like to call "healthy(ish)." This means that they enjoy a good lift session but they also enjoy a late night Taco Belle run. Listen along as they share their advice on where to start in order for you to find YOUR definition of healthy. STRAIGHT CANDID HOODIE GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCED AT THE END OF EPISODE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/03/202255 minutes 35 seconds
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66: I Got 99 Coping Skills and Being Candid about Anxiety is One - w/Lindsey

*Enter Straight Candid's first ever AUTHOR - Lindsey Konchar. Lindsey used the clinical skills that she developed from her past career in social work to write her quippy, evidence-based book: "I Got 99 Coping Skills and Being a B*tch Ain’t One." This week on the podcast Lindsey gets candid as she opens up about her postpartum anxiety and her struggles with mental health as a young teen. She also shares evidence based tips directly from her book to help with anxiety attacks, burn out, and overall mental health struggles. If you take anything from this episode - please remember that it ALWAYS gets better. We love you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/03/20221 hour 8 minutes 23 seconds
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65: Unfollow Me Then! Identifying Your Own Toxic Traits & Posting Him On Insta

Syd and Soph are solo this week - but not solo in their relationship status. *Enter Soph's new boo* - "Plant Daddy." Dare I say... Official? They chat about the common repercussions that occur after posting their partners on Instagram (worth it) and debate their feelings with "you'll find love when you stop looking for it" To try or to not try... that is the question.  It's never easy to address your own weaknesses but Syd and Soph candidly admit to their own toxic traits and the struggle of self reflection - in any sort of relationship: friendships, dating, family, business, etc. Do you have any toxic behaviors? Hint: you do.  Last but not least the conversation takes a candid turn. You'll hear about Jerdy's hangover, long distance relationships, a listeners poop fetish hinge run-in, and probably more poop talk. What's new? ;) SIGN UP FOR MARCH 5TH EVENT AT LULULEMON MOA. Link in bio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href="https://megaphone.f
24/02/20221 hour 5 minutes 39 seconds
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64: Get Your Money Sh*t Together with Callan

MONEY MONEY MONEY! Let's chat about the thing we avoid figuring out. The thing that is so private, yet it makes our world go round. Callan Faulkner is back on the podcast this week to talk about finances and how to manage your dollaaaas, utilize your skills and interests to make more, and HOW THE HECK TO START. We get it - money is hard to talk about, in fact 90% of listeners said it frustrating and confusing. That’s why she’s here. Callan gives step by step instruction on how to make money doable, less intimidating, and where the hell you should put it. Why 401Ks? How do I budget for rent or paying off credit cards? How do I even start saving? Let’s talk MONAYYYYYYY!  As the wise woman says, "Make more, spend less, &amp; invest the rest!" Don’t forget to lister for our #StraightCandid moment, where weed and work don’t mix well &amp; also listen for YOUR chance to win a hoodie!!!!!  Check out episode #025 for more from Callan! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/02/20221 hour 23 minutes 7 seconds
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63: She Does NOT Want a Valentine’s Infinity Necklace!

Roses are red, violets are blue; love is in the air, &amp; Sophie's farts are too. Nothing says love like flatulence on Valentine's day. This week, Syd and Soph explain how gifts are NOT a Valentine's day requirement, what last-minute date ideas they approve of, and a story of heartbreak on a past Valentine's day. What do girls REALLY want for Vday? Don't know what to get your mans? WE GOT YOU.  The good, the bad, the toots, and a day of love. ENJOY! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/02/20221 hour 5 minutes 9 seconds
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62: Becca Polk - It's Not Your Fault

**Trigger warning** - conversations of sexual assault are discussed in this episode. We ask that if this is not the right time for you to listen, please turn the podcast off at the 20-minute mark. Conversations about sexual assault need to be more common because it reminds us when to speak out, how to take care of friends, and the importance of listening to your gut. The key is to start these conversations now, and often - but as always, we respect those who are not ready to listen. After a light, fun intro chatting about an accidental pepper spray, pooping the pants, and broom ball shoes - we welcome Becca Polk. Becca is a college friend of Soph's, who gets vulnerable and shares her beautiful and chilling poems about her childhood trauma. Becca explains the phases of healing with her story, suggestions on how to support those you love if they are going through something like this, and the day there was justice. Syd opens up about her experiences and B
03/02/20221 hour 24 minutes 55 seconds
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61: You Say Soulmates, We Say Bullsh*t & How To Meet People Off The Apps

This week Syd and Soph are diving into meeting people WITHOUT the dating apps - you won't want to miss this! BUT FIRST our producer, Jackson, shares a straight candid moment from his birthday weekend, the girls debate sauna courtesy, and Soph shares a -stinky- confession. Oh, and Syd is trying to grow her booty, one fitness tiktok at a time. Let's get to the meat of the episode - The two discuss how to meet him/her in REAL LIFE. Dealing with dating app burnout? The girls share their tips in increasing your chances of meeting someone in the wild. What you put out into the world is what you will get in return, so compliment the cute boy at the coffee shop, smile at a stranger, and get out of your comfort zone! Later, the ladies answer a few looming questions: Do we believe in soulmates? What thoughts did our listeners have regarding our ONE true love? The beans have been SPILLED. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit me
27/01/20221 hour 8 minutes 12 seconds
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60: Mini Episode: Candid Banter, Feet Pics, & a Hinge Date Gone Right?

Mini episode this week! The gals keep it quick BUT pack it with straight candid moments, candid banter, and an update on what’s been happening in their lives. Syd tells us about her trip to Mexico and asks for Soph's take on her Candid Thoughts - Would you share a toothbrush with a fling? Soph tells us about her "Dry January" hiccup &amp; her most recent hinge date. The two dive into feet pics and why it's not the best idea to send pics for money (even if it's a pajama selfie). Stay 'til the end to hear a listener Straight Candid moment you won't want to miss (ft. Lion King) and an upcoming Straight Candid event at Lululemon!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/01/202235 minutes 43 seconds
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59: Yana & Emerson - Climbing the Corporate Ladder & Life As An Influencer

Welcome Yana &amp; Emerson! Although these babes have chosen two vastly different career paths, they are both killing it in the same BOSS B*TCH ways. Yana, an Account Executive, explains how she went from nannying after college to her current career in sales after not knowing what she wanted to do. LISTEN UP COLLEGE STUDENTS - You WILL figure it out, we promise. We also get to hear about Yana's dating life as a 34-year-old, her childhood as a refugee who immigrated to the US with her parents, and how her past has played a part in her go-getter attitude.  Classycleanchic, or as some of you know her, Emerson, enlightens us on how her side hustle of blogging and partnerships, became her full-time career. She chats about the moment she was finally able to leave her engineering job and take her influencer life full-time. She includes what dating is like with a large following, TikTok trolls, and why she now avoids filters &amp; photoshop. Emerson is as classy (and candid) as it ge
13/01/20221 hour 33 minutes 20 seconds
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58: THE GIRL CODE REVAMP: Calling “Dibs” and Dating Her Ex

