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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 42 episodes, 14 hours 37 minutes
Podcast by ConsenSys
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State Chain #44 - A New Approach to Ending Slavery

Today, we look at the problem of modern slavery and how it intersects with wildlife conservation. This subject is brought to the fore by growing interest in using blockchain technologies to illuminate the business processes which conceal the presence of slavery. Our guests are Brian Iselin, founder of, and Bubba Cook, Western and Central Pacific Tuna Programme Manager for the World Wildlife Fund. This episode was co-hosted and edited by Alexis Kenyon. Inevitably, some of this material will be disturbing.
29/06/201730 minutes 44 seconds
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State Change #43 - The Battle for your attention, Meher Roy, Simon de la Rouviere

Recalling State Change #40 Weaponized AI propaganda machine, we discussed at length the value of attention. Today we take this subject to it’s maximum extend. Software engineer Simon de la Rouviere and biochemical engineer Meher Roy shed light on how the battle for our attention is the basis for the online economy. We see it in the business models of two of the biggest companies on earth — Facebook and Google. That ever present question of how blockchain will affect these dynamics hangs over the discourse. Simon envisions a post scarcity world in which the only remaining economy is the attention economy. Meher takes a more conservative position. Between these two perspectives we get a foundational understanding of the dynamics involved, and a view of how they might evolve.…d1088310627?mt=2
23/05/201742 minutes 34 seconds
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State Change #42 The Use of Knowledge in Society, Jeffrey Tucker, Kirk Dameron, Stephen Macaskill

While today decentralization seems like a revelation, one thinker more than any other stands as its chief proponent. In 1945 Friedrich Hayek bucked the post war fashion of command-control thinking and announced the futility of central economic or societal planning. His essay, The Use of Knowledge in Society, is a concise and accurate argument for the organizing principles of the internet, horizontal organizations, and blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Guests: Jeffrey Tucker: CLO of, Director of Digital Development at The Foundation for Economic Education Stephen Macaskill: President, Blockchain Association of New Zealand, former CEO of Amagi Metals an e-commerce precious metals company. Kirk Dameron of ConsenSys, Adjunct Professor Regis University, VP of Operations, Altius Space Machines
09/05/201748 minutes 11 seconds
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State Change #40 Weaponized AI propaganda machine, Amanda Gutterman, Berit Anderson, Brett Horvath

The surprising outcome of the last US Presidential election brought attention to the effect fake news and social media manipulation can have on public thought. Today we are going to take a deep look at what exactly took place, while considering possible solutions to the problems we uncover. Berit Anderson and Brett Horvath, Co-founders of, join us to discuss their investigative piece, The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine, while media and marketing guru Amanda Gutterman of ConsenSys, provides an industry perspective. Berit Anderson: Brett Horvath: Amanda Gutterman: Arthur Falls:
04/05/201747 minutes 20 seconds
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State Change #39 Technologies of Social Organization — Vinay Gupta, Joseph Lubin

Technology enables new forms of social organisation. That statement is itself a truism, but as we see technological development accelerate, our means of organising ourselves is constantly changing. Our guests today are Joseph Lubin and Vinay Gupta. Joe is the Founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum. He has a background in robotics, software engineering, and wealth management. He also had a short stint as CEO of a Jamaican record label. Vinay Gupta is the inventor of the Hexayurt emergency shelter and was once a member of both ConsenSys and Ethereum. Vinay now runs an investment firm, Hexayurt Capital. Have we reached an inflection point where old systems exist at odds with reality? Both Joe and Vinay think that might be the case. We discuss the nature of the firm as described by ronald coase, intermediation price discovery, the future of organization and the role of burning man in the birth of the internet. We compare the Joe’s and Vinay’s organizations and explore the
04/05/201735 minutes 7 seconds
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State Change #41 Unpacking Digital Identity - Christian Lundkvist, Stephen Wilson

Today we compare in-depth the self-sovereign and federated models of identity. Why is our means of proving who we are important? Well, for one thing, relying on an authority which doesn’t have our best interests at heart to manage our identity is one of the many problems exploited by the decentralized propaganda machine described last episode. Our guests today are Christian Lundkvist, senior technologist at ConsenSys and Chief Architect and Researcher of the uPort self sovereign identity platform, and Steve Wilson, has spent 22 years researching identity, 14 of which has been independent. Steve currently leads the independent research business, Lockstep and is also working with Constellation Research where he studies blockchain technology. Christian Lundkvist: Stephen Wilson:
03/05/201754 minutes 15 seconds
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State Change #38 — Truffles in the Azure Marketplace

