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English, Travel/Tourism, 2 seasons, 66 episodes, 1 day 7 hours 17 minutes
Step Outside with Paul Burt is a new podcast that quite simply is for everyone wanting to “Step Outside” and learn where to go and what to do when they get there around the country.  Keeping with the popular outdoor highlights of fishing, surfing, camping, caravanning, four wheel driving, cooking and of course boating.
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Love the thought of catching crabs well in this podcast we teach you the in's and out's to this favourite past time done by many Australians who live by the water. Gather all the tips and tricks from catching to cooking in this podcast.See for privacy information.
09/10/202223 minutes 40 seconds
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Deep Dropping it's Electrifying!

This week it's all about fishing crazy deep waters and the best way to do it is with electric reels. Having the rights outfit to suit your needs from the reel to the rod, the line to the tackle, weights and of course baits, it's all on this podcast. We even talk sounders and what the bottom looks like using new satellite imagery. See for privacy information.
03/10/202229 minutes 41 seconds
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Gettin' Jiggy with It!

This week it's all about gettin' bent over the bow rail using jigs on wrecks. We talk tackle, gear, technique plus the success of using micro jigs in deep water. See for privacy information.
25/09/202221 minutes 21 seconds
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Spinning for Tailor off the beaches

If you want to know all about spinning for Tailor starting from the gear to the lures, to technique and more importantly how to land the fish from the surf then this is a podcast for you.  See for privacy information.
11/09/202222 minutes
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Catching Winter Whiting All Year Round.

Winter whiting or diver whiting are about in abundance, this week we chat to  self-confessed whiting pro Shane Roberts. Learn the tips to catching one of the tastiest fish in the estuaries. See for privacy information.
29/08/202223 minutes 44 seconds
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Live Baiting with Banana Prawns

This week we talk about catching and using live prawns for bait. The best rigs, hooks and some handy tips on keeping them alive plus hook placement. An informative podcast to get you underway.See for privacy information.
26/07/202229 minutes 31 seconds
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Talking Cephalopods, aka Squid

This week Burty hits the road and chats all about catching squid with his driver mate Shane. If you’re bored and want to know what a road trip is like whilst possibly learning some tips on catching Squid then this podcast is perfect for you.See for privacy information.
25/07/202226 minutes 29 seconds
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Did someone say SQUIDly?

This week talk to the Squid master himself Clint Ansell and chat all about cephalopods. The how to, what to and where to go when targeting these super intelligent yet so tasty delicacies of the ocean.See for privacy information.
18/07/202222 minutes 22 seconds
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What the Pike?!!

Join Burty and Gordo as they venture down the channel of Pike. Find out what the big deal is as to why everything in the ocean wants to eat them and with this in mind we thought we'd try them out ourselves with surprising results.See for privacy information.
04/07/202223 minutes 2 seconds
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Tonic Polarised Sunglasses

In the market for a new pair of glass lensed polarised sunnies, then listen up to this podcast. Find out how the iconic 'Tonic' brand makes their glasses and what colour lense is best suited to you from freshwater to bluewater or even driving on the highway to prescription glasses. Director Doug Phillips guides us through the steps to finding that perfect fit. See for privacy information.
05/06/202230 minutes 40 seconds
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Catching Bait off the Beach at Night and Fish Tip's with PJ

Short of time and want to know how to collect your own bait at night, well here's one for you! We chat to self confessed fishing legend Peter 'PJ' Johnson about the how too's and what not's when it comes to collecting bait and rigging. PJ has been the in the business for a long time from professional fishing to radio fishing show host and knows more about angling than most dream of.See for privacy information.
08/05/202225 minutes 21 seconds
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Setting up your sounder to catch fish!