THE BLURRED LINES OF GIRL CODE - We get it. It get's messy, unclear, and honestly, so situational. Regardless,. Syd and Soph unpack EVERYTHING you need to know about this infamous unwritten rulebook. Can you call dibs on multiple guys? Can you date a friends ex? Under what circumstances is it okay? Have Syd &amp; Soph ever broken the girl code themselves? Later in the episode, the girls share CANDID listener experiences with broken girl codes &amp; lost friendships. OH and stick around for a crazy candid story about a dirty underwear mishap. Eeek.  No more 'Girl Code' blurred lines headed into 2022 with this epi - Let us know what you think &amp; enjoy Candid crew!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/01/20221 hour 21 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

57: Why We Are Unsubscribing From New Years Resolutions in 2022

3,2,1... HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year, new you - right? (or not). The girls hop on the mic to share their honest opinions about New Years Resolutions. Are resolutions overrated and damaging? What are their New Years goals? Will Syd continue to share candid poop stories in 2022? Is Soph going to participate in a DRY January? Syd and Soph also offer some tips (as always) on how to make, and actually keep, a New Years goal. Lastly, Syd and Soph chat about what they are leaving 2021 - including ignoring red flags, comparison, bad eating habits, bacterial vaginosis, and binge drinking. A friendly reminder - NYE is one day a year, you will wake up as the same person that you were the day before, so start those small steps toward being a better version of yourself, but you are amazing as you already are!  2022, BRING IT ON BABY!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/12/202153 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

56: What Guys are REALLY Thinking w/ Ben Sarbacker: Sex & Relationships from a Male Perspective

A brother to 3 sisters, content mastermind behind a TikTok House, Ben Sarbacker, hops on this week with Syd &amp; Soph. What is it like content creating, living out in LA in the Go House, and making tiktoks for a living? After learning what Ben is up to, next the girls take a deep dive on his dating app profiles and learn what makes Ben swipe right. The boys (hi Jackson-our producer) answer some questions from our candid lady listeners to get a male perspective on whether guys get the “ick” or if a guy can tell if a girl fakes an orgasm. Is a guy saying "I am not the relationship type", a cop out? Why will a first date go so well, but then you never hear from someone again? You'll also hear his very own straight candid moments about a Tinder date and, our favorite, a pooping the pants story!  BTW make sure to pop over at Graze Liberations tonight (Thursday Dec 16th) for ou
16/12/20211 hour 42 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

55: Dr. Sarah is Back! Antidepressants, Premature Ejaculation, STDs, & What Your OBGYN Wants You To Know

She’s baaaaack - by a popular demand, the girls welcome OBGYN Dr. Sarah again to chat about everything she wasn't able to cover on Episode 039 - Vagina Anatomy. Men.. this episode is for you, too!! Dr. Sarah talks about premature ejaculation, STDs, and how antidepressants and alcohol can affect your sex life. Other topics include: vasectomies, the orgasm gap, sexual insecurities, and ALL of your other submitted, candid questions. These questions and topics just kiss the surface of the ambiguity in sex and genital anatomy. Tune in to hear about upcoming events, such as our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at Graze Minneapolis on December 16th at 6PM and our BEST CHRISTMAS EVER family - Link in bio to donate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/12/20211 hour 46 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

54: How to Survive and Thrive Cuffing Season & Why We Choose to Self-Sabotage

It's here! Cuffing season is among us and the girls felt it was the perfect time to talk about how to get through this season, whether cuddling up during the winter months or embracing the single life. But first, a weekend of lifting &amp; a lil piercing; party busses &amp; a gopher win! Would you dabble with a hinge double-trouble profile? In cuffing season, the answer is...YES! In all seriousness, the girls talk about why cuffing season brings us the desire to get hitched, stay in, or work on our internal selves. Next, Syd &amp; Soph speak to self-sabotage, self-doubt, and not knowing when to let something go. Why do we purposefully ruin the things that we love? Why do we talk ourselves into self-doubt; how do we talk ourselves out of it? Follow along, reflect on your relationships &amp; personal battles, and give yourself grace as the girls speak to their biggest sabotage issues that they continue to work on to this day. We are all human. Stay tuned to learn more about our Graze
02/12/20211 hour 11 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

53: Toxic Ex's, Toxic D*ck, & Toxic Love with Balls Deep Podcast

Balls Deep grace Straight Candid's presence this week on an episode filled with unpacking all things TOXIC pasts. Balls Deep, a podcast that Syd &amp; Soph admire, jump in on a topic they love to speak to - toxic ex's &amp; sex with the ex. Why can sex with an ex be better? Why is it dangerous for our hearts? Would we date the same person we went for in college, now? Each person brings a different perspective on toxic energies and what they've left behind and grown from. From the uncomfortable conversations with friends about their current boyfriend you don't love, to Soph's "list" she keeps handy to remind her why it's a BAD idea to go back, the four leave nothing on the table regarding the moments of weakness we've all had for our pasts.  Let's dive right in, get Balls Deep in why we crave the things that are the worst for us, and reflect on how far we've come! Welcome our guests this week - HOT HOT HOT! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href="https
18/11/20211 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

52: Nutritionist Denvyr: The Binge&Restrict Cycle, Disordered Eating, And Learning to Intuitively Eat

Welcome Denvyr!! A nutritionist, former college athlete, and strength and conditioning coach hops on Straight Candid to get real about the societal norms of disordered eating. Syd and Soph chat about their history with disordered eating - the dangerous cycle of restricting and binging, sometimes unknowingly. SO many people deal with disordered eating whether you “know it or not” but Denvyr leaves you with scientific, genetic, societal, &amp; personal upbringing reasons that will help you understand the WHY. She gets personal, sharing details regarding her past eating habits, what she wishes she could go back and tell her 20-year-old self, &amp; how she changed her life in a positive way. Wherever you are at in your journey to healing and health, please be mindful that this topic can be touchy. Be kind to yourself. Battles are not meant to be fought alone or in silence. Stay vulnerable, open up to friends and family, and as always - keep it candid. Give @denvyr a follow on Instagram.
11/11/20211 hour 24 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

51: Sex Confidence, Syd's Feeling Sensual, College Hook-Up Culture, and Oops I Queefed