In brief: Ethereum developer framework Truffle offers a Swiss Army Knife of solutions to the blockchain application developer. Recently Truffle was added to the Azure marketplace, allowing the Microsoft development community can take advantage of this powerful tool. Since June of 2015 developer Tim Coulter has been assembling the scripts and tools he used for the projects he worked on into successive versions of Truffle. At the turn of the year, Truffle downloads crossed the 30,000 mark. By Tim’s estimate the framework is in the hands of between 4000 and 5000 developers. Now that number is only set to increase. Content: Tim Coulter, Arthur Falls
19/01/201715 minutes 41 seconds
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State Change #37 - State Channels Deep Dive with Ameen Soleimani

In Brief: Imagine the security of a blockchain transaction with the speed and low cost of a packet of information sent through traditional infrastructure. This is what state channels can offer any blockchain. After finishing his work on the Co-tricity project (the ConsenSys run part of which is now Innogy), Ameen Soleimani, has turned his attention to state channels. State Channels are a design pattern in which signed messages representing transactions are exchanged between two parties. These parties can choose at any time to broadcast the last message to the blockchain, updating it to a state representative of the sum of all exchanges between the two parties. Sound complicated? Ameen does a great job of explaining the idea which offers a solution both to scaling and to blockchain privacy.  The Raiden network is the most advanced instantiation of state channels currently in development. The Gnosis prediction market also uses state channels for its markets. This could well be t
12/01/201719 minutes 55 seconds
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State Change #36 - The uPort Developer Alpha & 2016 in Review

In Brief: Longtime applied cryptography guru and uPort developer Pelle Braendgaard announces the upcoming release of the uPort developer Alpha! Then we take a look at tokenless blockchains and examine the fundamental confusion behind DAO projects. uPort promises to solve the biggest problem on the internet: representing a unique human being. Existing trusted server based solutions have provided something to work with, but every person who’s suffered major identity theft can attest to their limitations. Those limitations are especially conspicuous when a blockchain interface is needed as they present a permission silo for attackers to target. Not too cool. With uPort blockchains will finally be open to the public. Bring on 2017! Content: Pelle Braendgaard, Arthur Falls Subscribe on iTunes:
03/01/201730 minutes 25 seconds
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State Change #35 — Delivering Big: The Synechron Partnership

In Brief: ConsnenSys and enterprise software giant Synechron have joined forces to take the blockchain solution world by storm. Synechron is a global financial services software delivery firm. Seeing an opportunity to improve back and middle office efficiency and revolutionize multi-party payments, the software giant is moving into the permissioned Ethereum space. ConsenSys and Synechron have formed a partnership to fill demand for a range of new software solutions. Content: Sandeep Kumar, Arthur Falls
12/12/201611 minutes 32 seconds
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State Change #34 - Reimagining Education with Jarad Pereira

In Brief: Institutional education today suffers from a perverse incentive: The educators define the method by which their own performance is measured. Jarad Pereira explains how his decentralized assessment platform can solve the problem. Jarad describes a system comprised of assessment in which students are free to acquire skills and knowledge in any way they choose. When they wish to be assessed, they make a request to the Universal Education System which assigns multiple individuals who have been favorably assessed in the relevant skill to assess the student. After assessment is complete, the scores the assessors have given the student are compared. Outliers are penalized - indicating that they are divergent with educated opinion, while those convergent with the mean are rewarded. The student is scored based on the combined opinion of the assessors. It’s a novel approach that combines economic incentive, game theory and decentralization. Content: Jarad Pereira, Arthur Falls
05/12/201623 minutes 25 seconds
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State Change #33 — The Future of Financial Blockchain Panel Evening

In association with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and Blockchain for Wall Street conference, ConsenSys hosted a panel discussion with some of the experts who will be attending the event.   Panelists: Ron Quaranta, Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance    Michael Wuehler, INFURA Project Lead, ConsenSys  Chris Burniske, Blockchain Products Lead, ARK Investment Management Richard Johnson, Vice President, Market Structure & Technology, Greenwich Associates We re-examine past predictions and develop a clear picture of the significance of blockchain in the financial industry. For the video:
11/11/201649 minutes 26 seconds
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State Change #32 - Carolyn Reckhow, Weaving the Mesh

