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English, Finance, 5 seasons, 45 episodes, 21 hours, 40 minutes
The Start Your Own Business podcast is brought you by Start Up Donut - the UK’s leading online source of free news, know-how and offers for people who are starting their own business. In each series of the podcast, we speak to leading experts on key start-up and small business issues and inspiring start-up stories give us their real-world start-up tips. Thanks to Dell Technologies for supporting the current series. Our partnership with Dell means you get top products at special prices and a personalised consultation from a dedicated tech adviser who will get to know the goals of your business. Find out more by emailing the Dell for Startup UK representative at [email protected]
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Why listen to the second series of Start Your Own Business?

Record numbers are starting their own business. People of all ages, from all manner of backgrounds. Starting your own business is exciting and rewarding. And although it’s cheaper, quicker and easier than ever – there are risks and many pitfalls to avoid. Sound advice from an experienced, reliable source can make a huge difference when you’re starting up. If you’re starting your own business or soon plan to, you really shouldn’t miss this superb second series. This short trailer will tell you why.  Visit Start Up Donut for more free information on starting a business and sign up to the Donut newsletter for weekly start-up news, advice and special offers to help you save time and money. This series of this podcast is brought to you thanks to the support of the Federation of Small Businesses.
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