Want to catch a lot of fish, then listen up to this podcast. Gordon Triplett from Garmin Australia gives us the inside knowledge to setting up your sounder when fishing the reefs. There's even some talk on rigs to use and preferred baits.See for privacy information.
01/05/202219 minutes 21 seconds
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How to catch a Lizard (aka Flatties)

Frog fishing, Lizard fishing aka Flathead fishing! Get all the basic info to get you started as we dial in the flathead. Learn what to do, where to go, gear to use and what to look for when targeting the Frog!See for privacy information.
10/04/202242 minutes 57 seconds
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Spinning for Tuna

Get bent this week as we talk everything on spinning for tuna. Get the low down on gear to use, best action for the retrieve, what to do throughout the fight and even a recipe at the end!See for privacy information.
03/04/202231 minutes
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Mackerel fishing with Peter 'PJ' Johnson.

Tried catching mackerel but failed, well this podcast is for you! Know all about mackerel and how to catch them with ex pro mackerel fisherman Peter 'PJ' Johnson.See for privacy information.
20/03/202230 minutes 13 seconds
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Australia's longest running radio fishing show!

This week we chat to Mr Kieran Reekie founder and owner of Australia's longest running radio fishing show Hi-Tide. Sit back and listen to the events that has shaped Kieran to where he is today, from fishing with former President George W Bush to catching high flying marlin with golfing great Greg Norman. There's also stories whilst fishing with some of Australia's greatest sports stars to jet setting down into Venezuela after a night out with a strange character called 'Zoro' the masked dealer.  Loads of stories and one podcast to sit back and take in the memories of Kieran Reekie.See for privacy information.
20/02/202245 minutes 20 seconds
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Justin Willmer UV Plastics and Fishing with them

Today we chat with legendary pro angler Justin Willmer from Tackle Tactics all about UV on plastics and fishing with them. What does UV do and how it attracts fish. We also move into gear to use, styles of fishing, retrieves, scents and glows. See for privacy information.
14/02/202223 minutes 11 seconds
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Fishing for Marlin on Skirted Lures

This week we chat to fishing icon Andrew 'Chozza' Chorley from Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing about targeting marlin on skirted lures, the gear, rigs, what to do, troll speed and tackle techniques. A podcast not to be missed when getting into trolling for marlin. See for privacy information.
06/02/202226 minutes 47 seconds
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Lithium Marine Batteries or bust!

This week we chat to CEO Stephen Whapham of Australian Battery Giant Green Marine Lithium. If you're thinking of upgrading your old lead acid conventional heavy weighted battery for a lighter and more efficient battery then this is the podcast for you. Here we ask the hard ball questions to help you out and de-bunk a few of the old lithium myths. See for privacy information.
31/01/202225 minutes 21 seconds
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Choosing the right electronics for your boat with Garmin

This week we chat to Aussie boating and marine icon Gordon Triplett from Garmin Australia about Sounders and GPS units. Find out what sounder works best for your style of fishing, know what size to buy, the correct transducer, how to set up correctly and all the bits in between to get you underway. One not to be missed when setting up or upgrading your next boat.See for privacy information.
23/01/202237 minutes 20 seconds
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First time campers, what to know.

This week we're chatting to outdoor enthusiast and Anaconda store manager Ryan Lomax about gearing up for the first time campers. This podcast is all about what to take, new gear on the market to enhance your week or weekend away and how to make your camping experience enjoyabe the first and every time you go. From camping to cooking, it's here inside this weeks edition of the Step Outside Podcast.See for privacy information.
09/01/202237 minutes 48 seconds
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Skipping baits for big fish with Choza!

When it comes to fishing, Andrew 'Choza' Chorley from Hervey Bay Sportfishing sits up there with the best in the business on the planet. Not only does this guy know fishing but he also loves to teach both the novice and pro's various techniques from live baiting, lure casting to trolling. Skipping garfish is a method used to catch a variety of fish and this week Choza explains the ins and outs on how to successfully do it. We also dive into fishing in general and I'm 100% sure you'll learn something new in this podcast just like myself to help you out the next time you hit the water. See for privacy information.
02/01/202225 minutes 38 seconds
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Let's get Jiggy with Leroy Horton!

