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English, Colleges and Universities, 1 seasons, 3 episodes, 2 hours 24 minutes
Stand Corrected is a podcast by Joe Germany, David Waked, and Ayden Mouzawak, IBDP students at Saint Joseph School, Cornet Chehwan. The podcast tackles a wide variety of topics that range from philosophical discussions to interviews with students and teachers.
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#3 - We STAND CORRECTED on the Meaning of Life, Ethics & Good and Evil

In this episode, we go back to the Mega Food Sale questions and discuss them individually. We talk about the meaning of life, good and evil, and the equality (or lack thereof) between humans and animals.
30/12/202246 minutes 58 seconds
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#2 - We STAND CORRECTED with Dr Khouloud Al Dimashki

In this episode, we explore with Dr. Khouloud Al Dimashki questions of ethics, the meaning of life, criminology, language, and more! Dr Khouloud Al Dimashki on Instagram: on YouTube:
21/12/202244 minutes 13 seconds
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#1 - We STAND CORRECTED on Math and Science

In this introductory episode, we discuss if math is invented or discovered, is math part of science, is math a language, analogies for both math and science, and other exciting questions!
01/11/202253 minutes 14 seconds