HAPPY THURSDAY STRAIGHT CANDID LISTENERS! Syd and Soph are on the mic this week to chat about their personal sexual blueprints and how to become more sexually confident. The girls discuss how they became more comfortable in the bedroom after learning about their own bodies, what they like or dislike, speaking up, and learning that you deserve pleasure just as much as the next person. They also dive deep into the hook-up culture found at college campuses and their opinions on one night stands. Straight candid listener college hook up stories are also shared this week - make sure to stick around because they are WILD. These two leave you with all things sex &amp; college that they wish they would've known while attending a university. "Set your boundaries, communicate them, and practice safe sex!" Let's get into the nitty gritty.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/11/202158 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

50: Wigged Out with Anxiety: Dealing with Burn Out, Insomnia and Mental Health

In honor of Halloween this weekend, Syd and Soph wear matching wigs! Quite the site lol (check out their YouTube channel and subscribe if you haven't yet)! The duo chat about their old Halloween costumes, questioning whether to choose a sexy costume or funny one, &amp; ponder whether sexy Halloween costumes are objectifying or empowering. Either way, the two agree to wear whatever makes you happy, and be safe this Hallo-Weekend! In honor of this week's episode discussing mental health, anxiety, OCD, and insomnia - both Syd and Soph share their Straight Candid moments which involve stomach issues, no sleep, and a relationship status update. We learn that "Mental clarity starts with a poo." LOL. Diving into this week's topic head first, Syd and Soph have been challenged by their mental health recently, allowing themselves to be vulnerable about what bugs them and keeps them up. The two experience anxiety in different ways, and provide a variety of perspectives from personal experience
28/10/20211 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

49: SPOOKED: Are Ghosts Real? Candid Stories with Syd, Soph, & Susan

SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE FOLKS! Do you believe in ghosts? Are all ghosts scary? Stories of spirits and ghosts galore this week will leave you in awe &amp; wonder. Syd talks about her personal experiences with spirits and Soph discusses the question of whether or not she believes in them. Syd's mom, Susan (yes, she's back!) also hops back on the mic to talk about her spooky encounters and how her and Syd have always been able to feel or see these types of energies. Also listen for the WINNER of our hoodie giveaway!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/10/20211 hour 22 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

48: 1 YEAR OLD! The Drama Behind The Mic & What Actually Happens After Hitting Record

ONE YEAR DOWN CANDID CREW - and many more to go! On this episode, the two reflect on this past year, from the conception to the one year anniversary of Straight Candid! Believe us when we say that we HIGHLY recommend staying until the very end of the episode to hear our very own Candid listeners jump on the mic but also to hear one of the more embarrassing pieces of advice syd and soph have ever shared on the pod (hint: spreading cheeks). The two agree that through the ups &amp; downs, trials &amp; tribulations, Straight Candid has been the best thing to happen to them. Since day one, they’ve continued with their mission to provide candid conversations and bring their real, raw lives to you all - including opening up for the first time about their stresses, drama, and fears when this podcast was first created. The girls explain how the podcast developed, reminisce on lessons they’ve learned together, and share their favorite moments from the year. Syd &amp; Soph cannot say THANK YOU
14/10/20211 hour 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

47: HelloTefi on Toxic Relationships & Rebuilding Confidence

This week on Straight Candid, we welcome HELLO TEFI. But first, Syd has THE BEST Straight Candid Moment and Soph is apparently now a dog person. Tefi and the girls dish on all things pop culture, toxic relationships, and how to know when to get out. Tefi is currently going viral on Tik Tok, hosted a Ted X, and influencing across all social media platforms around SELF CONFIDENCE (oh, and she's a Cancer). Tefi tells us how she built her career and her Britney Spears obsession, and how she has lived through toxic relationships, sympathizing with all women who have also been in something damaging. She reflects on that relationship and shares with us what it taught her. She is our big sister, Queen Tefi, willing to give all of us the advice through her lived experiences. Thank you for being real, raw, and candid with us! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast:
07/10/20211 hour 11 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

46: Moving In With Him: Navigating Love Languages, Feeling Inferior, & Is Shower Sex Overrated?

After a one week hiatus, the Straight Candid Girls are BACK! Mental health remains top of mind for the two, so they took a much needed break. Back and better than ever, Syd and Soph give life updates on dating dilemmas, moving in with a significant other, and all relationship dynamics. As you know, Syd moved in with Jordan. She is here to squash all of the assumptions, and digs deep on how to live with a partner. Taking the next step can be a challenge, especially when it comes to getting initmate. Remember to be concious of your partner and communication is KEY. Unpopular Opinon: Shower Sex is overrated. Syd and Soph explain how to use others love languages to your advantage, and why it’s important in relationships. The girls also give some Straight Candid advice on how to wheel your coworker this week. Listen to these if you have a work crush, because the girls have some bomb tips and tricks! If you are in the Minneapolis Area, sign up for Syd and Soph's Crisp &amp; Green HIIT Cla
30/09/20211 hour 7 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

45: Birth Order & Weird Family Quirks, Meeting His Family & Baby Birding Tequillaaa

The Candid girls are back this week to discuss Family Dynamics and share candid banter! Syd spent the weekend in LA and brings us back a Straight Candid bathroom story. Soph needs listeners to share their "poop tactics" when starting a new fling. Next, the duo dive into their thoughts on family dynamics and take a hilarious online quiz. Syd and Soph discuss how they were raised, and look into their future on how they would approach parenthood. Does your family have weird quirks that you thought were normal? The two spill some family traditions that will leave you laughing. Syd gives Soph a twist on red flag/dealbreaker questionnaire when meeting a s/o's fam, then jumping into listener stories this week will have you gawking + some listener advice about the balance of giving &amp; taking… 👀 Enjoy! Listen to the end for a giveaway!!!!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/09/20211 hour 9 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

44: Rikaya Jordan - The Real Paraplegic Life: Poppin’ Wheelies & Personal Reinvention

Meet Rikaya - a badass, advocate for positivity, and inspiring human that the girls welcome on this week to speak her story about a night stuck in crossfire. Rikaya flashes back to when her life changed forever and a pizza outing in Minneapolis ended in her new found identity as a paraplegic. Relearning day to day tasks like using the restroom or showering, to finding the support system that builds you up when you are down, to believing in what you can do just by being positive. Rikaya is a true image of resilience. Mental strength and positivity through triumphs brought her to the point she is today, with much more around the corner. “I’m going to make a full recovery.” Rikaya, you truly are one of the strongest people we’ve ever met. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/09/20211 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