Carolyn Reckhow is responsible for designing and implementing the developing organizational structure of ConsenSys. Balancing employee autonomy with a coherent and unified collective direction is a challenge which Carolyn addresses with a deft hand. Taking inspiration from the distributed information networks that ConsenSys builds services with, and drawing on some of the techniques of Holacracy, Carolyn is developing a system known internally as Meshocracy. Content: Carolyn Reckhow, Arthur Falls Subscribe on iTunes:
25/10/201615 minutes 58 seconds
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State Change #31 - Martin Lundfall, Co-tricity

Martin Lundfall, mathematician, poet, and developer on the Co-tricity project, is here today. Co-tricity is a joint venture with German utilities provider, RWE and ConsenSys. It allows the peer to peer trading of energy, targeting prosumer and small business. Content: Martin Lundfall, Arthur Falls Subscribe on iTunes & Soundcloud:
19/10/201616 minutes 3 seconds
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State Change #30 - Michael Wuehler, Infura & the NYC Meetup

Michael Wuehler is a developer for the Infura Ethereum/IPFS as a service offering. He is also the founder of the NYC Ethereum Meetup. Today we talk about how the Infura team is mitigating the recent attacks on the Ethereum Network, and Mike's Ethereum journey. Content: Michael Wuehler, Arthur Falls
10/10/201616 minutes
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State Change #29 - Ethereum Meets Psychological Horror and Custom Apparel

This year, ConsenSys has hosted two external projects in its offices: Wu&Y Apparel and the production team of Braid, a psychological thriller based on the award winning script by Mitzi Peirone. The goal has been to bring individuals from industries which might be served by blockchain based tools into the development conversation. With their projects as pilots, Wu&Y and Braid are helping ConsenSys explore crowdfunding, provenance and accounting use cases. Content: Mitzi Peirone, Eric Wu, Mike Mantel, Arthur Falls
03/10/201628 minutes 30 seconds
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State Change #28 - Troy Murray, The Rudimental Content Marketplace

Troy Murray plans to revolutionize media production by combining the Gnosis prediction market with Nick Dodson's Weifund crowdfunding platform, Boardroom decentralized governance too, a token marketplace, and fiat to crypto payment rail. After receiving SEC approval, The Rudimental is approaching launch. Content: Troy Murray, Arthur Falls Subscribe on iTunes
21/09/201613 minutes 8 seconds
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State Change #27 - Rebecca Migirov, Ethical Supply Chains Powered by Self Sovereign Identity

The relationship between manufacturers, materials suppliers, and materials producers in modern supply chains is used to obscure the use of slave labor to produce products we use everyday. Blockchain based solutions can be used to bring this information to the consumer. In March of this year, Rebecca Migirov wrote what would become one of ConsenSys Media’s most popular posts: The Supply Circle: How Blockchain Technology Disintermediates the Supply Chain. In the past, establishing supply chain provenance, or the true origin of products has been extremely difficult. Using verifiable cryptographic ledgers like blockchains, it is trivial to trace the Fillet o’fish to the fisherman who caught her, or map the resources used to produce a cell phone. Spoiler: You may not like what you find. Content: Rebecca Migirov, Arthur Falls https://twitter.
12/09/201615 minutes 30 seconds
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State Change #26 - Hadrien Charlanes, Stabl

The usability of cryptocurrency has historically been a stumbling block for adoption: The addressing system is alien to many users, payment rails have been weak or non existent, and it’s value has been volatile. The problems are being solved however. Coinbase’ relationship with PayPal and Metamask’s integration of the Coindesk Buy Ether button has brought Ether to anyone with a credit card. Mathematician and financial engineer, Hadrien Charlanes is solving the volatility problem with a collateral based hedging system called Stabl. Content: Hadrien Charlanes, Arthur Falls Subscribe on iTunes:
07/09/201621 minutes 44 seconds
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State Change #25 - Jehan Tremback, Taking Back the Last Mile

