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Stokes & Friends: KPOP with T.H.I.S. Podcast

English, Music, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 4 hours 33 minutes
In Stokes & Friends: KPOP with T.H.I.S., Stokes Nielson and his international pop-star friends give listeners an in-depth deep dive into the biggest K-pop stars; what makes them tick, and what’s fueling this international sonic phenomenon that has swept across the globe. Whether it’s tramping through the hills of Bukchon in historic Seoul, blazing across Japan in Shinkansen trains, or braving the spiciest hot-pot huts of China, Stokes will stop at nothing to bring the inspiring stories, sounds, and fan-love of K-Pop to music lovers everywhere. Season One kicks off with a seven episode spotlight(one for each member) on the award-winning act, BTS, with special appearances by Camila Cabello, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes, Tim McGraw, Japanese comedian Yuji Ayabe, and Chinese superstars Jane Zhang and Jackson Yi.
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STOKES & FRIENDS Presents a special Podcast in support of the UNESCO Radio Campaign on the promotion of Dialogue on issues of Tolerance and Humanity.   Stokes starts off the episode with BTS and their historic call for a generation; and then Stokes launches a dialogue on the elements of Humanity with powerful spotlights on Korean rocker Jae from Day 6, global Country Icon Tim McGraw, 2019 Grammy Award Winner for Best New Artist Dua Lipa, Chinese Hip-Hop Star & Mogul Kris Wu, and Cuban-American Cris Cab.  This episode is based in Paris and in Normandy near Omaha Beach.  See for privacy information.See for privacy information.
25/02/201929 minutes 17 seconds