43: Is Everyone A Little Gay? Double Standards & Finding Comfort in Curiosity

This week Syd &amp; Soph talk with one another about gender stereotypes and the sexuality spectrum. Both Syd &amp; Soph want to give you a warning that they are not trained or educated on this topic, but would like to give you their candid thoughts as women. They have important conversations about heterosexuality, homosexuality, asexuality and everything in between! The two girls explain where they fall on the sexuality spectrum, and why they believe that "everyone is a little gay". They also answer some tough questions that bring up some universal stereotypes. If a girl hooks up with a girl, does that make her lesbian? What about if a guy hooks up with a guy, is he gay? Would you date a guy who has hooked up with another guy? They also give advice to their listeners on how to have these tough conversations with people that aren't in the same generation or have similar views. The two combat stereotypes like someone’s body count and the affect of someone’s count on other people's vie
02/09/202154 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

42: Emma Caris: Best Friend Advice, Moving Away, Growing Pains & College

Attention everyone: Big Guy’s Home! Syd hosts solo this week as she welcomes Emma Caris, her best friend, on the mic. The dynamic duo chat about how they became friends and, most importantly, how their friendship has evolved after graduating college and Emma moving out to New York. They talk about the hard conversations they've had with one another to hold each other accountable, the real emotions that come along with moving, and how to stay close living across the country. You get to hear stories that bring the girls wayyyyy back like Emma taking a shot during a college class or Syd almost fighting a girl in Cabo to have Emma’s back. The girls play a little game of red flag or dealbreaker in friendships and answer listener advice questions like - "How to maintain a relationships when one is overly attached to a significant other?" and "When to give up when the effort in the friendship isn't being reciprocated?" Lots to learn from this best friend duo - listen up &amp; enjoy! <p
26/08/20211 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

41: BUDLIGHT BONUS Boat Episode: Candid Stories w/ our Listeners

The moment you've all been waiting for... THE BUDLIGHT BOAT EPISODE! A little bonus content graces your ears this week as Syd &amp; Soph hop on Jordan's boat, with the Candid crew and three listeners, anchored at Big Island on Lake Minnetonka. The listeners tell us their Straight Candid moments, plus the producers hop on the mic to spill their candid tea. You will hear what NOT to do at work when you get sleepy, to never trust an athlete, and that sexy time can result in a hospital visit. This episode is filled with hilarious banter and fun vibes — laugh or relate along this week &amp; huge thank you to everyone for making this episode possible! The #StraightCandid crew love is real ❤️ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/08/202146 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

40: Plastic Surgery, Botox, & Fillers. Are We Failing At Feminism?

Boobs! Now that we have your attention...on this week's episode, the girls talk about aesthetic enhancements - from Botox &amp; fillers, to boob jobs &amp; BBLs. Syd and Soph speak on their own preferences, plans, and why they think there is a surge in cosmetic surgery. Should we feel bad for wanting to tweak our looks? Does getting these enhancements mean we're failing at feminism? Are we letting patriarchal expectations win? Syd &amp; Soph leave you with lots of candid thoughts if you've been considering any changes to your body - big or small. Each of us are on a different path, and while we may not all choose the same journey, it’s important to remember: “What’s on the outside doesn’t define your beauty!” Enjoy Candid Crew!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/08/202155 minutes
Episode Artwork

39: OBGYN: Vagina Anatomy - Innie's & Outie's, Achieving O's, and Why to Ditch Your Underwear with Dr. Sarah

This episode is all things…. VAGINAS! But listeners with penises, please stay and learn as this will benefit you and your partner just as much. The girls have an amazing guest, a friend and workout buddy, Dr. Sarah Manneh who is a well known OBGYN in the Twin-Cities area. Sarah gives us an explanation of vagina anatomy, difference between an “innie” and an “outie”, and what each of those means in terms of looks and sexual stimulation. She answers questions and debunks myths about what is "normal", lube, PH balance, queefing, tampons, Summers Eve and everything you could cover around this topic. She left Syd and Soph with some final words of advice, “Don’t be afraid to vocalize what you want - with your doctor, medical care, and your partner” and the importance of knowing your own body. Finally, she shares with us when you DON'T need to be wearing underwear - Welcome vagina expert, Dr. Sarah!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href="
05/08/20211 hour 19 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

38: Unhinged on Hinge - The Do’s & Don’ts of Dating Apps

What's up Candid Crew! This week Syd and Soph begin the episode by recapping their past weekend, chatting about heelies, sexy netflix shows, and feet pics. After their energetic intro, the girls get right into it - Dating Apps. Whether you use Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or Farmers Only - Syd and Soph share all their tips and tricks to help you maximize your matches, up your chances of getting a response, and ultimately how to get off the app for good. Our producer, Jackson, pops on the mic to share his dating app opinions from a male perspective. The girls end by reading off some of their listener responses on "immediate swipe no/yes." This episode may have you rethinking what you decide to incorporate in your dating profile! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/07/20211 hour 10 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

37: Chase & John: Addiction, Sobriety and Rebuilding Your Identity

This week’s episode is one of the most real and raw conversations that Straight Candid has ever had. Our goal at Straight Candid is to continue to share our platform for conversations that are tough, with intention to normalize them. Addiction is a heavy topic to speak to, but we learn about Chase and John's strength, growth, and self empowerment. Their love is unmatched, their openness is appreciated, and- ultimately their stories are beautiful. Syd &amp; Soph are more than happy to welcome Chase &amp; John on the podcast to talk about their personal stories of struggling with addiction, sexuality, and accepting the past to move forward. Chase explains misconceptions about living with HIV and how he eventually knew when it was the right time to accept his sexuality. John speaks about his suicide attempt and how his rock bottom had only made him appreciate life (and Chase) more. The love these two have for each other is undeniable and their story is unbelievable. To anyone who is st
22/07/20211 hour 26 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

36: Sister-Cast: Kaye Sibling Stories, Overcoming Change, & Coping with Divorce

Welcome TAYLOR FRICKEN KAYE! Boob #2, aka Syd’s little sister joins the podcast this week to talk all things siblings, growing up, and DIVORCE. "To say I am proud of who my sister is an understatement. She is the reason I grew up so fast and my best friend through all our life changes." Taylor speaks to being the younger sibling, and moves on to include her college transferring story and experiences learning that the people you surround yourself with, are a reflection of who you are. Both of the girls spend this episode sharing their different experiences with overcoming their parent’s divorce and how it affected growing up and your relationship with your parents. The girls talk about the differences and struggles between being an older sibling vs being a younger sibling: having to be the first one to do everything with no guidance vs having to live up to what your older sibling has done. Thee two also dive into the hilarious stories about when they grew up, like the idiotic stories
15/07/20211 hour 1 minute 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