In Brief Your Internet Service Provider is underperforming and over charging. However, mesh networking combined with the micropayment capabilities state channel technology offers will soon provide a prosumer alternative to the aging, legacy solutions. Whether you live in Auckland, Oakland, Paris, or Shanghai your internet performance is probably limited by the poor performance of last mile Internet Service Providers. A decentralized solution to this problem called mesh networking has been deployed by a number of communities to provide higher performing and often free internet. The is one problem however. Paying nodes to relay information is difficult when they may be connected to many other nodes and peers relaying very small amounts of traffic from each. The aggregate of this traffic is large but the individual payments requires are numerous and often so small that transaction costs consume much of the potential revenue. Enter Ethereum State Channels. Since the beginning of t
18/08/201616 minutes 1 second
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State Change #24 - Zach LeBeau, SingularDTV

Zach LeBeau, screenwriter, producer and mastermind behind both the SingularDTV decentralized entertainment platform and and the soon to be crowdfunded Singular television series joins to discus his far reaching project. We talk about the CODE, an entity which bridges the centralized and decentralized worlds, the GUARD, a process designed to ensure the security of value bearing smart contract structures, and the Singular narrative itself. Content: Zach LeBeau, Arthur Falls
11/08/201620 minutes 32 seconds
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State Change #23 - Juan Blanco, Nethereum

Juan Blanco developed the .NET API for Ethereum as a hobby project. Since he has joined ConsenSys to develop the project full time. Content: Juan Blanco, Arthur Falls
01/08/201610 minutes 52 seconds
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State Change #22 - Herman Junge, Infura

Herman Junge is the architect of Infura, a bootstrapping system for decentralized networks. By hosting a cluster of Ethereum and IPFS nodes, Infura simplifies deployment of applications using these kinds of services. Content: Herman Junge, Arthur Falls
29/07/201615 minutes 16 seconds
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State Change #20 - Tracking Timber Quality and Vine Ownership with REGIS

Brazilian timber supplier BVRIO has adopted a solution to proving the validity of documents outlining the quality rating of it's timber, built on the public Ethereum network. The platform used to register these documents is ConsenSys spoke, REGIS. Lead developer Daniel Novy explains this use case and another he has in the pipeline, tracking and tokenizing the ownership of grape vines. Content: Arthur Falls, Daniel Novy
11/07/201623 minutes 59 seconds
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State Change #19 - Governance from Mars with Mike & Connor

Connor O'Day and Mike Goldin discuss the growing number of new governance structures which are possible using smart contracts in conjunction with immutable ledgers. Content: Connor O'Day, Mike Goldin, Arthur Falls
04/07/201619 minutes 20 seconds
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State Change #18 - Simon DLR, Dive into Tokens

Simon de la Rouviere explains his work with community tokens and his project Token Factory. We discuss UJO, BTC Relay, and naively discuss the DAO (this was recorded pre-hack). Content: Simon de la Rouviere, Arthur Falls
27/06/201623 minutes 22 seconds
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State Change #17 - Nick and Karl on Development Toolkits

Karl Floersch and Nick Dodson discuss trends in development toolkits inside and outside the Ethereum Ecosystem. This episode is a valuable insight into Ethereum development for the non-technical person and an interesting commentary for the technically oriented. Content: Karl Floersch, Nick Dodson, Arthur Falls
06/06/201620 minutes 26 seconds
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State Change #16 - Kishore on the Digital Bank

Kishore Atreya is the head of consulting and digital banking at ConsenSys Enterprise. In today's episode Kishore explains the importance of building a bank in digital form from the ground up. Content: Kishore Atreya, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth
31/05/201613 minutes 49 seconds
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State Change #15 - Igor Lilic, Proof of Physical Address

Systems for proving real world truths are required for representing identity on the blockchain. Igor Lilic, principal technical lead at ConsenSys Enterprise, is solving one example this problem with his Proof of Physical Address project. Content: Igor Lilic, Arthur Falls
16/05/201610 minutes 34 seconds
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State Change #14 - Mark D'Agostino

Mark D'Agostino was head of blockchain research at Deloitte before joining the team at ConsenSys. Today we talk about what smart contracts and blockchains can do to eliminate systemic risk in financial institutions. Content: Mark D'Agostino, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth
01/05/201611 minutes 28 seconds
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State Change #13 - Foam

