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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 3 seasons, 119 episodes, 4 days 7 hours 33 minutes
On the Straight Ahead Animation Podcast we interview and spotlight rising Black, Indigenous, and People of Color voices that are breaking into the Animation Industry. We want our guest to share their early experiences working at their first industry job and their transition from being a student to an industry professional. We want to spotlight these rising BIPOC voices because these are the voices that will shape the future of the Animation Industry.
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93 Straight Ahead w/ Amie Sanchez: Hit the Ground Running

Amie Sanchez is a Latina Storyboard Artist working at Nickelodeon. Straight out of school, Amie&#39;s first job was actually a full-time storyboard artist. We talk about her lucky break in 2D boarding, and the changes that came with the shift to boarding for a 3D show, Rugrats (2021). We have a candid conversation about having gaps in your education, and ways to fill them when your school doesn&#39;t have all the resources you need. Amie also talks about how she connects with her art outside of professional work through fan art and her friend-formed art group: Studio Rana. Instagram: @ameetoe Twitter: @ameetoe Tumblr: ameetoe Website: <a href="" target
18/04/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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00 Straight Ahead w/ Ray & Yuki: What is Straight Ahead?

Welcome to Straight Ahead Animation Podcast! This episode we explain what Straight Ahead is and the purpose/goal behind the podcast! --- Send in a voice message:
22/01/20216 minutes 20 seconds