35: Life Updates! What’s New, What’s Hairy, and Work-Life Advice

This week's episode is filled with updates - What the hell is going on in Syd &amp; Soph's lives? From what they’re watching on Netflix, to how their jobs are REALLY going, all the way to how they’re dating lives are going. Comparing back to when it all started, things have shifted in their day to day lives, personal lives, and their priorities have changed - THEY ARE EVOLVING. The girls chat about their struggles with time management and what they’ve learned career-wise post-college. One things for sure, they make it a point to laugh, learn, and grow alongside listeners. Look how far Straight Candid has come! Syd and Soph also share some exciting new updates - one involves a furry little friend and another a new career venture. Make sure to wait until the end to hear a straight candid listener story that may make you think twice before hitting “send” on your nudes. Eeek! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/07/20211 hour 15 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Adam & Jackson - New Producers, Dealing with Rejection, and Shaving Your Knickers

Welcome Straight Candid’s two new producers! On this episode we introduce you to Jackson and Adam who bring some INSANE ENERGY to the team. They’re grounded, kind, but most importantly… CANDID. Syd and Soph ask them to share their #StraightCandidMoments right off the bat, and let's just say.. they fit right in with the poop talk and grooming horror stories. So who are these candid boys? How did they get involved in Straight Candid? Are they single? The girls even put them in the hot seat for a quick round of red flag or dealbreaker. Soph explains her past weekend where she ended up with booty cheeks in her face and Syd shares an embarrassing moment that happened while feeling spicy with Jordan. This episode is energizing, motivating, and absolutely hilarious. Syd and Soph really feel like they hit the jackpot with bringing Adam and Jackson onto the team - we can’t wait for you to meet the new men behind the scenes. ENJOY! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a hr
01/07/20211 hour 1 minute 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

33: Candid Convos - Am I Being Ghosted & Did She Just Sass Me?

Nothing like a good ol' free for all - This week Syd and Soph go into the episode with an open and unplanned agenda. The girls begin the episode by riffing about their #straightcandid moments. Syd chats about unexpected run-ins with her dentist, while Soph explains her recent weekend obsession with Bootleggers. Don't mind the sniffles as both the girls are coming down with a cold. The conversation flows into the topic of unnecessary girl sass and being ghosted. What is even considered "ghosting" in this day and age and why is it becoming more common? Why are some women a victim of a sass stare? Syd asks a hypothetical question regarding what to do if your best friend doesn't like your significant other - needless to say both Syd and Soph struggled to answer this.  Stay 'til the end to hear some hilarious listener #straightcandid moments and the reveal of the answers to their instagram poll questionnaire. ENJOY! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a
17/06/202157 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: Jenni Knapmiller & Curtis Hadzicki: Are You The One? The Real Behind Reality TV

This is the first time EVER that “Are You The One?” Season 2 stars, Jenni Knapmiller &amp; Curtis Hadzicki, speak out about their experience together on the MTV reality TV show. From social isolation to drinking and contract signing, these two share every last juicy detail about being in the public eye. Is reality TV, real? What is fabricated and what is reality? What is it REALLY like to be on TV? What happens when the mics come off? Not only did Jenni and Curtis win the money, but they also won love - Congrats to their engagement and also a HUGE thank you to both of them for opening up about their story for the first time together.  If you liked this episode please go rate, review, and subscribe on apple podcasts and YouTube! Make sure you're subscribed to the Podcast: Rate the Podcast on Apple Podcasts here:<a href="https://podcasts.
10/06/20211 hour 33 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

31: Breakups & Sex With The Ex

This week’s episode is all about Ex’s. Syd and Soph dive into their own history with breakups and why previous boyfriends never worked out. The girls laugh about TikTok boys, booty hole injuries, and Syd's Herbalife sh*ts. TMI? What's new. This episode revolves around breakups and how to move the F on in the healthiest way possible. The girls share tips and tricks on this - how to get over it and focus on YOU. As Syd would say, "pull yourself together Carol!"   In order to validate your own "bad breakup," Syd and Soph share some listener breakup stories that will leave your jaw dropped. You think your breakup was bad? Just wait. Soph wants to know why sex with your ex is always so good while Syd reminisces on a time a few good friends saved her from making a decision she would’ve likely regretted. Don’t worry, we couldn’t forget to share listener’s thoughts on the topic. Why do we keep going back? Is sex with the ex awkward or elite?  KLASS - Workout with us THIS Satur
03/06/202155 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

30: Making Adult Friendships - Is One BFF Overrated?

You got a friend in us. The Straight Candid Duo, Syd and Soph, are back to chat about all things friendships. Making friends is hard, navigating friendships pre and post college is hard, balancing your significant other WITH your friends is hard. The girls offer advice and share their personal experience making friends, maintaining friends, and learning that it’s okay to let some friendships fizzle out as our lifestyles shift. We grow and evolve, why wouldn’t we expect our friendships to do the same? Aside from the advice pieces, Syd and Soph always make time for upbeat banter and story telling - including Syd flashing the Uber Delivery guy and Soph explaining her "flirting fail" from the past weekend. She sincerely apologizes to the girlfriend, LOL. And wait until you hear the listener #StriaghtCandid moment this week about a date gone wrong which raises the question - “Do you expect the guy to pay on the first date?” We know you’ll enjoy this week’s episode as much as we did!
27/05/20211 hour 5 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

29: *Bonus* Episode with The BackPocket Boys: Truth or Drink

Bonus content alert! THE GANGS ALL HERE…but with tequila! Andrew Inserra and Declan Brown are jumping in FRONT of the mics rather than producing Straight Candid BEHIND the scenes. The Backpocket Production stemmed from two average dudes with one big vision: to become a podcast production company, starting with Straight Candid Podcast. The team shares stories about success, failures, and awkward moments - all while playing an intrusive card game and having an aggressive happy hour.... Eeek! Don’t judge us. The girls put Declan on the spot by bringing up the fact that he took BOTH Syd and Soph on a ‘date’. Soph gets Andrew sweatin' by bringing up a recent text message that she received from a previous lover. Needless to say, there were plenty of risks (and shots) taken during this episode. All fun and games aside, the girls wanted to finally leave space for the two boys who urged them to start the podcast in the first place. Love you guys! Boachella Tickets - <a href="https://w
20/05/20211 hour 13 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

28: Hot Girl Summer - How To Date "Like a Man" and Spice Up Your Relationship

The season is upon us… IT’S HOT GIRL SUMMER (HGS)! Syd and Soph offer their own definitions of what hot girl summer looks like to them. Soph explains that it is our turn to "date like a man," while Syd shares tips on how she plans to keep her relationship spicy this summer. Tis' the season to be confident and know your damn worth. *finger snaps* Although Soph confidently says she is not looking for a serious relationship, she does go on to share sneaky tactics to keep him interested. Dare we even say "tips on how to play the game." She shares the importance of confidence, inconsistency, and sustaining the mentality in knowing that "YOU ARE JUST FINE WITHOUT HIM."  Syd offers an entirely different perspective as she shares her "taken" Hot Girl Summer tips, chatting about holding onto your independence, and also compromise in arguments, communication, and different sex drives. HGS is right around the corner - We hope you enjoy! Don't forget to snag the last of the
13/05/20211 hour 11 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

