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English, Spirituality, 5 seasons, 47 episodes, 1 day, 19 hours, 9 minutes
Welcome to the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Podcast. Exploring sacred sexuality, activating Life Force, and empowered transformation, these intimate conversations take you 'under the sheets' with Faculty from ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts.
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Unlocking Inner Worlds: Mythology, Imagination, and Soul-Discovery

Growing up in rural Austria, ISTA facilitator Ashisha Arpana’s favorite toy was her imagination. She gleefully played with it, eventually turning what happened in her mind's eye into a career in film and media. The imagination, she tells us in this deep and exploratory episode, is one of the most important keys for us in letting go of the old, disempowering stories we tell ourselves and getting back into currency with life as it moves through us. Ashisha explains that we can spark our imagination—our vision of an amazing, vibrant present—through mythology. This is not just a collection of stories from ancient cultures, but living, breathing codes for tapping into the source of our inner worlds. It is where the pulse of life comes from. And there are some simple things we can do to allow this source of our inner life to pour through us into the world, allowing us to shape-shift and, ultimately, choose how our future will go.Simon and Ashisha also discuss:how we often out-source our imagination to Hollywoodhow myths are always evolving. They’re not for copywriting!coming back to the child-like sense of wonder in each of usour bodies as instruments of the soulwhat a soul is and how to communicate with itcollective dreaming and shaping culture from therethe imagination of the heart in the Sufi traditionhow to reclaim your own story, step-by-step, without judgementIf you love this episode, why not leave a review and share it with your friends!And if you want to learn more about ISTA, follow us on social media: @ista.tribeOr visit our website:
6/23/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 12 seconds
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What to Do When the Bliss State Fades: Crystal Dawn Morris

If you've ever been to a spiritual retreat, you might know that they can be totally blissful places. Dancing, good food, vibrant people, deep teaching. Paradise! Yes, they can involve difficult emotions, and sometimes the teachings can be complex, but that's often part of the experience.So, what happens when it all comes to an end and you have to head back home and, somehow, put all you learned and experienced into action for real? Well, in this episode of the Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic podcast, ISTA Lead Facilitator Crystal Dawn Morris tells us about her own experiences with blissed out states of being and how she integrates them into her ongoing life. She shares about some important tools she teaches in ISTA trainings for processing tough emotional experiences and maintaining our sensitivity, and goes deep on a unique experience she has designed especially for bringing spiritual training into every day reality, "Living Level One."She also talks about: Her first ever altered state of consciousnessThe concept and practice of "sonic driving"Our Emotional Guidance SystemThe practice of Aspecting and how to do itHow the emotional body worksIf you loved this podcast, leave us a review! And you can follow us on social media @ista_tribeTo learn more about ISTA teachers and our retreats, visit
4/20/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Vulnerability of Men's Work: Aaron Kleinerman

In this episode of the Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Podcast, ISTA facilitator Aaron Kleinerman delves into the topic of men's work and the importance of creating safe spaces for men to explore their vulnerability and receptivity.Through many years of holding these kinds of spaces, Aaron has found that there is great benefit in men embracing both their masculine and feminine energies. It can lead to a deeper sense of inner union and empowerment. He acknowledges that societal conditioning often discourages men from fully embodying their feminine side, and that this can hinder their personal growth and evolution. The overall aim is for men to be able to break free from these constraints and unlock their full potential.In response to criticism of men's work, Argues argues that it is not about reinforcing the patriarchy or promoting conservative gender roles. Instead, he sees it as an opportunity for men to relax into their masculinity, to let go of their fears and insecurities, and to share experiences with other men who may have had similar life experiences. From this more relaxed place, men can show up for themselves, the people in their lives, and their communities in a more healthy way.Overall, Aaron’s message is one of empowerment and growth. By embracing both their masculine and feminine energies, and by creating safe spaces for exploration and growth, men can achieve a deeper sense of inner union and become better equipped to navigate the challenges of life.If you loved this episode, leave a review and share it with your friends!To learn more about ISTA, visit our website: follow us on social media: @ista_tribeTo learn more about Aaron, visit his website:
4/7/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sex, Money & Magic with the Dark Wizard: Dane Tomas

When ISTA Apprentice Dane Tomas got started in spirituality, his focus was on ascension. "It was 'go up to the higher realms'; it was Buddhism, it was psychedelics, it was meditation, and it was all so wonderful," he says. But he started to realize that, although the people he was hanging out with there "in Rainbow Dolphin Land," were mentally and, maybe, ethereally powerful, "they were all fucking broke and couldn't pay their rent." What he found, through experimenting with his own life, is that the missing piece was integration. The people who knew a lot about money and how to get it were blocked in their sexuality, and the people who were super juicy in their sexuality struggled to make any money. So, Dane started working with people on embodiment, creativity, shadow work, and being unapologetically themselves, creating modalities like The Spiral to make this teaching around manifestation stick. Now, he helps people understand what magic actually is: getting your intention and your reality into alignment. In this episode, hosted by Ria Yoshida, Dane talks about: Beginning as a broke Aussie rapperHating the coaching industryHow to use spiritual techniquesThe nervous system's tolerance for changeNavigating open relatingWhy we get rejectedHow paying your taxes is sexyIf you like this episode, please leave a rating and review! To find out more about ISTA trainings or to work with our faculty, see, or find us on social, FB: and IG:@ista_tribe
2/9/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 25 seconds