This week it's all about jigging with Leroy Horton from Shimano Australia. Learn the techniques, what gear you'll need for different species, terminal tackle, retrieves and a whole lot more to successfully catch a fish in your neck of the woods on a jig. Learn how to do the finesse art of micro jigging with a 60gram weight to heavy duty jigging with a 400gram shot put. A podcast not to be missed for those wanting to get jiggy with it.See for privacy information.
26/12/202133 minutes 29 seconds
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Before you hit the water with Bill Hull

Buying a boat and heading out over the Summer Break, maybe you're new to boating in general? Well this podcast is right up your alley as we chat to Bill Hull from Northside Marine. A highly respected figure in the boating fraternity and a very knowledgeable man on boats and boating safety. During this podcast Bill will help navigate through the channels murky and clear to help give you a better experience when you hit the water.  See for privacy information.
19/12/202130 minutes 35 seconds
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Wading the flats for monster whiting

This week we chat to Clint Ansell from Gold Coast River Charters about what it takes to fish on one of the busiest waterways in the Southern Hemisphere and catch fish beyond belief. Wading the flats is about taking a step back and fishing the shallows on foot, talking what gear to use, what makes a flat better than others, how to look and hook the fish and a lot more info more when targeting these delicate beauties. One not to be missedSee for privacy information.
12/12/202122 minutes 7 seconds
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All you need to know about catching wahoo

This week on the Step Outside Podcast we chat to Leroy Horton who is the National Sponsorship, PR and Events Coordinator for Shimano Australia all about wahoo fishing. We dive into the depths of what gear to use, tackle, lures, where to go and more importantly what to do with them once you've got it back to the boat. That and whole lot more this week on the Step Outside Podcast.See for privacy information.
05/12/202124 minutes 31 seconds
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Learn how to spin for Tuna

This week we chat to 'Timmy the Tuna', aka 'Fish Guy' from Sep Outside about how to successfully spin for tuna. Find out all the details and inside knowledge on what gear is needed, where to go, what to look for and what to do when you've got one back to the bank, boat, jet ski, kayak or whatever else you're fishing from. There's even a great recipe involved to showcase how to cook them them up at the end of the day. One not to be missed as we chat, give out knowledge and have a laugh along the way.  See for privacy information.
28/11/202128 minutes 18 seconds
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On the Road with Oricom

This week we chat to Tony Kokolis who is the Queensland Development Manager for Oricom. We chat about how you can turn your vehicle into the 21century with upgrades on tyre pressure sensors, battery monitors and on the road communications. Ideal for those with older cars or those just wanting to Step Outside and be safe doing it. See for privacy information.
21/11/202125 minutes 20 seconds
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Hervey Bay Black Marlin with Andrew 'Chozza' Chorley.

This week we chat to legendary skipper and owner or Hervey Bay Fly and Sport fishing Andrew ' Chozza' Chorley about the craze of targeting black marlin on light gear in the pristine waters off Fraser Island. We talk about fly fishing, switch baiting, where to go, what to look for and most importantly when to go. An informative one on one with one of the best in the business who calls Hervey Bay and the surrounding waters his home. See for privacy information.
14/11/202127 minutes 45 seconds
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Seasoned boating with Alan Blake

This week we chat to ex BIA (Boating Industry Association) boss and seasoned boatie Alan Blake. Alan recently toured the east coast of Qld in his 20metre vessel Golarra for 5months with his wife Anne so we felt it would be fitting to talk about spots to visit, the best way to have a Qld mud crab, how a boat fairs when being hit by a lightning bolt, problems with import boats along with plenty of laughs along the way.See for privacy information.
07/11/202130 minutes 32 seconds
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Tailor Fishing with Scotty Charlton

This week we 'Step Outside' with a fellow angler by the name of Scott Charlton. We talk all about Tailor, what gear to use, bait, tackle, what gutters to look for on the beach, how to cook them and much more. If you want to learn about tailor fishing, this podcast is right up your alley.See for privacy information.
31/10/202122 minutes 5 seconds
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This week we talk one on one with Bruce Anderson president of the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club which hosts the annual Flathead Classic. We chat about how comps have changed due to covid and how these guys are working with the changes to keep the classic running and anglers fishing.See for privacy information.
12/09/202122 minutes 42 seconds