27: The Big O: Becoming Cliterate and Accepting Intimacy

Disclaimer: If you are related to either Syd or Soph… please skip this episode and tune back in next week. Cause...LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX BABY, LET’S TALK ABOUT THE ORGASM-ING. The girls sit down and talk about all things surrounding the word orgasm. Masturbation. The female climax. If you're still reading/listening, can't say we didn't warn you. It is true that Syd and Soph share some juicy tips and tricks regarding your O, but they also aim to chat about the guilt and shame that surround the female orgasm. Just as Syd says in this episode, “Just because it happens in private doesn’t mean it should be frowned upon and not talked about." The girls drop some INSANE statistics around the male vs female orgasm gap that will absolutely blow your mind. Let's normalize the word, normalize the conversation, normalize self discovery, and normalize COMMUNICATION with your significant other. Syd shares a personal story that we like to call- “the case of the missing batteries" and Soph explains
06/05/202159 minutes 1 second
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26: Cancel Culture: Tiktok Trolls, F*cking Up, and Listener Assumptions

This week’s episode is all about ‘cancel culture’ and the surface level assumptions of Syd and Soph’s followers. The girl’s explain what ‘cancel culture’ is and how they think it has affected society - and even them, especially with the creation and decisions made for this podcast. Are they afraid of being cancelled? They share some recent f*ck up comments that they mistakingly made and explain that THEIR PODCAST HAS 0 EDITS. The girl’s also posted on their social media this week asking for followers to "make an assumption about me" - and Syd and Soph do not sugar coat the responses. They read ALL of them, including the more offensive comments. Soph chats about how some of her followers know her too well (bad texter, too independent for a SO) while Syd debunks the comments that "she is intimidating" and she "must not use hair products." ?? As always, the girls not only share their own straight candid moments of the week, but also read a few listener moments. Let's just say the sente
29/04/20211 hour 37 seconds
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25: ExpectGAYtions of a Female Couple w/ Han and Cal

Welcome Hannah and Callan - our first gay couple on Straight Candid! These two Minneapolis locals met on the soccer team at University of St. Thomas where their friendship turned intimate very quickly with their connection. They share crazy stories about how they maintained a "secret relationship" before being openly gay, dating men prior, and how it felt to finally give into their attraction for each other. Learn why these two ladies do not necessarily identify as “lesbian" and listen as they debunk some inappropriate gay/lesbian myths. And, yes... we got you answer on scissoring. LOL! Hannah tells a funny story about Callan's first words to her while Callan reminds Hannah about the time she spent "entertaining" the soccer boys. We chat about gender role myths and how it’s not about gender, but instead about lifestyles and likes; gay couples are no DIFFERENT. We know our listeners will enjoy the upbeat dynamic of these two and their sheer true love for each other. Straight Candid a
22/04/20211 hour 13 minutes 53 seconds
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24: Redflag Or Dealbreaker? Vol. 2

Syd &amp; Soph had so much fun the first time ‘round… they had to do it again. IS IT A RED-FLAG OR A DEALBREAKER? The girls give their opinions on some controversial red flags or deal breakers that range from lighter topics like - if he washes his bed sheets once every 6 weeks to heavier topics like - dating someone with an addiction. The girls share personal stories while answering these questions and end up admitting to some surprising “green flags." (hint: soph sleeps with socks. ew) Syd tells us about her weekend downtown at Cowboy Jacks and Soph gives us an update on a dramatic instagram DM that turned to an awkward encounter. Andrew Inserra, our amazing producer, even joins in on the fun! Stick around to hear Syd and Soph answer some listener advice questions and react to a couple crazy #StraightCandid stories. Did someone say Chanel Bag? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/04/20211 hour 2 minutes 16 seconds
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23: MOM-Cast: The Mama’s Tell All

We got it from our Mama's! The mom’s have arrived. The mothers. The women who sacrificed their birth canal for us. We know by now that Syd and Soph don’t hold anything back and neither do their moms. Without hesitation, the moms give their initial thoughts on the podcast and express their dislike for PooPoo Boy and other risky topics - #NoFilter. They offer their perspective on loss, love, divorce, making mistakes, and finding their independence as woman. And this week, our #StraightCandid moments and advice segment get the reaction and opinions of not two, but four candid women. One thing listeners should understand is these mom’s are now apart of the candid family, therefore they are your mom’s too. Laughs, tears, and a few damn good pieces of advice for this weeks takeaways. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/04/20211 hour 7 minutes 32 seconds
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22: Listener Advice Questions + Confirming That Girls Poop

You asked, and the girls answered! This week is all about giving advice to listener questions. The girls share their favorite spots to shop + skincare routines to start, then shift into the tougher questions, including: how to support a significant other dealing with anxiety, dating with differentiating political views, and sleeping with a friend. Syd and Soph talk about dealing with microaggressions and catcalls as a woman, the "three date rule," and reiterating the fact that you have no obligation to keep your sexuality on lockdown. Soph quickly answers a listener Q about blowjobs - grandma lips or duck lips? Syd goes into an embarrassing story about a massage appointment nightmare. Listen long enough, you may even hear one of our favorite listener #straightcandid stories yet. (hint: hashtag normalize queefing!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/04/202157 minutes 48 seconds
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21: Angie Okon - Fitness Bikini Pro, Toxic Relationships, and B.O.B

WELCOME ANGIE OKON. Angie is a fitness influencer, IFBB Bikini Pro, and an absolute bad ass both mentally and physically. Angie talks about her journey in the fitness industry, how she uses her platform to inspire other women, and the realization of wanting to be nothing but her "fucking" self; which includes profanity (lol). Later on, Angie speaks to the unhealthy aspects and hardships of a toxic relationship that consumed her life. She gives dirty details on how she caught a cheater, read through narcissistic traits, and trusted her gut. She also walks us through how she is doing now and what she focuses on to move forward. This episode is FULL of #straightcandid advice, including how to flirt with your gym crush, or what to do when you question your significant other's interests in porn. We hope you enjoy! Follow Angie Okon at @amarieokon. Support Anti-Asian Hate Crimes here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href="htt
25/03/20211 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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20: 20 Q's, Dating Age Gaps, and Busting Balls?

