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English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 1 season, 16 episodes, 2 hours, 19 minutes
Do you like ghost stories, or the paranormal or even just scary things in general? Please join us as we discuss these topics and remain curious about the world we live in.
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A long hiatus, future plans and updates.

Hello everyone, I know the scheduling and timing of content has been very inconsistent and in this update episode I tell you exactly what's been going on and what plans I have and things like that.
6/21/20215 minutes, 10 seconds
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Happy Halloween

2020 has been a different year for us all. I just want to share some experiences from halloween that I've had and wish you the best Halloween this year.
11/1/20207 minutes, 55 seconds
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Reddit Conspiracy Theories

Looking through some recent conspiracy theories on the /r/conspiracytheories Reddit page.
9/22/202017 minutes, 29 seconds
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What's been going on?

This is a short episode about the future of this podcast. We are going to move forward and focus on the paranormal, The unexplained and anything that falls under these topics. Stay safe everyone.
9/22/20204 minutes, 35 seconds
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Like and follow our Facebook page.

A dedicated update to clear up some confusion about our Facebook page. Our Facebook link -
10/14/20191 minute, 34 seconds
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Our official YouTube channel is up!

Just a brief update about our new YouTube channel for Spook Castle Podcast!
10/13/201953 seconds
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Welcome To Spook Castle

Hello listeners. This is a brief introduction to this Podcast channel. I discuss what the channel is about and the topics we’ll go over. I hope to see you back. Take care.
8/8/20194 minutes, 38 seconds