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Standing Together Podcast

English, Religion, 1 season, 8 episodes, 4 hours, 54 minutes
The Standing Together Podcast is intended to continue to develop a cross-generational conversation in the Independent Baptist Church Movement.
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Paul Chappell | Stewarding Your Testimony

Pastor Paul Chappell emphasizes one aspect of his book Stewarding Life in this session on "Stewarding Your Testimony." The practical advice and Biblical principles are shared with a heart to see many finish their race in ministry with a pure testimony. 
3/25/201928 minutes, 34 seconds
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Troy Dorrell | Leading Multiple Generations

With multiple generations now entering the ministry, it is paramount to understand Biblical principles for leading and ministering to each generation. In this episode, Pastor Troy Dorrell shares practical and Biblical truths for uniquely leading each generation. 
3/20/201924 minutes, 44 seconds
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Tim Rasmussen | Pastoring A Multi-Cultural Church

Pastor Tim Rasmussen is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California. Pastor Rasmussen and the people of Faith Baptist Church effectively reach and minister to the many people and cultures of their community each year. In this session, Pastor Rasmussen shares his heart and Biblical principles on pastoring multiple cultures and seeking to reach them with the Gospel. 
3/11/201928 minutes, 6 seconds
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Paul Chappell | God's Counsel To The Laodicean Church

In the closing General Session of the Standing Together Ministry Summit, Pastor Paul Chappell of the Lancaster Baptist Church shared a message entitled "God's Counsel To the Laodicean Church." The Lord used this message to stir the hearts of attendees to continue to "stand together" for the truth.
3/4/201957 minutes, 8 seconds