Syd and Soph celebrate their 20th episode with glass of red wine and a rapid fire '20 Questions' game to get to know the girls a bit more. Syd chats about her preference in dating older men, while Soph is still unsure-as she says she is addicted to "young energy." They spend some time chatting about the pros and cons of dating age gaps and even touch on the topic of Daddy Issues and safety. If you listen long enough to hear Soph go from sober to buzzed, you may even hear a listener #straightcandid story about "busting balls". Confused? The girls were too. Give it a listen and as always- please rate, review, and subscribe on apple podcasts. Thanks for all the listener support always. WE LOVE YOU! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/03/202147 minutes 36 seconds
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19: Instagram Dynamics - It Goes Down In The DM's

Syd and Soph start this episode off with some real talk. These girls promised to stay candid with you and this is exactly what they do when they share some behind the scenes information about the podcast and talk about struggles they have encountered as a team. You don't think they would leave you without any entertaining takeaways though, did you? Syd and Soph then talk tips and tricks to female grooming, after Soph shares a straight candid moment involving her unmaintained bush. Razor bumps no more! Syd and Soph chat waxing, oils, and a shaving routine so you are able to put your best bush forward. Boys, you might even learn a thing or two. They also talk about the negative effects of Instagram on your relationships, not only with your significant others but with yourself. They both give advice on how to be authentic through your instagram posts and how to NOT end up in a scroll hole. You’re going to want listen all the way through, because they’ve got some WILD Listener Straight
11/03/202142 minutes 18 seconds
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18: Jordan Hagel - Syd's Boyfriend Chats Money, Love, and Cryptocurrency

Can we get a drum roll please? Jordan Hagel, Syd's boyfriend, is finally on the mic. Jordan sits down with the girls this week to talk about all things hobbies - finances, stocks, intro to budgeting, Pokemon (what the???), and how MONEY talk can be intriguing when kept simple. And yes, even Soph found the convo interesting, so you will too. Soph also throws in some juicy questions about Syd and Jordan's relationship - What makes this relationship different? Do either of them have a pet peeve with the other? Who apologizes first? The girls go on to chat about Syd's new roommate, Soph’s snapchat hacker, and as always... they share some fun listener #straightcandid stories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/03/202158 minutes 10 seconds
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17: Getting Out of The Friend Zone, Post-College Advice, and How to Filter Friends

Post-College is confusing af. Whether it's finding the balance between work and social life or figuring out who your true friends are, Syd and Soph have advice for you. They chat about cutting out toxic relationships, what to do if you have feelings for a friend, and even update you on their newest Straight Candid Member (hint: her name is Ellie Hall and she is our cute cute intern). Soph updates us on her relationship status and talks about how to get out of the friend zone. Syd drops knowledge on simple ways to merge passions with career and tips on prioritizing your time and your relationships. If you feel confused about post-college life, this episode is for you. Listen, laugh, and feel along as Syd and Soph reflect on what their early twenties have taught them.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/02/202150 minutes 26 seconds
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16: Khadijah Cooper: Birds&The Bee’s, and How to Initiate Sex As a Female

Khadijah Cooper - a sexuality educator, Twin-Cities comedian, and all the time mom, joins us this week to talk about all things sex. We talk puberty, squirting, initiating sex, dating in your 20's &amp; 30’s, and candid convos about everything in between. She is passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to have pleasurable sex, all while setting intentional boundaries and discovering their own individual values. We understand that open conversations about sex can be awkward, but that's the point!! Khadijah is a perfect guest to chat about these taboo topics: she normalizes this type of conversation and answers the dirty questions you've been wanted to know, but have been too afraid to ask. Normalize the conversation with us - Listener discretion is advised. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/02/20211 hour 14 minutes 54 seconds
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15: WILD Listener Stories + We Throw It In Reverse

You’re going to want to grab a bowl of popcorn for this one folks - No better way to showcase our bad ass listeners than by telling YOUR experiences. Syd and Soph tell some WILD Listener stories (#StraightCandid Moments) that are nothing but real, raw, candid, and dare we even say.. awkward? You’ll hear stories about month old tampons, sex bribe tips (aka spicing up relationships), drunk texting mistakes, creative hookups, and more! Later in the episode, Syd whips out her storytelling skills to explain a time where she was faced with a life or death situation. Sophie explains how she is upset with pool pee’ers and is a big fan of women’s strip clubs. Lets just say, this episode is packed with content you’ll want to hear. Be ready to laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of your seat. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/02/20211 hour 9 minutes 46 seconds
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14: Sam Delosh - MN Native Turned World Traveller

Sam Delosh is a Minnesotan born and raised millennial who decided to break the social norms and travel the world. Today, Syd speaks to Sam, a college drop out who took a one way ticket abroad to find MORE in life than what society expected of him. Join along as Sam tells us inspiring stories and reflects on the horrifying experiences where he was faced with a life or death situation across the world. From job jumping, adventuring to untouched cities, and a hell of a lot of learning, Sam reminds us to slow down and look around us. What story do YOU want to tell? Whatever story it is, make sure to write your own. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/02/20211 hour 8 minutes 22 seconds
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13: Tyler Matthies - Gay Candid

The love for the gay community is vast, but supporting something with love means you should love it enough to get informed, too. So give this podcast a listen and feel free to share! Our darling Queen, Tyler Matthies speaks his truth about his coming out story, what the Minneapolis gay community is really like, and what it means to be a “Twink.” Tyler is an old soul with amazing advice, so no matter how you define your sexual orientation, we guarantee you will find comfort from this authentic conversation and experiences. With love, we welcome you to hear Tyler Matthies’s story. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/01/20211 hour 9 minutes 53 seconds
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12: Balancing Health, Food, and Fitness - All The Things We’ve Learned

We may need to change from the entertainment podcast category to health and wellness after this loaded podcast lol. Syd and Soph dive deep into all things wellness related. Topics include: getting started in the gym, eating more protein, speeding up your metabolism, programing your workouts, eating for your goals, balancing your mental and physical health, and living a balanced lifestyle. Soph (a NASM Personal Trainer and PN1 Nutrition Certified Coach) goes into detail about how macro counting saved her from the exhausting cycle of dieting. Syd (a soon to be NASM certified trainer, current ALTR coach and former college lacrosse player) gives us all her health tips and tricks she’s learned from being an athlete and coach that can be incorporated into your daily routine (including an awesome overnight oats recipe). Syd and Soph know that improving your health is all about small sustainable changes that will eventually impact your overall health. Enjoy! Learn more about
21/01/202155 minutes 53 seconds
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11: Molly Hale - QUEER MILF

