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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 15 episodes, 6 hours 24 minutes
The Unfiltered Stories of Young people trying to live a normal life in Accra..
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The NSS Wahala Episode: "My NSS Girlfriend Is Accusing me of Rape"🥺

Join me in this candid episode as we delve into the intricate dynamics of this story. Dear Men Always Seek Consent First.....
09/08/202312 minutes 16 seconds
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The Industrial Attachment Episode: "My Husband Doesn't Know I'm In Love With my Intern "

When all is said and done, even the mightiest Kings became Vulnerable because of Love. _Jamall Morris
04/07/202312 minutes 24 seconds
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The Alomo Gyata Episode: "My Unemployed BF Cheated On Me With My Best-friend using Funds I Sent To Him Monthly "

In Love and War there seems to be a common denominator.....THERE ARE NO RULES!!. Is that really the case ? Find More as I read a heartbreaking story of a toxic love triangle....... Don't Forget to Follow and Subscribe.
26/05/202318 minutes 44 seconds
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The Folake Episode: "Allowing Your Wife To Be The Leader Is A Recipe For Disrespect"

Double standards are often implicit biases that affect how we perceive and treat our partners in relationships. They can lead to unfair and unequal treatment, causing feelings of resentment, and frustration, and ultimately, damaging the relationship. Join us as we explore the impact of double standards on relationships and discuss ways to promote fairness and equality in our interactions with our partners. Please check us out on our socials: IG: @spooksznod Tiktok:@spookysznpod Youtube: @spookysznpodcast
24/03/202335 minutes 20 seconds
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The Submissive Man Episode: "Men Give Women Reasons Not To Be Submissive"

Men and Women have their own rules and values,  and no one should be forced to do what they do not want to do.  On this episode, Dj  Tequilar, Ella and Miss  Naa join me as I delve into the multiverse of submission in relationships.  Don't forget to follow, comment, and share. Instagram : @spookysznpod Tiktok:@spookysznpod Youtube:  @Spookysznpodcast
15/03/202350 minutes 24 seconds
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The Baby Daddy Episode: "My dead LandLord is the father of my son"

In this episode, I read out an intriguing story about a tenant and her landlord's affair and how  she's battling her current dilemma Kindly follow us on IG: @SPOOKYSZNPOD  Youtube: @Spookysznpodcast
26/01/202313 minutes 15 seconds