We have some interesting neighbours around the ConsenSys offices in Bushwick. Located down the street, Ryan King and Katya Zavayalova are establishing a decentralized architecture office. Foam aspires to use crowd equity and the DAO model to bring much needed flexibility and freedom to the field of architecture. Content: Ryan John King, Katya Zavyalova, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth
26/04/201615 minutes 34 seconds
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State Change #12 - Jesse Grushack, Ujo

Intellectual property arrangements in the music industry can be incredibly complex. This is both the result and the cause of the numerous intermediaries that sit between the listener and the artist. Ujo aims to solve this problem for the benefit of all. Jesse Grushack explains. Content: Jesse Grushack, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth
25/04/20167 minutes 31 seconds
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State Change #11 - Nick Dodson, BoardRoom, WeiFund

Nick Dodson is the creator of blockchain governance DApp BoardRoom. The plaform is designed to interoperate with Weifund, his equity crowdfunding Dapp. Together they use the trustless nature of the blockchain to provide decentralized equity based crowdsale and governance tools for online communities. Having featured uPort and MetaMask on recent episodes, it’s interesting to see the how these core components are so important to the kind of higher level applications Nick has been working on. Content: Nick Dodson, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth
20/04/201611 minutes 38 seconds
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State Change #10 - Christian Lundkvist, uPort

Systems architect Christian Lundkvist explains self sovereign identity through the lens of ConsenSys’ identity management platform uPort. Self sovereign identity is a key infrastructure component of the blockchain ecosystem. Content: Arthur Falls, Christian Lundkvist Editing: Richard Toth
16/04/201611 minutes 21 seconds
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State Change #9 Daniel Novy, Regis

Regis is a decentralized key/value storage Dapp. Use cases include property and domain name registry, and also online store product registries. Access control features and auction tools give the creator a suite of options for managing the way users interact with their registry. Lead developer Daniel Novy explains. Content: Arthur Falls, Daniel Novy Editing: Richard Toth
14/04/201613 minutes 48 seconds
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State Change #8 - Andrew Keys, ConsenSys Enterprise

Andrew Keys leads business development and strategy for ConsenSys Enterprize spoke, focusing on the ideation of business solutions for Fortune 500 companies. These include standardizing Know Your Client solutions and tracking the provenance of assets. Andrew also explains the ConsenSys-Microsoft partnership and Blockchain as as Service strategy. Content: @ConsenSysAndrew , @arthurfalls
09/04/201610 minutes 53 seconds
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State Change #6 - John Crain, BlockApps

John Crain explains Blockapps and consortium ledgers @jallancrain
02/04/20169 minutes 3 seconds
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State Change #5 - Yorke E. Rhodes III, Microsoft

York Rhodes of Microsoft explains how blockchain technology fits into the software giant’s long term roadmap. @yorkerhodes @arthurfalls
28/03/201618 minutes 32 seconds
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State Change #4 - Ashley Taylor, Inflekt

Inflekt is an open source tribal network and events management platform. It enables a secure and fluid web of individuals’,’ tribes, and relationships between tribes based upon events attended and roles that were held at those events. It allows sharing responsibility for events and manage themselves according to group-defined rules. Tribes can arise withheld their own rules around membership, contributions in order to sustain membership, and different styles of management. It is a portal to a new frontier of cyber space in which individuals and groups can stake their claim by owning their information (data) and managing their identities. Cryptography ensures that what data wants to stay private can, and what data wants to be shared with other specific groups can as well. No one can advertise to the tribe or mine their information unless they collectively decide. Inflekt will begin as a series of events called The Entropy Experiment in New York City. Email [email protected] to request an
23/03/201614 minutes 5 seconds
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State Change #3 - Aakil Fernandes, Safemarket

Safemarket is a suite of peer to peer commerce protocols designed to enable trustless exchange of goods and services. Lead developer Aakil Fernandes explains the details and the future of Ethereum.
22/03/201614 minutes 59 seconds
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State Change #2 - Troy Murray, The Rudimental

Today Troy Murray, founder of The Rudimental, an equity crowd funding platform for artists, discusses the SEC's recent guidance relating to crowd funding and the platform he is building to empower individual creatives.
20/03/201613 minutes 3 seconds
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State Change #1 - Joseph Lubin, The Hub and Spoke Model

ConsenSys Systems is a venture production studio building businesses and business infrastructure using the global compute platform Ethereum. Founder, Joseph Lubin explains the mission and structure of the organization. @consensysllc
25/02/201616 minutes 23 seconds