Holy Moly. Or shall we say Holy MOLLY? What a fun episode with the one and only, Molly Hale. Molly is a digital strategist, ex evangelical Christian, sex positive influencer who uses her numerous platforms to speak her truth and be her most authentic self. Molly speaks about how she navigated through a crazy life transition, including deconstructing her faith and learning that monogamy is not the only option. She talks to us about polyamorous dating, reclaiming your identity, OnlyFans, and breaking free from the typical relationship escalator. If you stick around long enough, you may even hear about 4 minutes orgasm. *Reminder: Some topics that we speak to may seem taboo - conversations that you more than likely only have with your closest friends. Only difference here, is that we put microphones to it so you can follow along (if you want). Listen along with an open mind Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/01/20211 hour 10 minutes 22 seconds
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10: #StraightCandid, How to Lingerie, and What Not to Tolerate While Dating

Here for a fun and mindless listen today, Episode 010 kicks off something that is near and dear to Syd and Soph’s heart - #StraightCandid. Reflecting on why this pod is here, what we’ve learned up until now, and why the hell you should be apart of #StraightCandid too. Shifting to talk on how to use lingerie, sex drive realizations, and finishing up with what not to tolerate in a significant other. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/01/202151 minutes 11 seconds
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9: Vanessa Persephone - From Disordered Eating to Healing and Acceptance (PART 2)

A guest with so much insight and vulnerability to share, episode 009 deserved a part 2. Vanessa talks in detail about her journey with Binge Eating Disorder. Realizing her patterns, Vanessa takes us through her thought process in finding out the root cause of it all. She walks us through a time that ultimately ended up bringing her to her truest and most in-touch self. She is still healing, still shaping her future, but more in control than she ever has been. We want to thank Vanessa for being vulnerable alongside us to help spread the word that no one is alone in this journey. **Trigger warning - this episode contains conversations about disordered eating. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/12/202047 minutes 10 seconds
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9: Vanessa Persephone - The Beauty of Hitting Rock Bottom (PART 1)

Vanessa kindly joins this week to walk us through what it is like to find a new identity. She used to live with materialistic habits-cheering for the Vikings, dating a professional athlete, posting the perfect pictures, all while attending the U of M. From the outside, it seemed she had it all. During our conversation, Vanessa talks about how deep down she was hurting. She realized that even having the “perfect body” and the “perfect life,” something was missing. She hit a breaking point that changed her life forever and kick started her journey into health coaching, yoga instructing, holistic healing, and being AUTHENTIC on her platforms. Listen as we walk through Vanessa’s journey through healing from an eating disorder, heartbreak, and discovering her true light. *Trigger warning: this episode will speak to eating habits and disorders, please be mindful. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/12/20201 hour 3 minutes 21 seconds
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8: BODY IMAGE & Leaning Into Self Acceptance

Syd and Soph reflect today on body image and leaning into self acceptance. With an outpour of love/comments from listeners, Syd and Soph discuss many listener’s questions about learning to find peace with your body. What the hell are skinny mirrors? Are our insecurities based upon comparison? Why are we not celebrating our differences and individuality? Why do we at times want to be someone other than ourselves? These girls don’t have all the answers, but as they find them, they will continue to share. Listen with an open mind and heart as they speak to giving yourself grace and loving who you are. *Trigger warning: This episode may be sensitive for listeners who are battling with or recovering from any form of eating or body shaming disorders. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/12/20201 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds
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7: Antonio Sundquist - Mental Health from a Male Perspective + Meditation and Being Kind To Your Mind

Antonio Sundquist joins us this week to talk about mental health from a guys perspective. He shares details from his adoption, how he realized he was struggling with anxiety, and ultimately how he took back control of his mental health. Syd and Soph offer a more serious side as they learn, listen, and relate to Antonio’s experiences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/12/20201 hour 5 minutes 55 seconds
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6: Soph's New Man, Balls Are Weird, and Answering Men's Q's

Syd and Soph decided to take a different angle to Episode 006, coming in with NO PLAN besides to ramble. They speak to Soph’s new man, life timelines, girl-code, and when it’s okay to fart in front of him. Then Syd and Soph answer questions that guys wrote in, including WHY girls go to the bathroom together - mystery solved. Listen along as the ladies answer honestly, give their opinion, offer advice to the questions asked, and remember that guys minds are in the gutter. Please also take a moment and DONATE to our Best Christmas Ever page! This will help support a family of 4 that we will surprise with gifts we need on Christmas. Further description of family and instructions on how to donate are included in link. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/12/202058 minutes 13 seconds
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5: Anxiety, SSRI’s and Sex, and How to Cope with Mental Health Set Backs

ANXIETY. Living with anxiety and dealing with its repercussions has been a large part of Syd and Soph's lives, and they know they are not alone in that. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Join as both attempt to normalize the conversation, share how it affects their day-to-day, tips &amp; tricks they use to manage it, AND how anxiety/depression medication can affect sex. Soph offers insight into her first experiences with anxiety and medications, Syd speaks to a life altering event where she had to choose who she wanted to be, but both take a stance saying it is normal and it is okay to speak up about how you feel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/11/202055 minutes 21 seconds
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4: Early Career Talk & Tips, Navigating Your Passions, and Simply Being Kind

Syd and soph aren’t the only ones out of college trying to navigate through new careers, finding passions, and creating a ‘path’. They offer an eye into their life outside the podcast- not leaving out any failures, changes, or advice they’ve applied along the way. Relate along as they share their previous and current work, future goals, and how they focus on the next steps and always getting better. The future is unknown but one thing is for sure: Syd and Soph will continue to share their learnings and advice as life continues to change, being as candid as possible. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/11/202048 minutes 42 seconds
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3: A Male Perspective with MN Bachelor, Chris Coquyt

Chris Coquyt joins the ladies on the infamous orange couch to talk about his Bachelor Live On Stage experience and his current relationship status. Chris then goes into answering questions that women want to know, but may be too uncomfortable to actually ask. The women who wrote in questions to Straight Candid were ruthless-and needless to say the conversation gets juicy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the candid conversation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/10/20201 hour 2 minutes 1 second
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2: Redflag or Dealbreaker? Dating In Your 20s

Red flag or deal breaker? Syd and Soph chat what they will and will NOT tolerate in people they have interest in. They touch on their previous relationship experiences, ridiculous first date fails, and talk about the importance of consent when beginning a new ‘fling.’ Remember we’re still learning, evolving, and growing... one podcast at a time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/10/20201 hour 18 minutes 55 seconds
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1: Are We Doing This Shit Right?

The wait is over - Syd and Soph sit down and chat why they are here and why Straight Candid was created. Although they have no idea if they are doing this shit right, they keep it real with what topics will be included on this podcast. We will change, we will evolve; this is only the beginning. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/10/202039 minutes 30 seconds
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Straight Candid Trailer

Join Syd and Soph October 2020 for the premiere episode of their brand new podcast, Straight Candid.
24/09/20201 minute 32 seconds