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Spanish, Education, 9 seasons, 601 episodes, 2 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes
StoryLearning Spanish is the fun, brain-friendly way to improve your Spanish. Join us every single day for a new chapter of our story, and learn Spanish the most natural way of all, using the power of story. (For low-intermediate and intermediate Spanish learners.) Support us on
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Spanish Uncovered (Advanced) ¡Hola! He have very special news. As you might know at StoryLearning we have beginner and intermediate Spanish courses. Well, later this year, we are launching advanced C1 Uncovered courses. And you can officially pre-order them today! The advanced course will be released in September, but we are giving you the option to pre-order for the next four days... With some exciting bonuses! Languages available: SPANISH, French, German and Italian What you get: All four courses for the price of one + 10 weeks of live coaching + Olly's three-part Advanced Language Secrets Masterclass - "Behind The Scenes" updates Deadline: Tuesday, February 21st at midnight PST Ready to bridge the gap between the intermediate and native level… And experience your language like a native? Pre-order your copy of Uncovered (Advanced) now!
2/17/20231 minute, 22 seconds
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Hi, everybody! Welcome to the Storylearning Spanish podcast. If you’ve been listening to season 4 every day, CONGRATULATIONS! You finished the story. And if you’re new here, you can scroll down and enjoy the 150 episodes of our fourth season, which just finished. And if you continue scrolling down even further, you will also find season 3. But hurry up if you want to listen to that one, because it will not stay in our feed for long! We will have to take it down soon to make room for… Season 5! That’s right people, we’re working on the fifth season of the StoryLearning Spanish podcast. Thank you so much, our amazing audience, for listening and supporting us to continue creating amazing stories in Spanish for you. So, Season 5 is coming in January 2023. Pretty soon! What to do until then? If you want to support us and get access to seasons 1 and 2, and also get ad-free and bundle episodes of seasons 3 and 4, then join us on Patreon! Just go to We recommend you do it NOW if you want to get access to all our previous seasons for $10. On January, when we release Season 5, we’re creating a new $20/month tier where we’ll move seasons 1, 2 and 3; and the $10/month tier will only show you ad-free, early-access season 5 episodes, and the complete season 4. Again, that’s Join us there and get 4 seasons —that is 654 episodes worth of Spanish podcast! You heard right, 4 independent, self-conclusive stories that add up to 654 episodes for just $10/month from now until the end of 2022 and for $20/month since the beginning of 2023. Sounds like a good deal, right? Now, keep enjoying our podcast! ¡Saludos!
12/7/20222 minutes, 14 seconds
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Special Announcement: Spanish Uncovered (Intermediate)

Spanish Uncovered (Intermediate) Waiting List: Welcome to a special episode of the StoryLearning Spanish podcast. Today, Sofía (podcast host) gets together with Maddie (Product Manager at StoryLearning) and María (native Spanish teacher) to talk about the launch of StoryLearning's exciting new course: Spanish Uncovered (Intermediate). This new course helps you break the intermediate Spanish plateau using the most fun, natural method you've ever seen. A comprehensive Spanish programme for intermediate learners, fuelled by the power of story. Spanish Uncovered (Intermediate) will be released in July 2022. Sign up now to receive our special Spanish Uncovered (Intermediate) launch offer! 👉
7/14/202217 minutes, 10 seconds